Testimonial of Steven Gallacher, Cassiopaean Forum Member

I’ve never ever understood the Cult accusations thrown towards Sott,  the
Cassiopaea Forum, and anything else connected with Laura and Ark to be honest.

The paradigm of ‘life’ within this virtual community is, if anything, celebrated and enjoyed  by thousands and thousands of visitors every day, including me. People involve themselves to learn about this weird and wonderful world and their own place  in it, within a real warm, caring, respectful and fun environment.

People are encouraged to learn for themselves, and to ultimately ‘see’  for themselves. There are no rituals involved, there’s no dogma or creed  to be followed; good diet, healthy living and propagation of truth are encouraged.

We all have experiences of the ‘elephant in the living room’  scenario, so we
all have our negative blind spots, and on the positive,  we each perhaps see
something occasionally that other’s may not……..  so it’s all brought here to
be discussed, analyzed, interpreted….. so  that EVERYONE can benefit from
these studies…

What is so cultish about that?? It’s a Godsend to be honest!

I’d ask anyone who reads about any of these Krazy Kult accusations  thrown in Sott’s or Laura’s direction, to please, please, please read up on  the facts,
read the Forum guidelines, and some of the amazing  discussions going on
there……… and THEN think about just  whose toes are being stepped on…..
then you have some idea WHY this community is vilified.


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