The Bridges/Jadczyk Correspondence Part 9

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Subject: Re: Merkabah -Reply

OK forwarded to one and all.

Stan Tenen wrote:

> Dear Alan Parker,
> I’m sorry I wasn’t able to respond to your first message sooner. I
> never meant to imply that you were doing or saying anything
> inappropriate. Also, I didn’t know that you weren’t necessarily
> receiving the other messages that Jack posts, so I didn’t know that you
> didn’t know I was responding to you and Jenkins together. Jenkins was
> spinning the tetrahedron, and I think he also mentioned Sitchen. (By
> the way, if Jack posts this, I want it to be clear that I don’t mean to
> be insulting or offending Jenkins either.)
> I was going to interline this message with my responses, but it would be
> too long, and I don’t think it’s necessary, since by and large I
> generally agree with you. I respect where you’re coming from, and it’s
> very clear to me that you had no ill or negative intent in any way
> whatsoever. I’m sorry you thought that I thought you might be making a
> negative statement. The strength of my response was in reaction more to
> Jenkins’ posting than to yours. Sitchen is a legit scholar who is
> committed to the thesis that the Nephilim came from outer space, and
> that that’s the source of the Bible. In my (private) opinion, he’s wrong
> on this, but I respect him because he’s an honest scholar. He’s been
> marginalized to the point where he’s now presenting on the same platform
> with bona fide scam artists. That’s sad.
> The Merkabah spinning tetrahedra is the propaganda of an “ascended
> master” (and deluded nut – in the private opinion of counselors I’ve
> consulted who have viewed his work) who changed his name legally to
> Drunvalo Melchizedek.
> He’s got hundreds of “facilitators” world-wide (most of whom are
> innocent
> and foolish) who are spreading his apocalyptic fear-mongering doctrine
> in the guise of light and love. He claims all kinds of
> credentials/accomplishments he doesn’t have, and (it’s claimed) he’s
> making millions messing up innocent minds.
> But I wasn’t responding to you on this. However, I was saying that
> casual theories on matters such as Ezekiel do innocently contribute to
> the new-age noise that lets the impostors and “wolves in sheep’s
> clothing” flourish.
> Based on your two messages to me, I’d really like to talk with you. I
> think you might be interested in what I’ve found. The website is not as
> helpful as it might be, because some of the best and most recent
> material isn’t there, since the spiritual gangsters let me know that if
> I posted it, they’d take it, bastardize it, and claim it as their own.
> As an attorney, you can probably appreciate what we went through to try
> to stop this nonsense. Ten years of horror and a couple of hundred
> thousand dollars, give or take. We won flat out in court (an
> adjudicated 11th hour settlement) with the counter-claims being
> dismissed with prejudice, our copyrights upheld as valid and
> enforceable, and the behavior of the jerk we had to sue (Daniel E.
> Winter) labeled as “willful and malicious.” If you’d like to see the
> court’s Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Order, let me know.
> The short form — a volunteered and court-ordered public corrective
> notice (now being hidden rather than displayed by the impostor) is
> available at .
> We’re going back into court for a show-cause order over his violation of
> every part of the order, this September. What a waste of time and
> energy.
> I’d like to talk with you — perhaps after you’ve had a look at the Meru
> website — because I think I can clarify some things and because given
> your obvious care and integrity, I’d like you as a friend and possibly
> helper in the research. I’d rather get into details when we can speak.
> Bottom line again, however, is that I apologize if I made you feel
> badly, and I want to assure you that you had nothing to apologize for to
> me. In fact, it’s a pleasure to meet you.
> Please send me your phone number, or call here at 415-332-5976 (in
> Sausalito, California, north of San Francisco). We’re here from time to
> time, but we actually live in Sharon, Mass., halfway between Boston and
> Providence. When we’re back east (after mid-August), our number is
> 781-784-8902. (But you can’t reach us this evening or Saturdays,
> because we keep the Jewish Sabbath from just before sundown Friday, to
> just after sundown on Saturday. Any other time would be fine. –And
> there’s always an answering machine on both lines.)
> To give you a reason to believe that what I’ve found is more than just
> the rantings of a self-appointed Kabbalistic guru, I’ve appended an
> interview with an academically and religiously trained scholar who has
> recently evaluated my work (there’s half a dozen or so equally strong
> positive evaluations from secular and academic scholars, as well as a
> few mathematicians and physicists. You can get a sense of who thinks
> we’re on to something real by checking the Meru Foundation Board of
> Advisors at
. Also, as I may have
> mentioned, I have a file of my recent debates with a person who has a
> traditional scholarly view of Kabbalah that was on Jack’s e-list last
> October. Let me know if you want it, and I’ll send it to you Saturday
> night.
> Pleased to meet you. Best regards.
> B’shalom,
> Stan
> ************************************************************
> This is a transcript of a video interview of Rabbi Dr. Sendor of Young
> Israel of Sharon, Mass. (Orthodox), regarding the work of the Meru
> Foundation and Stan Tenen. (A few paragraphs have been deleted from
> this transcript in the interest of brevity.) Rabbi Dr. Sendor may be
> contacted by writing care of: Young Israel of Sharon 15 Dunbar Street
> Sharon, MA 02067 USA
> or by contacting Meru Foundation by phone at 781-784-8902, or via email
> at
> The following persons participated in this interview:
> RS = Rabbi Dr. Meir Sendor, interviewee
> RC = Robert Cohen, videographer and interviewer
> TB = Tom Bates, videographer and interviewer
> *********************************************
> RS: You had asked me how I first came in contact with Stan Tenen’s
> work, and that was through a mutual friend, Martin Farren, who had been
> introduced also from a mutual friend, a rabbi in Israel. And Martin was
> very excited. He first showed me some of Stan’s work. I immediately
> saw its connection to some of the basic doctrines of Jewish tradition,
> particularly the tradition of Maaseh Bereshis, the doctrine of the
> creation of the world, and of Kabbalah.
> RC: Okay. Could you actually state for us here –introduce yourself,
> your name, your position, your background.
> RS: Sure. I’m rabbi Meir Sendor. I’m the rabbi of the Young Israel of
> Sharon, in Sharon, Mass, which is an Orthodox congregation of moderate
> size, 130 families. I also have a doctorate in Jewish History,
> particularly Medieval Jewish History, particularly in Kabbalah. It’s
> from Harvard University. I have a masters from Yale, and I have a
> long-standing interest in Jewish History, particularly Jewish mystical
> history, particularly Kabbalah. I also teach a course on Brandeis
> University on the history of Jews and medicine, which deals with Judaism
> and science, Judaism and medical issues. We get into Jewish medical
> ethics, as well as what Judaism has to say about the mind-body
> relationship.
> RC: Why don’t you tell us about after your first introduction to Stan,
> what the progress for you was in how the information was revealed — was
> it instantly obvious that it was true, or — what was the progression of
> your reaction.
> RS: You asked me about how I initially reacted to the material that Stan
> Tenen presented, and what my progressive reaction was. Initially I was
> quite intrigued, when I was first introduced to the material. Of
> course, Stan’s studies themselves have evolved over time, since the time
> that I was first introduced to them, but I remember particularly what
> struck me was that he had a profound reading, what I call a
> hyper-literal reading, of an important rabbinic midrash from Midrash
> Bereshis Rabbah, regarding the fact that God looked into the Torah and
> created the world. This is understood, really, literally by the
> Kabbalists, that the Torah is the pattern of the creation of the
> universe. And this had usually been understood, in most scholarly
> circles, metaphorically, as something that was to convey a general idea
> that the Torah is the legal and in that sense, natural structure of the
> world, constituting kind of a natural law. But Stan took this doctrine
> to a much deeper level: that the sequence of letters, and words, and
> verses, throughout the Torah, can literally be understood as the basic
> energy-patterns by which the world is created. And this tied in
> beautifully with basic Kabbalistic doctrine, of the letters as Divine
> energy patterns. For anyone that’s familiar with the material, this is
> a very very exciting association of Stan’s work, and a core tradition of
> Jewish mysticism. I remember in particular one doctrine — let’s say
> one phenomenon, in Stan’s early work, was his explanation for the tagin,
> or the crowns, little crowns, on the letters of the Torah, and what the
> sequencing of those tagin, those crowns, are. No one has ever really
> been able to explain that — hadn’t been able to explain that to my
> satisfaction, though we have a tradition that mentioned in the Gemara
> Menachos, the Talmudic tractate of Menachos, that Rabbi Akiva was able
> to interpret piles and piles of halachos, of Jewish laws, of Torah laws,
> based on those crowns, and that those crowns have a profound
> significance. Stan is the first person that – Stan Tenen is the first
> person that I’m familiar with that has really given a cogent explanation
> of what those tagin might very well be about. It’s very compelling.
> Very compelling.
> RC: Could you elaborate on that?
> RS: The — Stan understands that these crowns, these tagin on each — on
> certain letters of the Torah, sort of become orienting signposts in what
> moves into his concept of sacred geometries, and the way in which the
> letters of the Torah, and particularly the letters of the first verse of
> the Torah — and there’s an important Rabbinic tradition that the first
> verse of the Torah does contain the basic pattern of the Universe —
> Stan’s understanding of the orientation of the crowns, as — of the
> letters, has given us a way to really locate ourselves, and to organize
> the letters of the first verse of the Torah into a form that reflects
> the basic patterns of creation. It’s a very compelling view. It works
> very nicely.
> RC: Can you tell us if you feel that Stan’s work is important in
