28 November 2023

Wheat is a very important cereal and is grown in large quantities worldwide, it is one of the most produced inputs in large nations and is exported globally, ranks only third all over the planet. Next, we will tell you about it.

What countries are the largest wheat producers?

The cereal known as wheat is one of the oldest and most relevant crops that have been produced globally, as well as being the third most produced cereal in the world, behind barley and rice. According to statistics given by the United Nations Organization, China, India and Russia They are the countries that produce the most wheat on the entire planet.

Thanks to new ideas such as that of the Yara company, which is the world leader in producing fertilizers For different inputs, there is a technological development and innovative digital service that integrates information of great value for each batch. Especially for wheat and barley, which allows making decisions that promote efficiency in nutritional management.

It is a fertilizer to exact measurement, which allows better performance and higher quality thanks to the care required, allowing balanced nutrition throughout the crop. This results in a lower cost and more sustainable batch because the exact dosage of the product created is applied. All these processes are studied by means of technology artifacts and satellite channels, which allow proper monitoring of the entire cultivation process.

Tools like these, which are increasingly updated by companies dedicated to the care of agriculture, allow countries to grow cereals such as wheat in large quantitieswith good quality and affordable prices.

What is the continent that produces the most wheat?

Europe is the main wheat-producing continent globally. In years like 2021-2022 according to different world statistics, such as Statista, we see that the definitive figures on the number of wheat crops show that the European regions produced abysmal quantities of this cereal. It is estimated that it was a total of 139 million tons, this represented as a percentage gives a total of 19.29% of the production of this food in the world.

This continent has countries like France and Spain, which produce tons of wheat per year. Spain, for its part, has the largest amount of soft wheat crops, which is used to create flour. These result in the preparation of exquisite breads.

It should be noted that this figure is higher than that produced by China. It is above for small amounts, taking into account that Europe has these amounts based on the production of all regions of the entire continent. While China generates amounts of 137 million tons, in only the country. Thus, it leaves the Asian nation as a great exponent generator of cereal crops, which is why it occupies the first place in the countries that grow wheat.

Who is the largest wheat producer in Europe?

Europe has France As the main country that produces the most wheat in the entire continent, this cereal is grown in large quantities throughout the country and is exported nationally to other regions of the continent, as well as to different countries in the world. This food is much more produced and widespread in the regions found in the north of the French nation. There are varieties of wheat, but winter wheat is the most cultivated in all regions of the country, it is grown in the autumn season and harvested in August of the following year.

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