The French Connection Redux – Cult Accusations and The Deviant Mind

fotcm is a popular news and news analysis web site, but how many of our readers know what goes on behind the scenes here? For those who don’t, we think it’s time you were brought up to speed, for a very specific reason.

First, a little history. (aka Signs of the Times) began as a small internet project of Laura Knight-Jadczyk back in 2002. Particularly since the 9/11 attacks, Laura had been keeping a close eye on current events and noticing the increasing levels of propaganda and lies that were being passed off as ‘news’. She had also begun to notice that many very interesting stories were receiving very little coverage by the major media outlets, not to mention the items that were being scrubbed from the net. Her natural response (natural for her, but perhaps not everyone), was to create a web site to remedy this. In the 9 years since then, Signs of the Times has grown into the you know and appreciate today and holds true to the initial remit of its founder – to bring some truth and sanity to an increasingly mendacious and insane world.

Laura’s penchant for digging into stories to find the truth of the matter did not begin in 2002 however. For many years previous (all of her adult life in fact), Laura had been driven by a need to figure out the nature of the world in which she lived. Her long years of studies and research spanned a breathtaking array of subjects, from ancient history, to psychology to the paranormal and back again. It should be said that her studies and research never strayed too far from the standard academic views on these topics. In the early 1990’s however, a number of (at the time) inexplicable experiences (detailed in her autobiography Amazing Grace) prompted Laura to delve into research on – horror of horrors – the hysterical world of UFOs and alleged alien abductions. As she is wont to say, of all the people who never wanted to know anything about UFOs, she deserves a place at the head of the line. But there it was, things had happened that were inexplicable and Laura wasn’t going to shove them under the rug.

To cut a long story short, recognizing the paranormal essence of the UFO phenomenon and including this as part of her research into the branch of the paranormal known as ‘psychical research’ (wildly popular in late 19th and early 20th century England and America – seances, table-tipping, contacting dead relatives etc), she decided to try her own little experiment using what is traditionally called a ouija or spirit board, but which is really just a square piece of cardboard with the letters of the alphabet on it. Again, the reasons for this experiment and the research that went into selecting the tool for exploring the paranormal are detailed in Amazing Grace.

Enter the ‘Cassiopaeans’


After about two years of weekly ‘sessions’ where she and a friend or two or three would sit down on a Saturday evening and ask the stereotypical questions like “is anybody there” and receive back mostly garbled nonsense, a shockingly coherent series of ‘messages’ began to be relayed, spelled out, letter by letter via the board. Thus began what has become known as the ‘Cassiopaean transmissions‘, or to be more precise, a rather interesting experiment in ‘superluminal communication’ (based on the suggestion from the ‘Cassiopaeans’ that they are “us in the future“).

With the crucial input of her mathematical physicist husband Arkadiusz Jadczyk (whom she married in 1998 as a result of matchmaking by the Cassiopaeans), Laura used the often cryptic messages received from the ‘Cassiopaeans’ as clues to new directions for her ongoing research. As Laura has often said publicly herself, the Cassiopaean information has always been the 10% inspiration to the 90% ‘perspiration’ that she and her fellow researchers have put into their work over the past 15 years. Nothing has been, or ever will be, taken on blind faith. After all, any purported Truth, by definition, must be able to stand rigorous testing.

During this time, in addition to her other work, Laura began to post the information obtained via the board sessions on her newly created web site (which also hosted the original Signs of the Times page). These ‘transcripts’ were received with much public interest (not to mention commentary!) and within a year Laura decided to start a Yahoo discussion group as a venue for those interested in her work to discuss the details among themselves. Prior to this her inbox had been flooded daily with questions and comments, so this was a necessary move.

In early 2003 Laura and Ark moved to France with their family. The main reasons for this trans-Atlantic relocation were Laura’s increasing revulsion at the path on which the Bush government had set the formerly democratic USA, and Ark’s desire to pursue his work and collaborate with other scientists free from the strictures he had experienced within the American scientific establishment. Rather than pursue the (potentially) long process of putting their house up for sale (George Bush was banging the war drums), Laura had the somewhat eccentric idea of holding a raffle. Tickets were issued to 1) anyone who made a $50 donation; 2) anyone who sent in a written request via snail-mail, a condition required by law. Approximately 300 tickets were issued in return for donations made and approximately 2000 tickets were issued to those who requested one by mail and made no donation whatsoever. This was not surprising given the limited marketing potential of announcing a house raffle on a relatively unknown web site.

Now, this sum of approximately $15,000 was not exactly a good deal for a house that was valued at over $100,000, but Ark and Laura made arrangements for a loan to be taken out to cover the difference, picked a winner, and left the matter in the hands of a trusted neighbor and an attorney he had recommended. Their moving expenses were supplemented by a generous gift from a friend. As it turned out (after Laura and Ark had moved to France), the winner of the house raffle was apparently stymied by the neighbor and attorney who seemingly wanted the house to go into foreclosure so they could pick it up at auction. Laura was notified about this situation by both her U.S. bank and another neighbor who stepped in to purchase the house – with Laura’s agreement – and stop the foreclosure. The main outstanding feature of this debacle was that the only real winners were the attorneys. The take-home fact from this incident is this: if Laura and Ark had decided to INTENTIONALLY run a ‘Raffle Scam’ it would not have turned into such a lawyer feeding frenzy because the ending would have been a pre-planned part of the con. Raffle scams are one of the simplest cons to pull off … any moron can do it. The scammers have a faithful follower (or even a sock puppet on the Net) gleefully posting “I won, I won” all over the web. The grand prize (car, house, etc) changes title to an anonymous corporation in Delaware … and that’s that. But none of this happened, which spells out clearly that there was no intent to defraud anyone. There was no raffle ‘scam’ and there were no ‘victims’ … just a fouled up fundraiser that didn’t turn out the way anyone planned, especially Laura.

The people who actually made donations for raffle tickets to the “seemed like a good idea at the time” fundraiser know and accept honest mistakes as a fact of life, and they don’t hold Laura and Ark to some unreasonable standard of perfection. Members bought their tickets to support their group, it was their money, and not a single one of them has brought a verifiable public complaint against Laura and Ark. Not one! The raffle was held honestly and fairly. The names of all those who responded were put into a ‘hat’ and one name was randomly selected, and that person was notified that they had won and given information about how to contact the lawyer handling the transfer of ownership. What happened after that was completely out of Laura and Ark’s hands because they had moved to France.

If anyone who actually took part in the raffle had a beef with Laura, Ark, the group, school, etc, they could easily have written a letter asking for a refund on their ticket, posted it on the many slander sites and forum threads….and SIGNED THEIR NAME TO IT. A legitimate dissatisfied raffle ticket holder could have filed an action in small claims court and posted that paperwork too.

None of this has happened, check for yourself … there are NO pending lawsuits and/or outstanding criminal charges against Laura Knight-Jadczyk and/or Arkadiusz Jadczyk! These are LIES being spread all over the Internet by Vincent Bridges, Jay Weidner, Chris Horlacher and their tiny troop of deranged minions. They’ve taken an honest mistake that Laura made and apologized for years ago, and twisted it to the point that it’s totally unrecognizable when compared to the actual truth of the matter. But enough on that topic.

