1 December 2023

Although for many scientists the etymological origin of the word It is uncertain, the word turpentine may come from the noun “water”, from the Latin “acqua”, from the French “raze” and from the Arabic “arz” which means cedar.

White Spirit Meaning and Definition

It is produced through the distillation process of natural resin. In principle it was used during the Middle Ages to relieve muscle and joint pain. But it is from the eighteenth century that mass production startedand with the arrival of the Industrial Revolution its use became popular up to what is known today.

It is obtained from raw materials such as terebintaceous, pine, fir and coniferous tree species. It is a colorless liquid solvent and also volatile that is used to dissolve and clean paints, varnishes and other finishing resources, and also in the dissolution of oils and fats. In addition, it is used as a raw material in the manufacture of chemical products, medicines and cosmetics.

It has a strong and intense odor and is obtained in industrial quantities for the production of the base products that are used in making paper as a by-product of the cellulose with which it is made. It is flammable and toxic and cannot be combined with water. Because it is dangerous, it is necessary to handle it with care, even when it is discarded and disposed of. exist two types of white spirit:

The vegetable

It is obtained through trees all over the world and is what is known as Turpentine. Due to its origin and process there are many varieties among which those of Venice, Strasbourg and Chios stand out. The one that is extracted in this town located in the west of France is taken from the Siberian fir and is the most transparent, it is very corrosive and has almost no smell. It is implemented in paint applications such as glazes, copal varnish and dammar.

the one of chios It is a greenish-white product. and it is obtained from mastic, a species that is only found in areas such as Melgar, the Mediterranean region and Colombia. White spirit from Venice, which is the most odorous, is extracted from larch and is similar to honey in color and thickness.

the ore

It comes from the distillation of petroleum and an alloy of different hydrocarbons. It is a liquid aliphatic solvent that has a transparent color and a mild odor. Its main characteristic is that it is medium speed evaporationwhich gives it an ideal gloss finish to be used in paintings.

Likewise, white spirit is worked through another process known as double distillation and is used in particular to obtain a pure and concentrated liquid from a solution. This process consists of heating it in a distillation apparatus until evaporation begins. The resulting vapor is passed through a tank that cools it and condenses back into liquid form.

This is collected in a container and is considered as a pure and concentrated fraction of the initial product. Then the process is repeated using that liquid in a second distillation. This procedure is often implemented to produce high purity solvents. And also in sensitive applications such as the pharmaceutical or electronic industry.

What is white spirit used for?

It should not be confused with the thinner, since this is a set of chemical substances, and the solvent extracted from the trees is a single compound. The most common use for it is as brush and brush cleaner in order to eliminate remains of paints or enamels.

It is also known in the world of plastic arts where it fulfills the function of giving fluidity and liquid texture to oil paints. But there are many applications for use that it has in all productive, industrial and daily areas:

  • make aromatic substances from the synthetic
  • formulate disinfectants with this oil as a base.
  • manufacture products for the removal of lice.
  • perfumes and fragrances are also prepared with this pure compound.
  • In the formulation of substances intended for personal care and medication.
  • in the factory paint thinner.
  • As cloth cleaner or wood.
  • The varnish also has at its base this element.
  • Thinner for oils, enamels, anticorrosives and oils.
  • It is very useful for remove wax on floors.
  • In the cleaning of machines and tools.

Likewise, its use goes beyond everything exposed, since it is also used to eradicate grease on pavements or vehicles and as it is a harmful product it cannot be disposed of in sewers or drains.

What are the characteristics of white spirit?

Here we have some of the features of this toxic substance:

  • volatile liquid: It evaporates very quickly when left in the open air.
  • Flammable: This is due to its susceptible and high temperature ability.
  • Transparency: It has a crystalline and yellowish color.
  • Fast dry: It possesses the efficacy of effectively dissolving paints and absorbing them efficiently.
  • Strong solvent: Dissolves most of the enamels and varnishes.
  • Strong smell: This makes it unpleasant to smell.
  • Used in industry: It is important for the paint factory and the cleaning of tools and machinery.
  • Variety of presentations: It is found by smell, mixed with oils and in the form of a gel.
  • Toxicity: It is hazardous to health if inhaled in large quantities, swallowed, or through skin contact.
  • Waterproof: It does not dissolve in this pure component.

What is the chemical formula of white spirit?

Its protocol is C7H10O. It is made up of olefinic, paraffinic and aromatic hydrocarbons. Is composed of 7 carbon atoms, 10 hydrogen and 1 oxygen. The percentages that are used are implemented in a reduced way and will depend on the type of pine from which it has been extracted, since there are a variety of species for this process. When the origin comes from the distillate of pine resin, it is also known as pure turpentine or white spirit.

What kind of hazardous waste is white spirit? – Driving

Your risk is that is a flammable organic solvent and polluting the environment. In addition, it can be toxic to human health and cause irritation to the skin and eyes if it is handled without precaution or safety measures. It is therefore important to handle it carefully and follow the rules and regulations for its proper disposal.

You should also avoid inhaling its vapors and have good ventilation when using it. In the environment it is necessary keep it away from heat sources and open flames. It is also recommended to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use gloves and safety glasses when handling it. In the event of a product spill, appropriate measures must be followed and cleaned up quickly.

If injury or irritation occurs, it is recommended to seek immediate medical attention. It is necessary to protect the respiratory tract to avoid even more complicated health situations. White spirit is a very important solvent in industry and at home. because it is very effective in cleaning surfaces and as a fundamental component of dilution of substances for use in different applications.

It’s a tool Indispensable in many daily activities. However, its use has declined due to the proliferation of less toxic solvents.

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