The Bridges/Jadczyk Correspondence Part 5

From:                    Laura Knight-Jadczyk
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Subject:                Re: Berry, Grail, Chalice etc…
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On 13 May 99, at 22:06, Vincent & Darlene wrote:
> 2) Parzival, Perseus and Percy – Your points on Perseus are well taken,
> but the early Rosecrucians focused on Jason as the origin point of
> Parzival myths. Just how and why is a key secret that only Fulcanelli is
> willing to take on. The link seems to be Heracles, whose labors are
> depicted on the supposedly Christian front of St. Trophime in Arles.
Funny thing:
Not long after I had had this “insight” about Perseus, I came across a book in
a used book store and, since I was “triggered” by the suggestion to look for
“the threes,” and it was about Perseus, I bought it.
Well, it is a sort of historical “fiction,” but I was positively amazed at what
this gal did.
Title is:  “Three Ships and Three Kings.”  by Georgia Sallaska.  If you could
get a copy and read it, I think you would appreciate some of the interesting
connections she makes.  If not, and you want to read it, I will lend it to you
via mail.
She writes, in the intro, in part:
“I chose Perseus […] there is a startling, if surface, resemblance between
the Nativity and the account of Perseus birth.
“Then I found quickly that Bellerophon was more closely connected than it would
seem on casual reading.  In both stories, the heros slay monsters; in both
stories, the winged horse Pegasus appears; in both stories, Proetus of the
Tiryns plays a key role.  It occurred to me that perhaps they were the same
hero.  In tracing the genealogies backwards, it became apparent that they
functioned at about the same time; the common figure of Proetus alone would
support that.  As I went further, it became more and more probable to me that
they were indeed, one and the same.
“Careful research followed, not only into mythology, but also archaeological
findings, architecture, history and customs of the times, and soon, when I felt
that I was living more there than here, and more then than now, I knew the time
was right to begin the novel.
“Bellerophon’s betrothal to Aethra is a little-known mythic fact.  There is
another less known version of the Perseus cycle that makes Megapenthes the
author of Perseus’ death.  Likewise, some authorities make Amphytryon Perseus’
grandson through Sthenelus.  When Proetus resigned his throne, however,
Megapenthes’ marriage to his stepmother, whose name is sometimes given as
Stheneboea, was a dynastic necessity, and it seems far more likely that
Sthenelus was Megapenthes’ heir, connected to Perseus by marriage, and tha
Amphitryon was a usurper who claimed a more illustrious ancestry than that to
which he was entitled.
“I derived the name of Hippolochus from a combinatiion of genealogy and
deductive reasoning.  One of Bellerophon’s sons by Philonoe was named Glaucus. 
A grandson bore the name of Hippolochus.  Therefore, if the Oriental custom of
naming a child for his grandsire was followed, then “Hippolochus” might be he. 
It is interesting to note that no grandchild was named “Sisyphus.  Perhaps they
felt that one was enough.
“There is a certain haziness of detail as to the transferral of Mycenae from
the House of Perseus to the House of Atreus; I think it likely that it maight
have happened as I outlined.
“Sites such as Mycenae, Tiryns, and Corinth are not Hellenic in name or origin.
 Mycenae’s archaeological history goes back into the roots of time.  The
cyclopean walls, however, and those of Tiryns as well, date from about the same
period.  It is pure conjecture on my part that assigns their construction to
the same clan of engineers who erected Stonehenge.  However, the last phase of
building in that mysterious British monument corresponds in time with the
Cyclopean walls, so who knows?
“That there is a shadow over the site is well known to anyone who has ever
visited it.  A hush falls over even the most chattering of tourists, and they
pick their way through the tumbled ruins solemnly, almost fearfully.  Whatever
baleful influence worked its harmful way with the original inhabitants, is, it
would seem, still there.”
So, anyway, here hypothesis is that Perseus and Bellerophon were one and the
same, and that there was another name by which Perseus was known: Hippolochus. 
Also, that he went on three voyages… three ships with three sets of
She also talks about the legend that Medusa lived by Lake Tritonis in North
Africa… I couldn’t help but make the connection of “Medusa by the lake” and
the Labyrinth of Menes which supposedly was the tombs of the “sacred
crocodiles” by the man-made lake of Moeris.
I mean, here we have Cyclopean walls and megaliths of all kinds connected with
a severed head, a mirror, winged sandals (anti-gravity), blood of the
“serpent”, ships, lakes, and a host of other things.
 I dreamed about this one night.  There was a “high priest” who appeared in my
dream wearing a skirt like the Cretan depictions of the goddess with the many
tiered skirt… only this was a man.  He showed me how the different tiers
could be “rotated” so that certain “symbols” aligned which then gave a message.
 The symbols were zodiacal and the star names were of great significance.  The
trick was, to align them properly. 
The same dream then morphed.  I was holding a vase that appeared to be onyx or
something like that.  Others had tossed it on a junk heap and I picked it up
and was examining a lot of “scratch” marks all over it.  I could see that it
was engraved all over, but that all the grooves were filled with dirt and it
was coated with grime.  I began to clean it with Q-tips and water very
carefully going into all the little cracks and tracing out all the lines.  As I
did so and the dirt came away, I was awestruck at the beauty of this thing.  It
was not only cunningly worked with some great mythical scene being enacted, but
it was inlaid with amazing veneers of various colored stones… and, it was
also translucent so that the “blackness” turned out to be really a deep,
translucent purple.
Then,  Ark and I were walking and it seemed to be a sort of “park” or
“recreation” area of some sort with mountains and cliffs and so forth.  We were
walking about looking at rock formations and shrubbery – it was a bit sere and
needed water – and he was walking along a path and I decided to hide in a bush
and see how long it took for him to notice I was missing… just playing… but
I suddenly found myself standing on the path AHEAD of him… and he asked “how
did you do that?”  So, I said… well, I ducked into this bush and there was a
cleft in the rock, and I started to squeeze into it and something happened and
here I am!   He insisted that I go back and show it to him.  So, we went back
and there was a small cave entrance… looking rather like the broken cleft of
the tomb in the Arcadian Shepherd’s painting.  He said that it was
impossible… too small … I told him “try it.”  So, he stooped down and
entered the cave… meanwhile, I decided to stay busy by cleaning all the
cracks in the rocks around the cave entrance… there was a trickle of water
and I was using some sort of cloth… and as I did, the water kept increasing
its flow until it was a veritable fountain!  At this point, Ark came stumbling
out of the cave, holding his eyes, crying tears and laughing at the same time
saying “I believe!  I believe!  I’ve seen it with my own eyes!”  and that sort
of thing.
So, we started to leave the park and as we were walking out the entrance, I
glanced up at the cliff face and there was a HUGE mosaic set in the rock… on
the right were seven sharks… the bottom one was pale and they got darker as
they went up… stacked, exact same images… and on the left was a HUGE whale
depicted in the act of “whipping around” with his mouth opening, his eye on the
sharks and preparing (by implication of the frozen posture) to devour them all
at one bite. 
I told myself that I needed to remember this dream and woke up.
And there are some few others that might be significant.  But later.
Have printed all the info you sent and will sit down and try to digest it all. 
I read some parts to Ark while he was taking a break and he really enjoyed it. 
He is most happy that another human on the planet has knowledge enough (though
in a different area) to appreciate the C’s.  Most of his questions are on
physics and, unfortunately, we simply CAN’T use them to validate the source to
outsiders.  So the best stuff has to be kept “in the family,” so to speak.
But, I am wondering… have you had your wife look at the back of your head? 
Sort of a splattery wine stain looking thing of various sizes or shapes????? 
Not an actual discoloration of the skin, but a pinkness of serious capillary
LUX et Tenebris!  (Which reminds me: did you ever think about the funny name of
From:                    Laura Knight-Jadczyk
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Subject:                The bloodline… maybe
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Started thinking… went back to some of the C’s remarks on “Jesus” and family
and started going through the genealogy program to see what fits…
I don’t trust Gardner because I can see his agenda… I have cross checked his
genealogies to a small extent with other research and am still in the process
of building my genealogy database, but it is not finished by any means. 
