The Short Version of the Tale Told by Laura Knight-Jadczyk

Attack and defamation against me did not begin with Vincent Bridges, Jay Weidner, Stormbear Williams, Colleen Johnston, and their gang, it actually started quite some years earlier.  I refer to it as  COINTELPRO for the simple reason that if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, swims like a duck, it’s a duck.   I notice that the use of this term really cranks these individuals which is – in my mind – one of those things that tends to suggest that it is true; they protest WAY too much.

In any event, the whole thing  started out with the UFO crowd types. Back in 1993, I was a firm non-believer in UFOs and alleged alien abductions. I had the idea it was a sort of attention getting hysteria. I had read Streiber’s book, was extremely disturbed by it, and immediately began to formulate a reasonable hypothesis based on theories of mind that explained it all away. I referred to it as “the millennial disease.”

Then, in August of 1993, my children and I experienced a sighting right over our own house. Again, I tried to explain it away with “rational” theories. The only problem was that I suffered from symptoms of something like radiation poisoning for about six months afterward. This included, as time went by, about half my hair falling out which has never come back. (It’s okay, it was so thick I still have plenty, just isn’t what it used to be.) My dog died from a mysterious wasting illness within three months of the sighting, and my children experienced some bizarre happenings that took a number of years to stabilize (and I’m not sure that they have completely.)

That shocked me profoundly and set me off on my search for answers.

I had been doing hypnotherapy for about 19 years at that point, and had never encountered anyone who claimed to have experienced an alien abduction, so it was a surprise to me that suddenly they were just crawling out of the woodwork. I was determined to prove my “theory of mind” hypothesis, or even that such ideas related to suppression of early abuse, but that fell flat, to put it mildly. The only good thing was that, since I was not indoctrinated into the “aliens are here to save us, they are GOOD” ideas, but rather had a more prosaic approach, the information that came from my clients was not influenced by me trying to help them retrieve memories that promoted such an agenda.

One case that came along (synchronistically, wouldn’t ya know?) was one that I thought could be investigated scientifically. Since I had a friend who was an ex-cop turned Private Eye with connections to police labs, and there WAS alleged physical evidence, I decided to take the client to him, treat the matter as a crime (rape, abduction, etc) and do a thorough forensic investigation.  If these things were real, surely they left physical traces and I really, really wanted to know what they were.

There was a MUFON investigator involved on the periphery, and as soon as he got wind of this, all hell broke loose. That was when the first attacks began.

This man (the MUFON guy) went around telling everyone that I was “using this client” as a “ticket to fame and glory” and my plans to do a real investigation were “criminal” because the poor woman was so traumatized that she just needed to be “understood” and not pawed over by a bunch of government agents. Of course, by this he meant that if the evidence was turned over to a police lab, this would happen and the evidence would very likely disappear etc.

Well, the fact was that there was NO plan to inform the police lab techs that there was anything “unusual” about the samples they were supposed to extract from the clothing. It was to be presented to them as a straight rape/abduction.

I was shocked beyond anything at these accusations. From my point of view, I wanted to know one thing and one thing only, and I believed that it was crucial for the client to know this also, and that was: was it a real abduction? Did something physical happen? Once that was established, then a proper therapeutic model could be mapped for her. After all, from my point of view, we needed to know if she was imagining things, and if so why, or if something REAL had happened.

Needless to say, this MUFON guy grabbed onto the poor woman, convinced her I was just going to use her, that she should refuse to submit her evidence to me, that instead, she should give it to HIM. He was, after all, a REAL MUFON “investigator.”

By this time, I had about three sessions with the woman under hypnosis. The last session, I had my private eye friend present to advise about questions that ought to be asked for forensic purposes. I should mention that she showed up for this last session with bruises on her arms and legs that looked like they had been made with 3 finger hands – very strange. Under hypnosis, she claimed to have been abducted by the military.  I later learned that she had been out the night before with the MUFON guy, wining and dining and possibly even engaging in hanky panky.   He was definitely using every trick in the book to co-opt this case and make sure that nothing ever went to a qualified lab.

Well, anyway, the MUFON guy gathered a group of people together and the defamation began on a local scale. The poor woman, under pressure from this group, withdrew from the plan to do a complete investigation and instead, handed her evidence over to the MUFON guy. The last I heard, they shook the dress out over a shower curtain and found a couple of fibers which one of the other MUFON people, a water tester at a local waste water recycling plant, attempted to do some “experiments” on in the water lab.  Definitely not the way to do a proper forensic investigation.