In 2003, with growing public interest in their work, and an increasing number of irons in the fire, Laura and Ark decided to incorporate the Quantum Future Group (QFG), a US non-profit organisation with a mission to:

“…increase the effectiveness and impact of the results of research in the varied scientific and socio-cultural fields that are geared toward seeking solutions to the fundamental sufferings and limitations of humanity. QFG also funds other organizations and individuals engaged in similar pursuits.”

All of QFG’s finances (which are entirely derived from book sales and donations (Laura turns every penny she makes back into the work)) are publicly available for anyone interested in viewing them. The major events in the QFG calender since 2005 (which include several conferences, one, in the University Paul Sabatier in Toulouse, France) are available on the QFG web site.

During 2003, three people who had been working with Laura and Ark and had visited them in 2002 in Florida decided to join them in France and help out in a more practical way with the increasing workload of managing, editing and writing material for, including Signs of the Times, and Laura’s continuing research.

On March 8th of 2003, Laura began a sort of online diary – “Further Adventures with the Cassiopaeans: The French Connection”. The “French Connection” allusion was meant to imply esoteric connections, but things rapidly took a different turn. Laura didn’t know when she started it that it was going to become so controversial that a French Gendarme told her, after a three-hour interrogation (and fingerprinting) that, “Life will be a lot healthier for you in France if you remove that series and never speak of those things again.”

Why? The online diary of what Laura had thought would be ordinary events became something rather more, and it was only long after the fact that we here, who witnessed the events leading up to this, realized what it must have been all about. It seems that the events in her immediate environment that Laura was recording, that led to that fateful warning which she has honored until now, may very well have been activities exposing hijinks and hanky-panky in high places. At this point, in light of recent developments, Laura is reconsidering the bizarre events chronicled in that series and thinking that perhaps it is time to restore it to public view.

As a result of the fallout from “The French Connection”, early 2004 saw a move to a bigger house in France (rented) and, in the years between then and now, a significant expansion of activities.

Laura continued to write and wrote several books including her seminal work The Secret History of the World, The Wave Series (seven books) 9/11: The Ultimate Truth (co-authored with Joe Quinn), High Strangeness and edited and wrote the preface to the work of Dr A Lobaczewski under the title, Political Ponerology.

Being in France, with a small team of researchers to help out, it seemed logical to begin the process of making Laura’s work available to a European non-English-speaking audience. With the generous help of several native speakers who had long been interested in Laura’s work, the mammoth task of translating her books, online information and newly published works into French, Spanish, German etc. began. Naturally, if these books and ongoing work were to be written, edited, formatted and sold from France, a French publishing company was required. So in 2005 the French publishing company Les Editions Pilule Rouge was created. To date several of Laura’s books and masses of online articles have been translated into French, German, Spanish and other languages.

At the same time however, there was still the English book publication and sales to be taken care of. Prior to this they had been self-published and sold online under the auspices of QFG, but with the help of a long-term reader and bookstore owner in Canada, the publishing company Red Pill Press was founded in 2005.

Signs of the Times got its own domain and, through several ‘incarnations’, eventually became the much expanded that you see here.

A Cassiopaea forum was launched in early 2006 and today hosts thousands of members all over the world discussing a dizzying array of topics. This forum is not just a discussion forum, however, it is a social experiment following the ideas of Gurdjieff, Castaneda, the Cassiopaeans, and a strong input from modern cognitive science. Podcasts were begun in 2005 and were produced weekly for two years (after that less frequently).

Video production capability was added in 2009 and several video presentations (on various topics) have been released, including cooking videos, Laura’s ‘Knowledge and Being’ series (to be continued), Sott Reports and the Connecting the Dots series to name but a few.

In 2010 The Dot Connector Magazine was added to our list of projects. By now, you must realize that a whole lot of work is being done by a very small group of people and all of it is being given away for free. There is nothing in our books that is not on our websites, but we sure do appreciate it when you buy the books and magazine or make donations because it keeps us going!

Between 1999 (when the first Yahoo discussion group was created) and 2011, several other similar Yahoo groups have been created for the purpose of discussing specific topics and pursuing varied projects. For example, there is a Yahoo group called Sott Work Group used by editors to streamline the writing, editing and collating of news articles.

Also in 2009, along with Dr. Gabriela Segura and several other career scientists in the broad field of human health, the Éiriú Eolas breathing program was created. I won’t go into the details of that here because full details of this extremely beneficial technique are available online here. Suffice to say that the program has been very well received in many countries around the world where it is being taught, including locally in France.

2009 also saw the creation in the US of (horror of horrors again) a ‘church’ called ‘The Fellowship of the Cosmic Mind – Church of Revived PaleoChristianity‘, shortened to ‘FOTCM’. Now before all the atheists and disgruntled former (and existing) Christians go rushing for the door, allow us to explain. First and foremost, founding a church in the US is not much different to founding a non-profit company – check out, for example. Rampant free-market capitalism in the US has so infected all areas of American life that ‘religion’ is today very much a commodity that can be, and is, protected by corporate laws. Technically, if you believed that, for example, Charlie Sheen was the reincarnation of Jesus and you wanted to worship him, you could, if you were so inclined, found a legitimate ‘church’ for that purpose. So establishing a church in the USA is neither particularly difficult nor unusual.

However, the reason we (‘we’ being Laura, Ark and the board of directors of FOTCM) decided to take this step was not to worship Charlie Sheen or anyone or anything else. Once upon a time, ‘religions’ were established for the purpose of formally defining a set of rational, practicable principles (free from psychological traps such as guilt, sin and eternal damnation) to which anyone who found said principles to be to their liking could adhere, in a free and open way. While no major church today comes anywhere close to such a definition, FOTCM was founded on those exact principles, and you can read all about them here. There were also secondary reasons why we took this step, pertaining to the benefits concerning rights and protections that are afforded to members of any modern-day church (particularly in the USA).

But again, we don’t want to get into the specific details here because full details about FOTCM and its reason for existing can be found at the above links.

Now, admittedly, compared to what passes for a normal life these days, all of the above probably sounds a little strange or eccentric to most people, but strange and eccentric are rather subjective words, and as Bertrand Russell said: “Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.” There aren’t many people like Ark and Laura who sincerely devote their lives to searching out the truths in our reality and freely sharing them with everyone; they cannot be bought, and have proven again and again to be incorruptible.

So just hang on a while longer, we’ll get to the main point of all of this, but first we need to take you back in time again!

In 1999, at a point where online interest in the Cassiopaean transcripts was on the rise, a person called Vincent Bridges contacted Laura and eventually visited her in Florida in 2001. Bridges presented himself as an occult researcher and would-be ‘alchemist’ and a book publisher. He wanted to publish Laura’s works and decided to organise a conference in a retreat center in California at which, he suggested, Laura and Ark would give a talk and he would sell books. Laura and Ark initially agreed but when they were informed by many vigilant readers that Bridges was not so much an alchemist as a self-styled ‘black magician’ who was into all manner of unsavory activities, they informed him that they did not want to be associated with things that were against their principles. Mr. Bridges made his choice by writing a defamatory post about them and sending it to hundreds of people whose emails he had collected from Ark and Laura’s discussion groups. It was a blatant attempt at a hostile takeover of the Cassiopaean Experiment. The result of Laura and Ark exercising their right to non-association in this way led to a 10-year-long defamation campaign against Laura, Ark and their work by Bridges and a handful of his adepts.

