2 March 2024

The tonal foci are surrounded by a great mysticism, but therein lies the excitement of this theme, since they also have a touch of mystery. Thus, in this article, it is explained what is a tonal focus and what can be done when experiencing one, in the same way, the meanings of the most seen colors are mentioned. Finally, we talk about the places considered as tonal sources in the world.

Who discovered tonal focus?

The concept includes information that remains as an object of study and debate in different fields, from philosophy to spirituality, since it is a complicated subject to understand. In general terms, it is an area in which a special energy is concentrated, which can have different manifestations, as sounds, sensations, and even colors, as it happens with the will-o’-the-wisp. So, it is an experience that generates a lot of curiosity, in addition to calling for reflection.

The term ‘tonal focus’ was coined by the writer and philosopher Carlos Castaneda, in his book entitled ‘El Don del Águila’. In this sense, according to Castaneda, a tonal focus is a point in which space-time in which it is concentrated a special energy, which can be perceived by the senses or by intuition. This energy manifests through different phenomena, such as colors, sounds or sensations, and can have a transformative effect on those who experience it.

Although Castaneda popularized the term, the idea of ​​tonal focus has its roots in the spiritual traditions from different cultures. For example, in the Tibetan tradition they speak of ‘sacred places’, which are points in nature where a special energy is concentrated. While, in the Christian tradition, there is talk of ‘places of power’, which are places where divine or miraculous manifestations occurred.

What to do in a tonal focus?

Regarding the experience in a tonal focus, Castaneda described that it is a place where one can have a different perception of the world, in which you can experience sensations that are not common in everyday life. The reason for these strange sensations is due to the fact that in a tonal focus there is an alteration in the perception of time and space, which allows access to other dimensions of reality.

In this sense, in case you come to witness or experience this sensation, what you should do is not lose your calm and try to keep your mind calm. Likewise, you have to think clearly and try to execute a decision making based on conscience or reason, and not on fear. Now, if you like spiritual topics and believe in them, you can try to achieve spiritual enlightenment, that is, seek some kind of knowledge or experience that changes your life.

Meaning of the colors of a tonal focus

Colors are one of the most common manifestations in a tonal focus, where you can see a wide variety of shades surrounded by a kind of light. According to Castaneda himself, who is the person in charge of describing these situations, each tonal focus has a predominant color, which may vary depending on the place where the event is experienced, and the time of year.

In general, colors are considered to have a symbolic meaning, which tends to vary according to the culture and tradition of each people. For example, in Western culture, red is associated with passion and energywhile blue is associated with calm and balance.

Places where you can find a tonal focus

As for the places where a tonal focus can be found, these can vary in their characteristics, since they appear in different parts of the world. That is why, it is considered that natural places, such as mountains, rivers or forests, are more likely to have tonal focus. However, it is also feasible to view them in urban sites, such as the city, in squares or historical buildings.

There are many other places in the world that are considered important tonal foci. In fact, each culture and tradition has its own Sacred places or of power, which can be considered tonal foci. For example, in South America, Machu Picchu, in Peru it has this distinction, it is an important tonal focus. According to the Andean tradition, this space is a meeting point of different energies, which is perceived by those who approach the monument.

It is also said that lake titicaca, which is located on the border between Peru and Bolivia, is a relevant tonal focus, which has a special energy and a connection with ancestral wisdom. In North America, Sedona, in Arizona, United States, is a tonal focus, this place has a unique spiritual energy, which attracts people from different regions. Mount Shasta, in California, is also classified as such.

In Asia, we must mention Mount Kailash, in Tibet. According to the Tibetan tradition, this point is in a highly relevant spiritual position, as it is the center of the world. Here is a meeting point of different energies and spiritual beings. Another is the Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia. In Europe, the clearest example It’s at Stonehengein England, where locals say the monument has a unique spiritual energy.

Mont Saint-Michel, in France, is also counted as a tonal focus, since it allows a connection to the ancient Celtic gods. Thus, there are many other places in the world that are considered tonal foci, as each culture and tradition has its own sacred and power places. These zones can have different manifestations, such as colors, sounds or sensations, and have a transformative effect on those who experience them.

What is the history of the Tonal Focus in Ocotlán, Jalisco?

One of the best known places for its tonal focus is Ocotlán, Guadalajara, Jalisco, in Mexico. According to local tradition, this place is a meeting point of different energies, that are manifested through colors and sounds. In particular, it is said that in the hill of the Queen, which is located near the city, there is a very powerful tonal focus, which attracts people from all over the world.

Argentinian tonal focus

For its part, in Argentina, a very special space was also identified as a tonal focus, known as the Uritorco hill, in the province of Córdoba, this has been considered a place of power for centuries. According to local tradition, this sector has a special energy that can be perceived by those who come close to it.

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