The Bridges/Jadczyk Correspondence Part 8

From: Laura Knight-Jadczyk
To: Vincent & Darlene
Subject: Copper, Canaries, and Rennes-le-Chateau
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Date sent: Fri, 28 May 1999 19:45:11 -0400

From this book about the pyramids in Rock Lake, Wisconsin:

“Someone took an awful lot of raw copper from North America
a very long time ago. Who was responsible for this and
what they did with it represent an enigma of vast
proportions that investigators have been puzzling over for
more than a century, although most Americans are unaware of
the story.

“Beginning around 3,000 B.C. (That’s right, 5,000 years
ago!), in excess of 500,000 tons of copper were mined in
Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, with most activity taking place
at Isle Royale, an island in Lake Superior on the Canadian
border. [I am hearing Gordon Lightfoot in my head: ‘The
legend lives on from the Chippewa on down of the great lake
they call Gitchee Gumi…’] The mines abruptly and
inexplicably shut down in 1200 BC, reopening no less
mysteriously 2,300 years later. Until 1320 AD, some
additional 2,000 tons were removed, destination unknown.
As before, operations were suddenly suspended for no
apparent cause. Tools – mauls, picks, hammers, shovels and
levers – were left by their owners in place. Octave
Du’Temple, a foremost authority on early Michigan, asks,
‘Why did these miners leave their operations and implements
as though planning on taking up their labors the next day,
and yet mysteriously never returned.

“William P.F. Ferguson writes, ‘The work is of a colossal
nature, ‘ and ‘amounted to the turning over of the whole
formation to their depth and moving many cubic acres – it
would NOT be extravagant to say cubic MILES – of rock.’

The prehistoric mines were NOT crude holes in the ground,
but incredibly efficacious operations to extract staggering
masses of raw material as quickly as possible. An average
of 1,000 to 1,200 tons of ore were excavated per pit,
yielding about 100,000 pounds of copper each. To achieve
such prodigious yields, the miners employed simple
techniques that enabled them to work with speed and
efficiency. They created intense fires atop a copper
bearing vein, heated the rock to very high temperatures,
then doused it with water. The rock fractured and the
copper was extracted. Deep in the pits, a vinegar mixture
was used to speed spalling and reduce smoke.

“The ancient enterprise was a mind-boggling affair,
including about 5,000 mines mostly along the Keweenaw
Peninsula and the eastern end of Lake Superior above the
St. Mary’s river. On the northern shore, the diggings
extended 150 miles, varying in width from four to seven
miles… The pits ran in practically a contiguous line for
30 miles through the Rockland regions…

“Estimates of 10,000 men working the mines for 1,000 years
seem credible, as does the conclusion that they were not
slaves, because the miners carried away their dead. No
ancient graves nor evidence of cremations have been found
in the Upper Peninsula. Indeed, virtually all they left
behind were their tools, literally millions of them. As
far back as the 1840s, 10 wagonloads of stone hammers were
taken from a single location near Rockland. The mauls
appeared to be mass produced in various sizes and types to
serve different tasks.

“W.H. Holmes succinctly writes, ‘It is unlikely, however,
that any considerable amount of the shaping work was
conducted on the island. It seems to me more likely that
the pieces of metal obtained were carried away to distant
centers of population to be worked by skilled artisans and
we may justly assume that a considerable trade existed in
the raw material.’ Those ‘distant cneters of population
were Rock Lake and Aztalan, which were connected to the
Great Lakes mining areas by a belt of similar mounds. One
upper Peninsula temple-mound was 10 feet tall, 15 feet long
at the sides and virtually identical to Aztalna’s Pyramid
of the Moon. As we shall see, the ancient copper miners
and the inhabitants of Rock Lake-Aztalan were one and the
same people.

“America’s ancient copper mines represent the key to
unlocking Rock Lake’s deepest secrets. The grandiose
mining enterprise began suddenly around 3,000 BC and
terminated just as abruptly 1,800 years later.
“When prehistoric America’s copper mining ceased all at
once in 1200 BC, the Michigan pits were abandoned for the
next 21 centuries. They were suddenly opened in 900 AD, an
event that can only mean that, despite the virtual
abandoment of the Rock Lake area for thousands of years…
[somebody KNEW about it – and came back].
“Alliance with another mound building people at Spiro,
Oklahoma, near the Arkansas River, provided portage to
Mesoamerica Trade Centers.
“Roy Ward Drier writes, ‘That the copper from which tools,
scattered over such a vast area of country, were
manufactured, came from the ancient mines of Lake Superior,
does not admit of doubt. Although large and numerous
deposits of copper ore are scattered through Arizona, New
Mexico, Mexico and Central and South America, there is no
evidence that the aborigines had sufficient metallurgical
knowledge or skill to reduce the ores to refined copper.
The shores of Lake Superior have the only known workable
deposits of native copper in the world. The term virgin
copper is well used to denote its purity. In this latter
day, it outranks all others in the markets of the world.”
“Archaeological excavations in the 1930s at Aztalan
discovered the remains of a large rectangular building
containing an abundance of unworked copper, establishing
the site’s identity as a mining town.
“The original inhabitants of the Canary Islanders referred
to themselves as ‘Canari’ long before the Romans arrived.
The name appears to have had a similar meaning in both
Latin and the native speech, which was a mixed Indo-
European language with at least several Latin cognates.
“Previous to the 1st cnetury AD, the Atlantic group was
known throughout the Mediterranean World as the Blessed
Isles, the Fortunate Isles, the Hesperides, or the Isles of
the Blessed. [Arcadia???} Forgotten for all of classical
civilization, they were isolated from outside contact for
almost 1,000 years until their rediscovery by Portuguese
sailors in the 14th century. The Canari more commonly
referred to themselves as Guanches (men) a once civilized
race that had sloly degenerated over millennia of
interbreeding, while their level of society slid back,
quite literally, into the caves…
“Before their virtual elimination, some studies were made
genetically debased condition, they preserved traditions
from long gone ages of civilized greatness and still
gathered at the ruined stone monuments of their ancestors
for special events. Some of these cyclopean walls, called
tagora, survive as crumbling rectangular enclosures,
CIRCLES, and even pyramids.

“At Sant Cruz, captal of Tenerife, largest of the islands,
I was surprised to learn that regular, ancient contacts
between the Canaries and North America were generally
acknowledge by the academic community. Talk of possible
pre-Columbian visitors from Europe is tabu throughout
professional circles in the United States, but Tenerife’s
leading historical scholar, Professor Lopez Herrera, writes
‘One fact about wheich we may be certain is that there
existed a relation in ancient times betwen the people of
Canarian origin and the inhabitants of America.’
‘From Tenerife I took a ferry to Lanzarote, which is 125
miles closer to north Africa than any of the rest of the
seven islands. After docking at the capital port of
Arrecefe and checking into my hotel, I walked through the
ocean-front park, intent only on some casual sightseeing,
when I was thunderstruck to confront the very object that
thad been soudght in the depths of Rock Lake for more than
50 years: a 20 foot conical pyramid. It exactly matched
thes sunken structure seen in the lake in 1937.
“In all my travels throughout Europe and studies of
classical and preclassical societies, I had never found so
much as a reference to a conical stone pyramid such as this
one, and, as far as I knew, nothing of the kind existed
anywhere else except under the waters of Rock Lake,

Well, what do you all think of this?