Anyway, I made some “deductions” about some of the following things and entered
them into the database just to see how they “fit.”  So, the “Jesus” family is
conjecture, but all the rest is documented. 
I don’t know if I told you that C’s have said  that when they put a word in
quotes they intend for it to be studied in all its possible meanings for clues
as in the following:
Q: Change of subject: I am tracking the clues through the
   various languages and alphabets.  I would like to know
   which of these alphabets, Runic, Greek, or Etruscan,
   preceded the others, and from which the others are
A: Etruscan.
Q: Well, who were the Etruscans?
A: Templar carriers.
Q: What does that mean?
A: Seek and ye shall find.
Q: Well, how am I supposed to do that?  I can’t find anything
   else on the Etruscans!
A: No.
Q: What do you mean ‘no?’  You mean there is more out there
   on the Etruscans?
A: Yes.
Q: Okay. What are Templar carriers?
A: Penitent Avian Lords.
Q: What does that mean?
A: For your search.  All is drawn from some more ancient
Q: Okay, let’s leave that for now.  I was digging into the
   Sanskrit alphabet and found that it says that it was
   essentially ‘invented’ by the great Hindu grammarian,
   Panani, which means that it may simply be arbitrary.  And,
   for some reason, digging into it further does not seem to
   interest me…
A: Because you have not yet connected these dots.
Q: Oh, so it will be part of the picture eventually.  Well,
   okay.  We will deal with it when it comes up.  Next: I
   notice that Sargon the Great is sort of an unknown person
   in historical terms.  He is the first great ‘Akkadian’
   king of Sumeria, but no one knows exactly where the term
   ‘Akkadian’ came from nor where ‘Akkad’ even was.  Who was
   this Sargon?
A: Deep level punctuator.
Q: What?!?  What does THAT mean?
A: What does it imply?
Q: Well, punctuation is a way of dealing with language,
A: Beginning or end.
Q: You guys are making me completely crazy!  I will never
   figure all of this out!
A: All is within your grasp.
Q: Well, I think that a HUGE key is in the tracking of the
A: The roots of all languages are identical…
Q: What do you mean?
A: Your origin.
Q: You mean Atlantis?
A: Is that your origin?
Q: You mean Orion?
A: Interesting the word root similarity, yes?
Q: Well, the word root similarities of a LOT of things are
   VERY interesting!  It is AMAZING the things I have
   discovered by tracking word roots…
A: The architects of your languages left clues aplenty.  And,
   you have the rare opportunity to learn far more of this by
   being taught to speak and understand other languages.  WE
   suggest you work to penetrate the STS implanted resistance
   in this area.
Q: One thing I do want to understand, since it is involved in
   all of this, is the idea of the ‘Shepherd.’  All of the
   ancient legends and stories and myths lead, ultimately, to
   something about the ‘shepherd,’ or the ‘Shepherd King.’
A: Shepherd is most likely to be struck by lightning, due to
   staff, and thus “enlightened,” or “illumened!!”
Q: Funny spelling! But, what is the contrast between the
   concept of the shepherd and the agriculturalist?  This
   goes back to the very roots of everything?  There is Cain
   and Abel, Jacob and Esau, Isaac and Ishmael…
A: Are not you “abel” to figure this out?
Q: Well, I have some ideas about it, but some of them seem so
   bizarre!  For example: the first letter of the Greek
   alphabet is alpha, which has the ‘a’ sound, and the first
   letter of the Elder Futhark is a rune with an ‘f’ sound.
   However, they both claim to represent ‘cattle,’ or
   ‘movable’ goods…
A: Have you not learned to explore your ideas without
Q: Yes, to a great extent.  But every once in a while I get
   really stuck because some of the things that are emerging
   from this are so incredible that I just get stopped and
   need a kick to get over the block…  Chloe and I have
   talked about creating a database for the ancient things
   and putting together some clear plastic overlays on which
   we are going to chart the key elements and try to put a
   ‘body’ together, so to speak…  We want to see what
   repeats over and over, and how it repeats…
A: Good!
Okay.  Here goes the Jesus segment.  Hold onto your hat because it is gonna go
against a LOT of stuff floating out there.
Q: (L) Who was Jesus of Nazareth?
A: Advanced spirit.
Q: (L) Was Jesus born from an immaculate conception; that is
   did his mother not have sex with a man in order to
   conceive him?
A: No.
Q: (L) She did have sex with a man in order to conceive him,
   is that correct?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Who was the man with whom she had sex to conceive
A: Tonatha.
Q: (L) I would like more details about the man you say is the
   biological father of Jesus.  Once again, what is his name?
A: Tonatha.
Q: (L) You said he was an acquaintance of Mary’s?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Was he selected for some reason to be the biological
   father of Jesus by other beings or powers.
A: Close.
Q: (L) Can you give us any details about him. What was his
   lineage, where did he come from, etc.
A: He was a member of the white sect.
Q: (L) What is the white sect?
A: AKA Aryans.  Andarans.  (Laura’s note: Who are the
Q: (L) Was Mary a member of the Essene group?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Was this man also a member of the Essenes?
A: No.
Q: (L) This person, Tonatha, was chosen to be the biological
   father of Jesus?
A: Yes.
Q: I know.  One doesn’t do it.  That simple.  Okay, now, I
   was reviewing our Jesus pages for the net, and on the
   subject of this life of Jesus that you gave, the few
   details, you mentioned that the biological father of Jesus
   was an individual named Tonatha.  Then, you said that this
   individual was a member of what you called the ‘white
   sect’ also known as Aryans.  Aryans are not precisely
   known as a sect, but what sect is there among Aryans that
   you were referring to; what is it called?
A: White sect.
Q: So, they call it the White Sect.  Is it like the White
A: Those of fair complexion who wear white robes.
Q: (T) We call them KKK here!  (L) Similar to the Templars?
   Is there, for example, a name that they call themselves?
A: White Sect.
Q: And when they call themselves this, in what language did
   they create this moniker?
A: Aramaic.
Q: So, we need to know what it is in Aramaic.  What kind of
   teachings did they follow?
A: Similar to the monks of orthodox Christianity.
Q: If they were similar to the monks of orthodox
   Christianity, then the activities of this individual in
   being the biological father of Jesus, would that not be
   considered to be breaking one’s monkly vows?
A: All can be forgiven a singular indiscretion.
Q: So, this Mary knew this individual who was, for all
   intents and purposes, a monk in this sect and the hypnosis
   was activated and possibly in him also… was he also
   hypnotized level 1 as you said about her?
A: Close enough.
Q: He was a monk and he had taken vows, this event occurred
   and this child was conceived, is that correct?
A: Yes.
Q: Was she also a member of some sort of order?
A: No.
Q: Was she in any way a sort of Temple virgin or did she had
   spent her whole life preparing to be the vessel for this
A: No.
Q: Is it true that the Essene community that was attempting
   to prepare a vessel for the coming of the messiah, that
   this was their whole plan, their work?
A: No.
Q: This sect existed… where was this monastery or group
A: Near today’s Haifa.
Q: You have said that he did not travel and receive special
   teachings, yet that he knew that he was special from the
   beginning, and that the information was channeled to him.
   How do I want to phrase this?  At what age did he receive
   this enlightenment?
A: Was progressive.
Q: So, it went on over a period of time.  Did he ever know
   who his biological father was, that his father was a
   member of this White Sect… did he know that?
A: Vaguely.
[Discussion of geneology project and bloodlines.]
Q: (T) What will Laura find as she tracks the family trees?
   The bloodline?
A: Roadblocks.
Q: Well, I have already found plenty of those.  (T) What else
   will she find?
