Was Laura Ever Convicted of Murder or Attempted Murder?


In a word, NO.  Laura was attacked by a man when she was a teenager, defended herself, was accused by the man of attacking him, tried and found not-guilty.  Vincent Bridges has widely claimed that there is “more to this story” than meets the eye and that he “knows this” because he read the trial transcript.  He then casually mentions that anyone can get a copy for a nominal sum.


The fact is that the trial has never been transcribed and it would cost literally thousands of dollars to get it transcribed so it is a certainty that Bridges never read it.  Go ahead, find out for yourself…

Meanwhile, you’ll see what a waste of time and money it would be by reading the following letter written by Laura’s defense attorney who kindly wrote this statement at the time that Bridges first made these accusations back in 2002.


Statement of Brian T. Hayes

Attestation by Former Public Defender, Brian T. Hayes, P.A.



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