The COINTELPRO Files: Vincent Bridges and Co.

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This is the stack of files I have accumulated over the past 5 years relating to Vincent Bridges, many of his associates, and others involved in defaming us. Also pictured here are CDs which contain certified copies of websites, historical documents, etc. All of this material, except for the recent French Court Case (more about that in a minute), has been copied and shipped off to the FBI, the FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement), and the Florida Attorney General and the North Carolina Attorney General. We don’t expect any action from the US authorities because we are certain that Bridges is either paid to do what he does by them, or is assisted in some way by an “agent/handler” who is directly connected to said authorities.

This defamation suit was filed against an individual in France (not French, though) who was/is closely connected to Vincent Bridges. It was for email defamation. You see, in Franch, not only can you not defame anyone in public, you cannot even do it privately. Of course, that leads to the problem with winning a defamation suit in France: the very laws that make it possible to prosecute such an action with a minimum of money also make it impossible to publish the results. We can say nothing about matters that include the participation of an EU citizen, though we can publish matters pertaining to US citizens. Nevertheless, here is the last page of the court’s findings, with names effaced and certain circumstances that might be identifiable obscured.

Those who can read French will note that we were awareded a total of 3200 Euro – 1600.00 euro each to Ark and Laura Jadczyk, for a single email. The final amount was actually more than that because court costs were included and all the money we had to spend to have documents translated for the French Court was reimbursed.

I want to mention that many of the documents from the files shown in the previous image were translated and included in this action. I would also like to mention that, since Ark is an EU citizen living in France under French law, and I am the wife of an EU citizen living in France under French law, anyone from the US who violates French laws of slander and defamation who then enters France is subject to prosecution under French law. So, we are certainly working very hard to get all this information on file in the French courts for just such an eventuality.

The document on the top left is a legal bill we received from our attorney in Florida who handled the copyright issue back in 2002 when Vincent Bridges stole our material and attempted to put a former group member up to claiming ownership. A legal agreement was reached out of court. It cost us about a thousand dollars but during the process, we met some very interesting legal people who took quite an interest in the situation. The legal opinion of the four attorneys we dealt with (one of whom is quite well known in the region, but who I cannot name), was that this was a very typical situation in the U.S. where you can only get as much justice as you can pay for. Fortunately, the attorney who said this was a friend of a friend and wasn’t charging us anything. Because there was an out of court agreement, we cannot discuss any details in public. This certainly hampers our ability to defend ourselves against the many defamatory lies of Vincent Bridges and gang, but that’s just the way it is.

Here is a selection of documents that relate to our attempts to obtain justice via the “regular channels” on the internet. It seems that the servers that are used by COINTELPRO have created such barriers to getting slander and defamation removed that it is next to impossible without spending a lot of money for a lawsuit. Needless to say, this didn’t go anywhere and the evidence we provided was ignored. After sending reams of paperwork, we received no further communication and our repeated emails went unanswered. On the other side, by some mysterious magic, Bridges and gang have been able to compel our webhosts to deny us service on at least three occasions, based simply on their request. We suffer ongoing DOS attacks, and have ended up having to pay a much higher rate for webhosting just to stay online and cover the charges of dealing with this type of attack.

These are copies of court documents relating to a case that was filed and prosecuted by another individual against the same COINTELPRO gang. The individual won the case and an award of over $100 K for damages. Unfortunately, he has never been able to collect a dime since these COINTELPRO types are set up to not own anything of value that can be seized by a court. They just start a new company under a new name, or do the “midnight flit,” and show up somewhere else in a different disguise.

This is the file that contains the history of the “life” of Vincent Bridges. It includes hundreds of emails, several reports produced by Private Investigators, public records, (minimal, the guy never owned anything), photographs, and so on. On the cover is a diagram of connections that was made during a legal conference with an attorney who basically said: This guy has been “sheepdipped.” Either he was in a mental hospital all those years, or he was behind bars and the records are sealed.” Seeing where the connections pointed also discouraged us from any hope of making a lawsuit stick.