The central claim made by this coterie of pathologicals was that Laura and Ark were running a ‘cult’. No evidence was ever brought forth to substantiate such a defamatory claim; instead, hundreds of web pages were dedicated to spewing bucket-loads of lies about Laura, Ark, her children, her colleagues and friends, all of which was motivated solely by Bridges’ inability to accept that Laura and Ark did not want to associate with someone of his ‘caliber’. If that sounds totally bizarre, it is, but we must accept the fact that some people are simply insane. Again, we won’t go into all of the details here because it has all been documented elsewhere.

So now we jump forward again to 2009 and a situation that has arisen concerning a member of the above-mentioned Cassiopaea forum – a French woman who had also been involved in translating Laura’s work into French as a volunteer. We’ll call her ‘Marie’. In 2009 ‘Marie’ had been in an 7-year-long relationship with a French man with whom she had two children. We’ll call him ‘Jean’. As a result of her personal suffering and doubts about her relationship, ‘Marie’ began to research studies in psychology and related fields on the internet. This eventually led to her finding the academic information that we had published on our web sites and forum on these topics.

After a period of time getting to know the other members better, ‘Marie’ broached the the issue of her personal situation on one of the above-mentioned Yahoo groups that had been started by Laura (one specifically for women and which included professionals in the fields of psychology and counseling) and, over the course of the next two years, ‘Marie’ received a lot of feedback from other members. In 2009 ‘Marie’ brought the topic up on the Cassiopaea forum where, given the sensitivity of the subject and her need for privacy, it was discussed in a members-only section (“members-only” meaning that the discussion was not viewable by any old internaut but only by those who had signed up as members of our forum). All of the feedback that ‘Marie’ received, both on the Yahoo group and the Cassiopaea forum, urged her to avoid making rash decisions and to try to do what was best for her children. For two years she was encouraged to try to work things out, to find ways to make her partner feel loved and appreciated so that the psychological abuse might be ameliorated.

Around mid-2010 however, ‘Marie’ had arrived at a point where she was sure that she wanted to end the relationship with ‘Jean’, and she stated as much on the thread on our forum and to the members of the Yahoo group, whom she had been keeping up to date on the situation. ‘Marie’ began to divulge information about her growing suspicions about ‘Jean’, specifically concerning his sexual perversions and his tendency towards anger and aggressiveness, something which, until then, she had tried to rationalise away. At her own request, she received further advice from members, some of whom naturally advised that, if she was resolved to end the relationship, she might need to consider taking precautions ahead of time in the case that her partner would not take the separation well. This advice generally came from women who had “been there, done that.” Several women in the discussion/support group recognized ‘Jean’s’ pathology and suggested that he might either become violent or extremely vindictive. ‘Marie’ did not credit any of this and followed none of the advice given to her.

Many aspects of the situation were discussed, including the possible outcome of a child custody dispute. Nevertheless, ‘Marie’ went ahead with the separation her way and, as the women on the discussion group suspected, ‘Jean’ was not exactly happy with the idea, to put it mildly. What neither she nor we expected however, was the lengths that ‘Jean’ was prepared to go to in his refusal of ‘Marie’s’ right to refuse to be in a relationship with him. It certainly had many similarities to the case where Laura and Ark did not want to be associated with Vincent Bridges. ‘Birds of a feather’ and all that.

At this point, ‘Marie’ still thought that she could manage a friendly separation. But one day, ‘Jean’, who had by this time moved to his parent’s home, paid ‘Marie’ and their children a ‘friendly’ visit. When the opportunity presented itself, ‘Jean’ copied the entire contents of ‘Marie’s’ computer hard drive. Now privy to the email discussion concerning ‘Marie’s’ relationship that had taken place on the Yahoo group, including the advice given to her by other members, ‘Jean’ decided to use this exchange to try to blackmail ‘Marie’ into reconciling with him. What probably angered him the most were the numerous clear descriptions of his character and motivations as those of a very disturbed individual and he undoubtedly felt exposed by these remarks and full of anger at the people who had made them. Perhaps he felt that if he had not been seen so accurately by a group of women who had “been there, done that”, ‘Marie’ would have continued under his abusive control and thus, he saw the women’s support group as responsible for his partner leaving him (never mind that he had twice previously threatened to leave her as a means of terrifying her and keeping control!).

So, it seems that he convinced himself that the reasons ‘Marie’ had given him as to why she wanted to separate were lies, and that the ‘real’ reason was that she had been brainwashed by … well by Laura, Ark, family, colleagues and their work of course! But this claim is clearly disingenuous since ‘Jean’ had to omit many of the email exchanges and edit them in clever ways in order to support his contention! In addition, his poor grasp of English led him to misinterpret and mistranslate a lot of the exchanges.

To supplement his paranoia and delusions, ‘Jean’ immediately began an online search for ‘evidence’ to back up his claims, and it wasn’t long before he fell into the virtual arms of the aforementioned defamer-in-chief Vincent Bridges who was, apparently, only too happy to find fresh blood for his, by then faltering, long-term campaign of slander against Laura, Ark their family, their work and their colleagues.

So suddenly, and without any reasonable evidence, ‘Jean’ began to defame us with the same old accusations that Vincent Bridges and Jay Weidner, et al., have been using for the last ten years, i.e. that we were a ‘cult’.

New age grifter and conman Vincent Bridges has waged a ten-year hate-filled defamation campaign against Laura, Ark, their work, colleagues and friends.

‘Jean’ promptly joined in with a ‘discussion’ thread (now removed) on the Godlikeproductions (GLP) web site, which was manned by Bridges and a handful (read ‘two or three’) of his minions (think Renfield in Dracula). The thread comprised an amazing (from the point of view of a clinical psychologist) 300 pages of the most ludicrous, vile and downright psychopathic utterances by this handful of nutters (one of whom apparently did nothing else all day, every day, for ten years, other than attempt to keep the defamation against Laura and Ark going on the internet) ever produced in the history of internet flame wars!

One amusing part of the situation (there weren’t many) was that ‘Jean’s’ command of English was so poor that his attempts, therefore, to join in with the ‘big boys’ (with the help of google translate) and up the ante on the defamation front on the GLP forum, which included a rather peculiar use of poetry, made him sound like a psychotic French thespian. But we were in no way taking his accusations lightly. There was still the fact that he was a French citizen and given the evidence that he was not exactly of sound mind, we were concerned about the damage that his lies and defamation could do to ‘Marie’ and her children. We were fairly confident that French law would deal with ‘Jean’s’ online defamation against Laura and Ark, their family, colleagues and their work and the good reputation that they had honestly earned in the local and national French community.

As it turned out, our fears regarding ‘Marie’ have proven to be well-founded but our expectations of the French system being more rational and able to deal with a lunatic turned out to be dead wrong. That leads back, of course, to the “French Connection” series that got all the PTB people in another ‘départment’ all hot and bothered back in 2003/2004. We wonder, of course, if there are still elements of that regime feeling angry at Laura for exposing them then? But you’ll have to wait for the restoration of the “French Connection” series to understand what is meant here and we don’t want to make this any more complicated than it already is. Suffice to say that it appears that there are quite a few people who are very unhappy with Laura, SOTT and Cassiopaea and this pathetic loser, ‘Jean’, is just their tool. Nothing else really explains the events as they have transpired over the past few months.

