2 March 2024

The acronym DMF represents the name of one of the most used chemical substances in the world, which is very useful for many dissolving and dissolving processes. In this article, it is explained what is DMF, its characteristics and what is its function in the chemical industry and in the pharmacological world. Likewise, other titles registered with the acronym DMF with its meaning are mentioned.

What is the DMF used for?

The names of chemical compounds, chemical reactions, and other laboratory substances often have complex names that are formed from the combination of well-known words. Thus, there is a large number of titles and denominations that are abbreviated with acronyms so that people can more easily identify the components or elements. A clear example is DMF, a substance that has a long name and whose abbreviation is known throughout the world.

DMF stands for the substance dimethylformamide, also known as N,N-dimethylformamide. It is an organic compound that occurs in liquid form and is used as a solvent when working with chemical reactions. In the same way, it can be used in the manufacture of objects, such as gloves made with polyurethane.

The name dimethylformamide is a derivation, since this substance comes from the combination of others, in that sense, it is derived from acid drug, amide and formamide. The result of this mixture is a compound that has various uses in the chemical industry, since many processes require a strong solvent.

DMF Features

DMF has some very peculiar characteristics, since in some cases the liquid can be confused with water due to its color and lack of smell. That is why you have to pay close attention when handling this substance in a laboratory.

  • The DMF is a colorless liquid, for which does not give off any tonality.
  • It is miscible with water, because can be mixed easily with said liquid.
  • In its base form, DMF or dimethylformamide does not have any odor, however, when the substance breaks down, it begins to emit a fish-like aroma into the air. This is because the compound called dimethylamide is impure.
  • DMF can touch the surface of human skin and can only be inhaled while in use, as there is no immediate danger. However, when there is continuous exposure to DMF, there is the risk of liver damageTherefore, it is recommended to handle the substance with gloves for better protection.

What is the structure of the DMF?

DMF presents a molecular structure in which the bond order of the carbonyl bond (C=O) tends to decrease, while the carbon-nitrogen bond tends to increase. In addition, the formula (CH3)2-N-CHO indicates that the rotation running on the CN axis is completed slowly when it is at room temperature. Likewise, it can be identified that the vapor pressure of DMF is 20 °C, while its density is very similar to water, that is, 0.95 g/cm³ at 20 °C3.

Using the DMF

Dimethylformamide or DMF is used as a solvent that evaporates very infrequently, for this reason it has the ability to enter the mixture with which it is manufactured. plastic and acrylic fibers. Likewise, DMF occurs in the mixtures where synthetic leather and some adhesives are manufactured.

What is DMF in pharmaceuticals?

In the pharmaceutical industry, DMF can also be used in order to create a molecule that is formed from the union of several amino acids, which is called peptides. This process is essential to complete the synthesis of many of the pharmaceutical products that are marketed in the world, in addition, thanks to this, pesticides are created.

However, in the pharmaceutical world the acronym DMF has another meaning, which is the title Drug Master File (Drugs master File, for its acronym in English). It is a kind of document or certificate that manufacturers of laboratory ingredients must issue in order to inform all the components and processes that were made to create said drug products. Without this endorsement, the product cannot be sold to the public for safety and security reasons.

What is DMF in chemistry?

In chemical processes it is used as a catalyst to synthesize acid halides, as well as in the creation of acyl chloride, from the mixture of DMF with carboxyl acids. N,N-dimethylformamide have the ability to paint remover and paint stripper of any surface, this due to its role as a solvent for chemical compounds.

Another of the uses of this substance in chemistry is related to a process inverse of its natural function, since DMF can also be a solvent. In this case, it is used for the purpose of recover the olefins requested in a mixture or reaction, so an extractive distillation must be applied. On the other hand, it is important to note that DMF helps to store acetylene gas, because this in its pure form tends to be fickle, so dimethylformamide is applied to dilute it.

What other names are given to the DMF?

The DMF brand not only has the function of naming the substance known as dimethylformamide, as the initials also evoke other meanings. For example, DMF is short for 2,5-Dimethylfuran, which is a harmless, organic fuel. Likewise, the acronym names another chemical compound such as dimethyl furmarate, while, in the world of technology and computing, DMF means Distribution Media Format which is the name of computer floppy disks.

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