Three reports, each costing several hundred dollars, all leading nowhere. The guy almost doesn’t exist… Again, as an attorney told us, this can be evidence of “sheepdipping,” a CIA term that refers to providing an operative with a believable cover story. Someone who has been “sheepdipped” is a person who does not openly work for the CIA or other intelligence agencies, but who, based on the evidentiary record, appears to be doing the bidding of those agencies. Note that any activity by the CIA and its agents designed to influence domestic politics is clearly illegal and that is the ostensible reason that COINTELPRO exists: so that agents can “influence” the public as the intelligence agencies want them to be influenced, without any possibility of this influence being traced back to the CIA. Several experts involved in this investigation were completely astonished to see a person who had, essentially, lived 50 years in the US and had NEVER left a trace. At least none that we could find up to that point. We do, however, have a number of personal affidavits from people who knew Vincent Bridges since the late 80s. But nothing, absolutely NOTHING prior to that time.

On the left is the report on Vincent Bridges from the company that verifies academic credentials. As usual, Vincent Bridges “story” didn’t mesh with the facts. What is more, this avenue of investigation led to many more interesting things that I can’t discuss at present. (More on that further on.)

The tracks of this gang are faint, but they DO show up now and again with determined and creative investigating. At various times and for various reasons, Vincent Bridges and his pals, Storm Bear Williams, Ray Flowers, Jay Weidner, and others, have left tracks in the form of company filings etc. All of these have been collected here along with reams of additional data from various sources.

Many notes are jotted on the backs of documents that chart the course of the investigation. Here a note about the tax register’s office in the county where Vincent Bridges lives. It was here that we learned that Vincent Bridges not only did not own a legally registered publishing company, he also had never filed any required DBA papers in his local jurisdiction. Part of it has been concealed to protect the identity of our source as well as file information we obtained.

Testimony, Responses to Queries, etc. One testimony alleges that Vincent Bridges spent a good amount of time in a mental institution.

File 13

More of Vincent’s claims prove false.

file 14

Andy’s enthusiasm for the smearing of Vincent Bridges was a real liability. As it turned out, he eventually went over to the “dark side” because his drug and drinking problems interfered with his work. He now attacks us with exactly as much fiendish glee as he went after Bridges. He is COINTELPRO’s dream: someone who can be easily manipulated to do what they want and they don’t even have to pay him!

More testimony, more evidence of “sheep dipping.”

file 16

Another of Vincent Bridges endless lies exposed.

Testimony and emails, all leading to the conclusion that Vincent Bridges was, indeed, “sheepdipped.” Either that, or he is a psychopathic “Walter Mitty” drifting and grifting from one delusion to the next. Of course, there is no reason he can’t be both. With the psychological knowledge of a good handler, very sick people are often employed to do the dirty work. In this way, if they are effectively exposed, they can be left “out in the cold,” none the wiser for how they were used.

A hand-written death threat beside a book by Vincent Bridges with a sample of his handwriting proving that he wrote the death threat. Interestingly, it was mailed from New York with no return address at a time when mail that was sent with no return address on it was highly suspect and subject to being destroyed due to fears of Anthrax and terrorist mailings. Why this one slipped through, we can’t say, though we have an idea… Go HERE for transcription of the threat letter along with additional details.

file 19

Notarized statements, court exhibits, and PI documentation…

file 20

Finally, the FL ATTY General decided to take a look at the case. The letter says: “Since this is an on-going investigation, it is again requested that you do not contact [the parties being investigated], or their representatives and inform them about this inquiry. Any contact by you to these individuals or their representatives could have a serious impact on the outcome of the investigation.” Since this is a few years old and – if we are right about who and what is really behind Vincent Bridges and his gang of cyber thugs – then it was destined to go nowhere anyway. I have published it finally while blacking out the names of the individuals being investigated to “comply” with this request just in case. It is accompanied by instructions for what types of evidence they want, what to do and not do, and so on. One of these instructions is a strict injunction to not respond to anything said or written by the individuals under investigation. Just in case, we don’t.

file 21

A general spread of some of the material just to indicate the existence and quantity of it. Again, we cannot give details on a great deal of it.

file 22

Vincent Bridges driving record indicates a different birthday than the one that is on his school records and which he claims. A typo, or a clue?


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