> relation to modern interpretation? That is, these are ancient texts
> that have in some ways become obscure, and there’s always an interest to
> revitalize. Do you have any thoughts on that?
> RS: You asked me to comment on Stan’s work in terms of its modern
> relevance, and how it interprets ancient texts with a modern relevancy,
> if I’ve restated your question properly. Stan Tenen is quite aware that
> at the core of all the great ancient texts of Judaism, particularly the
> Kabbalistic texts, are eternal truths, which is to say, eternal patterns
> which represent the constant relationship between human mind and
> creation and reality. While our knowledge of the world increases
> scientifically, the basic patterns by which we think and interrelate
> with the world and the structure of creation remains remarkably the
> same. For anyone that’s involved in the history of science, you can see
> that certain modes of perception in Plato and Aristotle are just as
> relevant today, and we’re still working with those modes of perception,
> even though the content may have changed dramatically. But we’re still
> thinking along lines that often navigate somewhere between Platonic and
> Aristotelian thinking. This is also true for the works of Kabbalah.
> Kabbalistic thought involves the basic patterns of human consciousness
> and its relationship with the world. These remain, again, remarkably
> constant, even in our modern age, and I think Stan’s work shows that.
> Stan Tenen shows that the structure of Kabbalistic thinking, and the
> structure of the most up to date, state of the art, quantum physics or
> astrophysics, really have an awful lot in common. This also is very
> exciting, for anyone that’s interested in all of these fields, as I am.
> RS: Can I make some comments of my own?
> RC: Absolutely.
> RS: I’d also like to talk about the importance of Stan’s work from the
> point of view of a scholar of medieval history. One of the exciting
> things I’ve found about Stan’s work, and his exploration of what you
> might call these sacred geometries, is that this mode of thinking seems
> to be the way in which some important Kabbalistic figures and authors of
> Kabbalistic texts were thinking, back in the late 12th, early 13th
> century, up to the 16th century. I have to say that there are certain
> texts, for a scholar of Kabbalah — this is important to us — there are
> certain texts which it seems to me are almost impossible to interpret
> and to read properly, without some awareness of what Stan Tenen is
> doing, and his explorations in these sacred geometries. These patterns
> seem to be at the core of these texts. I’ll just mention one, that’s
> really eluded most scholars of the history of Kabbalah up to this day,
> and that’s the text Ma’ayan Chochma, “The Fountain of Wisdom.” The
> terms in which this text moves, and its basic concepts, its terminology,
> is reflected — all of it’s reflected in Stan’s work. It’s
> extraordinary. It’s as if you get the key to understanding the text
> once you grasp what Stan Tenen is talking about. And there are a number
> of other scholars of the history of Kabbalah, as well as practicing
> Kabbalists, whom I’m aware of, who are excited about Stan’s work for
> this very reason.
> RC: That brings up that other issue — the difficulty in getting
> scientists to accept any scientific validity from something from a
> spiritual source, or getting spiritual teachers to accept that the
> academic community might have something to say about this. In your
> discussion of Kabbalah in relationship to this, how do you think the
> academic community would respond, and vice-versa, and what’s the problem
> there?
> RS: The way in which different intellectual communities respond to this
> work is really rooted in its authenticity. When the work is genuine,
> well-documented, disciplined, and has an authentic relationship to
> Jewish texts, spiritual texts, on the one hand, and scientific work on
> the other, that in itself is what is attractive to scholars from the
> fields of Jewish history on the one hand, scholars of math and physics
> and other aspects of the scientific fields, and also people who are
> committed practitioners of Kabbalah, and spiritual practices. I think
> one of the things I respond to in this work is it’s level of
> authenticity. There’s nothing flighty or flaky about this at all.
> We’re not talking new-age here. We’re talking very solidly grounded and
> disciplined thought. And it’s important to appreciate this, and
> distinguish this from other things that are out there in the world.
> People of truly curious minds, people who are genuinely intellectual,
> will be, I think, attracted to this, as I am. It’s important that the
> work is well-grounded, and this work is.
> RC: The academic biblical scholars tend to dismiss anything that comes
> from Kabbalah as poetry, it’s words only, and they tend to not see that
> there could be any other meaning — a tendency to just dismiss anything
> that doesn’t come within their field of expertise.
> RS: I’m not sure — you’re saying that people of some academic
> communities would dismiss Kabbalistic material. Kabbalah is a field of
> historical inquiry just as legitimate as any other field. I think the
> issue here really is, there are people who are narrow specialists, and
> it would be difficult, and perhaps even futile, to try to get them to
> move out of their specialty. That’s their job. But there are people
> that have broader minds, who do see the interconnection between many
> different disciplines. People like that who have become acquainted with
> this work, I think, get very excited by it, because they do see the
> potential for kind of a cross-disciplinary fertilization from this work.
> So I wouldn’t worry about “selling” the work, so to speak. It sells
> itself, for those that have open and curious minds, and are looking for
> on the one hand, an interesting theoretical, historical, kind of
> investigation, and on the other hand have a sense of commitment to the
> historical work, a personal commitment that informs their spiritual life
> as well. People that have those interests, those broad interests, I
> think are very excited by this work.
> RC: Thanks. That’s going to be very useful.
> TB: These are somewhat related questions — one, I’m wondering if there
> was any sort of — when you first encountered the work — if there was
> for you some “aha’ experience about something you hadn’t understood
> before, that fell into place as a result of this work. You mentioned
> the crowns. But I’m wondering if there’s others.
> RS: There were certain texts in the Merkava and Hechalos traditions —
> these are early mystical traditions in Judaism from the first millennium
> in the common era, again, that are best understood on the basis of this
> work. That seem to have had the geometrical relationships and letter
> relationships that Stan Tenen is talking about, that seem to have had
> them in mind in some way, in some form. The texts from, for instance,
> “The Letters of Rebbe Akiva,” the Pirke Hechalos, a text called Maaseh
> Bereshis, these are texts that seem to have these geometries at their
> core. They’re implicit in the texts. And the texts begin to speak to
> you in a much deeper way when you understand these geometrical
> relationships.
> TB: I want to talk a bit about the letters themselves, and the
> importance that the letters and the shapes of the letters are given. My
> understanding is that the letters play a very important role, and I’m
> wondering if you can talk a bit about how that particular aspect of
> Kabbalah — what you think this work can contribute to the understanding
> of that.
> RS: The doctrine of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet is perhaps one of
> the most esoteric aspects of Jewish mysticism, and of Kabbalah in
> particular. Most of Kabbalah has focused on the ten Sefirot, or aspects
> of divine revelation in the world. The doctrine of the letters has
> always been an important part of Kabbalistic doctrine, Jewish mystical
> doctrine, but much less well understood, It’s always been treasured as
> kind of the inner, most hidden aspect of Jewish tradition. Stan’s
> concept of the letters, the meaning and shapes of the letters, the
> letters really as representing energy patterns, ultimately, correlates
> very well with basic Kabbalistic doctrines about what the Hebrew letters
> mean, doctrines that you can find in some of the early texts of
> Kabbalah, texts like Sefer HaBahir, which you find throughout the Zohar,
> which you find throughout the work of Rav Abraham Abulafia, and on into
> the Lurianic Kabbalists. You also find this in the very early texts I
> mentioned, the book known as the Letters of Rabbi Akiva, which
> interprets the shapes of the letters in interesting, rather prosaic
> ways, not perhaps as energy patterns, but which gives you the precedent
> for seeing the shapes of the letters as something significant, as having
> semantic significance in themselves, and even a metaphysical
> significance, and even perhaps a physical significance, in themselves.
> So there’s great precedent for this in Jewish tradition.
> RC: I’m interested in what you think might be in your background or your
> education that gives you some perspective on this, that allows you to
> see a holistic model here, as opposed to having to look at the
> individual parts.
> RS: In my own personal educational history — well, my field is history,
> and Jewish history, in particular Medieval Jewish history. I studied
> pre-med in college, and after college, I was at Brandeis for a while to
> take some pre-med courses. I have an interest in science in general.
> When I went into the rabbinate, I still maintained my interest in
> scientific thought — really, in all forms of human thought, literature,
> as well as Jewish studies, and a strong background in Talmudic law, and
> in rabbinic law in general. I see all of these fields as interrelated
> — I did that already, that’s always been my intellectual perspective.
> So Stan’s work fits very nicely into that.
> RS: Actually, let me expand on that question a little bit more. One of
> the principles that we were trained in at Harvard, in the doctoral
> program in Jewish studies, is that human thought is characterized by the
> interrelationship between fields and disciplines. So we were always
> encouraged to see what legal scholars have to say about mysticism, what
> mystics have to say about philosophy, what philosophers have to say
> about literature and law, and to see the interrelationship between all
> of these disciplines. This has always characterized the best of human
> thought, and it’s true today, as much as it ever was.
> ——————————————————
> Meru Foundation

