The Bridges/Jadczyk Correspondence Part 6

From:                    Laura Knight-Jadczyk
To:                        Vincent & Darlene
Subject:                $64,000 questions….
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Date sent:             Fri, 14 May 1999 22:35:18 -0400

On 13 May 99, at 22:06, Vincent & Darlene wrote:
> 4) Cassiopaea and the Cassiopaeans – OK, the $64,000 question: Do your
> sources consider themselves to be ET intelleigences from Cassiopaea, or is
> Cassiopaea merely a symbolic call sign for the energy? THIS IS VERY
> IMPORTANT! Cassiopaea as a symbol carries a very significant energy; it is
> the M or W in the sky and therefore is sort of a cosmic icon for the whole
> mystery. Is it possible that you are talking to the head masters
> themselves, here on earth? < Cassiopaea or the
>    Cassiopaeans, the unified thought form light beings that
>    transmit through Cassiopaea, as being the ‘front line of
>    the universe’s system of natural balance.’>> Have they clarified this
> any further?
It’s kind of a complex subject, this thing about the “oncoming wave” and all
that.  I am using the search term “wave” and there are LOTS of occurrences in
the files.  This will only be a part, and to keep the info in context, I am
having to grab additional text, but it makes a funny mixture of all kinds of
odd things. 
But, to start this is funny:
Q: (L) Is this particular location beneficial to my residence
A: Subjective.
Q: (L) Is it particularly beneficial in terms of this kind of
A: Can be.
Q: (J) It is obviously not detrimental.  (T) Can it be
A: Yes.
Q: (L) In what way?  (J) Yes, how is it detrimental?  A:
64000 dollar question!
Q: (T) Now, since we hit the 64,000 dollar question, are you
   going to give us the 64,000 dollar answer?  (L) Why could
   it be detrimental?  Is it because it could be detrimental
   if a person is following the STO pathway?
A: Maybe.
Q: (L) Could it be detrimental to one following the STS
A: Maybe.
Q: (T) Okay, the energy flow pattern can be detrimental or
   beneficial.  It’s just energy, not positive or negative.
A: This is more complex than your queries allow.
Q: (L) In other words, our questions are not complex enough
   to get the answer?
A: You are “rushing it”
Q: (L) What is causing the earth changes?
A: Electromagnetic wave changes.
Q: (L) Can you be more specific?
A: Gap in surge heliographic field.
Q: (L) Is there a large fleet of space-ships riding a wave,
   so to speak, approaching our planet?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Where are these ships from?
A: Zeta Reticuli.
Q: (L) When will they arrive?
A: 1 month to 18 years.
Q: (L) How can there be such a vast discrepancy in the time?
A: This is such a huge fleet that space/time warping is
   irregular and difficult to determine as you measure time.
Q: (L) Are these craft riding a “wave” of some sort?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) How many planets are in our solar system?
A: 12
Q: (L) Could you tell us the names of all the planets, their
   distances from the sun, the chemical composition, and the
A: Mercury=Opatanar, 36 million miles from Sun; 3000 mi
   Venus=Pemuntar, 67 million miles from Sun; 7,500 mi.
   Earth=Saras, 93 million miles from Sun; 7,900 mi. dia.
   Mars=Masar, 141,500,000 miles from Sun; 4,200 mi. dia.
   Jupiter=Yontar, 483,400,000 miles from Sun; 88,700 dia.
   Saturn=Zendar, 886,700,000 miles from Sun; 74,500 dia.
   Uranus=Lonoponor, 1,782,700,000 miles from Sun; 31,566
   Neptune=Jinoar, 2,794,300,000 miles from Sun; 30,199 dia.
   Pluto=Opikimanaras, 3,666,100,000 miles from Sun; 1,864
   NI=Montonanas, 570,000,000,000 miles from Sun; solid
   matter; 7000 miles dia.
   NII=Suvurutarcar, 830,000,000,000 miles from Sun; 18000
   miles diameter; hydrogen, ammonia.
   NIII=Bikalamanar, 1,600,000,000,000 miles from Sun; 46000
   miles diameter; hydrogen, ammonia.
Q: (L) Assuming there is a fleet of spacecraft riding a wave,
   and approaching from the vicinity of Zeta Reticuli, what
   does it mean to say that the space time warp is indefinite
   in terms of arrival?  Why is this? Please specify.
A: Mass affects electromagnetic transfer within gravity wave.
Q: (L) In other words, if there is a large mass you are
   trying to transfer, is the problem partly because the mass
   itself spreads out over such a large area of space/time
   and must be transferred in stages or something along that
A: Close.
Q: (L) Can you help us out anymore here?
A: Mass affects time cycle: small equal short cycle; large
   or dense equals long cycle.
Q: We would like to know what is the origin of the Gypsies.
A: Genes spliced.  Slaves of dark forces.
Q: Who are these dark forces?
A: Same.
Q: As what?
A: Brotherhood.
Q: Does this brotherhood consist of Lizzies and various
A: Yes.
Q: If the Gypsies were gene spliced, who were they gene
   spliced with?
A: Alien race, humanoid, and Atlantean drone workers.
Q: What were Atlantean drone workers?
A: Slave people controlled by crystal.
Q: Why do the Gypsies remain so cohesive?  Is that
   genetically programed?
A: Yes.  And mind control.
Q: There are legends of half human creatures, minotaurs,
   centaurs, etc.  Were any of these creatures real?
A: Experiments known as beasts in Atlantis.  V___ is part
   Gypsy.  Hiding this.
Q: Does she know it?
A: Some.
Q: Who built the city of Baalbek?
A: Antereans and early Sumerians.  We meant Atlanteans.  [Who
   are the Antereans]
Q: What is the reason for the enormous proportions of this
A: Giants.
Q: Who were the giants?
A: Genetic effort to recreate Nephalim.
Q: Did the Atlanteans and Sumerians succeed in recreating the
A: No.
Q: Why did they build this enormous city?
A: Retarded subjects.
Q: The results of their efforts were retarded?
A: Yes.
Q: Why did they build the enormous city?
A: In anticipation of success.
Q: Why would someone come along and build a city of the
   proportions of Baalbek in anticipation of a genetic
   project that could take many years to accomplish.
A: Project took only three years.  Speeded up growth cycle
   using nuclear hormonal replication procedure. Why failed.
Q: That’s why it failed, because of the speeded up growth?
A: Did not take properly.
Q: What technical means did they use to cut the stones and
   transport them?
A: Sound wave focusing.
Q: What happened to interrupt or halt the building of this
A: Venus first appearance and pass.
Q: What year was this project brought to a halt?
A: 3218 B.C.
Q: Who built the city of Mohenjo-Daro?
A: Lizards directly. Coatzlmundi legend ties in to this
   directly look at illustrations on stones now.
Q: Who is Coatzlmundi?
A: Other deity of the Lizards worshipped by the Atlanteans
   and their descendants because of the direct contact with
   humans for 1000 years.
Q: (L) Does the interaction between the spirit/soul and the
   body physical produce some by-product that is desirable to
   other beings?
A: Well, all things have desirable consequences as well as
   undesirable consequences, but it must also be mentioned
   here that everything that exists in all realms of the
   universe can experience existence in one of only two ways.
   That would be defined as a long wave cycle and a short
   wave cycle.  Going back to your previous question about
   why humans are “entrapped” in physical existence, which,
   of course, is voluntary and chosen, this was due to the
   desire to change from the long wave cycle experience of
   completely what you would call ethereal or spiritual
   existence, to the short wave cycle of what you call
   physical existence.  The difference is that a long wave
   cycle involves only very gradual change in evolution in a
   cyclical manner.  Whereas a short wave cycle involves a
   duality.  And this is the case with souls in physical
   bodies as is experienced on this earth plane because the
   soul experiences an ethereal state for half the cycle and
   a physical state for the other half of the cycle.  While
   these halves are not measured in time the way you measure
   time, the totality of experience is equal in each half.
   The necessity to form the short wave cycle was brought
   about through nature through the natural bounds of the
   universe when the group mind of souls chose to experience
   physicality as opposed to a completely ethereal existence.
Q: (L) Does this interaction produce a by-product?
A: It produces equal by-products of a positive and negative
Q: (L) And what are these by-products?
A: Which one first?
Q: (L) Positive.
A: Positive by-product is an increase in relative energy
   which speeds up the learning process of the soul and all
   of it’s one dimensional and two dimensional interactive
   partners.  In other words, flora and fauna, minerals, etc.
   All experience growth and movement towards reunion at a
   faster rate on the cycle through this short wave cycle
   physical/ethereal transfer.  Of a negative nature,  it
   also produces many negative experiences for these very
   same entities which otherwise would not exist because
   being of a first level and second level nature, flora and
   fauna would ordinarily experience a long term or long wave
   cycle on the physical plane as opposed to a short wave
   cycle physical and ethereal, as they do now because of
   their interaction with the human species in its short wave
   ethereal/physical cycle.