I was totally disgusted with the whole thing.  I was disgusted with MUFON, with the whole UFO/Alien crowd and wanted nothing more to do with any of them ever again.  What a bunch of LUNATICS they had shown themselves to be.  It just boggled my mind.  (I’m sure that this is not true about all MUFON people, but I noticed a distinct tendency among them to believe in aliens and further, to believe they were good guys.

But, I did have enough material from a number of so-called “alien abductees” to begin thinking about things. I started reading everything I could get my hands on, writing to people, calling people, trying to find out if what my clients had said had any correlation to anything anybody else had found. What I discovered was that the whole field had been pretty much taken over by crazy people who just wanted to believe in the “space brothers” and utilizing any scientific principles in gathering and assessing evidence was NOT part of their agenda.

Because I had a couple of friends in MUFON who were not associated with this other nutcase, I was invited to give a talk at one of their meetings. I was going to present the evidence I had thus far collected, as well as talk about what I had learned about my own sighting, which included material from my Cassiopaean Experiment.  By this time, 1995, it had begun to be rather interesting.

As an aside, here, I should insert the fact that I had given a talk in February of 1995,  in Orlando, Florida at the invitation of a UFO study group there.  Among the members of the audience was one Henry Belk, close friend of Senator Claiborne Pell, Andrija Puharich, Prince Hans Adam II of Liechtenstein, and more,  all names well known to those who track CIA influences in the media.  At the time, I was not familiar with those names, but I was definitely aware of the fact that I had ruffled some feathers due to the reactions of Henry Belk to my short talk.  He came up to me afterward and was positively rude and insulting.

Getting back to the talk at the MUFON meeting in Clearwater:

Originally, I was alotted an hour to speak, but at the last minute, my time was cut to 15 minutes – probably due to the defamation of the MUFON “investigator” (he later turned out to be a complete fraud, by the way, but that’s another story) or the influence of Henry Belk, who knows?

Still, because of this talk, I was contacted by Tom French from the St. Pete Times who then began to hang out with me for about 5 years. He, too, was interested in the whole thing and whether or not anything real was happening.  Now, keep in mind that this man spent FIVE YEARS following me around, talking to everyone I knew, talking to clients, friends, family, doing background investigations, and everything.   I don’t think that anybody who does what I do has ever been so thoroughly investigated, probed, interviewed, and so forth, as I was.  The end result was a rather superficial article: The Exorcist in Love, which can still be read on the St. Pete Times website.

Because the rumor went around that the St. Pete Times was taking an interest in what I was doing, a lot of jealousy was aroused by members of the UFO and New Age community in the Tampa Bay area.  There were bouquets and daggers.  Along with some death threats by anonymous phone calls, there were also a number of invitations to speak at various gatherings. I did a few, and basically I was presenting my thoughts about the phenomenon based on the data I had collected along with what I had obtained from my clients, and the picture was not as rosy as the people who believed in the Space brothers would have us think.

After a couple of such talks, the death threats got more threatening.  I stopped talking to groups since it was just too much hassle to deal with all that nonsense AND continue researching.  I really want you, the reader, to think about that: what was so threatening about what I was saying that people wanted me dead???

In the meantime, of course, the Cass experiment had taken off and I was more interested in that anyway – at least for the moment.

So, I dropped out of sight for about a year and just continued to do research. (I was also in an auto accident and broke my neck and had to spend three days a week in therapy to get full use of my arms and legs back.)

During this time I was sharing a bit of the info with a few people – it’s all a long story, much of it recounted in The Wave  Series.  (But not everything.)

The Wave, in fact, is what really started getting things warmed up.  We finally put a real website up in ’98.  Not long after, I started writing the Wave Series which was just recounting all my investigations and experiences and pretty much showing how completely corrupt and full of disinformation the whole New Age/UFO research field was.

This work attracted the attention of a guy named Ray Flowers who has this website:

He “introduced” me to Vincent Bridges via the net. Vincent seemed to be such a great guy, so knowledgable, so helpful…

But Vincent was – apparently in retrospect –  the “agent” being sent in to co-opt me, my discussion group, my work, etc. Only in looking back do I realize this…  He was supposed to associate me with some pretty unsavory stuff like Nazi Black Magic so that I could be tarred with a nasty brush. I managed (because of Cs, my husband and friends) to navigate my way out of that mess. But, once I had escaped the clutches of the guy and foiled those plans, (which I later learned are typical COINTELPRO)  then the next level of COINTELPRO type activities were activated: libel, slander, defamation, the whole nine yards.