And, this little book was just published in 1997…

So, we have some more to add to my little book about the
Canaries that Ark found in Bielefeld…

And we know that the “Virgin of Candelaria” which appeared
on the beach of Tenerife at a place called SOCORRO, about
the time of the writing of the Grail stories is

There is a mountain on the island called T’Jeda or “Mt.
Ida,” and we know that the “judgment of Paris” which was
the myth about the start of the Trojan war took place on a
“Mt. Ida” in “Arcadia.” In fact, ARC =mount,
A’DIA = IDA, or something like that…

And then, there are the “processions of angels” that the
Guanches claimed to have seen on the beach at night after
the arrival of the statue… and the lights… and the
reports of similar activities on Oak Island by the local

NOW, we have this funny stone circle being discovered in
South Florida… which may be a LOT older than anyone
thinks… but, they will probably ruin any chance of really
finding out what is going on there…

So, we are finding tracks of our guys and their possible
“alien co-horts” all over the planet.

Question is: what the heck did they do with all that
copper back then?

And, I notice one other funny thing… this “Rock Lake”
place with its neighboring Aztalan, are at the same line of
latitude as Rennes le Chateau…


From: Laura Knight-Jadczyk
To: Vincent & Darlene
Subject: Calendars, circles and zodiacs
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Date sent: Fri, 28 May 1999 19:48:53 -0400

Here’s a bit I wrote to the Ancient Widsom list:

Been noting the little notes about calendrical changes and
all that and there were some funny things about it I came
across some years back…

First was when I realized that a whole new sign had been
added to the zodiac, i.e. Libra.

Well, I was pretty curious about this and started comparing
zodiacs. In the process, I came across the archaic sign of
“arachnea,” or the Spider/Moon goddess represented by all
that ubiquitous ochre found everywhere, transformed later
into Ariadne of the “clue/thread” who was ditched by
Theseus after she saved his bun, but who later did much
better for herself with one of the archetypal “Christs,”

I wondered about this measurement business… Chatelain
talks about the “Ninevah Constant,” and all the
“Sitchenites” talk about the 3600 year cycle of the alleged
Nibiru/Annunaki Shuttle flight, and there are the long and
short counts of the Maya as well as the five “free days” of
the Egyptians.

Then, there was the Lunar astrology based on the 10 degree
“mansions of the Moon,” etc. etc.

One day I went to hear a lecture by a Vedic astrologer –
and this stuff is quite a bit different than what goes on
as astrology in the West. But, the interesting thing was
the numerological system that was connected to this. I
started thinking about it, and thinking about the nature of
numbers and measurement and all the “ciphers and codes”
that get bandied about all the time… you know, the
number 17 and 33 and all that, not to mention the 7 days of
“creation” and the week and the planetary and god
representaions of same.

Pythagoras, of course, (or what we know of the Pythagorean
system of teachings) believed that numbers were everything.

Back to the Vedic thing: seems that when one applies the
numerological system to reduce any given number to a single
digit, these numbers have a “character” that is like a
prism which colors whatever the number relates to. This
can be a birthday, a house address, license plates, and
just all sorts of numbers.

So, some friends and I played with this for a few months…
reducing numbers all over the place and trying to see if
there was any “connection.” Surprisingly, there was,
though it could be stronger or weaker depending on some
unknown factors.

Seems that, according to Veda, number 9 is not a very nice
number as I began to understand. In fact, in other
literature, it is not a very nice number. For example, it
was “at the ninth hour that Jesus cried aloud ‘it is
finished!'” and certain other traditions posit that 9/10ths
of the population will be decimated in some sort of “end-
time” event… other references, too numerous to mention.

BUT, this number nine is VERY strange. And, it is sort of
at the root of our whole plantary thing going on here… I
mean, if you reduce 360 you have nine. Same with any of
the cardinal points of the compass…

So, I started wondering WHY and HOW we got this 360 degree
circle. I questioned my husband who is something of an
expert on math and he finally admitted, after I questioned
him into a corner with “why, why, why???” that it was,
ultimately, purely arbitrary.

So, moving back to astrology, I started wondering just how
and why the zodiac was tampered with… I mean, Scorpio’s
pincers were stolen in order to create Libra’s as “blind”
justice. I thought this was just a bit strange since
“skopos” is related to “seeing” and “piercing the veil”
which is the object of the study of the Osirian mysteries.

Then, I wondered why September (which means 7) is actually
our 9th month, and December which means 10 is our
twelfth… October… etc.

Of course, I KNOW the standard explanations for these
things, but it is sort of like trying to find the origin of
the quotation by Hancock from the Egyptian book of the Dead
about the sore heads… when you start tracking the
sources, nothing makes sense and the buck just sort of
vanishes instead of finding a place to stop.

Well, of course we had the addition of August… and we had
good old St. Augustine who instituted the Christian church
whitewash and who replaced St. Anthony on January 17…

And we had a funny ufo crash on the Plains of San Augustin
(not in Roswell, actually) And we have these funny Hakluyt
guys publishing books by friars who, one invariably finds,
have there roots in the Augustinian order…

And then we have a lot of funny other stuff going on in the
month of August relating to the number nine… when you
start databasing this weird stuff, you find that August
REALLY stands out… and it is the time of the Perseid
Meteor shower, and of course I have already mentioned the
puculiar stuff about Perseus and the head of the Gorgon
related to anti-gravity and blood and megaliths and all

Well, finally, I got the the point of being totally
disgusted with the calendrical system and felt somewhat
certain (and a certain somewhat famous mathematician who is
an expert in Prime Numbers agrees with me and we have
discussed it at some length) that the impostion of the 360
degree circle and the division of the year as it is may, in
fact, be a negative thing in “Frequency Resonance
Vibrational” terms.

I wondered if I could do better.

So, since this 33 is such a hot number with all these
“secret society” folks, but 9 is what the rest of us have
to suffer with… I decided to divide my circle and
calendar by 11. I created a 330 degree circle, and an 11
house zodiac…. an 11 month year with 33 days each and two
“solsticial days” one in winter and one in summer… and
this 11, 33, and 2 system is so beautiful and elegant that
I was amazed.