Q: (L) The comment was made at one point that certain alien
   beings abduct humans and subject them to cruel and
   torturous deaths in order to create “maximum energy
   transfer.”  In this respect, what is this maximum energy
   transfer that occurs during a long, slow, torturous dying
A: Extreme fear and anxiety builds up fear/anxiety energy
   which is of a negative nature which fuels the beings that
   you speak of in that they draw from that and produce a
   sort of a fueling energy which keeps them going as one of
   their forms of nourishment based on their metabolic
Q: (L) What is their metabolic structure?
A: That is very complex and very difficult to describe
   because it is on the fourth level of density which you do
   not understand.  But, part of their reason for existence
   on the fourth level is their ability to nourish themselves
   both through ethereal methods and through physical
   methods.  Therefore, this energy transfer would represent
   the ethereal method of nourishment and other means are
   achieved physically.
Q: (L) What other means?
A: Well, the drinking of blood and blood by-products would be
   an example of that.
Q: (L) Do they do that?
A: Yes, but the manner of intake is different than what you
   may be thinking.  It is done through pores.
Q: (L) In what manner?
A: Bathing and then absorbing the necessary products and then
   disposing of the remaining product.
Q: (L) Is the amnesia related to UFO abductions deliberately
   induced or is it a product of the mind’s inability to deal
   with the event?
A: It is an equal commingling of both.
Q: (L) The part that is deliberately induced, how is that
A: By using a cosmic energy flow to influence memory function
   through a combination of spiritual and chemical
Q: (L) Can you be more specific?
A: Being more specific would be in another way less specific,
   but a good way to put it is altering the flow of
   electromagnetic energy in the brain.  Electromagnetic
   energy, electromagnetism, is the life force that exists
   within all that evolves through long wave or short wave
Q: (L) Going back to the beings that absorb nutrients through
   their pores, what kind of beings are they?
A: Both those that you describe as the Lizard Beings and
   those you describe as the Grays.  This is necessary for
   their survival in each case.  Even though the Grays are
   not natural parts of the short wave cycle, but rather an
   artificial creation by the Lizard Beings, but nevertheless
   they mimic the nourishment functions.
Q: (L) Since they are artificially created by the Lizard
   beings, does this mean they have no souls?
A: That’s correct.
Q: (L) How do they function?  Are they like robots?
A: They function by interaction with the souls of the Lizard
   beings.  This technology is extremely far in advance of
   that with which you are familiar, but the Gray beings are
   not only built and designed artificially, but also
   function as a projection mentally and psychically of the
   Lizard beings.  They are like four dimensional probes.
Q: (L) As four dimensional probes, what are their
capabilities?  A: They have all the same capabilities of the
Lizard beings except for the fact that their physical
appearance is entirely different and they do not have souls
of their
   own and also their biological structure is internally
   different.  But, their functioning is the same and in
   order to remain as projection beings they also must absorb
   nutrients in the same fashion both spiritually and
   physically as the Lizard beings do.  The reason the
   negative energy is necessary fuel is that the Lizard
   beings and the Grays are both living in the fourth level
   of density, which is the highest level of density one can
   exist in serving only self as these entities do.  So,
   therefore, they must absorb negative energy because the
   fourth level of density is the highest example of self
   service which is a negative thought pattern.  The fourth
   level of density is a progression from the third level of
   density.  With each progression upward in density level,
   the existence for the individual conscious entity becomes
   less difficult.  So, therefore, the fourth level of
   density is less difficult to exist in that the third, the
   third is less difficult than the second and so on.  It
   puts less strain on the soul energy.  Therefore, beings
   existing on the fourth level of density can draw from
   beings existing on the third level of density in terms of
   absorption of negative soul energy.  Likewise, beings on
   the third level of density can draw from beings on the
   second level of density, though this type of drawing is
   not as necessary but is done.  This is why human beings
   existing on the third level frequently cause pain and
   suffering to those of the animal kingdom who exist on the
   second level of density because you are drawing negative
   soul energy as beings who primarily serve self, as you do,
   from those on the second level, and on the first, and so
   on.  Now, as you advance to the fourth level of density
   which is coming up for you, you must now make a choice as
   to whether to progress to service to others or to remain
   at the level of service to self.  This will be the
   decision which will take quite some time for you to adjust
   to.  This is what is referred to as the “thousand year
   period.”  This is the period as measured in your calendar
   terms that will determine whether or not you will advance
   to service to others or remain at the level of service to
   self.  And those who are described as the Lizards have
   chosen to firmly lock themselves into service to self.
   And, since they are at the highest level of density where
   this is possible, they must continually draw large amounts
   of negative energy from those at the third level, second
   level, and so on, which is why they do what they do.  This
   also explains why their race is dying, because they have
   not been able to learn for themselves how to remove
   themselves from this particular form of expression to
   that of service to others.  And, since they have such, as
   you would measure it, a long period of time, remained at
   this level and, in fact, become firmly entrenched in it,
   and, in fact, have increased themselves in it, this is why
   they are dying and desperately trying to take as much
   energy from you as possible and also to recreate their
   race metabolically.
Q: (L) Well, if we are sources of food and labor for them,
   why don’t they just breed us in pens on their own planet?
A: They do.
Q: (L) Well, since there is so many of us here, why don’t
   they just move in and take over?
A: That is their intention.  That has been their intention
   for quite some time.  They have been traveling back and
   forth through time as you know it, to set things up so
   that they can absorb a maximum amount of negative energy
   with the transference from third level to fourth level
   that this planet is going to experience, in the hopes that
   they can overtake you on the fourth level and thereby
   accomplish several things. 1: retaining their race as a
   viable species; 2: increasing their numbers; 3: increasing
   their power; 4: expanding their race throughout the realm
   of fourth density.  To do all of this they have been
   interfering with events for what you would measure on your
   calendar as approximately 74 thousand years.  And they
   have been doing so in a completely still state of space
   time traveling backward and forward at will during this
   work.  Interestingly enough, though, all of this will
Q: (L) How can you be so sure it will fail?
A: Because we see it.  We are able to see all, not just what
   we want to see.  Their failing is that they see only what
   they want to see.  In other words, it’s the highest
   manifestation possible of that which you would refer to as
   wishful thinking.  And, wishful thinking represented on
   the fourth level of density becomes reality for that
   level.  You know how you wishfully think?  Well, it isn’t
   quite reality for you because you are on the third level,
   but if you are on the fourth level and you were to perform
   the same function, it would indeed be your awareness of
   reality.  Therefore they cannot see what we can see since
   we serve others as opposed to self, and since we are on
   sixth level, we can see all that is at all points as is,
   not as we would want it to be.
Q: (L) Who built Stonehenge?
A: Druids.
Q: (L) Who were the Druids?
A: Early Aryan group.
Q: (L) How did they move the stones and set them up?
A: Sound wave focusing; try it yourself; coral castle.
Q: (L) Who taught the Druids to use the sound waves?
A: They knew; handed down.
Q: (L) When was Stonehenge built?
A: 6000 approx. B.C.
Q: (L) What was Stonehenge built to do or be used for?
A: Energy director.
Q: (L) What was this energy to be directed to do?
A: All things.
Q: (L) Was the energy to be directed outward or inward to the
A: Both.
Q: (L) Are you suggesting we should get together and try to
   move something with sound?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Does this sound come from our bodies?
A: Learn.  Laura will find answer through discovery.
Q: (L) It says in the Caballah that when a group meets
   regularly with intent and purpose to acquire spiritual
   awareness, that they create what is called a vessel.  Is
   this what we have done these past three years?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Now, since we have created this vessel, into which
   this information can flow, can we add other people to the
   use and benefits of this vessel?
A: Maybe.
Q: (L) Who carved the stone heads on Easter Island?
A: Lemurian descendants.
Q: (L) The natives say the stones walked into position.  Is
   this true?
A: No.
Q: (L) Well, how?
A: Tonal vibration.
Q: (L) And what did these stones represent?
A: Nephalim.
Q: (L) Is this what the Nephilim looked like?
A: Close.
Q: (L) Does that mean that the Nephilim were present in
A: Close.
Q: (L) Where was Lemuria located?
A: Pacific off South America.
Q: (L) So when the Easter Island natives talk about their
   ancestors they are talking about people who came from the
   direction of South America?
A: No.  Right near all around. Easter Island is remnant of
Q: (L) What happened to Lemuria?
A: Submerged close to time you refer to as Fall of Eden,
Q: (L) Well if the Nephilim were brought here 9 to 12
   thousand years ago…
A: Last visit.  Have been here 5 times.  Will return.