Star Fleet Flight Training Course

From: Laura Knight-Jadczyk
To: Vincent & Darlene
Subject: Look to the foot….
Send reply to:
Date sent: Fri, 17 Sep 1999 19:29:12 -0400

The book arrived today, and I am well into it, but skipped first to the back to
read the Hendaye Chapter.

Had to get some relief from the elevating of blood pressure with realizations
of the deep and almost incomprehensible synchronicities of your work and
discoveries and our own.

There are numerous things that I have found, so far, that clearly still puzzle
you. I believe I have those keys.

For example: have you considered the parameters of the hyperspatial reality of
what the Cassiopaeans calle “4th density,” but which is clearly described in
Kaluza-Klein Theory 5 dimensional unification of Einstein’s theory of gravity
with Maxwell’s theory of light?

This is a reality so bizarre that it seems to me to be the only explanation for
the “origin” of what we call the “alien space.”

Well, the C’s made a truly bizarre remark once that directly relates to the
funny episode of Canseliet’s last meeting with Fulcanelli in 1952 (an aside:
the year I was born and the only year in which a verified tropical storm
occurred off the coast of FL – in the month I was born – in the history of
recording weather phenomena).

Canseliet says that he saw his master as a women. You propose that it could
have been a daughter or grand-daughter.

Try this:

A: Picture driving down a highway, suddenly you notice auras
surrounding everything…. Being able to see around
corners, going inside little cottages which become
mansions, when viewed from inside… Going inside a
building in Albuquerque and going out the back door into
Las Vegas, going to sleep as a female, and waking up
male… Flying in a plane for half an hour and landing at
the same place 5 weeks later…

Talk to your buddy La Violette about the possible “effects” of the “cylinder”
in 5 dimensional space.

Then, think about the “castle of the Fisher king” and Fulcanelli’s remark:
“It is written that life takes refuge in a single space” and the Cassiopaean
remark: “Prime numbers are the dwellings of the mystics.”

Well, I tried and tried to get a copy of the Mystery of the Cathedrals… but
it was a fiasco that is unbelievable. Rather suspect that what you call the
“Setian” party doesn’t want me to get it. I just might understand it.

Now, another odd thing:

“It would therefore, appear that the corruption of the word sped, hope, into
pes, foot, by dropping the initial consonant, must be the unintentional
result… etc.