I converted the astrological systems… gave Scorpio back
his pincers…. ditched Libra altogether…. started the
year with the winter solstice, counted around 33 days until
the “jump day” of the Midsummer solstice… and just in
general had a good time playing with this system…

I remeasured the globe and converted the 360 degree
measurements to 330 degrees with the “zero meridian”
passing through “Ponte Perce” in Switzerland which would
be, if all the continents were shoved back together, the
geographic center of the land mass in the norther
hemisphere… and found some VERY interesting
correspondences in terms of “coded information” in
relation to some “secret society funny business down
through the centuries as well as locations of megalithic
structures and other things of general and universal

So, as a result of this exercise in how things MAY have
been done at some period in the past, I think that this is
the ideal calendar. It works out to be so charming and
efficient… and I am somewhat inclined to think that it is
how things really are IF numbers are what some scientists
THINK they are and do what they think they do.

So, that’s my 1/2 cent worth!


From: Laura Knight-Jadczyk
To: Vincent & Darlene
Subject: Mary Magdalene
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Date sent: Fri, 28 May 1999 19:53:02 -0400

Another post to Ancient Wisdom:

Hi all,
I received an interesting e-mail this morning from one of
my husband’s colleagues (and co-author with him of a book
on Riemannian Geometry). Some time ago I had asked him to
look into this “Rennes-le-Chateau business” since he is
French and a resident of Marseille which is not too far
away, and I had certain questions that were not being
answered in the many books about it… and I suspect that
certain answers may not have been forthcoming because most
of the people asking the questions are NOT French natives.

Anyway, he sent me this:

“The only thing that I can say about Mary Magdalene is something that is widely known in the area : She disembarked on the french coast, in the
place called “Les Saintes Maries de la mer” in Camargues, with the two other “Mary”s (you knwow that one other Mary became most revered among gypsies and that there is a pilgrimage in Les Saintes Maries de la mer, 200 km from Marseille, every year. As for Mary Magdalene, she decided to
bring the “holy words” to Provence and to evangelize this part of the country. She did the job together with her boyfriend,
Maximin, who later became Saint Maximin. Both of them were living in Saint Maximin but one day she decided that it was time for her to go to the mountain (a big name for this hill!) and to withdraw. So she left the village and went to a cave in La Montagne de la Sainte Baume (called later that way because “Baume” means “cave” in old provencal). There she spent the rest of her
life. Her remnants were brought to the village after her death and kept. Actually, the same thing happened to (what was left of ) her friend
Maximin, who gave his name to the village. So they were together again in the death. Saint Louis, about nine centuries later decided to build a basilica and a monastery, in place of the existing small church, to install the crypt where the bones were kept (essentially a skull, mounted in a golden frame). At one point, several centuries late, because of revolutionay troubles, the skull of Mary Magdelene was removed, to protect it and hidden. It was brought back to the basilica when the atmosphere became satisfactory. It is still there, in the crypt. Every year there are
special fair in the village, at the beginning of called the “Fetes de Marie Madeleine”, which is an occasion for much dancing and drinking. The cave itself is empty and of course still there, it is a nice walk to go there and school boys and girl go there, just for the hike. That is all I can say about it.”

Now, the curious thing here is the mention of the
“boyfriend” Maximin.

Does anyone remember this being mentioned in any of the
books about R-L-C???


From: Laura Knight-Jadczyk
To: Vincent & Darlene
Subject: Sunken City… Megaliths and the “Big Payoff.”
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Date sent: Fri, 28 May 1999 19:57:42 -0400

Another post to Ancient Widsom:

Has anyone on the list read the book by a fellow named
Frank Joseph about a sunken city in a lake in Wisconsin? I
got these two books, and though they are rather detailed in
telling about the doings involved in checking out this
site, they are rather sparse on information about the site
itself. This is not really the fault of the author.. he
was working with difficult situations – but it DID leave me
wanting to know more about this than is available.

I’ve been tracking those “bearded white guys” all over the
planet, and they always seem to be a few steps ahead of me.

And, it was funny (in synchronistic terms) that I was
reading these books by Joseph at exactly the time that the
stone circle down in Miami was found and I think that this
Joseph guy has some interesting points to make.

One of the things that seems to be almost ubiquitous with
these “ancient groups” and their circles and mighty stone
works and “temples” and all that seems to be the fact that
they all just “dissapear” with alarming regularity. How
many times have you read: “What happened to _______ is
unknown. The site was abandoned _________and there is no
real explanation as to what happened or where they went.”
(Fill in the blanks with your choice of groups and times.)

Then, they usually go around their elbows to get to their
thumb in explaining all sorts of possible scenarios…
plague, war, climate, whatever.

But, the single fact remains: those guys dealing with big
piles of rocks or megalithic structures have a habit of

So, Frank Joseph writes this, which I thought was

“What, then, was responsible for all the loosely connected
ceremonial centers scattered from Wisconsin to Georgia [to
Mexico, etc] winding down at the same time? The answer is
simple and comprehensively correct: a calendar. One of the
major elements in common among the various walled
ceremonial centers was their concurrent function as
astronomical observatories. […] Above all they
worshipped time. They may have felt oppressed by it, or
perhaps they strove to live in harmony with its cycles. In
either case, their obvious attention to the movements of
the heavens clearly defines an obsession with the regular
passage of cycles in nature. Here, too, the mound builders
compare closely with Tenochitlan’s own priest-kings, the
Tlatoan, who were likewise selfconscious of time, which
they envisioned as the figure of a ferocious sun god. In
fact, the chief deity of the Aztecs, the solar
Huitzlipochtli, was jointly known as ‘the Eagle with Arrows
of Fire, the Lord of Time.’

“The people of Aztalan [the name of the Wisconsin
ceremonial center as handed down orally by the local Native
Americans] left their ceremonial enclosure, as did the
inhabitants of the rest of the walled settlements
throughout the Mississippi valley, because their sacred
calendar ordered them to do so. Separated by great
distances as they were, their alignment posts of sundial
pyramids all told their observers the same thing at the
same moment: it was time to go.”

Well, this struck me and made me think about something I
had once thought before about the builders of the

And let me insert this: I was trained and certified as a
hypnotherapist back in 1974 and have worked with the “mind”
for many years… lots of background and “continuing
education” in psychology; not a psychiatrist or
psychologist, but I have been successful in cases that the
neither could make a dent in, so I have a clue about what I
am doing. So, I always look at things and try to “get
inside the mind” of the parties involved even if all I have
to look at is material evidence (yes, I have profiled
killers for law enforcement on a local, small-time basis
and I don’t like to do it as it gives me the heebie jeebies
and can even make me ill)

So, the thing is: I look at all these stones and I ask
“why” in the simplest of terms. I pretend that I have no
data except what I see and I try to “turn off the sound” of
what others have said or are saying and get “inside the
head” of the builders.

Just looking at them this way we see a phenomenon that is
inconceivable by modern standards. Europe is literally
BLANKETED by dolmens, cromlech, menhirs etc… AND we are
regulary finding them all over the planet… with

Now, I am not trying to get into any kind of Atlantis or
past civilization or alien tech thing… I just want to
answer one simple and naive question: WHY? What’s the

Well, one thing that has always struck me is this: Sumeria
is called the cradle of civilization because the Sumerians
were there “firstest with the mostest” in the terms that
our present civilization uses to establish the criteria for
being “civilized”: i.e. they had writing, the wheel,
cities and agriculture.