Q: (L) The Nephilim are going to return?  Where do the
   Nephilim currently live?
A: Orion.
Q: (L) They live in the constellation Orion?  Where is their
A: Don’t have one.  In transit.
Q: (L) The whole dadgum bunch is in transit?
A: Three vehicles.
Q: (L) How many Nephilim does each vehicle hold?
A: About 12 million.
Q: (L) Are they coming to help us?
A: No.  Wave comet cluster all using same energy.
Q: (L) Using same energy to what?
A: Pass through space\time.
Q: (L) Does this mean that without this comet cluster they
   cannot pass through space/time?
A: No.  Slower. message follows here.  Quiet for  one moment
   please: From now on when word to follow is in quotes we
   will designate as follows: mark then word then mark. Now,
   “slower.” [We installed quote marks on the board after
   this.  From this point on, when words in the Cassiopaean
   responses are in quotes, it is because they have so
Q: (L) So, it is slower for them to come here without this
   wave.  Where is the wave coming from?
A: Follows cluster.
Q: (L) It follows the cluster.  What does this wave consist
A: Realm border.
Q: (L) Does the realm border wave follow the comet cluster in
   a permanent way?
A: No.
Q: (L) Is the realm border loosely associated with the comet
   cluster each time it comes?
A: No. Realm border  follows  all emcompassing energy reality
   change; realm border will follow this cluster passage and
   has others but not most.
Q: (L) Is this realm border a dimensional boundary?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Okay, this realm border, do dimensions…
A: Pulsating realms.  Fluctuating realms.
Q: (L) Is our realm fluctuating or pulsating?
A: No.
Q: (L) But this other realm does?
A: No.
Q: (L) What fluctuates?
A: Residence.
Q: (L) Whatever is in that realm fluctuates?
A: No. Your planet fluctuates between realms.
Q: (L) How often does this fluctuation occur?
A: About every 309,000 years.
Q: (L) In other words we can expect to be in 4th density for
   about 300,000 years?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Does this mean that the Edenic state existed for about
   300.000 years before the “Fall?”
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Now, you say these Nephilim are coming and there is
   about 36 million of them, correct?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) And they are the enforcers of the Grays and Lizzies,
   is that correct?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Well, let’s sit back and watch the show! You are
   saying that the planet fluctuates…
A: No, realms do planet merely occupies realm.
Q: (L) What is the source in space/time of this other realm?
A: Too complex.
Q: (L) What is the generative source?
A: Part of grand cycle.
Q: (L) Is this the cycle understood by the Mayans?
A: They understood partially.
Q: (L) Their calendar extends to 2012… is that accurate as
   to the time of the realm border change?
A: Close.  Still indefinite as you measure time.  Lizzies
   hoping to rule you in 4th density.  Closer to 18 years.
: (L) Recently I read an article about bursts of gamma rays
   in the upper atmosphere.  What are these bursts of gamma
A: Increasing energy with approach of wave.
Q: (L) So, these bursts of gamma rays are not effects of
   battling UFOs in other dimensions?
A: No.
Q: (L) Why are there so many crop circles in Britain?
A: Window. Why Stonehenge was built there.
Q: (L) What is the relationship between UFOs and clouds?
A: Can create clouds or appear as clouds but no other
Q: (L) What is ball lightning?
A: Electromagnetic spark.  Pass from 4th to 3rd density.
Q: (L) On a number of occasions we talked about the quorum
   and the Illuminati.  They both seem to be the highest
   levels of secret organizations.  What is their
   relationship to each other?
A: Please put new music on; this a little disruptive.
   [Creation Chant]
Q: (L) How is this? [Celtic harp]
A: Better.
Q: (L) You don’t like the Native American stuff?
A: It is okay but disruptive to vibrations.
Q: (L) Back to the quorum and illuminati.
A: Quorum mostly alien; illuminati mostly human.
Q: (L) Well, the quorum has been described…
A: Meet; two halves of whole.
Q: (L) Well the quorum seems to be described as being in
   touch with the Cassiopaeans, that is, yourselves, which
   you have described as beneficial beings, is this correct?
A: Close.
Q: (L) The illuminati has been described as being behind or
   with the brotherhood which has been described as being in
   connection with the Lizard beings…
A: Close.  But not that simple.
Q: (L) Well, if the quorum is the good guys and the
   illuminati is the bad guys, and they both are at the high
   levels of Freemasonry, what is the story here?
A: Picture a circle or cycle first now then contemplate for
   a moment before follow up.
Q: (L) Okay, I am contemplating a cycling circle.
A: Now, two halves representing positive and negative. Two
Q: (L) Well, what I am getting out of that is the two halves
   and both sides are playing with the human race.  Is that
   it?  A: No. This is complicated but if you can learn and
   understand, it will be a super revelation.
Q: (L) Well, go ahead and explain.
A: Ask step by step.
Q: (L) Why do we so often have to ask things step by step?
A: In order to absorb the information.
Q: (L) The quorum is described as the good guys.  The
   illuminati is described as bad guys.  And yet, they are
   both Masonic.  When a person in the Masonic organization
   reaches the higher levels, are there individuals at the
   higher levels recruiting masons to one side or the other?
A: First, not exactly one side or another.
Q: (L) I am beginning to not understand something here
   because if the Lizzies…
A: Unblock.
Q: (L) I don’t have a block here.  If the brotherhood AKA
   illuminati AKA Lizzies AKA beast are the ones who are
   going to do detrimental things to this planet, how are
   they related or connected to the quorum which is in touch
A: This will take time to explain be patient it will be
   worth it.
Q: (L) Well, are you going to explain it right now?
A: Ask step by step.
Q: (L) Okay. What is the nature of evil?
A: Blend.
Q: (L) Are the Lizzies what we would consider to be evil?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Are the Cassiopaeans what we would consider to be
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Yet, do the Cassiopaeans use and manipulate the
   Lizzies to accomplish certain things?
A: No.
Q: (L) The Lizzies work independently and in opposition to
   the Cassiopaeans?
A: Independently, not in opposition.
Q: (L) Well then, is there somebody over and above this whole
A: We serve others therefore there is no opposition.  Careful
   now. Step by step.  If you do not fully understand answer
   ask another.
Q: (L) Part of a whole.  Part of a circle.
A: Blend.
Q: (L) Does this mean…
A: Picture a blending colored circle image.
Q: (L) Are you saying that at some levels the two halves
A: Close.
Q: (L) Are you saying that some of the Quorum are good guys
   and bad guys and the same for the Illuminati because the
   two are on opposing  sides of the circle but at the point
   of blending one is weighted more to one side and the other
   to the other side?  And these organizations are where the
   interactions come together?
A: Closer.
Q: (L) Let’s leave it for the time being.
A: No. Now please.
Q: (L) Okay. So it is a blending.  Does it have something to
   do with … in your case service to others means that you
   even serve those who serve self, is that correct?
A: Yes; we serve you and the Lizards have programed your race
   to self service remember.
Q: (L) Well, I am down a notch or two.  So, I am still a
   service to self individual to some extent, is that
A: But moving slowly toward service to others.  Not all
   humans are.
Q: (L) Does this mean that when people who are members of the
   quorum or illuminati call for information or help, that
   you, because of your service to others orientation are
   obliged to answer whoever calls?
A: Yes and no.
Q: (L) What is the no part.
A: If vibrational frequencies are out of pattern we do not
Q: (L) Is the work of the Lizzies part of an overall grand
   plan or design?
A: All is.
Q: (L) Let’s go on.  I am depressed because you guys told me
   I was a bad person.
A: You are not a bad person.
Q: (L) Well, I am feeling pretty crummy right now.
A: Lizzies induced.
Q: (L) You mean my crummy feelings are Lizzie induced?
A: As always.
Q: (L) Well I am feeling crummy because you guys let me know
   that I am in the same sinking boat as the rest of the poor
   slobs on this miserable planet.  I was working pretty hard
   to get out of the boat.
A: Silliness; you’re in your own boat.
Q: (L) I would like to know where Dr. Usui got the Reiki
A: Must answer question.
Q: (L) What question?  The quorum and illuminati question?
A: You will feel ecstasy once answered.
Q: (L) Okay. A blending.  Yet two halves.
A: Of a circle.
Q: (L) Who designed this circle?
A: Natural frequency wave.  Some near conjunction blend both
   service patterns and each “camp” to create perfect
Q: (L) Okay, so the Illuminati are the higher level on the
   pathway of service to self and somehow, by reaching these
   higher levels may have come to realizations or frequencies
   which have caused their position to be modified or blended
   to where service to self becomes or incorporates or moves
   them to service to others realizations, is this correct?
A: Continue.
