28 November 2023

Thanks to mathematics and each of the theorems and formulas that exist, we can be able to explain many of the things that we do not know. Mathematics along with Applied Science we can achieve the society and technological advances that we currently have.

Despite all the mathematics developed so far, there are numbers as interesting as the PI number that people do not know their nature. This time we will take care of giving you all the details that are necessary for you to understand the number π. We will start giving a meaning to it, until we explain why is it considered an irrational number.

Meaning of the number PI in mathematics

The number pi is considered to be one of the mathematical expressions and constants most important in this field of current science. It is an irrational number which perfectly relates the perimeter and radius of all circles. And when we say all, it really is all.

It is such an enigmatic number that, regardless of the perimeter and radius of the circle or circumference, this number will always be present. Now as to what kind of number this is, it’s an irrational one. in such a way that it is impossible to express the number π in fractional form and that, in addition, it has an infinite amount of decimals. Therefore, it is a mathematical expression, which cannot be rounded nor does it have characteristics of a periodic number.

If we take all this to a practical case, regarding the calculation, it would be impossible to round the number pi. For this reason, it is often used certain number of decimal places in order to have a more accurate result. Having all these features, it is impossible to find a like term in an algebraic expression. Therefore, it is a unique and unrepeatable number. Now, to better understand what the meaning of the number pi is, we can summarize it as follows:

  • It is an irrational number.

  • It cannot be expressed as a fraction.

  • It is not periodic and it is inaccurate.

  • It is related to the circumference regardless of its diameter.

  • It is a number which is more than 3000 years old.

What is the origin and history of a PI number?

It is said that the first evidence that we have regarding the number pi, dates from 1900 a. C. With the passing of the centuries and with the appearance of great mathematicians like Archimedes, Claudius Ptolemy and others, that little by little were giving rise to this great number. Each of these mathematicians was providing a little more advances until reaching the well-known William Oughtred, who released the name that we know today to some degree.

The contributions of this scientist were not only limited to giving a name to that irrational mathematical expression for the first time. He is also responsible for giving a symbol to the mathematical operation “multiplication”. Of course, it is thanks to this man that today we know the abbreviations for sine, cosine, and other trigonometric functions.

Despite all this and having managed to synthesize all the data, it was not until the middle of the 18th century that the term pi became popular. The curious thing about all this is that thanks to Leonhard Euler he was the one who gave the impulse to the number pi to make it known to the scientific world. So if you’re wondering where the number Pi comes from, here’s a short answer that you can expand on a bit more.

What are the characteristics of IP?

The main characteristic of the number pi, is that, due to its class, it falls perfectly within the group of irrational numbers. The reason for this is because it does not have a periodic structure, in addition to having an infinite number of decimal places.

Another feature to mention is that it is impossible to represent such a number as a fraction. Therefore, there is no way within the decimal number system to divide two numbers and give us as a result, at number π. It is possible that this is due to the fact that each scientist and mathematician that has been involved in the study of said number has been adding more and more decimal places.

Stepping away from the mathematical aspect a bit, the value of this number is amazing. The appearance of pi is not simply limited to the world of mathematics, but appears in the places you least expect. So much so that, on a musical level, this number can be used in such a way that it is possible to create music from its decimal structure.

If we go to a more technological field, in telecommunications, this number appears as if by magic. All Current communications are governed by Fourier’s theorem. Therefore, you will see that behind the studies of telecommunications, the number pi will appear.

What is the symbol PI?

This number is represented in two different ways. On one side, we have the basic form that is using the letters PI together. In general, this form is used mainly when there are definitions and theory involved. That is, during a class, a presentation of a low academic degree, among other similar cases. However, the correct form and the most used worldwide is through its symbol π.

What very few people know about this symbol is that it is one of the Greek letters that belongs to the word perimeter in that language. What was done was to associate the symbol π to the perimeter, in addition to the fact that behind this number, the diameter and perimeter of a circle. So the use of said symbol falls like a glove for mathematics.

What is the full PI number?

For sure, it is possible to know what the end of the decimals that make up that number is. Contrary to a periodic decimal fraction, in which you can know for sure what its expression is, with the number pi it is not possible. Being an infinite number in the part of its decimals, there is no way to come up with a way to write PI. However, it is usual to work with a certain number of decimals, in such a way that the vast majority of students and academics usually use 3.141592.

According to studies in applied mathematical sciences, it is estimated that this simple number contains more than 10 trillion decimal places. As a curious fact, there was a man who was able to memorize more than 60 thousand decimal places. With this, he managed to establish a world record that to date has not been surpassed.

Why is PI an irrational number?

The first reason we can give you in this regard is that it is a number that cannot be expressed as a fraction. As we discussed, any number that does not have a fractional form is considered an irrational number. In fact, every number that has non repeating decimalsis considered as an algebraic and irrational expression.

Another of the possible reasons that it is a number of this class is because it is not a solution to any of the equations that exist in mathematics. In other words, no matter how complex a mathematical procedure is and X number of formulas and equations are used, there is no way to find a solution, which gives us 3.1415 as a result…

On the other hand, we must mention that the use of this unique number is quite wide and very helpful for the field of analytic geometry and trigonometry. To give you an idea of ​​the potential that this irrational number has, it can be used from basic mathematics, to the resolution of integrals, in the field of probability and statistics, as well as in the scientific and technological field.

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