2 March 2024

Fibracel is one of the most popular materials in the construction industry, since it has many characteristics and facilities to work with. So, in this article, it is explained what is fibercellwhat are its attributes and where it is used, in the same way, this material is compared with wood, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Where is the fibracel fiber obtained from?

Fibracel is a composite material made from of cellulose fibers and synthetic resins, making it a popular material in the construction and carpentry industry. In this sense, it has good resistance and durability that make this material suitable for a large number of projects, surpassing stoved wood or any other type.

Thanks to the cellulose fibers, which are extracted from wood or other plant materials, the compound or product known as fibracel is created. These fibers are mixed with synthetic resins and other additives to create a durable composite material. The mixture of fibers and resins is pressed and heated in order to form fibracel sheets or boards.

What are the characteristics of fibracel?

One of the main characteristics of fibracel is its resistance to humidity and weathering, which differentiates it from wood. In that sense, fibracel does not swell or deform when exposed to water or temperature changes. In addition, it is resistant to insects and rotwhich makes it ideal for outdoor use.

Another important characteristic of fibracel is its tolerance to traction and bending, two processes that are applied in construction to mold the product. Thus, since it is more resistant than wood in terms of strength and rigiditywhich makes it ideal for use in joinery applications that require high strength and durability.

Why is fibracel so resistant?

Fibracel also has a surface uniform and smooth, making it ideal for use in applications where a flat work surface is required. In addition, another feature is that fibracel is easy to cut and shape. This material is not a natural product, but a compound created from the best elements of other materials, such as wood and vegetable fibers.

What products are made with fibracel?

Due to its unique characteristics, fibracel is used to manufacture a wide variety of construction and carpentry products. Among them are sheets and boards which are essential for covering walls, ceilings and floors. These elements are resistant to moisture and weather, which makes them ideal for outdoor use.

Although fibracel is useful, there are also some drawbacks that should be considered before using this material on a project. Therefore, it is necessary know these flaws before making a wrong decision about the material to use in a construction.

  1. Price: Fibracel, generally more expensive than wood and pollin. This is a factor to consider if you are on a limited budget.
  2. Difficulty working with the material: Fibracel presents more difficulties to work than wood, especially when it comes to cutting and drilling it. Due to its hardness and density, it is necessary to use special tools to work with this material.
  3. Dust generation: When cutting and working with fibracel, a large amount of dust is generated that can be irritating to the skin, eyes or respiratory tract. It is important to use personal protective equipment, such as goggles and masks, to avoid inhalation of dust.
  4. Brittleness at the edges: This composite is more brittle at the edges than wood, which means it is more susceptible to chipping or breaking if bumped or subjected to extreme stress at the edges.
  5. Design limitations: Due to its hardness and density, fibercell is often more difficult to shape into more complex designs than wood. This can limit creativity and customization in some woodworking projects.

So while fiberglass is a durable material that has many benefits for woodworking, it also has some drawbacks for shaping. It is important to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the material in relation to the specific project and the needs of the client before making a decision on its use. There are specific projects in which fibracel is more recommended than wood, as in the cases of:

  • Outdoor projects: Fibracel is more resistant to moisture, insects and rot. Thanks to this, it is an excellent option for exterior projects, such as wall coverings. walls, ceilings and floors. But it is also recommended for the manufacture of garden furniture.
  • construction projects where high-quality and resistant materials are required: such as beams, pillars and support structures.
  • High precision woodworking projects: Because this is more uniform than wood and has a smooth surface. It is useful for high-precision projects such as manufacturing high-quality furniture and accessories.
  • Interior decoration projects: Thanks to its ease of painting and ability to be molded into a wide variety of designs or shapes. Its use stands out when applied to moldings, cornices and wall panels.
  • Acoustic insulation projects: Fibracel has excellent sound retention properties. It is used in projects where noise reduction is required, such as recording studios, theaters and conference rooms.

Therefore, it is recommended to use fibracel instead of wood in specific projects, such as those that require resistance and durability. as well as in interior decoration, sound insulation and outdoor projects. It is important to consider the unique properties and characteristics of fibracel in relation to the project requirements to determine if it is the best option.

Fibracel sheets and boards for carpentry

Fibracel sheets and boards are also used in the manufacture of furniture and other carpentry accessories, such as cabinets, shelves and tables. This is because the material is easy to cut and shape, allowing woodworkers to create unique, custom designs.

In conclusion, fibracel is a composite material made from cellulose fibers and synthetic resins, taking the best of each of the components. Thus, it is resistant to humidity, insects and putrefaction, which makes it a stronger object than wood in terms of strength and rigidity. In addition, it is used to make a wide variety of construction products. In short, fibracel is a versatile and durable material that is commonly used in the construction and carpentry industry.

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