So, as a result, the Stone Movers are either considered to
be barbarians rolling rocks on greased logs, or efforts are
made to ascribe the stones to this or that group that DID
have some of these evidences of being “civilized.”

BUT! What if the Stone Movers did not NEED any of that and
the whole raison for the Stone Moving was because the

There has been some research regarding “recordings” in
stones of buildings… of energy fields and all that.
Certain stones produce electricity under the right
conditions… and if the stones were used to amplify mental
energies… well, they would power not only transport
(eliminating the need for the wheel), communication
(eliminating the need for writing), and perhaps could even
“manifest” anything that was needed in terms of food and
other goods (thereby eliminating the need for cities and

And, ya gotta admit, there IS the alchemical lore about the
“philosopher’s stone,” (though I am not so naive as to
think that this is the whole cheese in that regard, but it
does make you think a bit…).

And it is not entirely out of the question that IF such was
the case, that these stones could have just simply
“translated” the Stone Movers into another dimension at
some point when astronomical alignments were right… you
know, the “Big Payoff” of “going home,” so to speak.

And maybe all their careful record keeping in such funny
ways (the 19 yr moon cycle, for example) had to do with the
moments in space/time when certain activities were most
easily accomplished?

Maybe they weren’t a bunch of silly, superstitious folks
hauling stones around and sweating like crazy just to dance
around in the moonlight and discover when to plant the

And maybe this is what happened to the Templars?

Anyway, it’s just a thought.


From: Laura Knight-Jadczyk
To: Vincent & Darlene
Subject: The Third Man Theme
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Date sent: Tue, 8 Jun 1999 14:49:25 -0400

I suppose you think I am another of the lunatics… either that,
or you have “morphed” into another dimension.

Anyway, thought you would find the following “development” interesting.
It is a message to my “internet play group” which consists, at present, of
seven people besides myself.


From: Laura Knight-Jadczyk
To: @LIST6791.PML
Subject: The Third Man Theme
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Date sent: Tue, 8 Jun 1999 14:36:03 -0400

Hi Gang,
You may recall the following passage from the transcripts.
It has been something of a puzzle to me, and during this sabbatical I have been really working on solving some of the puzzles presented.

Q: In a previous
session I asked a question about the ‘sons of Belial’ and
the ‘sons of the law of One,’ as explicated by Edgar
Cayce, and whether these were philosophcial or racial
divisions. You said that they were initially racial, and
then philosophical and religious. Now, from putting the
information about religions together throughout the
centuries, I am coming to a rather difficult realization
that the whole monothiestic idea, which is obviously the
basic concept of the ‘sons of the law of One,’ is the most
clever and devious and cunning means of control I have
ever encountered in my life. No matter where it comes
from, the religionists say “we have the ONE god, WE are
his agents, you pay us your money, and we’ll tell him to
be nice to you in the next world!”
A: Clever if one is deceived. Silly truffle if one is not.
Q: Well, I know! But the consequences of uncovering this deception,
this lie that the ‘power of salvation’ is ‘out there’ is unbelievable. So, the Kantekkians were the ‘Sons of Belial,’ which is not the
negative thing that I interpreted it as at the time. And,
the ‘Sons of the Law of One,’ was the initial perversionthat
morphed into the monotheistic Judaism, which then was then
transformed into the Christian religious mythos, and has been an ongoing
theme since Atlantean times.
A: Woven of those who portray the lights.
Q: And that is always the way it has been. They appear as
‘angels of light.’ And, essentially, everything in
history has been rewritten by this group.
A: Under the influence of others. And whom do you suppose?
Q: Well, the Orion STS.
A: Sending pillars of light and chariots of fire to deliver
the message.
Q: Well, I found some connections between some tombs in Rome,
Nicolas Poussin, and some tombs in England, the
processions of ‘angels’ on the Canary Islands. The
connection seems to be these funny types of lights, or Candles,
with ‘peculiar wicks,’ as they are described, which are often called
‘eternal flames.’ I am wondering if this is what you
meant at least partly when you said “look for the frequency of light?”
A: “Eternal flame” adorns the tomb of JFK. Connection?
Q: Yes. Going in another direction, I also found the Solloi priesthood and the
priestesses called Peleiades. They seem to be involved
with urns, birds, tinkling bells, urns that can be struck
and which then set up a particular resonance in other
urns, oak trees, and some other peculiar references that
relate to laurel trees…
A: Siren song.
Q: What about the siren song?
A: Greek mythology.
Q: I know that. What about it? What do the sirens
A: Laura, my dear, if you really want to reveal “many
beautiful and amazing things,” all you need to do is
remember the triad, the trilogy, the trinity, and look
always for the triplicative connecting clue profile.
Connect the threes… do not rest until you have found
three beautifully balancing meanings!!
Q: So, in everything there are three aspects?
A: And why? Because it is the realm of the three that you
occupy. In order to possess the keys to the next level,
just master the Third Man Theme, then move on with grace
and anticipation.

So, just the other day, I found myself thinking about “reality” and how in the world to figure things out, and a story I had read years ago in a book entitled Venture Inward, by Hugh Lynn Cayce popped into my head. The implications of it struck me as particularly relevant.

At that moment, Ark walked into the room and asked me what I was thinking about, so I told him the story. He was struck by it also and we discussed it off and on all day.

Anyway, here is the story:
Hugh Cayce wrote about some experiments he did in hypnosis during his off hours of boredom in the Army or some branch of the service. One experiment went like this: the subject was told that when he was awakened that he would be unable to see a third man in the room who would have become invisible. All the “proper” suggestions to make this “true” were given, such as “you do NOT see so- and-so” etc… varying formats. When the subject was awakened, lo and behold! the suggestions did NOT work. Why? Because they went against his belief system. He did NOT believe that a person could become invisible.

So, another tactic was tried. The subject was hypnotized again and was told that the third person was leaving the room… that he had been called away on urgent business, and the scene of him getting on his coat and hat was described… the door was opened and shut to provide “sound effects,” and then the subject was brought out of the trance. Guess what happened? He was UNABLE TO SEE the Third Man. Why? Because his belief system was “activated” in a manner that was “acceptable” to his “ego survival” instincts. The survival of the ego is established pretty early in life by our parental and societal programming.

The Third Man went about the room picking things up and setting them down and doing all sorts of things to test the subject, and the subject became utterly hysterical at this “anomalous” activity! He could see objects moving through the air, doors opening and closing, but he could NOT see the SOURCE because he did not believe that there was another man in the room.
The thing that struck me as I was writing this down was my constant reference to the “Third Man.” It just seemed the easiest way to tell the story, but I DID remember the remark made by the C’s and wondered if this was part of the solution to the “Third Man Theme?”

