Testimonial of Peam, Cassiopaean Forum Member

From a young age I was always drawn to reading about the nature of the universe and the strange and unexplained phenomena reported throughout history and especially the questions of “why are we here.” Mainstream religions didn’t seem to cut the mustard with me. Even as a young boy I could not believe that the God who was supposed to have created this vast universe with billions of galaxies each containing billions of stars and probably billions of planets would give a person ONE chance of life and if you didn’t believe in him he would have you banished to hell for eternity. Dunno about anyone else but that type of biassed choice has always been a bit of a turn off for me to be honest.

Another question for me was what was all these stories of UFO’s flying about and abductions by supposedly loving benevolent beings whilst sticking probes up goodness knows where, then making you forget.  Hmm, what happened to free will?

Anyway, I stumbled across a link to Laura’s experiment in superluminal communication and the Wave books, and a vast amount of other meticulously researched work spanning many subjects. But above all is how all this research and data and seemingly unconnected happenings throughout history forms connections to give a very different view from what we led to believe from school books etc.

As for the accusations of Laura and Ark and team of researchers and forum members being a cult, these accusations seem to have mostly come from a small handful of nutters who appear to have no other aim in life than to trawl the internet every day for any mention of Laura and Cassiopaea, then zoom in to spout their lies without any data to back them up.

If anyone is still in any doubt, try looking at the many stalking websites and see how many women are having their lives ruined and lies spread about them simply because they chose not to associate themselves any more with a person who turns out to be a conscienceless psychological deviant.

Then you can read all about why they do what they do for free. Where?…why, on the Cassiopaea websites of course.


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