A: Frustration.
Q: Okay, you have given me all these clues, and told me that
   I will understand all about bloodlines, and now you are
   telling me that I will have roadblocks and frustration, so
   should I just simply drop this?
A: Because you would approach it in an improper manner.
Q: Should I just drop the whole bloodline thing?
A: Why?
Q: Well, because you are saying I would approach it in an
   improper manner, and I am getting roadblocks and
   frustration, and I certainly don’t want that!
A: So, find the proper manner.
Q: I don’t know what you mean by proper manner.  What’s the
   proper manner?
A: Gradual passage of phases.
Q: Is that the proper manner?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) Which phases are passing gradually?
A: The answer to that is the clue you need most.
Q: (T) Phases of what?
A: It is the discovery that fosters the learning.
Q: So, I will discover these as I go along, I guess.  One dot
   leads to the next dot.  The only way to learn is to do it.
   (A) The original questions was whether we should follow
   this bloodline research… to what purpose?
A: Bloodlines reveal destiny.  Why do you think they have
   been covered up so thoroughly?
Q: (L) Did Mary and Joseph, once together, subsequently have
   other children?
A: No.  But Jesus did.
Q: (L) Jesus had children? 
A: There were three women.
Q: (L) There were three women?  Female children?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Are they mentioned in the Bible?
A: One is but not by name.
Q: (L) Who was one of them?
A: Alicia.
Q: (L) What was the name of the second one?
A: Rafea.
Q: (L) The third one?
A: Vella. Became  Romans.
Q: (L) All three of them were Romans?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) And what happened to the children?
A: Survived and multiplied fruitfully.
Q: (L) Is that, as some people claim, the true meaning of the
   search for the Holy Grail, that it is not a cup but the
   “Sang Real”, or holy blood line?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Are there any descendants of Jesus living today?
A: 364,142.
Q: (L) Was Jesus Christed in the sense of having some special
   mantle of power falling over him at the time of his
A: Nearly correct.
Then there is this one:(this session above and the one below were about 4 years
apart, I think)
Q: Who was Joseph of Arimathea?
A: A disciple of the Unibound.
Q: What’s a ‘unibound?’
A: Singular thought.
Q: What is the unibound?
A: Transcendant discipline.
Q: And what does one do if one is a participant?
A: Up to 96 hours of clear channel meditation.
Q: Okay, so Joseph was a disciple of this… is this an
   individual or a concept?
A: Each.
Q: What was Joseph’s role, if any, in relation to the ‘Holy
A: None.
Q: Who created the legends of the Holy Grail and Joseph of
   Arimathea bringing it to a) France, or b) England?  Who
   was behind the creating of this group of legends?
A: Not a group of legends.
Q: Why was the 12th century the focal point for the
   propagation of the grail legends, the troubadours, the
   whole thing?
A: Beginning of “Renaissance.”
Q: The story is, and there are even some very old legends in
   France itself, that there are caves or places where Joseph
   and Mary Magdalene spent the night, or lived, or whatever.
   Did Joseph of Arimathea actually travel to France and then
   to England later, with Mary Magdalene or other followers
   of Jesus?
A: No.
Q: Did he travel to France alone?
A: No.
Q: What is the source of these stories?  What is the point of
   these stories?
A: Deflection.
Q: Deflection of what to what or from what?
A: Truth from recipient.
Q: Okay.  Did somebody travel to France carrying some sort of
   object, or a person who WAS this ‘object,’ so to speak, as
   the ‘holy bloodline,’ or whatever?
A: Maybe it was carried by those most capable.
Q: And who would be those most capable?
A: Check the geographic link.
Q: I am getting completely confused.  I don’t have a single
   clue about what is going on here or even what we are
   talking about now!
A: Where are the Pyrenees?
Q: On the border between France and Spain.
A: Who lives there?
Q: The Basques, among others.  Is that who we are getting at?
   Or the Alchemists?  These beings….
A: Close.
Q: The Rosicrucians?  So, what does that have to do with this
   bloodline and Holy Grail business, and Joseph of
   Arimathea and Mary Magdalene… I mean, did Mary Magdalene
   exist as a person?
A: Yes.
Q: Was she the wife of Jesus?
A: No.
Q: Did Jesus have a wife?
A: Yes.
Q: Who was his wife?
A: Anatylenia.
[I just recently bought Gardner’s book and was surprised to see him name “Anat
or Anath” or something like that as the “bride” by tradition… but then he
fluffs over it and goes on with his “Mary Magdalene” agenda. ]
Q: Who was this person?
A: The wife of Jesus.
Q: What was her background, her nationality?
A: Nazarene.
Q: Does that mean that she was from the east?
A: Possibly, if viewed that way.
Q: Did they have any children?
A: Yes.
Q: How many?
A: Three.
Q: What was the family name?
A: Marnohk.
Q: What did his wife do when he ascended into the stat of
   hyperconsciousness which you have previously described?
A: Awaited her turn to transition.
Q: Did she continue to live in the same general area, or did
   she move to Europe.
A: Same area.
Q: So, all these stories being made up about all these people
   and dramatic scenarios…
A: It is not the people but the message, the artifacts hold
   the key.
Q: What artifacts?  Where are these artifacts?
A: France, Spain, Canary Islands and Morocco.
Q: What kind of artifacts are they?  Things that still exist?
A: Yes.
Q: Is there any possibility that I am going to be able to
   find out about, or even actually FIND these artifacts?
A: Of course!!
Q: Does anyone else know about these artifacts?
A: Others are “on the trail.”
Q: Is one of these artifacts the ‘Virgin of Candelaria’ that
   appeared in the Canary Islands?
A: Related.
Q: Okay, well, I have learned anything about Morocco yet…
A: Best to get “on the trail of…”
Q: On the trail of what?   Trail of the Lonesome Pine, Trail
   of the Assassin… the Assassini?
A: Look for major conjunctions.
Q: Any more clues you want to give on that?  Are we supposed
   to actually physically go to these places?
A: What does “Casablanca” mean in Spanish?
Q: White House.
A: Yes…
Q: Related to the White House in Washington?
A: On the trail…
Q: You once said something about ‘undreamed of treasures
   buried in Alfalfa fields in Rhineland.’  I have puzzled
   over this and puzzled over this and gone in ten different
   directions, and I still don’t have a real handle on it.
   Can you help me out here?  Is this related to the crystal
   skull supposedly in the possession of the Templars that
   they supposedly buried in Gaul that the Templars had?
A: Need a better “handl” on it.
Q: George Friedrich?  (A) No… (L) Well that is a funny
   spelling.  You also said something about records being in
   the Hague.  How am I supposed to check records in the
   Hague?  The only way is to go there…
A: Travel for you is okay in small doses.
: Okay.  I have the idea.  Now, let me ask about the really
   strange things that I have been discovering.  I am sure
   that I am not even halfway through it.  But, let me ask
   this: am I correct in my thinking that following the
   genetic clues is part of the key…
A: Connect the dots and when you have finished, you will have
   a “Gaugin.”
Q: Hmmm… (A) In other words, a masterpiece… (L) Okay, we
   know that the bloodline is important by virtue of being of
   the Nordic or Celtic heritage.  In going through the
   transcripts, I came across numerous instances where a
   “sect” was mysteriously mentioned over and over again. I
   am thinking that this sect, as you call it, is this
   organization that we refer to as the “Quorum.”
A: What is “sect” the root word of?
Q: Sector, section, (T) sectarian…  (A) A branch… (L)
   Anything else you want to add to that?
A: Ask away.
Q: Does this other group that you  have mentioned, the Nation
   of the Third Eye, are they one and the same?
A: The Third Eye expands vision into the unseen.
Q: Seeing the unseen.  You mentioned once before that the
   “Rosicrucians act as a thief in the night.”  You also
   mentioned that I ought to dig into the Rosicrucians, and I
   went to the University library, and it was essentially
A: Connect the Rosicrucians to your favorite island by the
   “beech.” Horticulturally, please, and family.