So, what are the implications to this factor of human consciousness? (By the way, this is also the reason why most therapy to stop bad habits does not work – they attempt to operate against a “belief system” that is imprinted in the subconscious that this or that habit is essential to survival).

One of the first things that we talked about was the idea that everyone has a different set of beliefs and that these beliefs determine how much of the OBJECTIVE reality one is able to access.

In the analogy, the objective reality IS WHAT IT IS, only there is a big thing that is inaccessable to the “subject” due to his programming according to his beliefs.

Now, suppose that there were ten subjects, and each one was given a different set of suggestions. Suppose that one of them was told that a chicken had been brought into the room and some chicken sounds were produced and the chicken was described in detail and other things were said or done to reinforce his belief system that the “Third Man” was a chicken.

Then, subject number two received the suggestions that some sort of scientific study had revealed that when a person bent to tie their shoes after rubbing their nose, and then stood up and put their hands in their pocket, they were then going to go mad and begin killing people and must be tackled and restrained at the second act of this three act sequence. What would happen?

Then, subject number three is told that a certain series of actions indicates that the “Third Man” is an angel and the touch of his hand will heal any illness instantaneously.

The fourth subject is told that the “Third Man” has left and someone altogether different has entered the room.

And so on.

Each one of these subjects will perceive the Third Man according to their programming which activates or is activated by their belief system. And, only the hypnotist and his co-horts will know the “objective” reality. Of course, they, themselves, could be programmed from a “higher source” to think that they are the masterminds of this activity etc.

As we continued to discuss it, we realized that there is a possible HUGE gap between what we perceive as real and the actual objective reality… and no matter how we try to be objective, we can never be sure. The only thing that seems to offer a way out is to simply observe the phenomena and compare the perceptions with a lot of other folks and try to narrow down the “constant” that is present in all of them. In this way, we can have a closer idea of what the Third Man REALLY is, and what he is REALLY doing, and what then, should be our best response.

But this is difficult to do. Everyone’s belief system is intimately tied to their emotions. Fight or flight. The one who has been told that the Third Man is going to go bonkers and start killing people BELIEVES that the sequence of actions denote this impending fate and seeing the nose being touched followed by the shoes being tied triggers the body to produce different hormones which cloud thinking and activate the body to action.

The one who has been programmed to believe that the Third Man is an angel and can heal, will be so emotionally bound up in this that he will fall on his feet in adoration and will actually be HEALED if he touches the Third Man. And this will then reinforce his belief that the Third Man is an angel! But then, if the Third Man takes a notion to punch him in the nose, he will go to any extreme to accomodate this action as part of the belief system!

The one who believes that the Third Man is a chicken will only see a chicken and hear a chicken and will think that all the others have gone stark raving mad by seeing an angel, a homicidal maniac, one of two different people, or seeing no one at all and only seeing anomalies that cannot be explained.

The bottom line is: when someone says that “focusing on this or that makes them happen,” is generally incorrect (and is also a guilt inducing trap). What makes things happen is a deeply programmed belief system that is intimately tied to survival. A small child is programmed about what to believe. Small children regularly see “strange things” such as spirits or fairies or other “energies,” but they soon learn to NOT believe in such things because the parent instructs them that such things are impossible or “not real” or nonsense, or foolish or whatever. And, of all things, the child perceives the approval of the parent as essential to survival. The same rule applies to religion. We are programmed to “believe” in this or that religion by beliefs tied to survival instincts based on our early programming as a child.

A person can focus all day long on any subject under the sun – listen to various “suggestions” and “programming” and use affirmations… and NOTHING will happen if it goes against the fundamental “belief system” that is imprinted in symbols of survival in the subconscious. There may be temporary respite due to acts of “will,” but inevitably, the suggestions will be “extincted” by the belief system.

Then, one is in the position of the poor subject of Hugh Cayce’s experiment… all sorts of anomalous things will be going on around one… observable in classical and quantum terms… but the objective raison d’etre will be unavailable for contemplation. One will be UNABLE TO SEE the “Third Man,” and will then be subject to the whims and inclinations of said “personage,” whoever or whatever he REALLY IS!

SEEING is piercing the veil – illuminating all around one by removing the “basket” and letting one’s light shine with true love of ALL that exists as well as being as completely open to all possibilities as one can manage. And, of course, unconditional love is exactly that – without condition. If you can love all the faces and manifestations of God then you are truly free to CHOOSE which face you wish be be “like.” (Assimilate.)

And to see that God is, exactly like all nature around us, a diversity from the instant of creation, is to see what is actually there. And to be able to SEE, is to be able to navigate.

We notice that, for the most part, our lives do not proceed in a smooth, linear fashion and that there are times of immense emotional turmoil. Perhaps this is a function of observing the effects of the “Third Man,” but not seeing the man?

We go through periods of great hand-wringing and angst and long dark nights of the soul. We develop new philosophies for comprehending what we experience, but often still end up articulating the same old stories of love and love lost.

Perhaps we just have not changed our belief systems to admit the presence of the “Third Man?” After which event, it seems that the universe “branches” again according to our choice after understanding clearly that there are endless possibilities.

The C’s have said: All there is is lessons. The universe is an infinite school. All matter learns that it is only an illusion. It is FUN to discover and access more and more of it.

A recent correspondent wrote to me the following:

> I agree that evil arises because there are aspects of ourselves that we
> wish, subconsciously, to disown. Or, more accurately, I would agree that
> this can be a useful analogy. The concept of “projection” is of course
> well established in modern psychology. But I don’t think the “route out”
> of these problems is necessarily through their articulation in this
> manner, though of course this will vary from person to person.

The problem becomes much larger in terms of “projection.” Mankind tends to “project” fully half of all creation onto or into the terms of “evil” as a “fallen angel,” or a “mistake” or a “rebellion” or whatever. What if it is just our perception of the “actions” of the “Third Man” that we do not understand in objective terms?

I want to be clear that I am NOT an advocate of this thing we have agreed to term “evil” in all its ways and permutations. What I am trying to convey is that it exists and there is a lot of evidence of varying sorts from classical to quantum physics as well as psychology, sociology, history and so on and so on. To examine all the evidence is to see the antics of a “Third Man” of sorts. But to continue to live under the hypnosis that he is NOT THERE, or that he is a chicken, or an angel, or any of a variety of personages, or is “self created by thought” is simply unsupported by fact. I much prefer to acknowledge an objective reality to this energy and it’s necessity of existence in the realm of creation, though I don’t have to get personal about it and bring my reality into convergence with his… in fact, I will move as far away from him as I can get! But, I can only CHOOSE to do this, if I can SEE him!

The above mentioned correspondent wrote:

> I think creative energy, like all forms of articulation, is simply a means
> by which we can rid our own selves of evil.

And what I am trying to say is that, by acceptance of its existence ontologically, we are then FREE TO SEE AND CHOOSE. Otherwise, we often choose things we think, because of our hypnosis, are good and are, in fact, NOT. And I am using the term “good” here just as a perspective. To a person of the “anti-universe,” good is something altogether different.

