Testimonial of Paul Darmawan MBA, Cassiopaean Forum Member

I am and Indonesian, male, 51 years old, divorced and remarried happily, educated with a Master’s Degree in Bus. Adm. from the University of San Fransicso, USA. I have been following Laura and the Cassiopaea Org site for many years and became a member of the Forum for four years.  I cherished the opportunity given to me by the Cosmic Mind to get to know Laura and her works, in revealing and helping my never ending search for the Truth for my and humanity’s purpose of being in this world.

Her experience and straight-froward way of writings, and OMG what a writer she is, captivated me, had convinced me beyond any doubt, that she is pure, honest and unpretentious in wanting to share her channelling results with the Cassiopaeans.  Her finding her true soul mate, Ark, was the blessing she rightfully deserves to make her mission complete.

Both Ark and Laura and the Forum members has given me much to be thankful for, and never have I suspect any ill intention nor wrong doings from the publishings of their work.  All references and research were clear and objectively catalogued.  The internet has certainly open up the world, and Ark and Laura filled it with TRUE INFORMATION needed for humanity to survive to the next level of conciousness, should they chose to do so.

Being the only member from this country, should made me more vigilant in dispersing the truth to my fellow countryman, but alas, this is not USA and freedom of information can be labelled as defamation or worse : an act of blasphemy or terrorism.  I will indirectly strive and keep on trying to convey the messages by the Cassiopaean in this part of the world.

Paul Darmawan, MBA.


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