The 75,000 Dollar Web Site

This is HILARIOUS!!!!! Today, we were informed of a little exchange on the Godlike Productions forum.

There’s a discussion about the domain name.

Well, there is a certain Anonymous Coward who was interested in buying it (I’m not going to link to it – you can go find the discussion if you like swimming in manure):

How much does it cost to keep a url going? Is it too late to pick it up again, don’t know how these things work.

And then, the following frenzy:

Registrar: GODADDY.COM, INC.
Whois Server:
Referral URL: [link to]
Status: clientDeleteProhibited
Status: clientRenewProhibited
Status: clientTransferProhibited
Status: clientUpdateProhibited
Updated Date: 22-mar-2011
Creation Date: 05-mar-2005
Expiration Date: 05-mar-2013

See date, something strange ?




Create on same day, so same person, not expired : VB

If there are no site that is due to the host.
I look if I can find something about it…



-> same person : Ark!

These areas are poorly configured – to increase the power of webcasting – it must be made an address translation, not a redirect.

There is not even good webmasters at the castle.

In the current state, 5 domains for a single asset, it is useless and is money out of the window.

Wasteful with money from followers…. QED


I’m not very technical with websites and domains etc, but are you saying that Ark is cyber-squatting? And that Ark has set up some sort pf proxy redirection to lead folks away from the real site? And he messed it up by squatting in too many sites? Charging the SNOTT members for his laziness?

If he has done anything illegal, report it?

You mean it’s illegal to buy domains now?!?!?!  LOL!

Figures, he is extremely slimy, crafty, untrustworthy – the epiome of a backstabber, with no morals or ethics whatsoever. Just like his wife, a match made in hades.


The domain name is owned. Someone bought it and they are trying to auction it off. The current asking price via godaddy is $75,000. If it was a matter of registering and hosting I know someone who could have it up, as it was, in less then 24 hours but 75k is pretty out there all things considered.

Wow, can I get that guy’s number? I mean, if he can get an already constructed web site up and running on a domain in LESS THAN 24 HOURS, I wanna hire him!


Anyway, that’s probably a bit out of order, but you get the idea. In short, some people over there are claiming that WE bought the domain name and are selling it for $75,000.

Just one problem:

The domain formerly expired on March 5, 2011 (which matches up with: “Creation Date: 05-mar-2005”). Domains are registered in multiples of 1 year. There was then a 30-day grace period where no one could buy, and the former owners could renew it. I know because I tried to buy it myself. I was going to offer it back to the GLP crowd for free. Seriously. I mean, without that web site and GLP, what are they? What have they got? Nothing! I just don’t like to see anybody suffer.

According to WHOIS:

Updated Date: 22-mar-2011
Creation Date: 05-mar-2005
Expiration Date: 05-mar-2013

That means that most likely, before the 30-day grace period ended, the former owner renewed the domain for another 2 years. Then, they put it up for sale for $75,000. Or maybe $70. Seems they can’t make up their minds one way or another, but the price I see on GoDaddy is $75,000.

And that poor Anonymous Coward is obviously so deluded that he can’t even see what’s going on. He was just SURE he was gonna get that domain and put his own Laura-defaming site up. And then maybe he would have a chip in the Big Game.

I feel for him, really.

In any case, the idea that Ark of all people would buy that particular domain name and try to sell it for $75k is totally insane. Who in their right mind would want to buy it, except for us and the VB/Stormy/Anonymous Coward crowd?


As for this comment:

…to increase the power of webcasting – it must be made an address translation, not a redirect

All I can say is: Dude, you just keep doing things your way and see where it gets you.

As for me, I’m going to go “increase the power of my webcasting” – whatever the hell that means.


7 Responses to The 75,000 Dollar Web Site

  1. Dunno who that moronic “anonymous coward” is who sez: “Wasteful with money from followers…. QED” – but I’d like to point out that over half of our funding comes from sales of my books and other products and I understand I’m still entitled to do with money I make by my labor as I see fit even if I do choose to roll most of it back into helping others.

    Fascinating that Vinnie and Stormboob can cybersquat without comment but if anyone else does it somehow it becomes questionable?

    What a RETARD!

  2. Hilarious and creative commentary .

  3. It makes no sense.
    Registering variants of your own website name and domains is actually a good way to protect your website from real scammers and such parasites who will purposefully cyber-squat to harm you.

    • Remember, we are dealing with people who will claim that it is illegal to reserve domain names, yet will use those same domain names to attack a site. They don’t practice what they preach, nor see their own issues. Just like vampires that cannot see themselves in the mirror.

  4. Well, Geez! If Vinnie and Stormy no longer have a site as a broadcast platform to lie about and defame people, how are they going to continue to do it? I would feel sorry about them if they deserved it!

  5. Just checked GoDaddy and the domain is listed at $75,000 right now as a ‘premium domain’.

    Regarding the anonymous coward commenting about registering multiple, similar domains, this is very much a common practice in the industry. GoDaddy even has a link right on their site informing you of the benefits of doing so!!! (If you start the process to purchase a domain name, there is link on the right that says “Why register multiple domains?” and it lists 3 reasons for doing so).

  6. “These areas are poorly configured – to increase the power of webcasting – it must be made an address translation, not a redirect.”

    This guy doesn’t know what he is talking about (unless he has a problem with the English language). First, no one refers to Internet domain names as “areas” – they just don’t. The word domain is specific and descriptive, and is a common term everyone who actually works in the industry uses. And I mean everyone, even the poor receptionist at the office who had the misfortune of having “IT” responsibilities land in their lap.

    Second, what relevance does webcasting have in this situation? None, since the overwhelming majority of the content on the C sites is simple text. And the video content they do have is not broadcasted (which is what webcasting refers to) but is rather streamed directly, when such content is made available.

    Third, the anon coward says the domain names should not be redirects, but instead be address translation. On the web server side, any address translation is a redirect, by definition. If a user hits “” the server can translate that to “” and then redirect that users HTTP request to the web server site responsible for that exact domain (usually on the same web server). The only thing I can think of is that anon cow means that the A records for the domain names for the sites that Laura and Ark have should be DNS CNAMES instead, pointing back to a master A record. Pretty much every web developer I have ever worked with prefers A records for their simplicity and reliability. CNAMEs are a short-cut way of making updating your DNS records easier, and that short-cut is just another thing that can break. Again, what is this guy talking about?

    Like I said, maybe this person is not very good at the English language, but my bet is that they are not very good at understanding Internet technology, considering they managed to fit so many incorrect statements into such a short sentence. We have a term for people like this, “script kiddies”. People who know just enough about technology to run the scripts and programs written by other people. In this case, it appears anon cow’s expertise doesn’t extend very far beyond typing domain names into a WHOIS lookup site.

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