I was accused, (with my husband) of trying to start a cult, of fleecing “cult members” of really absurd things like promoting suicide… That last one is actually so bizarre as to be incomprehensible to me. I have a favorite saying “We ain’t gonna get out of this life alive, so we might as well make the best of it and do everything we can to leave the world a better place when we are gone…” Somehow, that saying got twisted to “We ain’t gonna get out of this alive…” leaving off the rest of it, the meaning attributed to me that we ought to all commit suicide!!!!

One of my favorites is that I “plagiarized” my autobiography!!!!

Well, things just got worse and worse as time went by. More death threats. My dog (offspring of the one that had died after the UFO sighting) was poisoned and died, my oldest daughter was run off the road three times by what seemed to be “road rage” infected lunatics. The third time resulted in a serious accident that totaled her car. My second daughter was poisoned at a gathering of kids and spent three days on life support, nobody thought she would live; our names and addresses were posted on an ADL online group (the anti- Semitism label was being widely used by Bridges and his cohorts), and it was suggested that anyone in our area should “take care of us,” and on and on and on. False police reports were filed against us for abusing our children (thankfully, the police chief in our town knew us and just warned us that this was being done) and so on. Bridges called Tom French to repeat his filth to him.  Tom wrote and told me about it.  We complained to the FBI, the FDLE, etc etc. The special agent for FDLE told me on the phone that they could do nothing because it was “out of their jurisdiction,” since it was being done from another state. He then suggested that if I didn’t like what was being done to me that I ought to stop doing what I was doing that set Bridges off!!!  In other words, Bridges could do whatever he liked, including filing false police reports, stalking, harassment, defamation, libel, slander, coercion, etc… and their answer was: well, “give in to him.”

My husband was working for DoD and they were pushing to have him naturalized so he could get sucked into their secret projects…

George Bush was banging the war drum and I was already doing the signs page and getting hate mail for that almost every day.

Vincent Bridges had a whole website defaming me that actually made me deathly ill at one point.

So, we just said: this is TOO much, we are outta here.

Well, I made a big mistake at that point. Since we were in a hurry to leave (for obvious reasons) and we needed to sell our house as fast as possible, we decided to raffle it off rather than risk taking 6 months or a year to sell it. The raffle was a huge failure since we didn’t even get half of the money to pay off the mortgage (it wasn’t a very big one either!) So, we borrowed on our credit cards to make up the difference,  we picked a winner, left the power of attorney with a local attorney and the checks with our neighbor, and together, they were to handle the transfer of the house (that was the mistake part) and left.  The only money we had when we left was a single gift of $20,000.00 from a Cass group member and those funds had nothing to do with the Raffle whatsoever.  (All this can and will be proven with documentary evidence so stay tuned.)

Serious barriers seemed to have been put in the way of the winner taking possession of the house. There were taxes that had to be paid based on the value of the house and instead of helping this person to take care of that, (which could have been done), our representatives apparently made it an insuperable obstacle and that meant that this person just said, basically, to heck with it!  I had also, on the day we left, published the name of the winner  but by the time the next event in this sorry tale developed, I removed her name.

The situation seems to have deteriorated into a sort of battle between the atty and the neighbor for possession of the house. Keep in mind that both of them had our contact details but neither of them contacted us about this situation with the winner being unable to pay taxes on the transfer.  They, themselves, did nothing except try to outwait the other so that the house would go into foreclosure and one of them could pick it up at auction for 10 cents on the dollar.

We were, by this time, settling in France and thinking that everything was all sorted out. By the time we learned what was going on, (it was June – four months later – my bank called me) it was already a disaster and we could do absolutely nothing about it.  The  checks we had left to pay off the mortgage had expired after 90 days, (now keep in mind that NONE of this need to have happened if we had been contacted – and our contact details WERE given to the individuals who were supposed to be handling the transfer!) We had already had to pay double to get our household goods delivered after they were held-hostage by a Jewish moving company that turned out to be a MOSSAD front, so we were broke.
According to our legal advice, we could have declared the whole raffle void due to the fact that it never brought in the required sum to pay off the note and our efforts to do that anyway had been misguided.  So, there were two layers of legal issues: nullity of the raffle and then, even though we tried to fulfill the terms of the raffle by putting up our own money, disqualification of the winner because she was unable to pay the taxes on the win (something like 28%).  We still had a problem: the bank was going to foreclose and there was nothing we could do.