Q: (L) Okay, the ones in the quorum are those who are focused
   on service to others and they, in their pathway of service
   to others begin to understand that some service to self is
   service to others.
A: Close.
Q: (L) And the whole idea is to blend both pathways no matter
   which direction you come to it from?
A: Service to others provides the perfect balance of those
   two realities; service to self is the diametrical opposite
   closing the grand cycle in perfect balance.
Q: (L) So it is necessary to have a pathway of service to
   self in order for the pathway of service to others to
A: Yes.
Q: (L) And those who are in the quorum and the illuminati …
A: Blends in middle.
Q: (L) So it is necessary to have the darkness in order to
   have the light…
A: Yes.
Q: (L) And it is necessary to have the Lizzies in order to
   have the Cassiopaeans…
A: Close.
Q: (L) And both groups evolved through the Masonic
A: Freemasonry is human reflection in physical of these
Q: (L) Okay, thank you very much.  I think that is all for
A: Good Night.
Q: (L) I have been reading recently about the shrine at
   Lourdes where the Virgin Mary supposedly appeared to
   Bernadette Soubirous…
A: Energy focusing center.
Q: (L) What kind of energy is focused there?
A: Positive due to consistent prayer patternings.
Q: (L) Okay, what appeared to Bernadette?
A: Imaging energy consciousness wave.
Q: (L) Was this image out of her own mind?
A: Close.
Q: (L) The healings that take place…
A: Because of the concentration of positive energy.
Q: (L) What or who has been causing the apparitions of the
   Virgin Mary at Conyers, Georgia?
A: Deceptive field.
Q: (L) What energy is behind this?
A: Lizards.
Q: (L) Why?
A: Confusion campaign part of bigger picture and plan.
Q: (L) What is the bigger picture and plan?
A: Conquest.
Q: (L) How will that aid their conquest?
A: By dispersing knowledge.
Q: (L) Dispersing as in breaking apart or scattering?
A: Spreading thin.  Confusion does this.  You are being
   bombarded with confusion in this era.
Q: (L) I would like to know what is the specific mode of time
A: Complex.
Q: (L) Well, just give us a clue here?
A: Transdimensional transfer utilizing electromagnetic
   adjustment of atomic structure to alter speed of time
   cycle convergence.
Q: (L) Who or what are the individuals called “Men in Black”?
A: Lizard projections.
Q: (T) Does that mean that they are just projecting an image
   of a being?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) The MIBS are not real, then, in our physical terms?
A: Partly correct.  You do not understand technology but we
   will describe it if you like.
Q: (L) We like.  Please describe this.
A: Okay.  Get ready.  First we must explain further time
   “travel” because the two concepts are closely related.
   The first step is to artificially induce an
   electromagnetic field.  This opens the door between
   dimensions of reality.  Next, thoughts must be channelled
   by participant in order to access reality bonding channel.
   They must then focus the energy to the proper dimensional
   bridge.  The electrons must be arranged in correct
   frequency wave.  Then the triage must be sent through
   realm “curtain” in order to balance perceptions at all
   density levels.
Q: (L) Information in the event that has to be balanced or
   taken into consideration as to importance so that the
   program runs correctly.  Is this the correct
   interpretation of triage as you have used it?
A: Sort of.  Triage is as follows: 1. Matter, 2. Energy, 3.
   Perception of reality.  That is it folks.
Q: (L) Can you tell us about this recent volcanic eruption?
   What was the cause?
A: “Heating up” of earth.
Q: (L) What is causing it to heat up?
A: Vibrational frequency changes.
Q: (L) What is the source of these vibrational frequency
A: Oncoming wave as we have told you before.
Q: (L) This oncoming wave, is this a wave which is so large
   or so vast that its effects are felt many years in advance
   of its absolute arrival point?
A: All waves in nature have a “contract” phase.
Q: (L) Does that mean like just before a wave comes up on
   shore it kind of sucks everything out?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) So we are in the sucking back phase [demonstrates with
   hand motion and sound effects.]
A: Cute analogy.
Q: (L) Back in 1981 and 1982, my daughter A__ frequently saw
   something outside her window that she described as an
   alligator, and she would wake up screaming and we would
   get up and, on one occasion we saw what seemed to be a
   figure standing in a corner by the closet.  The whole
   series of events ended up with my having a dream in which
   I confronted a dragon…
A: Lizard.
Q: (L) What were they doing at that time?
A: Scoping.
Q: (L) What did they discover from their scoping?
A: Potential abductees.
Q: (L) And did they abduct anyone at that time?
A: No.
Q: (L) Why didn’t they?
A: You stopped it.
Q: (L) How did I stop it?
A: Knowledge is rooted in awareness.
Q: (L) So, my awareness is what stopped it?
A: Close.
Q: (L) When I had the dream about doing battle with the
   dragon, was that just a dream, an astral event, or an
   actual interaction with the Lizzies?
A: All three.
Q: (L)  The other night we were talking about the “Mark of
   Cain” and I lost part of the tape.  I would like to go
   back over that a little bit more at this time.  What was
   the true event behind the story of the “Mark of Cain?”
A: Advent of jealousy.
Q: (L) What occurred to allow jealousy to enter into human
A: Lizard takeover.
Q: (L) Wasn’t the Lizard takeover an event that occurred at
   the time of the fall of Eden?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Was this story of Cain and Abel part of that takeover?
A: Symbolism of story.
Q: (L) This was symbolic of the Lizzie takeover, the advent
   of jealousy, and the attitude of brother against brother,
   is that correct?
A: Partly.  The mark of Cain means the “jealousy factor” of
   change facilitated by Lizard takeover of earth’s
   vibrational frequency.  Knot on spine is physical residue
   of DNA restriction deliberately added by Lizards. See?
Q: (L) Okay, Jan is going to move her hand up my back and you
   tell her when to stop at the “knot”.
A: Okay.
Q: (L) You mean the occipital ridge?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) What was the configuration of the spine and skull
   prior to this addition?
A: Spine had no ridge there.  Jealousy emanates from there,
   you can even feel it.
Q: (L) Do any of these emotions that we have talked about
   that were generated by DNA breakdown, were any of these
   related to what Carl Sagan discusses when he talks about
   the “Reptilian Brain”?
A: In a roundabout way.
Q: (L) Okay, at the time this “Mark of Cain” came about, were
   there other humans on the planet that did not have this
A: It was added to all simultaneously.
Q: (L) How did they physically go about performing this act?
   What was the mechanism of this event, the nuts and bolts
   of it?
A: Are you ready?  DNA core is as yet undiscovered enzyme
   relating to carbon.  Light waves were used to cancel the
   first ten factors of DNA by burning them off.  At that
   point, a number of physical changes took place including
   knot at top of spine.  Each of these is equally reflected
   in the ethereal.
Q: (L) Is that all?
A: No.  But, do you need more?
Q: (L) Well, the question I do have is, how many people were
   there on the planet and did they have to take each one and
   do this individually?
A: Whoa.
Q: (L) How many people?
A: 6 billion.
Q: (T) That’s 500 million more than there are now.
A: No, 200 million.
Q: (L) Okay, there were this many people on the planet, how
   did they effect this change on all of them?
A: Light wave alteration.
Q: (L) And light waves, actual light waves, affect DNA?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) What was the origin of the light waves?
A: Our center.
Q: (L) What is your center?
A: Our realm. STO.
Q: (L) So, how did the Lizzies use the light from the Service
to Others realm…
A: They used sophisticated technology to interrupt light
   frequency waves.
Q: (L) Well, what I am getting out of this that you are
   saying from what you are not saying is that it was almost
   like,… well, was there a battle and you guys lost?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Is this the same battle that the Pleiadeans talk
A: Yes.
Q: (T) Not to go off on a tangent, but I have only come into
   this recently, you are the Cassiopaeans?
A: Yes.
Q: (T)  Are you also the Pleiadeans?
A: No.
Q: (T)  Are you connected to the Pleiadeans?
A: Yes and so are others.
Q: (T)  You are all the family of light?
A: Yes.  Exactly.  You have been “doing your homework”.
Q: (T) I’m trying to.  Now, another force in what we term as
   the past, defeated you and used the power of the light in
   order to alter us in different ways, is this correct?  A:
   Yes.  Now understand this:  It is all part of natural
   grand cycle.
Q: (L) If this is all a part of a natural grand cycle, and
   correct me if I am wrong here, it almost seems as if you
   guys, the “good guys”, and the other “bad” guys, that you
   just really kind of go at it just for fun, is that true?
A: No.
Q: (L) But you say it is a natural thing or part of a natural
   grand cycle.  Is this natural grand cycle just part of the
   interaction between light and darkness which just simply
   must be?