Q: (L) Having done my homework on supernovas to some extent,
and having discovered that either supergiant red stars are
in the process of going supernova, or supergiant blue
stars are getting ready to be ready to go supernova, as
well as eruptions of massive interstellar clouds, I note
that Betelgeuse, in the right shoulder of Orion, is a red
supergiant, and Rigel, in the foot of Orion, is a blue
supergiant, both of which could go supernova. Am I going
in the right direction?
A: You have begun to trek down the right path.
Q: (L) We noticed that the supernova that occurred in
Cassiopaea 300 years ago did not seem to have been widely
noticed by people on earth. What is the reason for this?
A: Distance.
Q: (L) Now, formerly I asked about the ‘two new stars in
Cygnus and Serpentarius’ that were written about in the
Rosicrucian Manifesto of about this period of time, and
you said they were talking about ‘novae.’ But, it seems
that there are no new stars in either of these
constellations. Yet, at approximately this time, was the
supernova in Cassiopaea.
A: Yes, those with foreknowledge were looking.
Q: (L) Also, there was a supernova that became the Crab
Nebula, which occurred 5,000 years ago, yet was not seen
on earth, which was 900 years ago, which happens to be
exactly the time period I have been looking at as having
been a turning point where seeds were planted that are now
bearing fruit. Can you tell us if this supernova that was
seen 900 years ago, were there effects from the Supernova
that contributed to this state of affairs at the
culmination of the Dark Ages, the creation of the Templars
and so forth. What were the effects of this supernova
that was seen 900 years ago?
A: Excitation of base liquid molecules.
Q: (L) Did this have a physiological effect, or genetic, DNA
effect on people?
A: Slight.
Q: (L) What were the pronounced effects that one would have
been able to note. That is microscopic…
A: Growth.
Q: (L) Growth in what sense? Growth and change in the size
of people?
A: Close.
Q: (L) Growth in a psychological or mental sense?
A: Close.
Q: (L) What kind of growth specifically?
A: Both.
Q: (L) At the time of that particular supernova, 5,000 years
ago, were there any superluminal effects that were felt
A: Maybe, research and correlate.
Q: (L) Was the Great Pyramid at Giza built and lined up to
A: Part of the picture.
Q: (L) Were these supernova that occurred at the time of the
construction, or that were expected to occur at some point
in the future?
A: Both.
Q: (L) Are supernova in any sense cyclical?
A: In a sense requiring higher senses.
Q: (L) Do supernova create portals to other universes?
A: The doors may be redirected.
Q: (L) Does any of this supernova business have anything to
do with the constellation Leo?
A: In a way.
Q: (L) In what way?
A: Through geometric configuration.
Q: (L) What do you mean ‘through geometric configuration?’
A: Status of Trine.
Q: (L) You mentioned the importance of the Horsehead Nebula
in relation to the symbol of the Knight. What is the
significance of the Horsehead Nebula?
A: Keep up your search, as you are near.
Q: (L) What would be the effect of cosmic rays emitted by a
supernova that is in some proximity to the earth on the
human body?
A: Genetic splice of strand.
Q: (L) How close would a supernova have to be to have this
A: 2000 light years.
Q: (L) So that either of these stars in Orion that are
potential supernova prospects could have this effect since
they are approximately 1500 light years away?
A: Yes.
Q: (A) Are we talking about effects that propagate with the
speed of light, or effects that are superluminal and
A: Both, and slower as well.
Q: (L) What would be the effect that would be instantaneous?
A: Lesser.
Q: (A) Now this supernova that is supposed to explode soon,
will it be soon in the sense of our SEEING it, that is the
arrival of the light from this, or soon in the
instantaneous sense?
A: Optically.
Q: (L) So, this supernova must have already occurred?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) And where did this supernova take place?
A: No dice, baby!
Q: (L) What clue can I follow to determine which star it is?
A: Instincts.
Q: (A) But, if it already occurred, then this means that the
instantaneous effects have already been felt, even if it
was lesser than the optical effects. It must have been
recorded by anomalous changes in genes? (L) Is that true?
A: Close.
Q: (L) So what, in the records, should we be looking for?
A: Sign of struggle out of sequence with pre-ordained
activities of Royal Blood Lines.
Q: (L) In other words, the usurpation of the blood lines?
A: Close.
Q: (L) What is aphelion of the companion star of our solar
A: Not yet, as you need more understanding of those cycles
that you so keenly allude to. And on that note, good


Q: (L) Sorry. Alright, on with the questions. On the
subject of supernovas; I have discovered that three of the
supernovas of antiquity which have be discovered and time
estimated by the remnants, if they were not observed,
occurred in or near Cassiopeia at very interesting points
in history.
A: Yes…
Q: (L) Well, one of these periods in history was around 1054.
This is a very interesting time. It just so happens that
there are no European records of this supernova which was
recorded by the Chinese, Japanese, and perhaps even the
Koreans. Yet, there are no European records. What
happened to the European records?
A: Europe was in a “recovery mode” at the “time.”
Q: (L) Recovery from what?
A: Loss of civilized structure due to overhead cometary
explosion in 564 AD.
Q: (C) There were certain historical facts you picked up, so
that doesn’t make sense to me. (L) On the other hand it
might, because there is some stuff from Gregory of Tours
that is real bizarre. What effect did this have on the
civilized structure? Was it a direct effect in terms of
material, or did it have effects on people causing them to
behave in an uncivilized and barbaric way?
A: Well, the burning fragmentary shower ignited much of the
land areas in what you now refer to as Western Europe.
This had the results you can imagine, causing the
resulting societal breakdown you now refer to as “The Dark
Q: (L) Well, it damn sure was dark. There is almost a
thousand years that nobody knows anything about!
A: Check Irish or Celtic, and French or Gallic records of the
era for clues. There were temporary “islands of
survival,” lasting just long enough for the written word
to eke out.
Q: (L) Okay, when reading about the Great Nebula in Orion,
there is a kite shaped area adjacent to the Horsehead
Nebula. I wondered if there was any relation between this
and your previous mention of kites. Are we looking at
something in that particular area of the sky that is going
to go supernova?
A: For supernova, look to the “foot.”
Q: (L) Rigel.
A: Maybe.
Q: (L) Is the binary system in the eye of the Gorgon in the
constellation Perseus, which is a star named Algol, one
which contains a star and a black hole?
A: Quasars determine these.
Q: (L) I once asked you if Isabel the Fair and Roger de
Mortimer had a child while in France and you replied,
‘no.’ I have recently been researching this period and it
seems that, during the year in question, they were both in
residence in the Tower of London… he as a prisoner, and
she was ostensibly recovering from the birth of her fourth
and last child. She was in residence for over a year and
declined her husband’s invitations to move to any of their
other residences. In fact, I don’t think they even saw
each other for over a year. Now, I am wondering if a
child was born as a result of their interactions while in
the Tower?
A: That could be the case, if you research tryst catecomb.
Q: (L) Well, it just happens to be that this was 1325, the
year of the birth of my mysterious ‘Knyght’ ancestor.

Now, notice that Fulcanelli brings attention to the fact that “The letter S,
WHICH TAKES ON THE CURVING SHAPE OF A SNAKE, corresponds to the Greek khi (X)
and takes over its esoteric meaning…”

Then, he immediately relates this khi/X to the image of the Beast of the
Apocalypse, of the DRAGON…

Well, there is not much point in talking about it further until you have a real
grasp of this 4th density reality and its denizens, including the Serpent
race… and their continuing interaction with mankind through the millennia,
either through actual presence, or through time/space manipulations. They
created the myth of Christ and Fulcanelli clearly knew this and indicated it by
the relation of the S to the X… the Serpent to the Cross… they perpetuate
the lies and obfuscations. They are the “mind reading” super-powerful
opponents that you have encountered and described as the “Set” party. Of
course, they are not at the top of even their own food chain… the tall, blond
Nordics are.

But you will never put the whole puzzle together without delving into this
area, as much as you would like to toss it out with the whole alien bathwater

Thing is: they are NOT aliens. Read Vallee’s “Passport to Magonia” as a
starter to understand the forces underneath all of what you are writing about
and trying to solve.


