Is Cassiopaea online community really a Cult and is Laura Knight-Jadczyk a psychopath?

False Attacks: Sunshine Is the Best Disinfectant!

In February of 1995, Laura Knight-Jadczyk first brought the results of her experiment in superluminal communication to a wider audience by giving a talk in Orlando, Florida to a UFO study group there.  Among the members of the audience was one Henry Belk, close friend of Senator Claiborne Pell, Andrija Puharich, Prince Hans Adam II of Liechtenstein, and more,  all names well known to those who track CIA influences in the media.

At the time, Laura was not familiar with those names.  But she was certainly aware of the fact that she had stepped in something unpleasant due to the reactions of Henry Belk to her short talk.  It was only later, as she learned the ropes and put the pieces of the puzzle together, that she realized she had been targeted as a serious problem and steps would be taken to destroy her and/or any possibility that her work would reach a wider audience.  Since that day, Laura has been the subject of one of the most egregious and widespread smear campaigns that can be tracked and documented on the internet.

These false accusations range from an alleged “house raffle scam” to running of a brainwashing cult in order to gain material wealth. Most of these slanders can be tracked down to one  individual known as Vincent Bridges who, apart from posting on different online forums under various pseudonyms, also has created a web site dedicated exclusively to defamation of Laura Knight Jadczyk, her family, friends, associates and work.

The Cassiopaea forum was created as an organic extension of the Cassiopaean Experiment and its spinoff, alternative news website,  and it is an online community of like minded individuals, based on free will with the sole purpose of information exchange.   This forum is open to the public and as such stands as its own evidence against any cult accusations.

A group of individuals brought together by the Cassiopaean material and interested in tracking the nefarious influences of the CIA and other intelligence agencies on the New Age movement (which is described in Picknett  and Clive Prince’s book “The Stargate Conspiracy”), formed a non-profit foundation, Perseus, to fund their research. At this point in time, Vincent Bridges, agent provocateur, had insinuated himself into this group with the apparent intention of vectoring its activity.  At the same time that he was a member of the Cassiopaean research team AKA Perseus Foundation, Mr. Bridges was also busy setting a trap for the Jadczyks by associating them with elements of the very Stargate Conspiracy they sought to expose!  When this was discovered, he was removed from the group.  At that point, it is clear that the CIA plan had to be changed.  Since the agent sent in to vector had failed in that task, the next option was to destroy and defame.

The libel, slander, defamation, and personal threats against them, their family, friends and associates was instituted in 2001, shortly after the 9-11 attacks in New York, a time when emotions ran high and everyone was looking for a scapegoat.  The Jadczyk’s home address was published in several places on the internet with the suggestion that anyone who lived in the area might want to “take care of the problem.”  The “problem” was, of course, that the Jadczyks did not buy the 9-11 official story and were very much against the religious extremism that was growing in the U.S., including the vectoring of the New Age and UFO research communities toward the “New Religion” as described in the Stargate Conspiracy quoted above.

This development – along with several other similarly alarming events of the time – was understood as a strong indication that the only way they could continue their work in safety would be to leave the U.S. Since Prof. Jadczyk, Laura’s husband, was a European citizen, that was the natural solution.

To raise funds for the move and to set up a research group, the Jadczyks agreed to try a house raffle which was, at the time, a popular way to raise money quickly.  Unfortunately, it was not successful and the Jadczyks were forced to depart with almost no funds, few prospects, and rough times ahead.  All the circumstances about this event along with documentary evidence will be posted on this site.  This will include scanned bank records and a certified accounting review.

Thoughtful and concerned people often ask us, “Why don’t you sue” for the false, malicious, mean-spirited, misleading and untrue things which have been said about us, online and in print, by a small handful of attackers. Our view is that those unjustified attackers with their cinder hearts and shriveled consciences, are using false facts, shrill tones and tireless repetition, to bamboozle with falsehoods since they are unable to confront us either with true facts or sincere persuasion.

When attacked with falsehoods, we are prepared to protect ourselves including with a lawsuit if necessary (see for example, Signs of the Times adv. HBI, Fed. Dist. Court of Oregon, Civil No. 08-233-HA, Opinion and Order 12/18/08 (2008 WL 5281487 (D. Or.)) where we defended to the fullest and not only prevailed, but were awarded our legal fees by the federal district judge for payment by our attacker. We have also successfully defended against defamatory attacks in France that were instituted by members of the worldwide network of the “Stargate Conspirators” in cooperation with Vincent Bridges. We currently have a defamation lawsuit in process and will be posting those documents that we are legally allowed to post as they become available.

At the same time, we also know that lawsuits are a distraction from our purpose and focus, and that time and energy are valuable and precious resources not to be wasted. So we are ready to defend ourselves, including by lawsuit if we must. We just have better things to do, whenever possible.

“Sunshine is the best disinfectant” is the observation famously offered by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis. In the realm of ideas, the free and open exchange of thoughts over time should reveal truths, and falsehoods, for what they are. However, when liars disguise falsehoods to masquerade as truths, or when falsehoods are maliciously promoted with deliberate bad intentions rather than mere ignorance and misunderstanding, we may call on the legal system to hurry up with the disinfectant.

In the meantime, we will be archiving and posting any and all false accusations against us as we find them, along with responses and actual witness testimony as to the truth of such scurrilous claims. Some of these posts – and the posters – may end up in court. Also, we will use all legal means to discover the identities of the posters and publish those here as well.

Stay tuned for the Truth about Cassiopaea and Laura Knight-Jadczyk complete with photographic and documentary evidence!

Note: many pages posted on this site have long been available for viewing on the cassiopaea websites.  Where possible, dates of original post will be included.