A: Yes.  We are at “front line” of universe’s natural system
   of balance.  That is where one rises to before reaching
   total union of “The One”.  6th level.
Q: (L) Do you like being at 6th level?
A: Do you like being at 3rd level?
Q: (L) Frankly no, I don’t.  (T) If you answer the question
   by asking the question, and we know that we are striving
   to reach higher, does this mean there are more levels
   above 6th level?
A: Yes. One.
Q: (L) Is that union with the one?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) Now, the battle you had with the other side…
A: Are having.
Q: (T) This battle goes on… do you have the light power
A: Never lost it,  you did.
Q: (T) Okay, I guess that for us the Lizzies are the main
   force even though they have others on their side…
A: Yes.
Q: (T) They took our light, not yours?
A: Not against you.  Currently in union with you.
Q: (T) So we are but one battle in the universe in an
   overall, ongoing struggle?
A: Yes.  Balance is natural.  Remember, it’s all just lessons
   in the grand cycle.
Q: (L) I am really curious… when you guys and the Lizzies
   “go to it”,  what do you do?  I mean, you obviously don’t
   shoot guns at each other and you don’t have tanks…
A: Too complicated for you to possibly understand because you
   are not at 4th level yet.
Q: (J) When you are fighting, is it any way at all possible
   for us to detect the battle?
A: First: We don’t “fight.”  Second, yes; it’s nature as in
   meteorology and earth changes.
Q: (T) Your form of confrontation takes the form of physical
   changes in the atmosphere and environment of the planet?
A: And in space.
Q: (T) But that is how we detect it?  The more activity, the
   more conflict is going on?
A: Remember, we are the light.   They are the dark.  We are
   both high level thought forms reflected at all levels of
Q: (T)  So, what we perceive, then, is what comes through to
   third density which is not what we would perceive if we
   were looking at it from 4th or 5th or 6th.
A: Yes.
Q: (T)  We are talking 4th density to 3rd density.  Is this
   what Hoagland is referring to  when he talks about the
   tetrahedral form he has detected from the Martian
   structures he has been studying that he postulated…
A: Yes.  This is a bridge to 4th density.
Q: (L) Isn’t it a little unfair for you guys, at 6th level,
   to take on the Lizzies at only 4th level?
A: The “Lizzies” are the 4th level representatives of the
   forces of the darkness not the 6th level, and you are 3rd
   level representatives.
Q: (L) Is there a 6th level representative of the forces of
A: Yes.
Q: (L) And what is this 6th level representative known as, or
   called, or look like or whatever?
A: Orion in your “neighborhood.”
Q: (L) The Orion’s are 6th level STS beings?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Are they like you, thought forms?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Do they ever appear in physical matter?
A: Can.
Q: (L) And they are the driving force that controls the
A: Close.
Q: (L) Is there some intermediary between the 6th level
   Orions and the 4th level Lizzies, such as a 5th level
   force or being?
A: 5th level is contemplation zone for both “sides”.
Q: (L) Does that mean that at the contemplation level that
   there is no activity?  (J) Is it like a “time out?” A:
   Close.  Balancer.
Q: (L) Is there a 3rd level representative of the forces of
   the light?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Who or what are they?
A: Don’t exist on your planet.
Q: (L) Do they have a planet of their own?
A: Have quadrillions of them.
Q: (L) Well, this is beginning to sound like we are in pretty
   bad shape here.  This is like the Siberia of the universe
   as Gurdjieff said.
A: The Universe is infinitely huge.
Q: (L) If there are planets where there are 3 D beings who
   are STS oriented, in other words, in a physical body, do
   they look something like us?
A: You are STS oriented.  Did you really mean to say STO?
Q: (T) Is there a 3D race in this universe that is STO?
A: Yes.  Already stated thus.
Q: (L) If there are planets with STO beings…
A: Some look like you.
Q: (L) What is life like on that sort of place?  (T) They are
   not going to tell us that.  That is something that we are
   going to have to develop to find out.
A: Exactly.
A: Open.  For you to decide.  Listen: Revelations follow.
   Now would be a good “time” for you folks to begin to
   reexamine some of the extremely popular “Earth Changes”
   prophecies.  Why, you ask.  Because, remember, you are
   third density beings, so real prophecies are being
   presented to you in terms you will understand, I.E.
   physical realm, I.E. Earth changes.  This “may” be
   symbolism.  Would most students of the subject understand
   if prophecies were told directly in fourth density terms?
Q: (L)  Is this comparable to my idea about dream symbolism.
   For example, the dream I had about the curling cloud which
   I saw in a distance and knew it was death dealing and I
   interpreted it to be a tornado, but it was, in fact, a
   dream of the Challenger disaster.  I understood it to be a
   tornado, but in fact, what I saw was what I got, a death
   dealing force in the sky, a vortex, in the distance.  I
   guess my dream was a fourth density representation but I
   tried to interpret it in terms I was familiar with.  Is
   this what you mean?
A: Close.  But it is easy for most to get bogged down by
   interpreting  prophecies in literal terms.
Q: (L) Is there more information you plan to deliver on this
A: Okay.
Q: (L)  Let me ask a quick one.  Did the Gulf Breeze Six, as
   they are called, who were supposedly receiving information
   via the Ouija board, did they receive prophetic
   information of some sort?
A: Yes.
Q: And, from what source did they receive this information?
A: Mixed.
Q: (L) Was their information accurate?
A: Mixed.
Q: (L) Why were they, their board, their transcripts and so
   forth confiscated?
A: Paranoia.
Q: (L) In terms of these Earth Changes, Edgar Cayce is one of
   the most famous prognosticators of recent note, a large
   number of the prophecies he made seemingly were erroneous
   in terms of their fulfillment.  For example, he prophesied
   that Atlantis would rise in 1969, but it did not though
   certain structures were discovered off the coast of Bimini
   which are thought by many to be remnants of Atlantis.
   These did, apparently, emerge from the sand at that time.
A: Example of one form of symbolism.
Q: (L) Well, in terms of this symbolism, could this be
   applied to the remarks you made about the two little boys
   who were missing in South Carolina.
A: Yes.
Q: (L) And the symbolism was that you were reading the event
   from 3rd density into sixth density terms and then
   transmitting it back into 3rd, and while the ideation was
   correct, the exact specifics, in 3rd density terms, were
   slightly askew.  Is that what we are dealing with here?
A: 99.9 per cent would not understand that concept.  Most are
   always looking for literal translations of data.  Analogy
   is novice who attends art gallery, looks at abstract
   painting and says “I don’t get it.”
Q: (L) Well, let’s not denigrate literal translations or at
   least attempts to get things into literal terms.  I like
   realistic art work. I am a realist in my art preferences.
   I want trees to look like trees and people to have only
   two arms and legs.  Therefore, I also like some
   literalness in my prognostications.
A: Some is okay, but, beware or else “California falls into
   the ocean” will always be interpreted as California
   falling into the ocean.
Q: [General uproar]  (F) Wait a minute, what was the
   question? (L) I just said I liked literalness in my
   prophecies.  (F) Oh, I know what they are saying.  People
   believe that California is just going to go splat and that
   Phoenix is going to be on the seacoast, never mind that
   it’s at 1800 feet elevation, it’s just going to drop down
   to sea level, or the sea level is going to rise, but it’s
   not going to affect Virginia Beach even though that’s at
   sea level.  I mean… somehow Phoenix is just going to
   drop down and none of the buildings are going to be
   damaged, even though its going to fall 1800 feet…  (T)
   Slowly.  It’s going to settle.  (F) Slowly?  It would have
   to be so slowly it’s unbelievable how slowly it would have
   to be. (T)  It’s been settling for the last five million
   years, we’ve got a ways to go in the next year and a half!
   (F) Right!  That’s my point.  (T) In other words, when
   people like Scallion and Sun Bear and others say
   California is going to fall into the ocean, they are not
   saying that the whole state, right along the border is
   going to fall into the ocean, they are using the term
   California to indicate that the ocean ledge along the
   fault line has a probability of breaking off and sinking
   on the water side, because it is a major fracture.  We
   understand that that is not literal.  Are you telling us
   that there is more involved here as far as the way we are
   hearing what these predictions say?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) Are we understanding what you are saying?
A: Some.
Q: (T) So, when we talk about California falling into the
   ocean, we are not talking about the whole state literally
   falling into the ocean?
A: In any case, even if it does, how long will it take to do
Q: (LM) It could take three minutes or three hundred years.
   (T) Yes.  That is “open” as you would say.
A: Yes. But most of your prophets think it is not open.
Q: (J) Yeah, because they think they have the only line on
   it. (T) Okay. So they are thinking in the terms that one
   minute California will be there and a minute and a half
   later it will be all gone. Is this what you are saying?
A: Or similar.