Q: Oak Island?
A: Yup!  Then, connect the Pyrenees to the Canaries.
Q: Okay, a “thief in the night.” The destruction of the
A: Research the history of the Canary Islands for clue.
Q: Is there any connection to the fact that those guys at the
   University of Tenerife were communicating back in February
   and March?  Might there be more to this connection?
A: Maybe, but do you know the history of this place?
Q: Well, no I don’t.  That one slipped by.  I will follow
   that one… You also once before said that when a certain
   7 people assembled into a perpendicular reality, that the
   learning would be exponential.  I am sure we are not there
   yet, but I am wondering if this information I have
   discovered about bloodlines and potential activation of
   DNA has any connection to that idea?
A: Build your staircase one step at a time.
Q: (L) Question, this may take us somewhere. I noticed when I
   was redoing these transcripts for Ark to read that when we
   were discussing the origin of the Celts, that the question
   was asked, by me, were they in any way superior to the
   indigenous people of this planet?  And the remark was, that
   they were sturdier in some way. And then I commented that
   they didn’t appear to be sturdier than, say, some of the big
   Black people, because Celts are very fair, and very thin-
   skinned looking, and very delicate. It just seemed to me to
   be kind of an odd remark to make.  However, the response that
   I received, which I didn’t pick up on at the time, which blew
   mw out of the water, was that they were sturdier, but not
   neccessarily on the surface of the planet…  (J) No, they
   didn’t say on the surface of the planet. They just said, on
   the surface.  (L) On the surface… Uh huh. So, does that
   surface mean surface of their appearance, or does that
   surface mean surface as in underground?  That’s my question.
A: Both.
Q: (L) Now, in talking about these large underground cities or
enclaves that we’ve talked about on a couple of occasions, it
has been said that these beings come and actually may take human
babies.  I mean , this is like fairy lore, legends, of different
kinds of creatures that come and steal people’s babies, and they
go and live underground, and sometimes, one or another will
escape. Is this what we’re talking about here? These kinds of
situations, these underground cities and caves and civilizations
and so forth?
A: Vague.
Q: (L) Well, I know it’s vague… (T) Are the Celts part of
these underground civilizations?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) And they came to the surface some time ago…
A: No.
Q: (L) No, they came here, and they were taken underground…
A: No.
Q: (L) No, well, what’s the story?
A: Went.
Q: (L) They went underground? Is that it? (T) When did they go
A: Several occasions, the most recent being, on your calendar:
1941 through 1945.
Q: (L) That’s when they went underground?  1941 through 1945?
A: Last episode of mass migration, mostly Deutschlanders.
Q: (T) Underground. We’re talking underground, as in under the
surface of the earth. Is this what we’re talking?
A: Antarctica.  Under there.
Q: (T) Under Antarctica, under… Oh, in one of the big…
A: Entry port.
Q: (T) They went underground in Antarctica, they built a large
underground base there, this is where the Germans, as in the
Nazi Germans, claimed as Vineland, I think it is, where the
older maps that show Antarctica, where the Germans, claimed as
Vineland, I think it is, where the older maps that show
Antarctica, where the German territory was claimed, it’s in that
section that’s south of…
A: Yes, but they entered through their constructed base, as
instructed, then were assimilated.
Q: (L) They were assimilated into the population already
existent?  Underground cities, underground bases?
A: Yes.
Q: Laura) So, they didn’t build them, they entered into them as
instructed, and were assimilated into the population?
A: They did build a base.
Q: (T)  Well, they’d have to keep expanding! Now, you said
instructed… (L) Instructed by whom?  (T) They were instructed
to go there?
A: Those identifying themselves as “Antareans.”
Q: (L) And who are the Antareans?
A: STS Humanoid Orion linkage.
Q: (L) What is an STS Orion Linkage? (T) That’s the…
(L) We have a new concept here. (T) They would be… the…
the…the…  (V) Mutant Race! (T) Yes! Those that were part
of the creation…
A: No.
Q: (L) What is an STS Humanoid Orion linkage?
[Part of tape seems to be missing here, questions in [ ] are
A: An STS race from Orion that is humanoid.
Q: [something about who or how they got hooked up with the
Nazis.  Probably a question related to the group that “handled”
A: The Thule Society originated contact.
Q: [something about them “waiting to take over the world”]
A: Waiting?
Q: [undoubtedly Terry’s question about what Admiral Byrd may
have seen over the pole.]
A: Yes, but he was led to believe he was chasing what amounted
to merely an encampment of detached Nazis.
Q:  [So Byrd must have SEEN something and was then led off the
A: Yes
Q: (T) …the U.S. just assumed, and Churchill, between the two
of them, was it Roosevelt and Churchill?  They didn’t even tell
the Rssians too much about what they were doing down there.
They just assumed that this was a base, another one of their
underground bases that was manned by the Naziis, but there
wasn’t anything that they could do, because they were too far
away, and we were keeping them out of the war. So, there wasn’t
much tht they could send back.  So, they let them come in, and
figured they were stranded.  (V) Are they coming back out now
in the… (T) They’ve been coming back out…  (V)… shape
of the White Supremicists that are like popping up all over the
place?  (T) They’ve been coming and going all along. Admiral
Byrd was sent down there, supposedly to go to the South Pole,
the first Admiral Byrd expedition to the South Pole; but he took
a large military force with him. He was still a U.S. Admiral at
the time.  The large military force encountered resistance and
got their asses whupped real good down there.  But, they kept it
real quiet, because nobody knew what was really going on down
there. So, they just said, oh, it was a scientific expedition.
It was really Captain Picard and the Enterprise going to find a
new planet! And in reality, what they’d done was to go down
there to root out this base out after the war, and they didn’t
do real well at all!  (J) Bit off more than they could chew. (T)
They lost a whole lot of people and a whole lot of ships, and a
lot of equipment down there.  That’s why all these bases ring
around the outside, all the scientific bases from different
countries; Russia, the U.S., Great Britain, all these countries
have these scientific bases all along the outer edge of the
Antarctic. They’re scientific, they use them for study, but they
are there to monitor what’s going on, that’s why they don’t go
into the Antarctic.  (V) You know, my father was a SeeBee down
there.  (T) I’ll bet he has some very interesting stories about
it.  (V) That’s why my father is an alcoholic and can’t see
A: Yes.
Q: (L) What do these guys plan on doing?
A: This is where “The Master Race” is being developed.
Q: (L) And what is the timeframe they have planned for this
A: Never mind.
Q: (L) Is Ark going to be able to help us with technology, to
help other people, or to protect ourselves in some way? In this
really bizzare stff goin on on our planet?
A: Too much, too soon, my dear. Curiosity killed the cat.
Q: (L) Well, satisfaction brought him back!
A: Not in this case!!!
Q: (T) You’ve got to let this go along.  It’s picking up
   momentum every day, it seems. So, just let it roll along and
   let it see where it goes. (L) All right, lets… (T) He’s
   coming to protect you.  That’s what he said.
A: Maybe, but there is so, so, so much more in store than
Q: (L) Stop!… Is that an ominous, ‘maybe, but there’s
so, so, so much more in store?’ Or is that a positive, there is
so, so, so much more in store?
A: Why would you think it ominous?
Q: (L) Well I don’t know.. because I’m scared of what I don’t
know!   (T) Faith, we’re back to faith again.
A: What have we helped you to discover so far? Would you
rather discontinue this operation?
Q: (L) Oh, hell no!  (T) After two years, you know she’s always
going to ask those kinds of questions!
A: Not two years, eternity.
Q: (L) Did I just get zinged?  (T) No. No. Mirth!  (J) Yes, we
haven’t had mirth in a while! (T) Just a little mirth there!