Q: In reading the transcripts, I came across a reference to a
‘pact’ made by a group of STS individuals, and it was
called ‘Rosteem,’ and that this was the origin of the
Rosicrucians. In the book ‘The Orion Mystery,’ it talks
about the fact that Giza was formerlay known as RosTau,
which is ‘Rose Cross.’ Essentially, I would like to
understand the symbology of the Rose affixed to the Cross.
It seems to me that the imagery of Jesus nailed to the
Cross is actually the Rose affixed to the Cross. How does
Jesus relate to the Rose?
A: No, it is from the Rose arose the Cross.
Q: Oh…. I see…
A: Said the blind man.
Q: Elaborate, please. Are you saying that what I am seeing
is not correct?
A: No, mirth!
Q: It is from the Rose that the Cross arose… and,
therefore, the cross symbolizes…
A: Ask.
Q: What does the cross symbolize?
A: The symbology is not the issue. It is the effect.
Q: What is the effect of the cross?
A: All that has followed it.
Q: Could you list some of these to give me a clue?
A: You know these.
Q: In the same vein, I have noticed that there are two
classes of arachnids. There are scorpions and there are
spiders. The zodiac was changed by taking the pincers
away from the Scorpion and creating out of them the sign
of Libra. This image was one of a woman holding a balance
scales, usually blindfolded. This was done within
recorded history, but was probably formalized through the
occult traditions of Kaballa. Now, in trying to figure
out who has on what color hat, if there is such a thing, I
have come to a tentative conclusion that the spider, or
spinner of webs, is the Rosicrucian encampment, and that
the Scorpion represents the seeker of wisdom… because,
in fact, the word for Scorpio comes from the same root as
that which means to pierce or unveil. Therefore, the
Scorpion is also Perseus, per Ziu, or ‘for God.’ And the
Rosicrucians are the ‘other,’ so to speak. Can you
elaborate on this for me? Or comment?
A: What a tangled web we spin, when we must not let you in.
Q: So, the Rose is the Spider?
A: Different objective.
Q: So, the Rose, with its thorns… can you help me with this
Rose image… is the Rose the Scorpion?
A: No. Different objective… Rose is a stand alone symbol.
Q: So, the Rose can be used by either side, is that it?
A: Maybe.
Q: Another derivation of the word root of Scorpio is
‘skopos,’ or ‘to see.’ You said that the human race was
seeded on a planet in the constellation Scorpio, and,
therefore, when the zodiac was set up and the clues were
laid out, it seems to me that the insertion of the sign of
Libra was designed to take power away from human beings,
to take their hands away, to prevent them from seeing, to
make them defenseless. Is this imagery close?
A: On track.
Q: And the Scorpion is represented in four ways: the
scorpion, the lizard, the eagle and the dove. So, there
are four levels of experience. Also, Minerva/Athena was
the daughter of Zeus alone. She was known as the ‘tamer
of horses,’ and was a Virgin Goddess. She was also known
as ‘Parthenos’ meaning separation. Is this part of the
imagery of the creation of Eve from the rib of Adam, so to
speak, or the separation of knowledge from soul, or the
veil between the world of 3rd density and 4th density?
A: Close.
Q: Along this same line, in the astrological symbology, the
different stars are designated as being located on
different parts of the body in a rather arbitrary way that
does not seem to necessarily have a lot to do with the
actual configuration of the stars themselves. King
Cepheus in the sign of Aries, the consort of Cassiopaea,
has a star in the right shoulder. The name of this star
in Arabic means ‘redeemer. In the imagery of the
crucifixion, Jesus is depicted as carrying the cross on
his shoulder as if to say that he is the old king who must
die to make way for the new one… Additionally, many of
us have been experiencing the pain in the shoulder, arm,
and shoulder-blade for some time. You have, on occasion,
related this to DNA changes. Is it that certain
individuals are connected to other densities through the
windows of the stars in certain constellations, and the
clues are found in the location of the stars in the
figures of the constellations relating to the areas of the
body where pockets in the etheric field are points of
activation of DNA, and that these relate to certain pains
and discomforts?
A: Okay.
Q: Is that okay as in I am onto something?
A: Maybe…
Q: Can you help me out a little here?
A: Too do so would compromise your discoveries.
Q: Are the body pains in these areas related?
A: To…?
Q: Obviously this is a big one… it relates directly to the
crossed shin bones, the skull, the shoulderblades, knees,
elbows and a lot of other symbology… the exposed breast
of the Masonic initiate. In the Bible where it says that
Jesus was scourged, it is actually a word that usually
means the pressing and squeezing that cause milk to
express from the breast.

Finally, you might want to have another read at our new and revised website…
have put up a lot of info…


From: Laura Knight-Jadczyk
To: Vincent & Darlene
Subject: Westcott’s lecture
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Date sent: Sun, 19 Sep 1999 23:01:12 -0400

Reading your account of Westcott’s lecture, where he described the “work” as
beginning in Leo, proceeding thence to Scorpio, and completion in Sag…
indicates to me that he was in possession of the knowledge of the 11 house
zodiac that I have hypothesized… Lleweleyn tells that Libra is a new
invention, that it was created from the pincers of the Scorpion, and that
originally, Scorpio and Virgo were one sign. That, of course, leaves us with a
deficit of one sign to make 11. I am playing with the math to figure it out.

Of course, if it is true, it blows a lot of calculations to bits…


Date sent: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 15:40:50 -0500
From: Vincent & Darlene
Subject: Re: Westcott’s lecture

>Reading your account of Westcott’s lecture, where he described the “work” as
>beginning in Leo, proceeding thence to Scorpio, and completion in Sag…
>indicates to me that he was in possession of the knowledge of the 11 house
>zodiac that I have hypothesized… Lleweleyn tells that Libra is a new
>invention, that it was created from the pincers of the Scorpion, and that
>originally, Scorpio and Virgo were one sign. That, of course, leaves us
>with a
>deficit of one sign to make 11. I am playing with the math to figure it out.
>Of course, if it is true, it blows a lot of calculations to bits…

Dear Laura,
Thanks. Put that one in just for you. Don’t know if it’s significant or
Westcott was just dozing, but the focus on the cusp of Scorio/sag is the
interesting point. Still haven’t found too much tradition behind 11 sign
Zodiac. Let me know what you think of the rest of the book.
PS – We probably need to meet and talk soon. Call me 910-439-4263

Date sent: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 10:58:05 -0500
From: Vincent & Darlene
Subject: Re: More on the Matrix – and the Fortress of Sion….

Hi Laura,

There’s more that I did not add to the appendix on Mt. Zion because of its
esoteric nature. I think this the real reason behind Zion/Sion’s usage.

ZN is the root word in Hebrew and as you found, it has no known cognates.
Numerically it Z, zayin, 7 plus N, nun, 50, for a total of 57. In Hebrew,
this is the number of the words for consuming, terrible, subversion and
making a secret, all prime activities of the “Sionist,” in the sense we are
using it. In the Tarot, these letters are attributed to the Lovers and
Death, giving us another rather intertaining perspective.