Q: (T) So, when we are talking: “California will fall into
   the ocean, which is just the analogy we are using, we are
   talking about, as far as earth changes, is the possibility
   that several seismic events along the fault line, which no
   one really knows the extent of…
A: Or it all may be symbolic of something else.
Q: (L) Such as? (J) All the fruitcakes in California are all
   going to go off the deep end together. (L) Symbolic of
A: Up to you to examine and learn.
Q: (L) Now, wait a minute here!  That’s like sending us out
   to translate a book in Latin without even giving us a
   Latin dictionary.
A: No it is not.  We asked you to consider a reexamination.
Q: (L) You have told us through this source, that there is a
   cluster of comets connected in some interactive way with
   our solar system, and that this cluster of comets comes
   into the plane of the ecliptic every 3600 years.  Is this
A: Yes.  But, this time it is riding realm border wave to 4th
   level, where all realities are different.
Q: (L) Okay, so the cluster of comets is riding the realm
   border wave.  Does this mean that when it comes into the
   solar system, that its effect on the solar system, or the
   planets within the solar system, (Jan or us), may or may
   not be mitigated by the fact of this transition?  Is this
   a mitigating factor?
A: Will be mitigated.
Q: (T) Is this what the Star Trek movie, “Generations” is
   telling us?
A: Possible.
Q: (T) Are you or someone in the Federation influencing the
   writers of that program?
A: Open.
Q: (L) Does any of this mean that the earth changes that have
   been predicted, may not, in fact, occur in physical
   reality as we understand it?
A: You betcha.
Q: (L) Does this mean that all of this running around and
   hopping and jumping to go here and go there and do this
   and do that is…
A: That is strictly 3rd level thinking.
Q: (L) Now, if that is 3rd level thinking, and if a lot of
   these things are symbolic, I am assuming they are symbolic
   of movement or changes in energy.
A: Yes.
Q: (L) And, if these changes in energy occur does this mean
   that the population of the planet are, perhaps, in groups
   or special masses of groups, are they defined as the
   energies that are changing in these descriptions of events
   and happenings of great cataclysm.  Is it like a cataclysm
   of the soul on an individual and or collective basis?
A: Close.
Q: (L) When the energy changes to 4th density, and you have
   already told us that people who are moving to 4th density
   when the transition occurs, that they will move into 4th
   density, go through some kind of rejuvenation process,
   grow new teeth, or whatever, what happens to those people
   who are not moving to 4th density, and who
   are totally unaware of it?   Are they taken along on the
   wave by,  in other words, piggy-backed by the ones who are
   aware and already changing in frequency, or are they going
   to be somewhere else doing something else?
A: Step by step.
Q: (T) In other words, we are looking at the fact that what’s
   coming this time is a wave that’s going to allow the human
   race to move to 4th density?
A: And the planet and your entire sector of space/time.
Q: (T) Is that what this whole plan is about, then, if I may
   be so bold as to include all of us here in this.  We, of
   the beings of light who have come here into human form, to
   anchor the frequency, is this what we are anchoring it
   for, for this wave, so that when it comes enough of us
   will be ready, the frequency will be set, so that the
   change in the planet can take place as it has been
A: Yes.
Q: (L) When this happens, will we piggy-back all those who
   are still unaware?
A: Open.
Q: (T) Okay, when the people are talking about the earth
   changes, when they talk in literal terms about the
   survivors, and those who are not going to survive, and the
   destruction and so forth and so on, in 3rd, 4th, 5th level
   reality we are not talking about the destruction of the
   planet on 3rd level physical terms, or the loss of 90 per
   cent of the population on the 3rd level because they died,
   but because they are going to move to 4th level?
A: Whoa!  You are getting “warm.”
Q: (T) Okay.  So, we are anchoring this.  So, when they talk
   about 90 per cent of the population not surviving, it is
   not that they are going to die, but that they are going to
   transform.  We are going to go up a level.  This is what
   the whole light thing is all about?
A: Or another possibility is that the physical cataclysms
   will occur only for those “left behind” on the remaining
   3rd level density earth.
Q: (T) Okay, what you are saying, then, is that we are
   anchoring the frequency, so that when the wave comes, we
   move to 4th level density as many people as possible, in
   order to break the hold the “Dark T-shirts” have got on
   this planet, those who remain behind will not have enough
   energy left for the “Dark T-shirts” to bother with the
   planet any longer.  There will be less of them so the
   planet will be able to refresh and they will be able to
   move on in their lessons without interference?
A: Close.
Q: (L) At this point of dimensional transition, is what we
   are doing, anchoring a frequency, are we creating a sort
   of “super string” network that will literally create
   another earth in 4th density, which will then exist in 4th
   density, and the old 3rd density earth — almost like the
   splitting of a one celled organism, only in this splitting
   one half of it moves into another dimension and is
   energized and quite literally created by the anchoring
   frequency, while the old one remains and experiences 3rd
   density reality?
A: Step by step.
Q: (L) Are we anchoring frequency to create a split?
A: One developing conduit.
Q: (L) We are developing a conduit?
A: Yes.  One.
Q: (J) How many conduits do we need?
A: Open.
Q: (T) Is this conduit going to allow those who remain behind
   to be able to move to 4th density easier when they are
A: No.
Q: (T) What is the conduit for?
A: You and those who will follow you.
Q: (T) Oh, this is for those of us who will move to 4th
   density.  We will move through and they will follow us
   through the conduit. (J) Oh, others who are ready?
A: Your group here tonight.
Q: (L) Does this mean we will have followers or just us here
A: Open. Up to you.
Q: (L)  This conduit.  Is this a conduit through which an
   entire planet will transition?
A: You are one.  There are others.
Q: (L) There are other planets…
A: No. Conduit.
Q: We are one conduit and there are conduits…
A: No.  Developing at this point.
Q: (J) So, at this point we are developing a conduit?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) There are other groups on this planet developing their
   own conduits?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) These are conduits for us to move to 4th density in?
A: Knowledge is the key to developing a conduit.
Q: (T) I am working on the assumption that all of us here are
   part of the family of light, is this true?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) And we have been drawn together in order to develop
   this conduit from where we are?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) Are there others in this area?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) Are they supposed to join with us or are they working
   on their own?
A: Open.
Q: (T) Okay, so it is up in the air as to whether we join
   with them, they join with us, or we all work
A: It is up to how much publicity you manage to get.
Q: (T) Do we want publicity on this?
A: Open.
Q: (L) Would it help us?
A: Open.
Q: (T) We’re developing a conduit to move us from 3rd density
   to 4th density.  Once we have moved through the conduit
   does that mean we have completed what we came here to do,
   and that is anchor the frequency?
A: Partly.
Q: (T) Is the conduit kind of like an escape hatch for us?
A: Close.
Q: (L)  Let me get this straight.  When we move through this
   conduit,  are the other…
A: You will be on the 4th level earth as opposed to 3rd level
Q: (L) What I am trying to get here, once again, old
   practical Laura, is trying to get a handle on practical
   terms here.  Does this mean that a 4th density earth and a
   3rd density earth will coexist side by side…
A: Not side by side, totally different realms.
Q: (L) Do these realms interpenetrate one another but in
   different dimensions…
A: Close.
Q: (L) So, in other words, a being from say, 6th density,
   could look at this planet we call the earth and see it
   spinning through space and see several dimensions of
   earth, and yet the point of space/time occupation is the
   same, in other words, simultaneous.  (J) They can look
   down but we can’t look up.
A: Yes.
Q: (L) So, in other words, while all of this cataclysmic
   activity is happening on the 3rd dimensional earth, we
   will be just on our 4th dimensional earth and this sort of
   thing won’t be there, and we won’t see the 3rd dimensional
   people and they won’t see us because we will be in
   different densities which are not “en rapport”, so to
A: You understand concept, now you must decide if it is
Q: (L) Are the 6th density Orions, also known as Transient
   Passengers, are they the same TPs that have been referred
   to as the ones who genetically engineered us or put us
A: Close. They are Wave riders.
Q: (L) Are those groups that ride the wave, is riding the
   wave part of the definition of Transient Passengers?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Do they like to ride this wave?
A: Is it “fun” for you to live on earth?
Q: (L) Well, I like living on earth a great deal, but I don’t
   like pain and suffering, and I don’t like man’s inhumanity
   to man and I don’t like to see other people suffer.
A: Do you live on earth for amusement?
Q: (L) I would like to live on Earth for amusement but I
   haven’t had a whole heck of a lot of laughs since I have
   been here this time.  I would like to have a life on the
   planet where things were pleasant…
A: You misunderstood.
Q: (L) I see what you are saying.  That’s where they live
   because that’s where they live.
A: Yes.