A: We have helped you build your staircase one step at a
time. Because you asked for it. And you asked for it because it
was your destiny.  We have put you in contact with those of rare
ability in order for you to be able to communicate with us.
Again, because you desired it, in order to realize your path. By
now, you should recognize the signs… Those who display
thinking patterns which in many ways deviate from that which is
considered ordinary. The more unusual, the more telling. They
have past lives on 3rd density earth, but not recently,
but for this one.  And they are not oriented to the earth
frequency vibrations.
[Group discussion ensued on the last response]
Q: (T) …It is destiny for you to find out what your path was,
you had to make this contact, because it was what you were
supposed to do.  (L) Are we not talking about Freddie in terms
of being put in contact with someone who enables me to
communicate with you, so you can put me on my path, which is
building the staricase, etc, etc. ?  Is that not what we’ve got
going here?
A: He is one, but not the only one, just the one who awakened
your sense of recognition.
Q: (L) I know this is probably not the time to ask this
question; this is the kind of discover, open find out, open, that
kind of thing, but it seems to me almost that you are leading
up to say something, so maybe I can help you along by asking,
what is this staircase, what is this destiny?
A: Discover.
Q: (L)  I knew it was coming! (T) Why don’t we ask who else is
involved. (L) You ask, I’m trying to… (T) Well, if Freddie is
one, who else is involved?
A: We have given the signs, but they are not necessarily the
same with each individual.
Q: (L) Well, I know it’s kind of a bizzare idea, but…  (T) Let
me ask this. All this work you’ve been doing, all this nurturing
you’ve been doing, is Laura a keystone to whole project that
you’re working on?
A: We suggest you avoid anticipatory exercises, as realization
comes after the fact.
Q: [Freddie complains because Laura keeps taking her hand off
   the planchette and resting it in her lap.] (L) Well, I’m in
   pain, Freddie, it’s hard for me to sit here. Appreciate the
   fact that I’m in pain.
A: Appreciate the fact that you have been given the keys to
end all this pain.
Q: (L) When you say, ‘end all this pain,’ it sounds a
little more inclusive than just my shoulder hurting! I mean,
that sounds rather cosmic.
A: Yes.
Q: (L) To end all this pain… ??
A: It all goes hand in hand.
So, see if any of these things sort of make any smoke come out of the pipe.
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To:                        Vincent & Darlene
Subject:                Re: Berry, Grail, Chalice etc…
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There are a couple of things that freaked me out completely!
On 14 May 99, at 10:53, Vincent & Darlene wrote:
Now, just substitute “Neters” for “Lizzies.”  As I understand them, they are
one and the same…
> The key to understanding the secret pattern,
> Fulcanelli assures us, lies in the language of symbolism.
C’s say this also…
 Fulcanelli organizes his
> theme into three groups of three-in-one concepts or narratives,
There’s those “Triplicative Connnecting Profiles.”
 that of
> the Theoretical Tree, the Operational Tree and the Cosmological Tree.
> Following Fulcanelli’s design, this book will examine each of these Trees.
And here are “trees” that will “lead you to it.”
Question is:  WHO is doing the channeling here!
>  Five – The Message: How does a Tree become a Stone and then a Star?
> A look at what Fulcanelli seems to be telling us with his depiction of the
> theoretical Tree. One conclusion: Alchemy is nothing like we thought it
> would be.
But if you also think of DNA as a sort of micro-micro-cosmic “tree,” and the
“unlocking” of same being the figurative equivalent to the branching of a
tree… or “grafting”… via the 1st stage of “the work,” and the production of
the stone from the fusion reaction… and the “translation into the next
density,” as “becoming a star,”  well…. there you have it.
>Unraveling the mystery of King Mark, Sextus
> Marcus of Glanum, not only gives us a glimpse of the Gnostic origins of
> the Troubadors, who were so fond of Tristan and Isolde, but allows us to
> understand the story of St. Christopher. This tale of a holy child carried
> on the back of an ancient giant, the son of the monster tricked by Jason,
> killed by Tristan and converted by Mary Magdalene’s sister Martha suggests
> the role of a new Gnostic Saviour. A Christ by initiation and lineage just
> as Jason was, he appears for an instant through the spaces of the stories,
> then vanishes into the background, where he can be felt, watching and
> guiding events through the centuries.
This makes me think of the “firewalker” comment:
A: We need you to be more specific, if you please.
Q: Well, do the dark lines represent a)iron or b)the
   magnetite of the iron?
A: Seldom are answers so readily obtainable as in the “key”
Q: You got that right!  It blew me away!  So, in other words,
   the answer was very close to the description of the
A: Interesting that they should mention “barbeque,” as the
   lines described could very well denote the effects of the
   “grill” after one’s face had been pressed upon it, while
   the fires burned underneath!
Q: What would be the source of such fires?  The nature of the
A: Firewalkers could tell you that.
Q: What is the nature of the grill?  Is it an external iron
   object, or an internal effect of iron?
A: Both.
Q: Why would this be represented as dark lines across the
A: When one is shamed, one is no longer seen, only sees…
Q: Are you saying that this is a representation of hiding
   one’s face in shame?
A: More like being hidden.
Q: What figure did this god represent that had these lines
   drawn across the face?
A: The figure was more collective than individual.
If I remember correctly, it seems that the story of Tristan and Isolde involved
firewalking???  And this paragraph bears some funny resemblances to the text I
have pasted in above…
>  Eleven – The Hidden Initiations, Part Two — The Hermetic
> Renaissance of Good King Rene. Almost from his birth around midnight on
> January 16-17, 1409, Rene, as the son of Louis II of Anjou and Provence,
> and Yolande of Aragon, combined the hopes of the remaining strands of the
> underground Grail Families. In time, he would actually become King of
> Jerusalem, in title only unfortunately because Jerusalem was now part of
> the Ottoman Empire, as well as Duke of Lorraine and King of the two
> Sicilies. This combination of royal and political clout along with a
> sensitive and artistic nature, allowed Rene considerable spiritual
> leverage among the intellectuals of his era. After 1442, when Rene gave up
> on the Kingdom of Naples and Sicily, he devoted his time to the Grail
> legends of his native Provence. In 1448, he built the fortress church at
> Les Stes. Maries de-le-Mer to honor the bones of the two Marys and Sarah
> the Egyptian. In the same year, he formed the Order of the Crescent, a
> chivalric order with emphasis on the Jason legends and the Grail Romances.
> In the early 1450’s, Rene gave fellow member of the Order Francesco Sforza
> a deck of Tarot cards as a wedding present. By 1460, the Marseilles Gypsy
> Tarot was in print by the hundreds. After 1456, Rene retired to his
> castles with his young wife to paint and write allegorical romances on
> chivalry. In 1471 he moved back to Provence, taking his considerable
> library with him. In the last decade of his life, he maintained contact
> with an offshot of the Order of the Crescent in Bourges, now headed, after
> the disgrace of Jacques Coeur, by Jean Lallemant. For 120 years after
> Rene’s death in 1481, the current remained underground as part of the
> growing European Invisible College. After 1602, it emerged briefly as the
> Rosecrucian movement, its connections with King Rene heavily veiled by
> allegory. The religious wars of the 17th century ravaged the Rosecrucian
> movement, and by the rise of the Hapsburg-Bourbons of Louis XIV, only one
> lonely anonymous voice was left to transcribe the secret into stone at the
> small out of the way place known as Hendaye, where the Hapsburgs and the
> Bourbons united in marriage.
In my opinion – and its just a feeling, and you have read that I can be wrong
and the C’s get frustrated with me, but I think the Spanish/Arab connection is
more significant than the Jewish/Davidic line…
Q: I noticed in Genesis Chapter 33, verse 11, it says that
   Jacob, who wrestled with the angel the previous night and
   was on his way to see his brother Esau, who he had tricked
   into giving up his blessing years before, gave Esau the
   blessing.  What was this?  The birthright from his father
   or the blessing Jacob received from the angel?