He further wrote:

>In other words, talking about
> evil is pointless unless it’s part of the removal process.

That’s the point. IMHO, you cannot choose if you do not know. And…

Then he said:

>People are not
> here to explore the world, they are here to heal themselves.

And I disagree. If you believe you need to be healed, then the core belief is that there is illness and you are stuck in your programming. Further, this is a nonsensical statement because the writer is talking out of both sides of his mouth at once. He assumes that there is necessity for healing, but assumes no responsibility for discovering the means!

IMHO, you cannot know if you do not explore and examine…

Of course, changing one’s belief system is allegorized in many ancient teachings as the “removal of the heart” and its adjustment and replacing… or finding the heart or activating it or removing a shell from it and so on and so forth. All this has been interpreted to mean that “love is the answer.” In a sense, this might be true – but the core teaching is that about “belief” because belief is tied to the emotions, the heart and it is the beliefs that change our reality, not our thoughts. We are free to think about and learn about anything we choose… and, sometimes, when we learn enough, deeply enough, this can result in a change of belief.

But, this can be most difficult, and it can tear the heart right out of a person – as it did me – but then, one becomes truly the hollow reed upon which the Universe can play…

I recently came across this little story:

“There was nothing but silence, a cosmic void. The sleeping God rested in a peaceful, potential state. In the beginning of time, the sleeping God awoke. The God’s awakening impregnated the Goddess (the infinite potential in which He slept) and their co-habitation set in motion a new cycle of time. Soon, a contraction occurred upon the surface of the cosmic sea. Waves churned and the matrix of the infinite ocean began to coalesce and congeal into a distinct form. The primal serpent, the beast which had existed in a potential state during the Pralaya, suddenly reared its head and rose up out of the deep. Formed out of the union of the God and Goddess, the Primal Serpent was an androgenous offspring, both a daughter and a son. Its timeless symbol is the androgynous cross. Since the androgynous Primal Serpent (matter) condensed out of the infinite potential (female) via the activation of the awakening, (male) as the first contraction, it was the first form of God and the VEHICLE of the deity’s wisdom and power.” And, it was the “Third Man.” (From the Hindu Puranas)

I later asked a follow up question about the “Third Man Theme.”

Q: Okay, I get the connection. In the studies of the Triple
Goddess, I came across some interesting things. You
suggested that I should research the Third Man Theme. I
have discovered that the origin of the word ‘man’ meant a
female – the goddess. The oldest word for the male of the
species was ‘wer’ as in ‘werewolf.’ So, the Third Man
Theme could mean actually, the Triple Goddess. Am I
A: Close, if viewed through “sheets of rain.”
Q: Okay. Tracking the Triple Goddess back to the oldest
references, we get to KaliMa. There are all kinds of
derivations of this name, but the thing that strikes me is
the relationship to the goddess Kell, or Kella, as well as
to the word kell, Celts, and how this might be transformed
into the word ‘Cassiopaea.’ Can you comment on this?
A: Do not the Celts like “kelly” green?!?
Q: Yes. So. What does ‘green’ have to do with it?
A: Keep searching… learning is accomplished thusly, and
learning is fun!

And then there was this:

Q: Okay, I dreamed that I was in this castle type place with
many rooms and many people. In one of these rooms, a sort
of main room, there was a ‘Head of the Family.’ I
understood that all the people present were ‘members of
the family’ with greater or lesser connection to the head.
This person was in a large chair and all these people were
there and all this activity was taking place, and it was
going on around him, but he was not paying too much
attention to anything. I couldn’t tell if he was bored,
or sick. There seemed to be some sort of plots and sub-
plots being whispered all around, and I became aware of a
plot to kill this ‘Head of the Family.’ I was horrified
and I made a decision that, no matter what, I had to go to
him and tell him this and offer my help. When I did, it
was almost like it gave him new life. He perked up and
became more interested in all his surroundings because of
this information I gave him. He invited us to go to a
private room to have a meal together. The funny thing
about this guy was that he kept alternating between being
black and white. One minute he was a pure Aryan type, and
the next he looked like an Egyptian. One thing that was
outstanding was the clarity of his skin whether black or
white. So, we went to this room, a small, intimate room
with a pair of windows, and two little twin children,
seemed to be girls, came with us. I was aware that they
were his children. They too alternated between being
black and white. We sat at the table and there were
simple plates and simple food. I was surprised that it
was so simple and plain and I wondered about it and asked
a question. I was told that pomp and circumstance was
only for the impression on those who do not know anything,
but that it is the responsibility of the ‘Members of the
Blood’ to be careful in what they eat and their personal
habits. We ate and then I was told that I would be
escorted back to our vehicle because I must return for the
time being to prepare myself for some task. It was also
said that because of my decision to do ‘what was right’
that I had demonstrated that I was the ‘chosen’ one who
would become the ‘heir’ in some way. Now, our vehicle had
been left at the end of a road… a road that we had
traveled and had then run out and we had been ‘taken’ to
this castle by some miraculous means so that we had to be
taken back to our vehicle. We were warned that there
would be dangers in returning. There was some sense of
danger in our travels back home, but we made it and then
there was the sense of waiting for some sign that would
come in the future. The rest was unclear and I woke up.
What can you tell me about this dream?
A: Near death experience indicates resolve.
Q: Whose resolve?
A: Try to interpret laterally.
Q: What does ‘laterally’ mean?
A: Patience charts course, not pressure.
Q: Another funny thing is that, a few days later we bought
this book about the Holy Grail and it talks about dreams
of people switching between being black and white, and
about birds that represent this concept such as the
magpie, the balance between good and evil and so forth.
A: Theme presents itself in balanced cycle. Search for grey
middle ground when tempted to choose either black or

And then finally:

Q: I once asked about the Third Man Theme and that perhaps you meant that the imagery was that of the Triple Goddess after which you brought up the Isle of Man… and you said ‘if viewed through sheets of rain.’ So, in this book that I am reading, it talks about the fact that the Celts of Gaul worshipped the Rain as the manifestation of the Goddess, and the Celts of Scotland worshipped the Sun… the male God. Does this relate in any way to this remark you made about sheets of rain?
A: In an offhand way.
Q: Anything further you can tell me in terms of a clue about ‘sheets of rain?’

A: Not for now, when you get there, you will find the chalice.
Q: Where and WHAT chalice?
A: Wait and see!

So, as you can see, I am still stuck. So many pieces to put together. What is this “sheets of rain” business? Anybody have any ideas?


Date sent: Tue, 8 Jun 1999 17:32:56 -0500
From: Vincent & Darlene
Subject: Re: The Third Man Theme

Dear Laura,

Sorry about leaving you hanging, but I’ve been overwhelmed with work, from
all directions. The book, volume I, has a three week deadline for the
printer as we speak. Yow! There’s also my clients, work like editing
other’s books and so on. I’ve been avoiding diving into your material
because the last time I did it ate up a whole week. Haven’t got that to
spare now, so it must wait. But I do have alot to tell you.