A forum member recently wrote:

Three [friends of mine] when told about this website and this work reacted as if they were going through an exorcism. … for a reason… Because of Laura’s work on psychopathology…

Laura responded:

It IS interesting that it is this work {on psychopathology}, above all, that brings on the attacks. If I were just channeling the space brothers and going on about doomsday NWO stuff, or alien invasions, or alien raptures, or ranting about the Jews and Zionists, I think I would be left totally alone. After all, look at the many people that do that stuff with nary a discouraging word.

But god forbid that a person should bring a spiritual approach together with a scientific method and discover what is REALLY wrong on this planet. Oh, sure, there are probably hyperdimensional manipulations going on in a big way, but nobody can prove that. I can’t prove that. So I don’t concentrate on something we can’t prove. I concentrate on the probable effects: the most definite existence in our world of pathological individuals who are the root and source of all the sufferings of humanity.

Heck, if all of our reality is just simply an evolutionary process, if the Big Bang actually happened, if we are just a by-product of mindless evolution, the psychopathology problem STILL explains everything.

No matter how you cut it, psychopaths and related psychopathologies are the bane of human existence. Who needs to worry about aliens or stuff that is “out of this world” when we have psychopaths to deal with??

I don’t even see any point in focusing on Zionism except as a construct of pathology. But then, so is Christianity and Islam and about every other religion out there. Moreover, science itself, being the producer of the technological means of destruction of our planet is also corrupted by psychopathology.

So, I have basically made it possible for everybody on the planet who has an agenda against normal humans, the Earth, the Cosmos, to hate me for exposing them.

You can bet the ranch that if anybody attacks me and defames me, they are a predator and my work, in some way, threatens their possibilities for predation; that’s the bottom line.

When ‘Jean’s’ delusional rants on the godlikeproductions forum were not producing the desired result (whatever that might have been, perhaps him watching us burn at the stake while his now-repentant partner looks up adoringly at his stoically heroic visage), he created a web site, ‘’, which he used as a vehicle to re-disseminate the ‘cult’ accusation and the lies of Vincent Bridges. When we took legal action to have that defamatory site removed, he created another (with a Taiwanese country code domain) and reproduced thereon the entire 300-page thread (now deleted) from the GLP forum.

But the worst excesses of this clearly deviant personality were yet to be revealed.

In early May 2011, we learned that one of the attendees at a 2010 Éiriú Eolas weekend course in the North of France had recently received a call from the police in Toulouse (500 miles away from her home) telling her that they were investigating a claim that the Éiriú Eolas course she had attended was a ‘front for a cult’. They wanted to know how much she paid for the course, what it involved, what was discussed and what her impression was.

Now, none of the names of the attendees at that particular course were ever made public, and most of them paid by cheque (120 euros for the weekend) so the only way the police could have identified any of them would have been by gaining access to our bank records. Moreover, attendees had benefited from a discount if they were students at the school that hosted the course. This was the case for the student who received a call. She had paid with a cheque in her husband’s name, and the police person who called initially asked to talk to him. None of us even knew his name, so it is fairly natural to assume that the only way the police could have known his name was by accessing our bank account details, viewing the cheque, and obtaining the contact details thereon.

It was immediately obvious that, at some stage in the previous two months, ‘Jean’ had taken the step of formally denouncing us as a ‘cult’ to the French Police. While we were shocked – but not exactly surprised – that ‘Jean’ had done such a thing, we were surprised (and more than a little indignant) that the Toulouse police would accept such a serious accusation (for which ‘Jean’ could not have had any real evidence) and open a formal investigation rather than first investigating (if only in a cursory way) the truthfulness of such an accusation or indeed the sanity of the accuser.

Astonishingly, the insane claims of these perverts have apparently been accepted by local authorities in Toulouse and Montauban as worthy of wasting France’s public funds on an unjustified investigation into a pathetically insignificant matter – the rage of a guy who can’t even earn enough to provide for his children. This is what amazes us. We have gotten used to defamatory ad hominem attacks and flame wars on the internet (we don’t like it, but that’s the internet), and have always simply ignored the insanity. To have an official government body take that ridiculous and obscene nonsense seriously is simply unbelievable.

So yeah, we were more than a little disturbed as you can surely imagine, but we decided that, since we had nothing to hide, the best course of action was to confront the situation head on.

So we telephoned the Toulouse police bureau and asked if there was some form of official investigation into our activities. We were informed that a complaint against us had indeed been made and that they were duty bound to investigate it. We asked if we could come and speak with them and a meeting was arranged. We assembled all relevant information that would make it clear that this was a case of defamation, pure and simple, and on the appointed day, drove the 40 miles to the meeting with the police in Toulouse. The police captain made it clear that she only wanted to speak to one person – Juliana, one of our business managers and Éiriú Eolas instructors. So, off Juliana went carrying with her the 10Kgs (20 lbs) of documents supporting our case and proving beyond all doubt that ‘Jean’ was waging a vendetta against us based on nothing more than his personal delusions. The documents also included all our legals and financials which demonstrate conclusively that the nonsense that has been propagated about us is just that: lies and nonsense.

Juliana was questioned on every aspect of our work and organizations for four hours. During that time not one page of our documents (except for a few financial records) was even looked at by the investigating officer (a female captain in the Regional Judiciary Police Service). It was clear that this woman had been totally taken in by the lies and Juliana had the bizarre impression that she had woken up and found herself back in the Dark Ages during the Inquisition. In the end, the ‘off the record’ word from the captain was that she believed that there was nothing to the allegations against us, but that process had to be followed through by them in a formal way. But that is not how things have continued to play out.

While we understand bureaucracy and the need to follow procedures, we can’t help but think that it is a lamentable state of affairs that someone with the track record and psychological profile of ‘Jean’ can walk into a police station and, with no evidence other than his ‘word’, denounce another person or group of people as a ‘cult’ and have his defamatory claims taken seriously. (Certainly, he presented his bizarre ‘synthesis’ of our work and websites – a more paranoid and delusional document has never been seen by us – and a highly altered and edited set of emails obtained illegally from his ex-partner’s computer.) What is shocking is that the police did not make any effort to confirm that the evidence he was giving them was, in fact, evidence. Even when Juliana was present and had a complete copy, competently translated, of the email exchanges at issue, the police captain REFUSED TO LOOK AT THEM! Shades of Galileo and the telescope!

So, needless to say, Juliana needed a few days to recover from the ordeal, and we all were left to digest the situation. The really frustrating part of the whole situation was that throughout 2010, Juliana and another Éiriú Eolas instructor, Pierre, had been working hard to make the very effective EE breathing program available to our local communities in France. They had succeeded in establishing twice weekly classes in two locations which were always well attended and increasingly popular. In early 2011, realising the benefits that the EE program had in other countries for public officials (prison guards, army vets, etc.), and since the program is so effective in dealing with PTSD, Pierre and Juliana had made contact with individuals in the local National Police station and French Army barracks with a view to offering classes there for free. Hardly a cultic activity, if you ask us, unless you are a very stupid cult. What self-respecting paranoid ‘cult’ member would go to the authorities and say, “Hello, would you like to participate in our classes?!”?