A: Trampled leaves of wrath.
Q: This is what Jacob gave to Esau?
A: Yes, and what is the “core” meaning there?
Q: I don’t know.  What is the core meaning?
A: Leaves are of the Tree of Apples, from whence we get the
   proverbial “grapes of wrath,” the Blue Apples incarnate!
Q: Why are these leaves ‘trampled?’
A: Removes chlorophyll.
Q: What is the significance of the chlorophyll?
A: When the chlorophyll dies, the autumnal equinox is at
Q: Did this signify something about the autumnal equinox?
A: Discover what the significance is, my Dear!
Q: Why did Jacob then deceive his brother again?  He was to
   travel and meet him in Edom, but then went in the other
   direction as soon as Esau was on his way.
A: Refer to last answer, and cross reference.
Q: After wrestling with the ‘angel,’ Jacob was renamed
   ‘Israel,’ which means ‘he will rule as a god.’  This tends
   to make me think that this angel whom Jacob seems to have
   conjured, did something.  What was this being that Jacob
   wrestled with?
A: Elohim provides the conventional response.
Q: And you have told us about the Elohim.  Okay.  I will look
   it up.  What did it mean when it said that the ‘angel
   touched him in the hollow of the thigh,’ which did
   something to him.  What was meant by the ‘hollow of the
A: Branch.
Q: You mean genetic?  His gonads?
A: No.
Q: What do you mean?
A: Ponder.  If you ponder this, lightbulbs will illuminate.
Q: Well, I don’t think I am going to get any more on it.
   Now, next question: in playing with my 11 house zodiac, it
   became apparent that, in order for it to work properly,
   the circle must be converted from 360 degrees to 330
   degrees.  Now, this made me think about the degrees in a
   circle.  With a 360 degree circle, the total as well as
   all the cardinal points are numbers that total 9.  Freddie
   and I have examined this idea of numbers having some sort
   of ‘frequency’ effect on all things, and it seems to be
   true in a VERY deep sense.  So, all our measurements on
   our globe are based on the number 9, and this is NOT a
   friendly number!  The ancient gods were known as ‘they who
   measure,’ and this imposition of a 360 degree circle on
   our world, and a 12 sign zodiac, is part of a system that
   imposes a frequency or vibration on our reality that is
   quite destructive.  It perpetuates the negative existence.
   Am I getting close to the proper understanding here?
A: The proper understanding is more important than how it was
Q: So, it is the conclusion.  But, the deeper I go, the more
   I see that this world is REALLY controlled by these
   negative beings!  They really have us under their thumbs.
A: Do they??  If so, then how is it that you can communicate
   with us?
Q: Well, obviously, not completely.  They like to THINK they
   do.  But, working with my zodiac, I can’t decide where the
   year ought to begin.  Supposedly the Egyptians began the
   year in the summer, Midsummer.  But, it seems to me that
   it ought to begin in the winter at the winter solstice.
   But, then, it is backwards in the Southern Hemisphere.
   So, which of the solstices or equinoxes would be the
   proper one for the beginning of the year?
A: Begin as you see fit, everyone else has.
Q: That’s the truth!  Okay, we have this Orion Mystery book.
   It seems to have quite a bit of discussion on the shafts
   that hint at something you mentioned a long time ago.
   They say that the fellows who originally measured the
   shafts were in error and their measurements are accurate
   now.  But, you mentioned that the shafts change position,
   so the previous, as well as the current measurements could
   BOTH be correct.  Is that so?
A: Ultrasound reading showed inner chambers change in
Q: What were the functions of the so-called air shafts of
   these chambers.  It seems that the southern shaft of the
   Queen’s chamber orients to Sirius, and the southern shaft
   of the King’s chamber orients to Orion, but only at
   certain times.  What was the function of the orientation
   to these stars?
A: Stand within airshaft of the queen’s chamber, and you
   shall not age.
Q: You can’t do that… they are only about 22 cm square.
   And, the queen’s chamber air shaft does not even open to
   the outside.  And, up in this shaft, they have discovered
   a little door which has not, to my knowledge, been opened
   yet.  Nevertheless, one could not stand in these shafts.
A: Why not?
Q: Because they are only 22 cm square!
A: You are allowing third density supposition to creep in.
Q: Why were they oriented to Orion and Sirius?
A: What do you think?
Q: I don’t know!  I don’t think stellar radiation could have
   anything to do with it.  And, the authors of this book
   think that it is a time marker.  It shows the exact
   orientation at about 2400 B.C. and then at about 10,400
   B.C…. What is the significance of this?
A: Discover.
Q: Ouspensky thought that the Grand Gallery held the key to
   the whole pyramid…
A: No.
Q: What IS the key to the pyramid?
A: Use the math as given.
Q: Okay, what was the purpose of the Grand Gallery?
A: Energy collector.
Q: What were the notches in the floor for?
A: Note the sequence.
Q: The Queen’s chamber is lined with limestone, the King’s
   chamber is lined with black granite.  Why the difference?
A: Perfection in methods of sound wave construction.
Q: What do you mean?
A: Where do you suppose the black granite was excavated?
Q: I don’t know.  Not from there, for sure.
A: Okay, so what does this mean?
Q: I don’t know.  I thought there might be a difference in
   the purposes of the room because of the different
   construction.  But, what you seem to be saying is that it
   was due to improved techniques of construction.  So, the
   Queen’s chamber must have been built first.  Did they use
   the Queen’s chamber to perfect the methods so that they
   could then build the Kings’ chamber?
A: Important thing here is the method, not the purpose.
Q: What brought about the perfection in sound wave
   construction methods?
A: Increased knowledge.
Q: How long, from start to finish, did it take to build this
A: 6 months.
Q: And their knowledge was so significantly increased from
   the building of the Queen’s chamber, within this period,
   that the King’s chamber could then be built differently?
A: Yes.
Q: Was the Queen’s chamber finished first?
A: Yes.
Q: Was it then used to increase the knowledge?
A: Close.
Q: What is behind the little door in the Souther Shaft?
A: Secrets of the Parthenon.
Q: What are the secrets of the Parthenon?
A: You will see.
Q: How will I see?
A: With your mind’s eye.
>  Twelve – The Hidden Initiation, Part Three — The Chapel of
> Lallemant Mansion. An analysis of what the decorations of the chapel at
> Lallemant reveal about the esoteric initiations of the Order of the
> Crescent and the Star, or the Rose of Isis, or the Brotherhood of the Rosy
> Cross, as the groups were variously known. The chapel at Lallemant is an
> early version of the Hall of the Neophytes of Golden Dawn and Rosecrucian
> ceremonial magic, including the Two Pillars of Jochaim and Boaz. The
> ceiling, with crossing quarter beasts, acts as an astro-alchemical
> initiation pattern. The altar, and the enigmatic credence, represent the
> veil of Isis and the boundary of the inner temple. The chapel, like the
> temple of Solomon and the Hall of the Neophytes, was designed to symbolize
> the union of micro and macro, heaven and earth, with the Cube of Space and
> the structure of matter. The secret of alchemy lies in the Stars.
Q: (L) Okay, a year ago we talked about the quorum and I did
   not understand.  Now, what I would like to know is, is the
   understanding I have acquired in the past two weeks
   regarding this group…
A: You need some review.
Q: (L) Okay.
A: Not just about the “Quorum,” but about many important
   subjects, and tonight, we intend to have some free flowing
   energy, if you don’t mind.  In other words, we may
   supercede questions, when appropriate.  However, it may be
   necessary for you to begin the process by asking a
Q: (L) I am curious about what I call the “Scottish
   Question.” Why is it that everytime I start a paper trail
   on any issue of conspiracy, there always seems to be a
   link to Scotland and Scots?
A: “Celtic,” what does it mean?
Q: (L) Well, the word “kilt” comes from “Celtic,” but no one
   seems to know where they originated… they just sort of
   appeared on the landscape, so to speak.