Q: (F) In other words, did you choose to live on Earth
   because you bought a ticket?
Q: (L) In talking about the new level of being after
   transition to 4th density, will this be something like
   what is described in the book “Celestine Prophecy?”
A: Close.
Q: (L) Is the carbon 14 dating process fairly accurate, if
   not, what is its major weakness?
A: To an extent.
Q: (L) What is its major weakness?
A: Same as yours.
Q: (L) Which is?
A: “Time” does not exist.
Q: (L) When was the last time a realm border crossed as far
   as the earth is concerned?
A: As you measure, on Earth, 309,000 years ago.
Q: (L) What does this wave consist of in terms of energy?
A: Feeling.
Q: (L) This wave is feeling?  It is a wave of emotion?
A: Hyperkinetic sensate.
Q: (L) What does that mean?
A: All.
Q: (L) Okay.  How many times has the wave come and involved
   the earth as we know it?
A: Infinite number.
Q: (L) I would like to know if the Shroud of Turin was ever
   wrapped around Jesus.
A: No.
Q: (L) Was it wrapped around somebody who was crucified?
A: No.
Q: (L) How was it made?
A: Wrapped around Roman worker.
Q: (L) What caused the image on the shroud?
A: Body oils, hormones and other physiological chemicals.
Q: (L) Is there any possibility that the information we get
   through this source is STS oriented?
A: Yes.  Always possibility.
Q: (L) I would like to know what is the definition of, and
   would you describe for us, a dimensional curtain?
A: Self-explanatory.  Think.
Q: (L) When we are talking about dimensional curtains we are
   talking about divisions at the same level of density, is
   that correct?
A: Maybe.
Q: (L) Can dimensional curtains be between dimensions at the
   same level of density?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Are dimensional curtains also something that occurs
   between levels of density?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) So, a dimensional curtain is a point at which some
   sort of change takes place… what causes this change?
A: Nature.
Q: (L) In specific terms of the engineering of it, what
   defines this change?
A: Experience.
Q: (L) Is it in any way related to atomic or quantum physics
   or the movement of atoms?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Okay.  An atom is in 3rd density.  What distinguishes
   it from an atom in 4th density?
A: Reality.
Q: (L) What distinguishes one realm from another?
A: Assumptions.
Q: (L) Okay, what you assume or expect is what you perceive
   about that atom depending upon which reality you are in,
   is that correct?
A: Close.
Q: (L) What determines your assumptions?
A: Experience.
Q: (L) My experience of atoms is that they congregate in such
   a way as to form solid matter…
A: Every thing that exists is merely a lesson.
Q: (L) Okay, so once we have learned certain lessons, as in
   experience of certain things, then our assumptions change?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Okay, is this wave that is coming our direction going
   to give us an experience that is going to change our
A: Catch 22: One half is that you have to change your
   assumptions in order to experience the wave in a positive
Q: (L) And what does this wave consist of in absolute terms?
A: Realm border.
Q: (L) Is that realm border as in a cut-off point between one
   reality and another?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Is that realm border as in dimensional curtain?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) So the planet earth is going to pass through a
   dimensional curtain?
A: Or an earth.  All is merely a lesson, and nothing, repeat
   nothing, more.
Q: (L) Well, my experience with lessons has been that they
   are generally painful.  Is this realm border crossing, or
   this merging experience going to be what we, or I, in the
   3rd density, would perceive as painful?
A: Wait and see.
Q: (V) Is the realm border 3rd density?
A: Have answered; stop and contemplate.
Q: (L) What exactly are crop circles and how are they formed?
   I know we have asked about crop circles before, but I
   would like to know the specific mechanism by which they
   are formed?
A: Not issue, but energy vortex.
Q: (L) Does this energy vortex arise from within the earth
A: No.
Q: (L) Where does this energy vortex issue from?
A: Here.  Sixth density.
Q: (L) Do you want to give us more on the wave, or realm
A: No, not at this time.  You have enough for now.
Q: (L) I want to ask again for the benefit of Terry and Jan,
   what or who were the beings seen by D__ M__ in her
   hypnotic regression the other night?
A: Her essence.
Q: (L) Were these in any way physical beings on the earth we
   occupy in space/time from where we are at this moment?
A: No.
Q: (L) This happened in a so-called alternate reality?
A: Is still.
Q: (L) So, in some alternate reality, D__ is a preying mantis
   being eating little children?
A: And so are you.  And all others.
Q: (L) This is an essence of what?
A: Her being.
Q: (L) Are these aspects of our being coming to earth as part
   of the realm border crossing?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Are all of us going to have to face these aspects of
   ourselves as other beings?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Are there other parts of us in all realms doing other
   things at this moment?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) And how is this going to be affected by the realm
   border crossing?
A: Will merge.
Q: (L) Do we need to do extensive hypnosis to bring these
   aspects of ourselves up and deal with these things a
   little at a time?
A: Will happen involuntarily.  Will be like a thermonuclear
   blast.  Message follows:  See pattern.  Orion, Pleiades,
   Arcturas, Cassiopaea; check distances from earth; progress
   locator for wave combined with earth references of space
   time.  For you to figure out.  Cross reference channelled
   messages, printing dates and location.  We are where we
Q: (L) What do you mean you are where you are?
A: Cross reference Time and distance.
Q: (L) What book do we need to cross reference?
A: Any star chart and Marciniak, Arcturas Channel, Orion
   literature and Us.  We speak from “crest” of wave, now,
   where are we?
Q: (L) Is this a riddle?
A: From, not of.
Q: (L) You speak from the crest of the wave? (T) Are you
   riding the wave?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) You said in another reading that you were 6 thousand
A: Window of transmission.
Q: (L) We are certainly hoping that you are going to make all
   of this plain and clear…
A: It is.
Q: (L)  Well, can you help us poor 2 strand DNA creatures to
    understand this?
A: How far away is Cassiopaea?
Q: (L) Do we need specific distances?
A: General is okay.
Q: (L) So, if we just find the general distances… and does
   each of these star clusters represent a general area of
   the wave?
A: Each represents locator in space time.  You can judge
   speed and ETA by cross referencing distance with
   publishing dates and these messages from us.
Q: (L) I got it!  You mean that YOU are the Arcturians, the
   Pleiadians, and now you are the “Cassiopaeans” because you
   “are where you are”!  And you are riding the wave.  Is
   this wave a straight line connecting all these
A: Circuitous or cyclical route.
Q: (L) So, is it like a spiral?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) So we really need to set up a map so we can draw it?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) When we speak from Orion we are “Orions”.  When from
   Pleiades, we are “Pleiadian”, and so on.
Q: (L) So, all of these channelled books you have mentioned
   are coming from the same basic source, through different
   channels, that they are able to connect with because of
   their different positions in space time and preparation
   level of the channels, is that correct?
A: Close.  We have given you a Wave crest locator.  We are
   from where we are and speak.  Get it?
Q: (L) You are the wave crest?
A: We are Marciniak’s Pleiadians.  We are where we are.
Q: (T) So, you are not really Cassiopaeans from the
   Constellation Cassiopia?
A: We are Transient Passengers.
Q: (T) So, when the wave reaches earth and you are
   transmitting to somebody else out there you will represent
   yourselves as the “Terrans?”
Q: When wave reaches earth, we merge with you.
A: (L) When you were at Orion, did you merge with the Orions?
A: Not on same frequency for realm border crossing.
Q: (L) What effect did the wave have on the Orion sector?
A: None.  Already at 4th density level.
Q: (L) Where did the wave originate?
A: Did not.
Q: (L) Has it always been cycling through the universe?
A: Close.
Q: (T) Okay, you are riding on the crest of this wave in 6th
   density, is this true?
A: Yes.  We are you in 6th density.
Q: (T) You are we, that is me Terry, Laura, Jan and Freddie?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Are you alternate selves extending into higher
A: At your current reference point in space time, we are you
   in the future.
Q: (T) We are your destiny?
A: And vice versa.
Q: (L) You are not, by any chance, one of those weird ant or
   preying mantis beings are you?
A: Yes and no.
Q: (T) You are just another part of ourselves?  You, us, the
   Lizards, the ants, the grays, the trees…
A: We are your whole self as you/we are in 6th density.
Q: (T) So, what we are working to become is You?  You are us?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) So, when we move to 4th density and become whole with
   ourselves, we will know you also for a short time?  A: Not
   whole yet when at 4th density.
Q: (T) But in order to move to 4th density…
A: Closer.
Q: (T) We, us, in this room, are closer than others are?
A: No.  Closer when at 4th density.
Q: (L) When S__ was under hypnosis she described seeing a
   fleet of space ships “riding a wave”  and this unnerved
   her.  She felt this wave was a fearful, invasion-type
   thing.  Was this you and your wave she was perceiving?