The original “Zaphon” is another bizzare root word, ZPN, which adds up to
137, the number of the word received, or kabalah, in Hebrew. The orginal
meaning was the place, or state of mind where the knowledge of the universe
could be found. Its coruption into Zion represents the control trip of the
priesthood. Finally its use by the Priory of Sion, which can be spelled SN,
equals 110, or the end of days in Hebrew, signals their understanding of
the esoteric significance.

He who controls the Matrix of reality, controls reality. The hidden city is
really Zaphon, where we realize who we are in the universe.


From: Laura Knight-Jadczyk
To: Vincent & Darlene
Subject: Re: More on the Matrix – and the Fortress of Sion….
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Date sent: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 11:29:11 -0400

On 28 Sep 99, at 10:58, Vincent & Darlene wrote:

> There’s more that I did not add to the appendix on Mt. Zion because of its
> esoteric nature. I think this the real reason behind Zion/Sion’s usage.
> ZN is the root word in Hebrew and as you found, it has no known cognates.
> Numerically it Z, zayin, 7 plus N, nun, 50, for a total of 57. In Hebrew,
> this is the number of the words for consuming, terrible, subversion and
> making a secret, all prime activities of the “Sionist,” in the sense we are
> using it. In the Tarot, these letters are attributed to the Lovers and Death,
> giving us another rather intertaining perspective.

I would have to say that I would go with the tarot connection and forget the
Kabbalistic, gematriatic and related permutations. The reason I say this is
that I think that when Canseliet and Fulcanelli made their negative references
to Kabalah, they were giving a huge clue that you interpreted as a sort of sly
way of affirming. He meant what he said when he, as you put it, “scorned the
would be cabalists … whether thy be Jewish or Christian, and the would-be
experts, whose illusory combinations lead to nothing concrete.”

There are several reasons I say this, but it is complicated. There are two
books which deal with the Kabalah vs Cabala issues, one of which reproduces
some images that might knock your socks off. The first is “The Search for the
Perfect Language” by Umberto Eco… this book provokes some serious questions
about the possible underlying motivations for a “secret group” to develop and
promote Kabalah as a “keep busy” activity for those who think they are solving
a mystery thereby.

The second is “Babel: The Language of the 21st Century.” This guy has either
stumbled on the secret unaware, or he has a clue that he has stumbled on it,
but doesn’t talk about it at all. Abraham Abehsera is the author.

The issue is this: Time travel. Plain and simple.

A few years ago I would have thought such an idea just simply too far out to
even remotely consider. But, a strange thing happened. Somebody urged me to
read Jim Garrison’s book about JFK “On the Trail of the Assasins.” Okay, I did
just to have a break from my other research.

Now, remember, Garrison is not into any “weirdness.” He is, of course, after a
“conspiracy” behind the Kennedy assassination, but he is after it in an
ordinary way – you know, connect it to the Mob, the CIA, the Cubans, or

But, what he did was investigate and write reports and legal briefs, and gater
tons of information.

As I was reading through the account of his discoveries, something really
bothered me. It was utterly impossible for some of these things he described
to have happened without somebody manipulating time.

This really irritated me, because it was so much like the events around the
Rennes-le-Chateau business, as well as the events of the 11th and 12th
centuries… things out of synch… things that were out of place in the
timeline… things that just made me crazy with the sensation that something
was wrong with this picture.

In recent times, Ark and I have talked about this time travel business in more
real terms… possibilities, modes, and so forth. As I opened my mind to the
liklihood that it CAN be done, and mabe not necessarily via technology, but via
the “alchemical” secret, then I looked at these puzzling things in a different

As I did, I became aware of a very subtle current of what I call “inversion.”
A certain idea that COULD lead somewhere, is “inverted” at some point so that
the knowledge is obscured… the path is deflected. It is rather like somebody
going back into the past and turning the signpost so that it points the wrong

And, if you are not really careful…. you are misled by this because the
effect is like a domino… it influences the future.

There are a number of instances that I could cite… but it is lengthy and

Another thing is: I have learned that when “synchronicities” occur, they are
often generated by the “other,” as a means to lead us astray. In the
beginning, I thought they were ALL a sign that I was on the “right path,” and
that someone or something was “helping” me. But, as things progressed, I
realized that this is not necessarily the case. Remember, I was proposing the
very ideas you are writing about in your “Monument to the End of Time” back in
1986… I was calling it “Metamorphosis.”

In my notes at the time I wrote:

I would like to suggest that the “fall” of man was
not just a spiritual event, nor even just a cumulative
activity wherein mankind became “trapped” in the flesh,
unable to recall his origins or reach his full potential, but
that it was a quantum event of metamorphosis which I will
discuss at length further on.


According to the cometary impact theory formulated
by the Alvarezes, the last Great Dying took place
approximately 13 million years ago and they have projected
the next to occur about 13 million years from now. If we
take Velikovsky’s interpretations of ancient records to be
correct, as well as numerous psychic references from sources
with proven track records, then we have a real problem
reconciling the time element. The key to this discrepancy
may lie in the idea of metamorphosis. If, at the time of any
interplanetary interaction, fundamental atomic changes take
place, it would obviously invalidate any atomic dating method
in use.
If there have been repeated metamorphoses, and if
we are truly in the dark scientifically regarding time and
perception then it is entirely possible that another Great
Dying is just ahead of us in the immediate future and that
this is the true hint, or vision of the prophets of gloom and
doom as well as the religious configuration of “The Day of
The Lord.”


There are numerous aspects of these ideas to
examine in order to arrive at a more complete understanding
of the events which are in our world and in our future, and I
believe that we can find a common denominator within all of
them which points to another Great Dying — and the cause.
I intend to show that we are facing an extra-
terrestrially caused global catastrophe which will initiate
metamorphosis and a New Heaven and a New Earth.
Judgment Day.


At this point I want to discuss metamorphosis as it
applies to “atomic” interactions between bodies of the
cosmos. The single most important statement made by Immanuel
Velikovsky is: “If the activity in the atom constitutes a
rule for the macrocosm, then the events described were not
merely accidents of celestial traffic, but normal
phenomena… The discharges between the planets or the great
photons emitted in these contacts caused metamorphoses in
inorganic and organic nature.”1
As we can surmise from the data analyzed in the
Alvarez theory, this event recurs like clockwork and must
represent a single, powerful cause.


The next section will deal with the presentation of
several prophetic views. In this I have attempted to remain
as close as possible to the actual documentaiton and the four
main elements of the eschatological thesis: 1. Geological
changes; 2. Possible war; 3. The conflict between good and
evil; and 4; Cosmic phenomena. I intend to show how all of
these elements may fit together and coalesce into the staging
and effecting of the end result: Metamorphosis — a New
Heaven and a New Earth.

So, you see, I have been working through this stuff starting in about 1984…
by the time I was writing above, I had received so many “synchronous” clues,
that I was sure that I was almost “there.” The same thing happened with Martha
Neyman… and with yourselves. The instant you trust the “sychronities,” you
are lost. It is not necessarily the “free will party,” as you call it,
“telephoning you from another world” to help you out. If anything, it is
exactly the opposite.