A: Exactly!
Q: (L) Are you going to tell us?
A: No, not just as of yet.
Q: (L) So, there is some interesting connection!  (RC) Does
   it mean “warrior race?”
A: If you prefer!  We have close affiliation with the
   “Northern Peoples.” Why?  Because we were in regular,
   direct contact with them on Kantek, before they were
   “lifted” to Earth by Orion sts.
Q: (L) If you were in direct contact with them, how come they
   were in cahoots with the Orion STS bunch?
A: Who says they are in “kahoots?”
Q: (L) Weren’t they rescued by the Orion STS?
A: Yes.  But one need not be in “kahoots” to be rescued!!!
Q: (L) Well, if the Orion STS brought the Celts here, they
   must have brought them for their own purposes, am I
A: Essentially, but herein lies the reason why you need a
   review.  You see, you have some gaps in your knowledge
   base which are caused by channeling, absorbing and
   analyzing information out of sequence with what we have
   given you and mixing it all together!
Q: (L) Okay, what’s my problem?
A: You are doing wonderfully, my dear, but it is difficult
   for you to keep up this way, because your natural drive
   for the truth makes you impatient, and therefore you tend
   to fill in the gaps with simple reasoning and assumptions.
   While these are often correct, they can tend to allow you
   to get ahead of yourself.
Q: (L) Okay, square one: Is the quorum composed of humans who
   have been alchemists, who are presently in possession of a
   substance called “the elixir of life” and which David
   Hudson calls “monoatomic gold?”
A: And much, much more!  Monoatomic gold is but one minor
   issue here.  Why get lead astray by focusing upon it
   solely.  It would be akin to focusing on the fact that
   “Batman” can fly!  Is that the only important thing that
   “Batman” does in the story?  Is it?
Q: (L) Of course not!  (R) Batman fights crime!
A: What we mean is that alchemy is but one minor piece of the
Q: (L) Okay, I understand.  But, understanding the alchemical
   connection, and its potential for extending life and
   opening certain abilities, makes it more feasible to think
   of a group that has been present steadily and consistently
   for many thousands of years on earth.
A: They are not the only ones!
Q: (L) Oh! I knew I was opening a can of worms!
A: Let us go to the root.
Q: (L) What is the root?
A: Who, or what made you?
Q: (RC) The Creator. (L) Prime Creator.
A: How?  And who is Prime Creator?
Q: (L) Everything, I guess.
A: You are “Prime Creator.”
Q: (L)Well, we know we are… (RC) We are creators, but we
   aren’t the Prime Creator…
A: Prime Creator Manifests IN you.
Q: (L) Okay, so at the root is Prime Creator.
A: But… who was secondary?
Q: (RC) The Sons of God?  The Elohim?
A: Who is that?  Remember, your various legends are “seen
   through a veil.”
Q: (L) Okay, the secondary creators are the ones interacting
   with us directly?
A: Okay.
Q: (L) Is this the source of the stimulation to discover
A: Basically, but, let us take this step by step.
Q: (RC) Okay, getting back to the Celts, were the Pleiadians
   the secondary creators who brought in the Celts?
A: Review what we have just said!
Q: (L) They said it was the Orions.  Are the Orions these
   secondary creators?  (RC) Well, I read that it was the
   Pleiadians.  And the Hebrews were originally the Hoovids
   who came from Sirius…
A: Here comes a shocker for you… one day, in 4th density,
   it will be your descendants mission to carry on the
   tradition and assignment of seeding the 3rd density
   universe, once you have the adequate knowledge!!!
Q: (L) If the Orion STS brought the Celts here, were the
   Celts, while they lived on Kantek, in the form they are in
A: They were lighter in appearance.
Q: (L) You have told us on other occasions that the Semitic
   peoples were remnants of the Atlanteans, and yet they are
   quite unlike…
A: Whoa!! Wait a minute, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.
   First things first.  What Roxanne said was not entirely
   factual.  Remember, there is much disinformation to weed
Q: (RC) What did I say that was not factual?
A: In this part of your 3rd and 4th density universe,
   specifically your “galaxy” it is the region known as Orion
   that is the one and only indigenous home of human type
   beings… reflect on this!  Indigenous home base, not sole
   locator.  What you are most in need of review of is the
   accurate profile of “alien” data.
Q: (RC) I thought that humans originated in Lyra and then a
   war broke out there and they ended up in Orion.
A: Lyra is not inhabited.  There have been homes in all
   places, but some were/are transitory, and some are not.
   Pay attention to Orion!  This is your ancestral home, and
   your eventual destination.  Here is the absolutely
   accurately accurate profile of Orion to follow: This is
   the most heavily populated region of your Milky Way
   galaxy!  This is a region that extends across 3rd and 4th
   density space for a distance as vast as the distance
   between your locator and it.  There are 3,444 inhabited
   “worlds” in this region.  Some are planets as you know
   them.  Some are artificially constructed planetoids.  Some
   are floating space barges.  And some are “satellites.”
   There are primary homes, travelling stations and incubator
   laboratories all in 2nd, 3rd and 4th densities.  There are
   overseer zones in 5th and 6th densities.  Approximately
   one half is STO and one half is STS.  Together, along with
   many other colonies, located elsewhere, this is called, in
   translation, Orion Federation.  Orions created grays in 5
   varieties, as cybergenetic beings, and installed them on
   Zeta Reticuli 1, 2, 3, and 4, as well as on 2 planets
   orbiting Barnard’s Star.  The Reptilians also inhabit 6
   planets in the Orion region in 4th density, and are owned
   by the Orion STS as slaves, and, in some cases, pets!!!
   The name “Orion” is the actual native name, and was
   brought to earth directly.  Study the legend of the “god”
   of Orion for parallels.
Q: (L) Are the Orion STS the infamous red-headed Nordic
A: Yes, and all other humanoid combinations.
Q: (L) Okay, if it started with the Nordic types, and that is
   where the other humanoid combinations came from, what
   genetic combinations were used for human beings?  Black
   people, for instance, since they are so unlike “Nordics?”
A: The Nordic genes were mixed with the gene pool already
   available on Earth, known as Neanderthal.
Q: (L) What was the genetic combination used to obtain the
   Oriental races?
A: Orientals come from a region known in your legends as
   “Lemuria,” and are a previous hybridization from 7 genetic
   code structures from within Orion Union, designed to best
   fit the earth climate and cosmic ray environment then
   existent on earth.
Q: (L) Okay, what about the Semitic and Mediterranean
A: Each time a new flock was “planted,” it was engineered to
   be best suited to the environment where it was planted.
   Aryans are the only exception, as they had to be moved to
   earth in an emergency.
Q: (L) If races are engineered on earth to be “best suited,”
   what factors are being drawn from or considered regarding
   the Semitic race?
A: They are not engineered on earth, but in Orion lab as all
   others.  They were “Planted” in the Middle East.
Q: (L) What genetic type were the Atlanteans?
A: They were the same as the “Native Americans.”
Q: (L) What were the roots of the Native American type?  Was
   there a basic type that was here on the planet and was
   then taken to an Orion lab and genetically modified and
   then planted?
A: No!!! Have you been paying attention?!?!
Q: (L) What did I miss?  Why do some Native Americans believe
   they come from the Pleiades?
A: Where are the Pleiades?
Q: (L)Well, near Orion.  (RC) Oh, okay.  So, they are
   considering the Pleiades part of Orion.  What about
A: Sirius is confused as a locator because it appears in
   similar location in the sky in the northern hemisphere.
   The American Indians were confused in the translation
   because of similar seeming location due to vantage point.
Q: (L) Okay.  (RC) Well, but Sirius is clearly Sirius!  It’s
   the brightest star in the sky… it’s in all the legends!
   (L) Well, it could be that it is not just
   misinterpretation, but deliberate disinformation?