Éiriú Eolas is a breathing technique that involves the stimulation of the vagus nerve. It has long been known by doctors and medical researchers that stimulation of the vagus nerve has extremely beneficial effects on overall human health, and that it is particularly effective in combating stress. Now, when you think of the most stressful jobs in our increasingly violent world, which jobs spring to mind? The police? The army? It was only natural and in keeping with our overall mission to “increase the effectiveness and impact of the results of research in the varied scientific and socio-cultural fields that are geared toward seeking solutions to the fundamental sufferings and limitations of humanity” that we would think of offering the Éiriú Eolas program to the local police and army. We had already done our ‘homework’ in this respect and had conducted extensive research into the already well-known benefits of breathing and meditation techniques being used by police and military organisations around the world. As a result, we were confident in our ability to provide the local police and military forces with the scientific details of how the Éiriú Eolas program could help them to deal most effectively with the significant levels of stress that their jobs entailed.

As it turned out, the police and army representatives were very interested and had agreed to get back to us with a suggestion of dates for the first EE class on their premises. But then suddenly, at the same time that ‘Jean’ filed his complaint in Toulouse, both the police and army cancelled. We would later be told that the police class cancellation was due to internal bureaucratic wrangling, and the army cancellation was due to the fact that other activities had been planned for the dates we had scheduled with them. But to be honest, we aren’t buying anything we are being told about any of this anymore, because we have also been told, by the local Mayor, that there have been ‘rumors’ about us. So, thanks to ‘Jean’s’ pathological inability to get over himself and accept that he is not the center of the universe, all of our work as regards EE in France may have been placed in jeopardy. But again, it’s not really ‘Jean’ at fault here: it’s the medieval mind-set of those who have made it possible for ‘Jean’ to pursue his vendetta.

What is most discouraging and disheartening about the entire situation is how gullible and ‘manipulatable’ the police and judicial system in this region seem to be. That is the chief problem here. By his own admission, ‘Jean’ has a history of violence and stalking women and sexual perversion, but none of this information was taken into consideration by the authorities who appear to have launched a reprehensible stalking campaign against Ark and Laura and their work based solely on the words of a vengeance-driven and psychologically sick man. We’ve done our own investigation into the background of ‘Jean’ and know of several instances where he was involved in incidents that required police or Gendarmerie intervention, which should have resulted in a police record, but when asked about this, the police captain referred to him as a citoyen non dangereux (‘non-dangerous citizen’).

By June this year we had had enough and were no longer willing to just sit on our hands and ‘play nice’ while ‘Jean’ continued his scurrilous hate campaign and the forces of law and order took their sweet time ‘investigating’ what is clearly an open and shut case. So, despite the fact that we had been told that we could not file a complaint against ‘Jean’ as long as WE were being investigated, we made an appointment to see the local Police Commandant to file a formal complaint against ‘Jean’, just to see how things would play out. As expected, our complaint was rejected and we were told “it’s a civil matter.”

Well, back in 2003 when Laura was first falsely accused of defamation, (“The French Connection” referred to above), she was told it was a criminal matter and that was enough for the Gendarmerie in another départment to call her in for three hours of ‘questioning’, AND take her fingerprints!

In short, we have been informed that we are unlikely to see any movement on our case against ‘Jean’ until the Toulouse police have finished wasting their resources on trying to find out if there is any truth to the spurious claims of a psychologically unstable individual.

After several more weeks of phoning and trying to find out what was going on, finally, on July 25th we received a phone call from the Toulouse Police Captain telling us that they were still looking for “infractions” (maybe they’ll dig up an old unpaid parking ticket or something) and that they may need to contact more people in September. Is it just us, or is this all starting to sound like Bush and Cheney’s duplicitous hunt for WMDs? I mean, get real! After THREE MONTHS of combing through our financial records, defaming us to anybody who has ever written us a check or to whom we may have written a check, they are “still looking for infractions”?! Since Laura also breeds and sells Shelties and Collies, maybe they should contact all the people in the dog world, too. After all, we COULD be ‘brainwashing’ our dogs!

The Captain also told us that she would finally agree to interview ‘Marie’ in September. (Keep in mind that during all this time, we have no rights to pursue ‘Jean’ for his defamation using the criminal justice system, and must rely on the less efficient civil system!) How’s that for efficiency? A veritable ‘lone nut’ makes false accusations against us to the police in March claiming that we ‘mind-programmed’ his ex-girlfriend into leaving him, and the police wait until September to ask HER anything! Instead, they kick off by apparently believing the delusional rantings of ‘Jean’, then proceed to interrogate one of our instructors and ignore the evidence we supply that ‘Jean’ is psychologically unstable. Then they spend a few more months looking for “infractions” while ‘Jean’ merrily continues his nutzoid rantings, defamation and harassment of us AND ‘Marie’. (He is regularly sending her sick, suggestive emails that are supposed to keep her in a state of terror.)

Just to give you an idea of what we are dealing with here: ‘Marie’ recently called the Police Captain in Toulouse to try and bring some sanity to the situation, but she was quickly brushed off with the excuse that the Captain was “very busy” with other investigations and “wire taps”. Are the Toulouse police ALSO listening in to our telephone conversations? If so, we hope they enjoy the details of our calls to the butcher, car workshop, the tree surgeon, the builder and the family members of those who work here. Maybe they’ll uncover some ‘thought crime’ “infractions”.

Within the last few months, ‘Marie’ and ‘Jean’s’ separation proceedings, which had been ongoing since 2010, were concluded. As part of these proceedings, the court had ordered a psychological report on both ‘Marie’ and ‘Jean’ and their children. The final report determined that ‘Marie’ was a very clever woman, unlikely to be manipulated, that the ‘cult’ accusation seemed absolutely unfounded, and that ‘Marie’ had worked hard/made greats efforts to free herself from his control. On the other hand, ‘Jean’ was described as having “obsessive tendencies” and was inclined to focus on false cult accusations to avoid taking responsibility for the failure of his relationship.

Now get this; this official psychological report was among the documentation that Juliana brought to the ‘interview’ with the Police Captain in Toulouse, the same documentation that the Police Captain had refused to look at in favor of trying to find out whether the ‘cult’ accusations of a man with “obsessive tendencies” (specifically related to “cult accusations”) were true or not. Excuse us if we get the impression that we have, by some magic, been transported into one of Franz Kafka’s more surreal worlds.

This is the same Captain who is happy to wait almost six months before even speaking to ‘Marie’, who has been determined to be psychologically sound and NOT easily manipulated and who, (along with us), has been accused by a man with “obsessive tendencies” (about cults), of being duped by a cult. Is that clear? Does it all make sense? Good. Now, can you explain it to us? Because we REALLY don’t get it. We REALLY can’t understand how it has come to pass that the police ‘doing their job’ involves them giving a free pass to the aggressor while interrogating the victim. Because that IS what is happening in this case. Of course, that takes us back to the idea that ‘Jean’ is just being used as a tool to break us and shut down all our activities. Paranoid? Maybe, but we keep it in our list of options.

At present we are continuing to deal with the situation in the best way we know how: by exposing the truth of the situation and continuing to network within the local and international community in an open and honest way. In that respect, there is one final piece of data that, we feel, is extremely pertinent.