> The original “Zaphon” is another bizzare root word, ZPN, which adds up to
> 137, the number of the word received, or kabalah, in Hebrew. The orginal
> meaning was the place, or state of mind where the knowledge of the universe
> could be found. Its coruption into Zion represents the control trip of the
> priesthood. Finally its use by the Priory of Sion, which can be spelled SN,
> equals 110, or the end of days in Hebrew, signals their understanding of the
> esoteric significance.

Before you continue to get worked up over this Kaballah stuff… better read
Eco and Abehsera… and maybe even this Garrison book…

Here is something to think about:


Q: (L) Okay, we have strange math. But, you can do anything
with numbers because they correspond to the universe at
deep levels…
A: Is code.
Q: (L) What does this code relate to? Is it letters or some
written work?
A: Infinite power.
Q: (L) How is infinite power acquired by knowing this code?
If you don’t know the correspondences, how can you use a
numerical code?
A: Lord of Serpent promises its followers infinite power
which they must seek infinite knowledge to gain, for which
they pledge allegiance infinitely for, which they possess
for all eternity, so long as they find infinite wisdom,
for which they search for all infinity.
Q: (L) Well, that is a round robin… a circle you can’t get
out of!
A: And therein you have the deception! Remember, those who
seek to serve self with supreme power, are doomed only to
serve others who seek to serve self, and can only see that
which they want to see.

And this is who “created” both the Monotheistic religion, laying the foundation
for Christianity, supported by Kabalah… and if anybody starts to get a real
clue, they will go back in time and change the sign… just as they did with
Abbe Sauniere… the Red Serpent business, and just about everything else that
has to do with this whole mess.

Think about it.


> He who controls the Matrix of reality, controls reality. The hidden city is
> really Zaphon, where we realize who we are in the universe.
> Vincent.

Date sent: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 16:38:47 -0500
From: Vincent & Darlene
Subject: Re: More on the Matrix – and the Fortress of Sion….

Dear Laura,

Good to hear from you, thought I might have scared you off. I am truly
interested in any comments and criticisms you might have concerning the
book. Always struggling to get it right seems to be my motto these days.

The tarot is simply a distilled version of the Kabalah, its symbols and
meanings are based on its relationship to the Hebrew letters and their
esoteric attributions. The Lovers card is attributed to Zayin because of
these esoteric connections, such as its astrological association with
Gemini. The same is true for the Death card, which is attributed to
Scorpio. Hence, ZN, Zion, which spelled in full adds up to 137 as does
ZPhN, the original word, indicates a received, or qabalistic, insight into
the galactic axis, which runs from Scorpio, center, to Gemini, edge.
Alignments with this axis indicate the quality of time. Zion therefore is
the code word for this understanding.

Abraham received this insight from the Elion, the God Most High, or the
ion/aeon of the El. The place where he made this covenant was named Zion to
indicate the galactic nature of the alignment. The intersection of Elion,
the Draco/Lesser Mag. Cloud axis, and the galactic central axis creates
“time.” Within this framework, the function of ‘time” is played out
according to the IHVH pattern. This is simply the elemental alignment of
fixed signs in the pattern Fire/Leo, Earth/Taurus, Air/Aquarius and
Water/Scorpio. This pattern fell on the spring equinox roughly 13,000 years
ago, and is now aligning itself with the fall equinox to repeat the
pattern. The Christians changed the pattern by focusing on INRI instead of
IHVH. This produces a pillar pattern, Water/Scorpio – Fire/Leo,
Air/Aquarius – Earth/Taurus, common to symbols such as the tymphanum at

I agree with Fulcanelli that the numerical Kabalah is not as insightful as
the puning and phonetic nature of the Green Language. Yet Fulcanelli
himself is quite aware of the numerical associations and used them in the
arrangement and numbering of illustrations in the 2nd edition of Le
Mystere. His point, I think, was to push the reader’s understanding beyond
any traditional view of the material into an area of direct insight. In
that sense his method is very much a form of cabalistic surrealism.

I’m familiar with both works you mention and agree in part with each of
them. Eco is correct that much of the Kabalistic symbolism is intentional
mystification, but he fails to see that there are real secrets contained in
the mystification. Abesera is very much on target when he postulates that
the juxtuposition of words in different languages form new meanings.
Anthony Burgess used this to great effect in Clockwork Orange. This, I
think, is the mechanism behind the Green Language, and can be found at work
in Provence with its overlapping of Egyptian, Celtic, Greek and Hebrew
roots. The key is what is conveyed in this Green or secret language. A
simultaneous reading of Fulcanelli and Nostradamus is most helpful in this

Ah, yes, time travel, the Lords of Time, and so on. The question is why?

Two old science fiction novels are helpful here. The first is Time War by
Fritz Lieber, in which two forces, he calls them the snakes and the
spiders, are slugging it out for control of the time stream. One group
changes history, and then the other group tries to change it back. The
result is an imperfect flow of time in which certain glitches are visible
to the careful observer. The second is Up The Line by Robert Silverburg. In
this one, time travel is an adventure vacation for the rich and jaded.
Certains times, Christ’s crucifixtion, JFK’s assasination, etc. become over
crowded with temporal tourist and certain anomolies result.

As an historian, I can think of a dozen time periods that seem to have
inexplicable continuity glitches. The worst, in my opinion, is the French
Revolution, which seemed to have an extraordinarily large number of
time-spooks pulling strings in the background. The key to all of this seems
to be the time we are in at the moment, as Nostradamus implied, and the
results of this kind of manipulation are approaching critical. What we were
trying to say in our book, without coming out and saying it, is that the
end of the world is a manipulated psycho-drama designed to detract from the
spiritual significance of the cosmic moment. I haven’t ruled out the
possibility that time travel and reality manipulation are involved. I just
don’t know who’s manipulating whom.

Which brings us to the question of synchronicity. We were very careful not
to give more meaning to any synchronous event than it deserved.
Synchronicity seems, in general, to be a field effect of sentience.
Whatever carries the deepest significance will be manifest in your field of
awareness. When I taught a course in quantum psychology, I included a
simple exercise designed to demonstrate the point. Think clearly and
strongly about any object or image. Then forget about it, moving it deep
into your unconsciousness. Within minutes, the person will begin to “find”
analogs to their object or image. One person focused on the shape of a
state, and continued to find rocks and other stray objects in that shape
for months. These sorts of things are easy to spot. More problematic are
what I call intrusives.

These are little pieces of isolated synchronicity that seem to come from
completely outside the thought field of the person. These can be sharply
intrusive, and lead to complete changes of viewpoint. In working on this
subject, we were very aware of these and tried to minimize their effect by
refering to the skeptical maximum that if it looks to good to be true, then
it probably isn’t. You, dear Laura, are one such intrusion. Some of your
ideas have been very seductive, and they may be right, but we have had to
filter that through the source of your insights. Information from
game-playing non-corporeal entities who hint that they have all the answers
is not, in my opinion, a sound or safe source. This is not to denigrate
your relationship with the C’s, just to say that we are quite aware of the
problem you pointed out.

I’m a little confused why you bring up your pervious work — done before
the C”s? — in the context of false or misleading synchronicities. From the
selections you quote, it seems that you were indeed on the right track, but
without enough real data to sort through the options. Do you consider these
insights invalid due to what you have received since?