   (RC) How could it be translated wrong?  This is not clear!
   The star charts are very specific!
A: How have YOU translated YOUR legends wrong?
Q: (F) I think the point is that it is clear that we, in our
   present culture, are easily able to get things very wrong,
   even from the more recent times; so it is not a great
   consideration to think that the more ancient legends can
   also be distorted, embellished, and mis-represented.
A: Review what we said at the beginning of this session.
Q: (L) Did the Dogon come from Sirius?
A: All humanoid types originated in Orion region, there are
   and have been and will continue to be literally millions
   of colonies.
Q: (RC) Well, Sirius has a green sky, not a blue sky like we
   do.  (L) The star?!  (RC)  Well, no, the planets…  Yes,
   Sirius has a green atmosphere…  a light green.  (F)
   Well, I prefer blue!  (L) If a lot of the information that
   is being propagated these days is confusion or
   disinformation, what is the purpose of all this?
A: You answered yourself: Confusion and disinformation.
Q: (L) I have a theory that the truth, in any large degree,
   will not be known until just prior to some sort of
A: You expect “truth” then?
Q: (RC) Absolutely!  (L) Considering how things are from
   observation, this may be unrealistic…
A: All there is is lessons, no short cuts!
Q: (L) I want to get back on my question that you have not
   answered… I want to know who, exactly, and why, exactly,
   genetically engineered the Semitic people, and why there
   is such an adversarial attitude between them and the Celts
   and Aryans.
A: It is not just between the Jews and Celts, if you will
   take notice.  Besides, it is the individual aural profile
   that counts and not groupings or classifications.  But, to
   answer your question: there are many reasons both from on
   and off the planet.
Q: (L)  Why was Hitler so determined, beyond all reason, even
   to his own self-destruction, to annihilate the Jews?
A: Many reasons and very complex.  But, remember, while still
   a child, Hitler made a conscious choice to align himself
   with the “forces of darkness,” in order to fulfill his
   desires for conquest and to unite the Germanic peoples.
   Henceforth, he was totally controlled, mind, body, and
   soul, by STS forces.
Q: (L) So, what were the purposes of the STS forces that were
   controlling Hitler causing him to desire to annihilate an
   entire group of people?
A: To create an adequate “breeding ground” for the
   reintroduction of the Nephalim, for the purpose of total
   control of the 3rd density earth prior to elevation to 4th
   density, where such conquest is more difficult and less
Q: (L) Do you mean “breeding ground” in the sense of genetic
A: Yes.  Third density.
Q: (L) Did they accomplish this goal?
A: No.
Q: (L) So, the creation of the Germanic “Master Race” was
   what they were going after, to create this “breeding
A: Yes.
Q: (L) And, getting rid of the Jews was significant?
   Couldn’t a Germanic master race be created without
   destroying another group?
A: No.
Q: Why?
A: Because of 4th density prior encoding mission destiny
Q: (L) What does that mean?
A: This means encoding to activate after elevation to 4th
   density, thus if not eliminated, negates Nephalim
   domination and absorption.  Jews were prior encoded to
   carry out mission after conversion, though on individual
   basis.  The Nazis did not exactly know why they were being
   driven to destroy them, because they were being controlled
   from 4th density STS.  But, Hitler communicated directly
   with Lizards, and Orion STS, and was instructed on how to
   create the “master race.”
Q: (L) And they were going to use this as their basis to
   introduce a new blend of the Nephilim… (RC) And the New
   World Order… their version of it.  (L) Well, what is the
   plan now?
A: We cannot tell you this yet, as you would seek to reveal
   it prematurely, leading to your destruction!!!!
Q: (F) Yes, Laura, I keep telling you  that your curiosity is
   going to bring strange men to the door who are going to
   say: “Come with us, please!”  (L)  Well, I can’t help it!
   Meanwhile, back to the Celts: obviously if the Lizard
   Beings thought that the Aryans/Celts were a good breeding
   ground for this “Nephilim Master Race,” then it must be
   because there is something genetically inherent in them
   that makes them desirable in this sense.  Is this correct?
A: No, not in the sense you are thinking.  We suggest that
   you rephrase this question after careful reflection on the
>  Four – The Gnostic Science of Astro-Alchemy. A brief reveiw of the
> origins of alchemy reveals its close connection with Gnostic eschatology
> and esoteric astronomy. Jason and the Holy Grail as myths about the
> galactic center and time’s alignments with it throughout the Great Year.
> Following suggestions from Fulcanelli and Dr. Paul LaViolette, it is
> possible to see that the destiny of mankind, and its eventual
> illumination, is written in the stars.
We have one of La Violette’s books but haven’t read it yet.  He knew one of
Ark’s colleagues – Stefan Marinov who died under VERY strange and mysterious
circumstances.  If you chat with Paul, ask him about it.  I have Pappas’ e-
mails on the subject and it made my hair stand up!
>reconstruct the stained glass vase…
This REALLY made my hair stand up since I was talking abou that crazy dream as
these pages were printing earlier today.  Have just finished reading them, and
when I got to this, at the end… STRANGE feeling.  Egads!
>Nostradamus, in his enigmatic quatrains, left us many
> clues to the future, including the importance of our own time, the late
> 20th century. Among these predictions are a half dozen or so which relate
> to St. Remy de Provence, concerning a tomb of the Lion of Lions and a
> great treasure in the pierced hill visible from Sextus Marcus’ monument.
This makes me think of the “Rhineland treasure” clues, only this isn’t
The lion thing triggered a thought:
Q: (L) In conjunction with DNA changes, is there any
   similarity between the human race and the idea of
   transformation relating to populations such as
   grasshoppers into locusts?  A: Yes.
Q: (L) When grasshoppers turn into locusts, they swarm when
   their population gets too large.
A: All is part of natural cyclical process.
Q: (L) Was the DNA change that we are experiencing programed
into us so that after so many generations these changes would
just sort of kick in?
A: Close.
Q: (L) So, we all selected certain bodies before we
   incarnated that would be prime for this programming?
A: Are you ready to be hermaphrodites?
Q: (L) Is that what we are going to be?
A: Wait and see.
Q: (T) Since you are riding this wave, in order to
   communicate, since the wave is what you are using to focus
   this contact with, and you are, whoever you may be at
   whatever point the wave is….
A: Progressive information.  Also, system is like mosaic.
Q: (L) Does this mean that different people get different
   pieces of the mosaic?
A: Yes.
Q: (T)  Why have you not contacted the others and told them
A: Just answered.  Progressive.   Next stop is Leo.
Q: (T)  In some time in the future, the next sending point is
   Leo.  Does that mean that at some point we will not be
   able to contact you?
A: We just told you who to call.
Q: (T)  Well, what I am having trouble understanding is why
   we have to call to a certain space point.  We are now in
   touch, does this channel not stay open?
A: Reference point.
Q: (T)  So it doesn’t matter as long as we meet regularly to
   talk with you?
A: Yes.
> From clues left by King
> Rene, Nostradamus and Fulcanelli, we can only conclude that this St. John
> is not the Baptist, but the Gnostic Saviour, St Jean de Luz. Perhaps what
> Nostradamus, Da Vinci and Fulcanelli are trying to tell us is that another
> discovery, the final proof of the bloodline and the Grail legends, the
> Holy Grail itself, is waiting to be found in the old volcanic hills south
> of St. Remy de Provence?
I wonder what this place looks like.  I have only been to NC, GA, AL, MS, TX
and Mexico.  Except for a period in boarding school, I have lived my entire
life in Florida… pretty much the same town. 
That’s all that occurs to me just now.  Still thinking and guess I will have to
read La Violette.  Problem is, my brain just doesn’t work the same way it used
to before my accident.  My linear thinking is shot to pieces I think! 
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To:                        Vincent & Darlene
Subject:                forgot
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I forgot to ask:
What are the details on this “stained glass vase?”  Never heard of it before

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