When ‘Marie’ and ‘Jean’ first made contact with each other (via the internet) he made a rather long and disturbing ‘confession’ to her which contained details of events in his life up until that point. While such a ‘confession’ would and should normally remain confidential, any claims by ‘Jean’ to a right to privacy in this regard have been invalidated by the fact that he has chosen to infringe not only our right to privacy and to not be defamed, but the rights of ‘Marie’ and all those that he has directly and indirectly dragged into his hubris-laden vendetta.

So in light of the gravity of ‘Jean’s’ accusations and the potential damage such lies can do to our work, we have taken the decision to present pertinent excerpts from ‘Jean’s’ ‘confession’ to ‘Marie’. Please note that we do not take this step lightly and have consulted with our attorney as to the appropriateness of doing so. Rather, we feel that we have been given no choice in the matter and have been forced to take this step to defend ourselves against ‘Jean’s’ campaign of lies and defamation against us and his delusional statements to the police. Furthermore, we believe that the following details will help all parties interested in this case to better understand the type of mentality and rationale behind ‘Jean’s’ accusations, as well as the kinds of minds behind similar accusations. It will also highlight, once again, the burning question: the police in Toulouse actually take this guy seriously???

References to his adolescent years:“Then one night my body woke up, I was in a state! Probably assailed by a surge of hormones. I must have twisted and turned 300 times in bed, long, wide, across to the east, west, north, south … disorientated! I finally landed at the foot of the bed and woke up. While I was in a semi comatose state on the floor, following the noise of the fall, my mother arrived, and asked me if everything was OK. I have to say I did not know what had happened. And without explanation I went back to my bed. End of the experience.I still have that feeling of having experienced something uncontrollable and violent. Even though the nature of this event was not sexual, hairs do not start to grow and penis to stiffen just like that, out of the blue. Later, I must have tied everything together, unconsciously mixing it with the circumcision and other abuses. […]

“I got the idea to put my penis into her mouth. At 3-4 years, she really couldn’t understand my intentions. It was difficult to attain my goal without raising any concern. Was I reproducing the same behaviour that I had experienced with my brother? I can not even say I had already ejaculated once in my life or felt the need to masturbate. It’s possible that I had asked my brother to do the same to me when we were together. There was no search for pleasure. I do not think I achieved my objective with my niece.”

“After that there was a period where I went on vacation with my cousins. We used to sleep with two children in the same bed. One day my cousins went on vacation with me. Again due to lack of beds, things happened … Of which, rather, I was the instigator. We had a big bed for three, me and my two cousins. And while we were probably just talking about our penises. Of course we probably wanted to understand some things, like between boys you risk nothing and blah, blah. I offered to give them the experience of fellatio. They refused … As for me, I was quite prepared. I was good enough for them. They were just younger than me and so it was smaller in my mouth, quite unconvincing. I did my best. But at our age, this little perversion had the appearance of an orgy.”

“At school, I could not stand the custom of pinching girls’ buttocks when boys more “mature” liked to harass the girls. I, on the contrary, could only offer my kindness and be recognized for it, and of course, it never led to any thing. Then I realized girls are neither sweet nor sensitive and that they are interested in boys for other reasons, reason that deep inside me, I could not admit to myself, because they were too ugly and dark, too aggressive.

“I had gradually developed all the techniques of masturbation. It begins with rubbing oneself against the sheets, noticing that it creates sensations. Then proceed to rubbing against the mattress. With more than obstinacy I would eventually start to bleed (the sheets are rough) and, there you are, spots appear, semen mixed with blood.”

To avoid visible stains, I discovered penetration between the box spring and the mattress. Blood, semen, everything went down there, and nobody had the idea to look there. Then in the bathroom … anal penetration with the shower head. My mother had a large pen too. It was used …”

Early adulthood:

“Again due to lack of beds, children were made to sleep with adults. I’m a nice guy, perceived as responsible, etc. So I was the one made to sleep with them. And my bed was large enough. It’s about [name redacted]. So … Sometimes you have nocturnal erections. I missed the presence of someone. [name redacted] was the one there, and I wanted to hold him tight. I must have been in a half-sleep state. But apparently [me holding him] prevented him from sleeping, and he was whining. I realized that I had erections and that my hug was a little too strong. I think this happened on two nights. I think I said to my mother that I did not want my nephew to sleep with me anymore, and that she should find another arrangement, or I took it upon myself. I can’t remember…””My masturbatory techniques is still limited to the friction between the mattress and box spring. the nature of my surgery (done badly?) causing frequent bleeding. […] My sister was there for a few days at my parents’. After all, I only had known incestuous relationships, and I could not get rid of this pressure to want to make love… I mean to finally have a relationship with a girl who would allow me to penetrate her.””Whenever girls looked nicely at me or touched my hand, I would immediately become aloof, I would slip away. I struggled with myself to not let myself be reached by any of them. If the girl was pretty it was even harder to bear … I preferred the ugly ones, because at least they didn’t flutter their lashes. I could only speak with indifference. I turned off all music. I just had to ask. After all, women are like everybody else, or so they say. My sister has experience. That should suffice. I said: “I want to make love with you” – “I’d rather not” – “I’m sure it’ll make you happy” – “I have everything I need at home” – “Really?.”

“I was in an apartment in Toulouse. […] I was not looking for sex dates on sex telephone [numbers]. I just wanted to make contacts … and it seemed to be the most protective solution, anonymity! Also because of this difficulty in reaching out to others. After staying logged all days and nights (the bills were heavy) I finally got the trust of many people…”

Later adulthood:

“After experiencing some economic problems I suggested to [name redacted] and his girlfriend that we live together in an apartment, we would share the costs. I was good friends with [name redacted], almost in love with him. I loved his girlfriend a little less.[…]At one point they wanted to introduce me to a girl, a friend of [name redacted] (girlfriend of [name redacted]). This took place on New Year’s Day. The evening went beautiful… she was more like an old woman than a girl. Ugh! In return, she got into my car. I began to stroke her pussy. She couldn’t stand it, poor thing! She really was into it. And it certainly was not the discussion we had had in the evening, when I had ignored her, which had left her defenceless. Once in my room, I penetrated her and she was saying : ‘ha ha ha it’s good’ – ‘ha ha ha, it’s been so long!’ I stopped right there. Not even wanting to finish the job. But saying: “you do not realize that we have absolutely nothing in common humpf humpf!”…. She asked: “so I should go away ?” – “Well yes, I think so” [I said].”‘Jane’ loved the sun, the beach, swimming. We went to Corsica because she wanted to. One afternoon while we went to town, suddenly she quarreled with me for a stupid reason. Maybe because I had responded with some derisory reflex like “Whatever!” She lashed out at me and tore my t-shirt, saying that I lied. Such scenes had already happened, but now it was taking on dramatic proportions. It looked like she was losing it… My first reactions to this kind of delirium was to slap her, for sure. […]

It was during this time period that I started to visit whores.[…] The first one had soft skin; I had never imagined that anyone could have such soft skin with such beautiful breasts. Another gave me a blowjob in a special way, a technique using the tongue, which would be almost impossible to ask from a girl. There have been several such incidents including transvestites.”

“‘Jane’ had decided to come with me on a Saturday night to a nightclub that I was used to [going to].