As for your last point, well, I’m not sure how you mean it. The
philosophical distinction that the C’s make between service to self and
service to others seems, from my spiritual understanding, to be
unnecessarily divisive. From my point of view, the goal is to serve self
and others in harmony with the divine pattern. Choosing to serve self or to
serve others seems to be an imbalance either way. To divide on the basis of
this process seems to me to be an inversion of the basic principle of unity
through diversity that is the basis of life itself. However, I can see the
utility in making this division based on results, the old by their fruits
shall you know them.

Monotheism, by the way, is a Setian inversion of the original “emanations”
theory of the divine on which the cabala is based. The Egyptians had a One
God concept, the neter-neteru, or force of all forces, that was rarely
expressed. Ahky’s heresy was distilling this philosophical unity down to a
concrete, physical, divinity with whom he was the sole contact. This
inversion continued through Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Fulcanelli and
Schwaller are correct in suggesting that we look for more Egyptian and
Greek roots as a way around the problem.

I am aware of the infinite power/infinite wisdom loop and its seductive
effects. I agree that less than clean forces, human and otherwise, use
these tactics. I’m not into it, and my search is simply one of insight. I
want to see so I can help us all see, nothing more, nothing less.

And remember, every time a snake changes the time-sign, a spider comes
along and changes it back. Or almost everytime.

Warping Time your way,

PS – If you thought Matrix was good, try Dark City. Came out a little over
a year ago and is out on video.

From: Laura Knight-Jadczyk
To: Vincent & Darlene
Subject: Questions
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On 30 Sep 99, at 16:38, Vincent & Darlene wrote:
> I’m a little confused why you bring up your pervious work — done before
> the C”s? — in the context of false or misleading synchronicities. From
> the selections you quote, it seems that you were indeed on the right
> track, but without enough real data to sort through the options. Do you
> consider these insights invalid due to what you have received since?

Skepticism, the ability not to be fooled, is important.
But skepticism can be "cheap." It is easy to disbelieve everything,
and some scholars seem to take this approach. A better approach is to embrace
ideas, to consider nothing absurd, and spend the necessary time to examine
it closely and minutely. If you throw away puzzle pieces indiscriminately,
you may never complete the puzzle!
“Scientific training doesn’t keep your senses from
fooling you, but a good scientist doesn’t accept the impressions his senses
deliver. He uses them as a starting point,and then he checks,
and double checks. He looks for additional evidence, and for consistency
among his measurements. A scientist differs from other people in that he
knows how easily he is fooled, and he goes through procedures to compensate."
But, when you find the flaw, even a small one, if it is solidly established as a
flaw, you must be prepared to ruthlessly kill the idea and move to another.
(Muller, 1988, )

I found the flaw.

>You, dear Laura, are one such intrusion. Some of
> your ideas have been very seductive, and they may be right, but we have
> had to filter that through the source of your insights. Information from
> game-playing non-corporeal entities who hint that they have all the
> answers is not, in my opinion, a sound or safe source.

The point has been that the “games,” as you call them, “clues,” as I call them,
have led in all cases to solid work that not only validated the clue, but led
to other discoveries. I just gave you the clues… not the work. You seemed
to be able to “see” the clues… so, I assumed you had also done the work.
I know that I am not supposed to assume. But, it was a kind of test… to see
if I should send the rest.

You described yourself as “an old investigative journalist” which gave me the
idea (another assumption I’m afraid) that you were “bulldog” determined to dig
to the absolute bottom. I guess my method of working is different. I always
ask: says who? And I never forget a little lesson given to me by a friend who
was trained in intelligence: “forget what everyone is saying; ignore the words
and explanations; LOOK at the picture and discern the dynamics. Once you have
that clear, hypothesize that, crazy as it may seem, those dynamics are INTENDED
by someone. Then, by a process of elimination, discover who would BENEFIT by
the situation – because in this world, there is ALWAYS a payoff!”

This has been very useful advice. Yes, I read about a book a day and, for many
years had a photographic memory which is slipping a bit now with age… but I
still remember nearly everything. If I read something in a book today, and
read a contradiction in a different book 20 years ago, I can go back to that
first book and pull up the reference and compare. If I read something today
that had another part of it revealed in another book 20 years ago, I can make
the connection. I have been doing this for literally all my life since I
learned to read. This is very useful for detecting lies and twists as well as
seeing when something “fits” that may not have made sense before because all
the data was lacking.

So, all the time I am reading and searching… years and years and years… and
when I was dumped, unceremoniously, into this Rennes-le-Chateau mess, I already
had a huge mental database with which to analyze. Of course, I have to say
that what I have learned in the past 5 years with the clues of the C’s has been
beyond phenomenal. But, as you note, they don’t give the answers. If they
did, it would not be “me” to believe or accept because I am famous for asking:
“Says who?” So, when folks tell me stuff, in books and other places, they
really need to have their facts straight and “on the money,” because it is very
likely that it is a subject about which I have also asked questions – and dug
into. If it is not, and it makes me curious, I’m off again like a bull
terrier. And, if it IS something about which I have asked questions and dug
into in the way I do, and I notice that sufficient “investigation” is
lacking… well… it is always disappointing when one is promised that there
is something to be learned and there isn’t.

So, that is just my perspective. My brother used to call me a “walking
encyclopedia.” So, I felt bad about it and hid it. But Ark thinks its the
greatest thing in the world that he can ask me about almost anything (except
math) and I probably know the answer, or the latest research, or have collected
an assortment of views, all of which I will explicate so that the person asking
can make up their own mind. It’s handy when I am studying because I can
rapidly sift through things after all these years.

Another thing: I rarely mess around with books that give the “opinions” or
“ideas” or so forth of others about this or that. I want the research and
observations. I don’t really care what they think about it… I want to SEE it
and compare it to what other people have seen and described. And I want to do
it in silence where the obfuscations have less chance of intruding.

Which reminds me: I now have three sources of the fact that the zodiac was
orignally an 11 house system… Llewelyn, a technical book on astronomy, and
Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi mentions it in his book on Cabala. But, none of them
cite their source. Never fear, I will find it. They are all agreed that the
addition came “around” the time of Augustus. Odd, don’t you think? And, if
that is the case, it tosses a WHOLE lot of stuff in the trash… unless you are
one of those who believe that such things happen to “help” us or “add to” our

And, the bottom line is: in the end, all I know or think I know could be wrong
and another series of lies and obfuscations. So, I keep looking for the flaws.
I know how cleverly I was deceived back in 1987… been there, done that. This
is a new level… it could be deception too.

Nevertheless, I wish you well with all your endeavors… and I know for a
certainty that if you are really seeking the “bottom line,” – DEEP inside
seeking -and willing to face whatever whirlwind sweeps through the door when
you open it by REALLY asking the question… you will find it… or it will
find you.

But, I should warn you: when it does, it is certainly a death… more
accurately, a thousand deaths all rolled into one. But then you are reborn; a
new creature; with the scales fallen from your eyes. The King is dead; long
live the king.

Best wishes,


At this point I terminated the correspondence. After reading “A Monument To The End of Time,” I didn’t see any real reason to continue to communicate with a person who was telling me how much he understood, and then turned around and wrote such a nonsensical book.


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