A: Wave is transport mode.
Q: (L) Is that transport mode for many beings?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Are you coming to invade us?
A: No, merge.
Q: (L) Are others coming with the intention of invading us?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) And, when you merge with us, are you going to empower
   us to resist and defend ourselves?
A: Wave is “crowded.”
Q: (T) So, everybody out in the whole universe who want a
   piece of the earth action are on this wave?
A: At realm border crossing.
Q: (T) You talk about both STO and STS.  Yet you tell us that
   we need to learn to be STO.  Why is there a difference
   between what we have to do and what you are doing?
A: STO is balance because you serve self through others.
Q: (T) You have said a couple of times that you are STS by
   being STO. Is this not true?
A: Yes.  Already answered.
Q: (T) Kind of like: what goes around, comes around?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) Is STO a means to an end for STS?
A: No.  STO is balance.  STS is imbalance.
Q: (T) How can you be STS through STO if STS is imbalance?
A: STO flows outward and touches all including point of
   origin, STS flows inward and touches only origin point.
Q: (T) Well, they refer in the material that I am reading
   through, that they are STS through STO.  (L) They serve
   self BY serving others.  (T) Is that what they mean?  (L)
   Yeah. (T) Is that what we’re supposed to do, serve
   ourselves by serving others? (T) Yeah! Because what goes
   around, comes around.  If you serve others then you get
   things back.  (F) Because when you serve yourself, all
   there is  is an infinite number of individuals serving
   self. (T) There is no energy exchange, no synergy within
   the group; there is no exchange. (F) Everything moves
   inward.  (T) There is no sharing, no growth, there is no
   nothing.  (F) No interconnecting. (T) Right!  There is no
   learning.  (L) In terms of major STS, this may or may not
   be related, could you tell us the nature of a Black Hole?]
A: Grand Scale STS.
Q: (L) Is it like a being that has achieved such a level of
   STS that it has literally imploded in on itself in some
   way?  A: Close analogy.
Q: (T) Possibly an entire civilization of STS?
A: No.
Q: (L) Well, maybe a civilization can’t do it because that
   implies working together.  It must need to be an
   individual being.
A: Black Holes are a natural force reflection of Free Will
   consciousness pattern of STS.  Notice that Black Holes are
   located at center of spiral energy forces, all else
   radiates outward.
Q: (L) Now, you say “spiral” energy forces, and you also have
   said that this wave is a spiral.  Is the central point of
   this wave that is spiraling, a black hole?
A: No.
Q: (L) Is it a radiating wave?
A: All in creation is just that: a radiating wave.
Q: (L) Where does the energy go that gets sucked into a black
A: Inward to total nonexistance.
Q: (L) Well, if a black hole continues to suck stuff in, is
   it possible that it would eventually suck in the entire
A: No.
Q: (L) Why is that?
A: Universe is all encompassing.  Black holes are final
   destination of all STS energy.
Q: (F) So, does this mean that we, or anyone else who is
   classified as STS, remains on said path, that we will
   eventually end up in a Black Hole?
A: Close.
Q: (L) Well, that is pleasant.  And what happens to energy
   that is “total non-existence”?
A: Total non-existance balances total existence.  Guess what
   is total existence?
Q: (L) Well, is it kind of like a balancing force?
A: “God.”
Q: (T) Are we talking about the creator god as in the
A: Not Pleiadians.  Prime Creator.
Q: (T) What is the difference between the Prime Creator and
A: None.  As long as you exist, you are of the Prime Creator.
Q: (L) Now, this stuff that goes into Black Holes, that goes
   into non-existence, is that, then, not part of the Prime
A: Correct.
Q: (L) How can Prime Creator lose any part of him or itself?
A: Prime Creator does not “lose” anything.
Q: (L) Well, then, how would you describe this energy that
   was in existence and then is no longer in existence
   because it has become or gone into a Black Hole?
A: Reflection is regenerated at level 1.
Q: (L) So, this energy goes into a Black Hole and… does it
   come out on the other side?
A: No.
Q: (L) Does it become like a primal atom?
A: No.
Q: (T) Does it go back into the cycle?
A: No. Reflection regenerates as primal atoms.
Q: (L) So, this energy that is sucked into the Black Holes…
   what (T) When we put out energy as positive or negative
   energy, and there are beings on other levels that feed on
   this energy, is this true?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) Okay, and you said that the Lizzies feed on the
   negative energy?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) Who feeds on the positive energy?
A: You do.
Q: (T) How do we feed on the positive energy?
A: Progression toward union with the one, I.E. level 7.
Q: (L) In other words, you fuel your own generator instead of
   fueling someone else’s.  (T) You are at level 6, what do
   you feed on?
A: You have the wrong concept.  We give to others and receive
   from others of the STO.  We feed each other.
Q: (L) So, by feeding each other you move forward and grow
   but those of the STS path do not feed each other so must
   feed off of others.  (T) Now, you are talking to us now.
   This is considered STO?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) We are providing energy for the channel also, does
   that provide you with energy?
A: No.
Q: (F) You are not keeping up with the program, Terry.  (L)
   What do you want from us?
A: We don’t want when pure STO.  We came because YOU wanted.
   But that is STS until you share with others.
Q: (L) So, it is necessary that we share this information?
A: Up to you, it is a free will choice.
Q: (L) Is there some risk to ourselves by sharing this
A: At some level, but there is “risk” to all things.
Q: (T) I have a question: where do you get all your cute
   little cliches and sayings?
A: We access the human condition.
Q: (L) In one of my Fate magazines over there I read a story
   about a fellow who discovered an enormous structure in a
   cave when he was wounded and hiding there during the war.
   It was in Europe somewhere.  I am visualizing the image.
   What was this thing this man found in this cave?
A: Magnesium wall made by Lizard beings.  Constructed 309448
   years ago.  It was part of a base.  It was buried during
Q: (L) What is buried on Oak Island?
A: Regenerator.
Q: (L)  What is a regenerator?
A: Remolecularizer.
That’s enough for now, I think.  The parts scattered throughout about the
“wave” should give you an idea of what they are trying to convey.  There is
such a HUGE cosmic background thing going on that they talk about that it is
difficult to grasp it all.
But, one always needs to remember that even the C’s say that the “corruption”
factor can vary according to who was present and moods and all that, not to
mention what Ark calls the “signal to noise” ratio.
At one point, when queried, C’s said that overall purity of the material was
about 72 percent up to that point. 
From:                    Laura Knight-Jadczyk
To:                        Vincent & Darlene
Subject:                (Fwd) Re: Fulcanelli
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Date sent:             Wed, 19 May 1999 10:30:10 -0400

I guess that I could be considered paranoid to think that “someone” does not
want me to have this book….. and, as we all know: “paranoia will destroy ya!”
and all that… BUT, it IS peculiar!!!
——- Forwarded Message Follows ——-
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Subject:                   Re: Fulcanelli
Dear Arkadiusz,
     We need to provide an update regarding your desire to order the
book “Fulcanelli: Master Alchemist”.  We regret to inform you that the
publisher now tells us that publication has been delayed for an
indeterminate length of time.
     We have never experienced a publisher like this before.  It is a
small company, and you would think they would want to maintain good
customer relations to compete in a world full of large publishing
conglomerates.  Instead, they have lied to us repeatedly.  First, they
told us the book would be ready last November, then they said March, and
then they said May.  Each time, there were just a few details that were
more time-consuming than estimated.
     Now, however, they tell us they have delayed publishing the book for
an indeterminate period of time while they place a higher priority on
another book that has also been unavailable for 1-2 years.  We called and
left three messages that were not returned before we finally got through
to them by phone on the fourth try.  When we asked them to tell us the
truth as to what their plans were, they hung up on us.
     We will continue to keep the book on backorder for you if you
wish.  But our recommendation to you is to consider cancelling your
order and then checking back with us late this year or early next year. We
never like to give up on any book, and we do know that small publishers
have financial and other constraints that limit timely publishing of their
books.  But we believe it is possible  they may simply be waiting for some
other publisher to purchase the rights from them.  Publishers sometimes do
this because if they take a book out of print, anyone else can publish it
without remuneration to the previous publisher.  We don’t wish to accuse
falsely, but the behavior of the publisher reduces trust, at the least.
     We certainly might be incorrect with our speculation, but
regardless you have been put on hold long enough to be told the truth as
we know it.  Please contact us regardless of your decision so we can know
how to proceed.  As we said, we will continue to keep track of the book if
you wish.  But if we don’t hear from you soon, we will assume you tire of
the wait and wish to cancel.
     We apologize profusely for getting your hopes up and then having to
write this letter.  If we can be of any assistance, please let us know.
Jack Tuttle, Insight
fax: 217-352-1233

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