In the middle of all this, a woman called me from Florida one night and said she wanted the house and even needed it badly.  I told her the situation and explained that if she wanted it she would have to get an attorney and deal with the bank for it, that whatever she proposed I would agree to.

So, she put her attorney on the problem, came up with a plan for a straight purchase of the house that covered the mortgage and expenses and went in, made an offer with her attorney behind her, and the deal was done.     I was agreeing to everything she wanted – including a price that was half the value of the house.

So, basically, we lost our shirts in more ways than one, and between the people we left to handle this simple transaction and the option we were forced to take at the end, we ended up looking like we had deliberately pulled a “fast one” when nothing could have been further from the truth.   I’m pretty sure that any reasonable person can see why I simply chose not to discuss it any further because, by this time, there were innocent people involved (the people who got the house) as well as not-so-innocent people that I could do nothing about whatsoever.  They covered their tracks well.  Was that situation a contrived set-up?  Probably not; it was just stupid of us to trust people who were greedy.

Going back to the point in time when we left the U.S. Two months after we arrived in France, we pulled our whole website down. I wanted to change the focus so that we would quit attracting the lunatic fringe UFO true believer types. I also wanted to see what would happen on the COINTELPRO front if we simply “disappeared.” Sure enough, the minute the website was gone, they thought they had accomplished their job and all the defamation about us was taken down and it was as though we had never existed.

Then, we began to restore the site section by section. I wrote the “MOSSAD and Moving Companies” article inspired by the unbelievable experiences we had with that MOSSAD front company that we entrusted our stuff to.  It’s a miracle that we ever got any of it! (And thanks to friends in the U.S. who went to bat and put on a lot of pressure!) No sooner had I put this piece up on the net than  things went crazy again.  Jeff Rense posted the article and asked me for an interview.  Meanwhile, he also posted a dreadful defamatory screed by Jay Weidner, friend and co-author with Vincent Bridges, of a  book about Fulcanelli.  Weidner then  bought a website “” and put up a whole twisted, sickening, defamatory “story of my life.” Back again were the “cult” accusations, the “drink the kool aid” nonsense, and now, the “House raffle fraud” … We were accused of fleecing the public of between 100 K and half a million dollars. (A complete lie.  As I said, we lost our shirts. ) It was announced by Bridges with great certainty that the FBI were after us, I was a sick victim of child abuse, my children were abused, I had “entrapped” my husband, I was an alcoholic (I was a teetotaler for 25 years), I was an “attempted murderer” and just about every sick thing that could ever be said about a person was written by Vincent Bridges and Jay Weidner – close friends of Jeff Rense and Ray Flowers (though I didn’t know that at the time.)

As I said, Jeff invited me to speak on his show because Richard Sauder wrote a favorable article about the Cs and the MOSSAD article. So, Vincent and Jay launched an attack against Richard too…

I don’t think I have ever seen Rense invite someone else to speak on his show and then, at the same time, publish defamatory articles about them.  We had to threaten legal action… and got a lame excuse. “Oh, he hadn’t read it, he just trusted Weidner… so sorry… ”

I’ve left out a LOT of stuff here. But now, to answer the central question in short: Vincent Bridges, Jay Weidner, Colleen Johnston, and possibly Jeff Rense, are the central players in the “Third Party Attack” protocol that appears to be completely disconnected from any gov agency. BUT, when you begin to dig into their backgrounds and connections, you find that it is not as simple as it appears on the surface. We have several researchers who have been mapping these relationships and the network of COINTELPRO is absolutely astonishing.

And that’s about as short as I can make the whole story. Almost 18 years of pure hell just to be able to tell the truth as I see it. There seems to be no escaping from the horror of being stalked by those monsters.  I fully expect my words written here to appear tomorrow or the next day on one of Bridges’ sites or some forum where he holds court, twisted out of all recognition, embellished, and turned into the most disgusting filth imaginable.

But, there it is.  I’ll be scanning the legal documents  and other exhibits and posting the images as I get the time.


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  1. “…I suffered from symptoms of something like radiation poisoning for about six months afterward…”
    Could this have been caused by Radon?

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