The evening started at her mother’s place, she was not often there on weekends. I saw that ‘Jane’ was drinking more and more. I was worried for her, but I could not do anything about it. I thought we could love each other again. ‘Jane’ was teasing my friend a little; he was behaving stoically, acting as if he didn’t understand what was going on. We arrived at the night club located quite far from Toulouse but it went well. I think I told myself “Well, now I’ll leave ‘Jane’ alone”. I wanted her to feel how it is like to be a poor bitch in a place you do not know. […]

Suddenly, I see ‘Jane’, who comes to me, kisses me and rather than stay, goes away. I find her sitting down, lost in her thoughts. I ask her if she wants to talk to me … she says no. I tell her that I want to talk to bring her outside, thinking that fresh air would do her good.

So, I do not know why, but she does not want to say anything, I want her to speak, I want her to explain why she just kissed me … We find ourselves between some cars, she wants me to release her, I do not want to, she is struggling, I try to control myself before it degenerates. I just want her to stop moving, I want her to answer me. I dragged her to the ground; I think it will be easier this way. “Confess; confess that you’re a whore! Confess!” […]

When falling to the ground she must have hit a stone. An ambulance arrived for her, she’s was going through a hypoglycemic episode or something like that.

A few days later, still holding on like a madman, I see her again in a bus that I caught at the same time … I try to talk to her, I see that this time there are marks [on her]… she asks me to get off at the next stop.

I learned that a complaint had been filled against me about the [incident] I imagined that this time ‘Jane’s’ parents decided that it was better to be safe than sorry. Pff!, given how long it took, what they did was useless. Whatever. It was old history now and I had decided to deny it. The trial hearing necessitated my presence. I knew that if you do not bother going you are automatically judged to be guilty. It was a fine. I had to provide administrative papers, bank account information and then it was over.”

Take note of the above description of what appears to be an assault on this woman. We do not know if this is the first such event, but we know for sure that it was not the last. During the period immediately following ‘Marie’s’ decision to separate from ‘Jean’, ‘Marie’, a female friend of ‘Marie’s’, ‘Jean’ and his mother were all in ‘Jean’s’ mother’s house together. ‘Marie’ and her friend had come to pick up the children who had been visiting ‘Jean’.

Here’s the account of what happened:

“He had me more or less cornered in a room with his mother. They started to try to provoke an argument with me, to prove that I was wrong regarding the children’s education, etc. After a few back-and-forth tirades, I said I just wanted to pick up the children and go, and asked if they would please let me out of the room. His mother had her hands on my wrists, and he stood there beside her, both circling me and preventing me from reaching the door. Then I called [my friend], who was waiting in another room, telling her that they were preventing me from leaving. My friend opened the door quickly (she didn’t say anything, she didn’t have time to), and that’s when ‘Jean’ went mad and attacked her, jumping at her throat. He was obviously not pleased that I had a friend there, especially this particular friend, who can’t stand ‘Jean’ after his horrible behavior and ‘customer service’ during the time he had a shop in town. My friend went to the hospital the next morning, and the doctor reported several bruises and red marks around her neck.”

It should be noted here that the friend filed a formal complaint, and nothing was done about it!


Continuing with ‘Jean’s’ ‘confession’:

“My work contract was extended and the low cost housing office got me a decent and inexpensive small apartment, well arranged with separate kitchen and bath (I like bath tubs). That’s where I discovered the virtues of soap in masturbation, and the effect of the corner of the sink. It is not easy to explain but it is about placing the crotch over the corner of the basin. You have to add a little soap which allows rubbing on the rim. It increases the sensations in the lower abdomen, like an anal fingering. Also I liked to install a mirror to see the whole thing. Soon, I missed being in contact with someone and I started looking where the hookers were in Angouleme. And even in other cities around. In fact the only ones found in the exterior were transvestites. When I brought one particular one in my car, we went to an isolated place, he gave me a blowjob and against all odds I asked him if now I could give him a blowjob, he agreed and I did it. In the end he told me I sucked well. I was a little proud! It was the only thing a bit extravagant that we could do in the area.”As far as women are concerned it was simple, they were putting ads in the newspaper. It’s strange to realise the state in which those ads put me … I tried to convince myself that it was not worth the trouble, after all that nothing would change … and then I had the idea that I am worthless, I am not even capable of having someone by my side, I don’t even know if I’ll be able to have sex with this prostitute. After all, it doesn’t matter with a whore, if I don’t do it right. Moreover, some of them told me “oh well, you really wanted it” But whatever, “I don’t come to see you just because I love sex”. I think I visited them all one after the other, when I knew enough about them I didn’t go back to them.One of them was particularly interesting […] She was not very young. She welcomed me and brought me to the bathroom to wash my sex, which she did with her own hands. Then she gave me a massage with her whole body by lying on me. She suggested we watch porn videos as an accompaniment. I did not want to. Then she asked for the position I wanted. I said “you on me.” And then it was too strange. she was completely dilated and lubricated and went all the way through, […] she was like a giant aquatic vacuum. I held 2 minutes … I only told her that it was good that I did not want any more. You have to pay in advance. She practiced sodomy but it was too expensive, but I regretted it a bit because, after all that, I’ve never sodomized a woman.”

“One night I had a dream, I woke up struggling, I was kicking all over the place and hit [name redacted] several times. It bothered me greatly. I was afraid that I would attack her for no reason. It was indeed a fear inside me, something that made me feel very guilty. I was afraid to be taken one more time by a violent frenzy. I dreamed that a huge snake was wrapped around me and was inexorably choking me, choking me, choking me. I struggled and it took me out of the nightmare. Immediately I woke up I was worried whether I had hurt [name redacted], I apologised as if I had hit her, and it was exactly the impression I had. Inwardly I told myself I cannot stay with her, I’m too dangerous. There will come a time when I will be able to control myself and then, anyway, what am I getting from her? She doesn’t fuck! During the night I want to take her but she turns her back on me. She sleeps. She sleeps like a 5 year old baby and she never jumps on me, not that she ever did. At one time I tried to sodomize her, but I definitely must be missing something. How do you do that anyway? “What are trying to do?” she used to say to me, half asleep. Then she would turn away and sleep. “And what about me?! But shit!” I wanted to do it! And this snake which had prevented me from breathing, what did it mean?”

I was a bit tired of all this mess including some of my borderline behaviors. Like the girl I that I followed to her place, and who begged me to stop this nonsense. Or the one who asked me one night to drive her back to her place. At one point I slipped my hand on her knee and obviously she became hostile. There was even this girl who seemed interested, while we were talking I told her that I was beating my wife and that in addition she liked it and that I was proud of it. I must have said something like that, I’m sure. A good way to say “fuck off little bimbo!” Isn’t it? I needed stability, I thought.

“Since the time I worked in this company, having the keys of the offices, I got used to masturbating in the company premises. A kind of repressed exhibitionist desire in a public place where I found myself secretly.”

“I felt bad, sexual obsessions … even stronger. Even though in a couple, I do not really tend towards excessive sexual misbehavior. Surely this split brought up those kinds of questions, destabilizing me deeply. My relationship with ‘Jane’ led me inexorably, as always, towards the slippery slope.”