I don’t know if I told you that in “real” life I’m a therapist working with
severe childhood trauma, sexual abuse, etc. Takes up a lot of my time.

But, the Third Man theme is very interesting. The movie was produced by
Hugh PERCEVAL, and the tune itself is a gypsy caracola, not sure I spelled
that right, that circles endlessly around a three chord progression. I
understand your comments about belief systems, I struggle with this every
day with my clients. It is the hardest thing in the world to get someone
who has been severely traumatized to change that victim belief, no shit!

Anyway, just wanted to let you know I’m still here and thinking of you.
Send me whatever, I’ll read it. But I might not respond to anything for a
month or so. Sorry.

From: Laura Knight-Jadczyk
To: Vincent & Darlene
Subject: Re: The Third Man Theme
Send reply to:
Date sent: Wed, 9 Jun 1999 12:57:42 -0400

On 8 Jun 99, at 17:32, Vincent & Darlene wrote:

> Sorry about leaving you hanging, but I’ve been overwhelmed with work, from
> all directions.

I can REALLY understand… Ark got a message yesterday with the line in the
subject field: “WHY WON’T YOU ANSWER ME?!” from some guy who wrote a paper he
sent to Ark and expected an instant critique. Meanwhile, Ark has three
projects going on that pay the bills, including one with an end of June
deadline because it is supposed to go up in a satellite launch. Talk about

He took pity on the guy and replied: ” Busy. Later.”

>The book, volume I, has a three week deadline for the
> printer as we speak. Yow!

Say that again! I remember doing a magazine and having a print deadline. I
spent so many hours in front of the computer that my eyes became so inflamed,
they actually began to ooze nasty fluids and the doctor was aghast!

> There’s also my clients, work like editing
> other’s books and so on.

As I mentioned, I am on a “sabbatical” and working to get some balance with all
the material and writing some of my experiences down so that I won’t let it go
until I forget it all… some of which will go into web pages.

>I’ve been avoiding diving into your material
> because the last time I did it ate up a whole week. Haven’t got that to
> spare now, so it must wait. But I do have alot to tell you.

“To everything there is a season….”

> I don’t know if I told you that in “real” life I’m a therapist working
> with severe childhood trauma, sexual abuse, etc. Takes up a lot of my
> time.

I was too for years. CHT since 1974 and also did some time as a State Social
Worker. I quit the hypnosis work three years ago. Long story, but
essentially, a fairly standard “abuse case” turned out to be more like the
movie “The Exorcist.” Threw me into a black hole that took six months to get
out. I decided that what I was doing with the channeling might be making me a
“target” and that the therapy work was an ideal “portal” for some rather nasty
attack from other “levels.”

> But, the Third Man theme is very interesting. The movie was produced by

I nearly dropped my teeth on THAT! When the info came in the session, I DID
try to get the story to see if any of it applied and there seemed to be an
“iffy” application according to the condensed plot line I read. But that is as
far as I went with it.

>and the tune itself is a gypsy caracola, not sure I spelled
> that right, that circles endlessly around a three chord progression.

That’s funny, too. Wonder if the music is a key? We have been looking at
music that is composed from DNA codes and Ark is going to get the program that
converts the DNA code to musical score… so we can play with it.

> understand your comments about belief systems, I struggle with this every
> day with my clients. It is the hardest thing in the world to get someone
> who has been severely traumatized to change that victim belief, no shit!
Yeah. I got pretty creative about it with hypnosis, though. I had one guy who
was supposed to be an “expert” sit in on one of my sessions once, and even with
his HUGE male ego, he acknowledged that I was one of the best he had ever
seen… but he didn’t really understand at what cost. I actually “go in” with
the subject. And I developed some pretty tricky things like “hypnosis WITHIN
the hypnosis” and some guided fantasy things that could tell me a lot about
what was going on without the subject having a clue that they were revealing so

Don’t know if you are familiar with William Baldwin and his SRT (Spirit
Releasement Therapy) but I came across during my many forays into “continuing
education” and so forth. I was VERY doubtful of his claims in the beginning,
but I decided to try some of the “differential diagnosis” techniques – figuring
it couldn’t hurt – and I did it without “contaminating” my subjects to be sure
that I could really have an accurate sampling. Lo and behold! Egads! The guy
is pretty much on the money! Just about any and every trauma imaginable can
make a “doorway” in the psyche for some sort of aberrant energy to “attach”
like a remora to a shark. Some of them are just like “energy cysts” or really
stupid “elementals,” and others are, seemingly, actual “dead dudes” who are
wandering around with nothing better to do but glom onto whoever passes by with
an “opening.” And then… there are the TRULY demonic… didn’t see many of
them… but after I did… didn’t want to mess with any more of them!

> Anyway, just wanted to let you know I’m still here and thinking of you.
> Send me whatever, I’ll read it. But I might not respond to anything for a
> month or so. Sorry.

Don’t be sorry. We understand pressure and schedules and deadlines around


From: Laura Knight-Jadczyk
To: Vincent & Darlene
Subject: Cassiopeia and her family
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Date sent: Wed, 16 Jun 1999 21:20:09 -0400

Hi Guys!

Have been completely revamping the info on the website and writing like a crazy
person for the past few days. I think you will be interested in the web page
with the same title as this e-mail, but I have converted it to text and
attached it as a file for ease of reading. Do have some nice pics I scanned
for the web, though. When it “works,” will let you know.

I received an invite to talk on the radio:
Date sent: Tue, 15 Jun 1999 22:46:02 EDT
Subject: Being a guest on my radio program

My name is Ron Engelman. I do a four hour radio program on the Talk Radio
Network from 2-6AM PDT, Monday through Friday in 29 markets across the
country. I have read small portions of your web site and I would be
interested in having you as a guest on my show. I would be more than
happy to allow you to promote any publications you may have, your web site
or any books you have in publication.

I look forward to hearing from you.

1-940-696-9020 (feel free to call me)

Have you ever heard of this guy? I wrote back that I would like to know the
format and general trend of topics covered before I commit myself. Maybe I
should say “yes” and talk about “bloodlines” and all that? Can’t decide.
Of course, he may have an “interview” planned, in which case I won’t have much
control over the format.

Hope your book is coming together.

By the way, have you ever heard of a gal named Eugenia Macer-Story who is
supposed to be some sort of Sorcery Maven up in New York, in addition to
writing plays and poetry. My take on her is that she is a “failed sorceress”
who just hasn’t admitted it, and her ego is bigger than the Empire State

Anyway, we had a recent infestation of frogs right after I was discussing them
with her and another person. The blasted things laid a zillion eggs in the
pool. Then, we had a disappearing fish, and somebody brought up this David
Icke guy and his tootling about George Bush being in on a human sacrifice in
the Great Pyramid in August (WHERE do these guys come up with this stuff?)

And now it is raining all day. It started yesterday at about the same time I
started the current writing binge. I have often wondered if there is some
relationship between my activities, mood, or whatever, and the weather. It has
VERY often seemed to be synchronously connected, but I don’t want to go off the
deep end here! And rain was an issue in the “Cassiopeia” piece… as well as
the thing the C’s told me about “sheets of rain,” which I have never figured
out yet.

By the way, we are having a session this Saturday night after about a 6 month
sabbatical. I finally feel like I have “caught up” with myself and am ready to
dig some more. Should be interesting. I’ve done a lot of work (reading and
digging stuff up) in the past months and I think I have a clue about what
things need to be asked next.

So, take care.

Laura and Ark

From: Laura Knight-Jadczyk
To: Vincent & Darlene
Subject: Neters?
Send reply to:
Date sent: Mon, 21 Jun 1999 11:38:40 -0400

Hi Guys,
I am sending a file here that I have pasted together from several files sent by
a friend… seems that this stuff is sort of “hot off the keyboard,” and I
found it to be pretty interesting and insightful.

As I have said, I never saw one of these Lizzies, except in the minds of
abductess I worked with via hypnosis… but what is being said here is sort of
the same conclusions I have come to, only I never felt so “absolute” about it
as this guy does. I would alwasy precede such discussion with words like
“alleged” and “purported” and “seemingly” and so on… you know me – want to be
careful with drawing conclusions without some good info.

BUT, this Barbara Bartholic apparently has worked with hundreds of abductess
and a lot of this info is gleaned from her work… and I do respect her ethical

Anyway, if any of this stuff is so, it makes the “grail quest” that much more
important as we are made to think of the legend of Arthur and his “Thousand
Sleeping Warriors” who are destined to “wake up” at the “end times” and do some
sort of heroic battle against some “terrible threat” to mankind. Maybe this
threat is these “Lizzies” who you have told me the Egyptians knew as “Neters.”

If so, then this info, or allusions to it might be important to incorporate in
a future book.

By the way, I have been invited to talk on the Ron Engelman show on TalkRadio
Network… air date is July 1, from 5 to 9 in the morning EDT. Haven’t a clue
yet as to what direction the show will take. Supposedly it is a nationwide
market… so I am a little nervous.

Anyway, check out this file…


C:\My Documents\Bartley\Bartley.doc

From: Laura Knight-Jadczyk
To: Vincent & Darlene
Subject: Some funny ifo to check out…
Send reply to:
Date sent: Tue, 22 Jun 1999 10:59:13 -0400

Hi Vincent and Darlene,

Have been chatting with a couple of other folks on a variety of subjects and
the following was said, which I wondered if you had ever heard of this.


Did you contact the Arkives press person? I say keep looking and seeking
on the Grail theme, you certainly know more than I do. Sometimes I get too
tired to keep seeking, especially if its so historical and detailed.

The one thing that has pertinence to some of the things I’ve learned is
the bloodline of the Basques and how they were the “Golden Fleece ” people
if I recall. This bloodline has a high percentage of Rh negative blood,
mostly O negative. This is much higher than the average for Caucasians (
6.6%). Rh negatives are believed by some who are also searching, to be a
trait from Reptilian blood, and there are specific traits on this theme.
People with Rh negative blood heal faster and are stronger.

Are you an Rh negative? I and my mother are and many abductees, especially
those who have the reptilian connection. I have a friend named Tal who
said this regarding the Rh negs. The Rh negative factor is considered a
mutation of unknown origin which happened in Europe about 25-35000 years
ago. Then this group spread heavily into the area which is now Spain,
England , Ireland, (Pyrenee Mtns)

An extra Vertebra ( a tail bone ( some babies are born with an extra tail
or cauda. Lower than normal body temp Lower than normal Blood pressure
Higher mental analytical abilities Higher negative ion shielding from
positive charged virus/bacteria around the body. High sensitivity to EM
and ELF fields Hyper Vision and other senses

also the thin membrane that is found around some babies after its born, I
forgot the name. Its an Irish term I believe.

Also I was told in a dream when asking about the bloodlines of reptilian
heritage( these include the royal bloodlines) is the “double crown” on the
hair scalp.

Whatever it is, I’m looking in the same area and finding correlation
between the royal bloodlines of Europe ( the thirteen illuminati
bloodlines and their offshoots) and many abductees. Heightened psychic
sensitivities also.

Also connects with the Celtic tribe of Dana supposedly. My friend Tal
says that the Key is in the Heart of the Cell. Fractal genetic embedded
information. But his reference to much of this is from Dan Winter on that
realm, so I don’t know…..

Eve Lorgen

From: Laura Knight-Jadczyk
To: Vincent & Darlene
Subject: Re: The Third Man Theme
Send reply to:
Date sent: Tue, 13 Jul 1999 19:39:15 -0400

Have got the new “abduction” series up on the Cassiopaean website… not
exactly the final form, but pretty complete thus far. I will be making some
changes as I find more things to add.

Had a HUGE hassle getting them up there. First, local server went down at
exact moment of trying to ftp. Then, remote host went down. Then, computer
here would not copy the files correctly and kept adding garbage codes that
screwed up the loading on the site… on and on and on.

So, with all of THAT… rather think that somebody doesn’t want this out there!

Who knows what will happen after exposing all of this – and more to come.


From: Laura Knight-Jadczyk
To: Vincent & Darlene
Subject: Merkabah, Dan Winter, Drunvalo and other loonies… and some personal remarks…
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Date sent: Tue, 27 Jul 1999 12:46:04 -0400

Hi, oh Silent Ones!
Thought you might find the following interesting.

Am presently wading through the works of Eliade and connecting dots between there and Fulcanelli (which I have finished) and the C’s, whose remarks are becoming increasingly clear within the context of these folks.

Also, found an ASTONISHING book entitled “Babel” by Abraham A. Abehsera… this guy apparently does NOT know that he has deciphered mathematically, and given the keys to decipherment, the GREEN language! My heart nearly stopped as I was reading this…! I am willing to bet, that if you have not read this one, when you do, you will come close to apoplexy in amazement!

Hope the book is out and all is well and the “spooks” haven’t tossed any sand into the machinery…

Let us know.

Oh… have been putting lots of stuff up on the web pages… and getting some strange “flak” for it. We have been tracking our visitors, and seems to be a LOT of military folks visiting and sending their friends.

We have recently registered a domain so we can have more control over our visitor stats… but, for the moment, it is all still at the www.fortunecity/roswell/goldendawn512/ site since we deleted all from geocities after their ‘copyright debacle.’ I have actually begun to “bury” some of the secrets in the site in a “maze-like” way.

But, I have been putting up the “story behind the story” which you may find interesting in terms of how and why the C’s started chatting with us.

Do drop a line that all is okay. I have some HUGE finds recently… and a forming theory that I want to compare to what you have done… think they might be rather parallel…

Bottom line is: I have a PLAN!



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