“But I kept trying to get information about ‘Jane’. I would call her friends to get news indirectly. She worked in Paris, lived at her grandfather’s. So I went to this district, I had the addresses … you never know. Then I got someone to call her father to have her home address. […] She did not want to talk to me, or see me. That is clear. I must have been taken by one of my pathological state, again … I took the car and drove to her place, in fact not very far south of Paris, I considered this event as one of those coincidences that one can’t ignore. I rang. Said I wanted to see ‘Jane’. Her boyfriend went out and talked to me, so I spoke to him. I must have said a lot of incoherent stuff. I got the idea to warn him that ‘Jane’ was not someone easy to understand or to live with. That he must be wary of her or whatever …”

“One night a guy phoned from Melun (Seine-et-Marne). He claimed to be the boyfriend of ‘Jane’, his girl was hurt because of me, and he does not know what to do!”. I reassured my mother on this subject, pointing out that I was not in contact with them, I had no intention of doing so and that it would eventually subside.

“In the agency where I worked a young girl arrived. Long black hair and incredible white skin! […] I started fantasizing; I do not know … I didn’t know how to act. I tried to invite her to dinner, to the movies, but she refused. To talk about music, but she loved the Rolling Stones and REM. She was really stupid!

During one more delusional episode, I went to her home on a Sunday and waited. In the late afternoon I saw her go home in the company of another girl. I decided to ring. Nobody answered. On Monday, she reported that she had seen me, reproached me for not having warned. I pretended that I had come just for a coffee, something like that. In fact I think she was dyke.

Subsequently, I did some interim job, freelance missions, and I started to discover the Internet, it was in turmoil. Internet Explorer did not exist! Just Netscape 1 or 2 and other Web services: news forums, IRC. Withdrawal into myself was even stronger. I realized that I could only trust myself, that everything I had wanted I owed to nobody. Within months I was going to learn a new job: Web site creation. And I was determined to become well-known in this area.”

“I went to prostitutes once or twice. But what was enough, most of the time, was to roam the streets at night to see these girls or these trannies and go home without taking any. I also listened to erotic phone line or the pornographic free advertising. Sometimes I tried to call. Most of the time lines were off the hook.

For some ads, in fact, the girl sends dirty pictures of herself (you’re never sure if it’s her). I masturbated watching these pictures and after a while I threw them away. If you pay you can get more photos … During a call, I met a girl who for a modest sum offered me to go to her place. It was in the suburbs. I went … It was a house, her boyfriend was there. They were apparently unemployed, they seemed be outcasts, they listened to U2. The guy seemed lost in some smoke delirium. He went out. While we were in the room, the girl explained that her boyfriend had a problem and he could not satisfy her, they had inherited the house but they were broke. This is all. I took her twice”

“I hated weekends deeply, actually I hated everything. In Angouleme I had started doing something, which was to search for a girl’s number in the directory and then call them and insult them. Like “you want to get fucked?” “you wet bitch!” I wasn’t usually very creative.

In those days, I called at random. Later I was looking for any girl called ‘Jane’. As soon as I found a ‘Jane’, I had to call, I could not help myself. Then I insulted her as much as I could, repeatedly. Until I felt better. “You want to get fucked, huh you love it!”. […] Then began the exploration of the underbelly of the Internet .”

“Sometimes out of necessity, in order to be reassured about my manhood, I would go to Paris. In those districts, which are populated, in the nighttime hours, by ladies in negligee. This time it was in the place de l’Etoile district, where the luxury whores work. Just to have a look. I left the car, wanting to inquire more closely about the appearance and the price.

Mature women were asking for 1200 francs for one time in an apartment or in a parking lot. They put comments like ” I suck well ” or “you will get your money’s worth” Well, more than 1,000 francs was out of my reach. I said “I’ll think about it” not to offend.

In one of the main streets, a tall and remarkable young blonde is standing, she’s young enough. I ask for her price. I hear 500 Frs! I’m surprised and I say ok! Then the girl brings me in a Mercedes driven by another woman dressed for the occasion who takes a route that seems complicated to me. The events seem exaggerated compared to the usual. In these situations I’m not talkative.

Here we are, we reached the apartment. It is at the moment of paying that I understand that there is a misunderstanding … on the price to pay. 1500 frs! Now I want to leave, I say I’m surprised. I try to get out of this situation. The blonde is a kind of bimbo with breasts like melons; the old one seems to be one of those tough matrons that you never joke with… She goes to an adjacent room, apparently there are other people in the apartment and I had better find a solution quickly or things will get worse. The woman makes several threats, the bimbo claims I must deserve breasts like hers!

They realise that I have no money on me, never mind. We’ll go to the nearest cash machine to get the money. The two stay close to me, no point in trying to escape. The first ATM does not allow me to get the desired amount. Never mind there are other ATMs. There’s not much money on my account, the computer knows it and therefore it limits the withdrawal. But as so often in a short time interval, you can cheat by quickly going from one ATM to another one.

I am intimately led to another ATM, the two ladies are euphoric, I take much more money than needed. They finally got 2000 francs in no time at all. The old one tells me that I will not be disappointed and that now they will take good care of me. These two make me more afraid than they make me want to fuck them. The older one who commands the operation would scare a kid. The sexy one has an intellectual level comparable to a laundromat.

Back to the apartment, the bimbo makes a strip tease and in no time the old one equips me with a condom and starts oral sex. Finally the blonde stuck to my back does not do much. The old one, with a few comments on my virility, works greedily on my penis. I tell myself I’m going to come in her mouth as soon as possible so I can leave without asking for the rest. Curiously, for once I find that everything takes too long. Come on! Ejaculate and let’s not talk about it anymore. Fortunately everything comes to an end. They finally drive me back, without more problems I find my car. After this, I am determined not to fall again in such a trap. I’m broke. It’ll be very difficult to repair this financial blunder. I’ve the feeling I got fucked!

No longer able to pay my rent, feeling a catastrophe becomes inevitable I switch to Cathy. After considerable discussions by email, she eventually calls me. Soon after, she invited me over for my birthday. I saw her, I didn’t like her at all. But I would make an effort. Hey there! I started living at her place at the end of ’96. […] One day she proposed marriage, despite having always imagined that I didn’t want to stay with her for my whole life. I agreed, a bit because of curiosity, a lot because of weakness. […] On Sundays, she attended a cult’s sessions. I was masturbating in the garden! a little soap and water is always essential. It was not original, but it was cool!”

The above statements, together with all of the defamatory attacks that ‘Jean’ has made against us on the internet, paint a picture of a very disturbed and potentially violent individual who, being unable to accept responsibility for his part in his former partner’s decision to separate from him, chose to project the blame and vent his anger elsewhere. ‘Elsewhere’ in this case, just happened to be us.

Keep in mind that, while this was styled as a ‘confession’ by ‘Jean’, it was equally an attempt by him to ‘woo’ ‘Marie’. In this case, we have to wonder just how many other, more incriminating, details he held back in the interest of putting forward his best face.

‘Jean’s’ full ‘confession’ can be read here.

For those who find it difficult to understand how, after reading these details, any woman could have thought that hooking up with ‘Jean’ was a good idea, please read ‘Marie’s’ testimony where she explains why she ‘took the bait’.

As it stands today, we have received no assistance whatsoever in dealing with the very real crimes of ‘Jean’. Instead, we have been stonewalled at every turn, delayed, put off, lied to, and more. The worst thing about this situation is that a truly insane man is running around out there with access to two innocent children, and the French legal system has done nothing to protect them.


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