Testimonial of Palinurus, Cassiopaean Forum Member

Who wouldn’t gallop to the rescue of a Dame in distress??!

So when Laura asked for more testimonials to be placed on the countercult website, I mounted my hobbyhorse and started typing. Not being a Don Quickshot, it took me quite a while to complete this diatribe, but nevertheless I reached destination after painstaking detours and disappointing drafts.

I’m 66 now, retired, a sociologist by training, a philosopher by nature and a mystic by heart. Due to political turmoil and personal incompatibilities I never got a proper job in any field of my expertise, so I went along through life as a maverick scientist and researcher – just like Laura has been doing. The difference being (among many other things) that I had the benefit of a thorough methodological training before I started. When I finally got my first PC four years ago I surfed the web like mad, collecting bookmarks and favorites on all topics I so far had had interest in — very much like a kid in a candystore on a free spending spree. So, not surprisingly, in a month or two I completely had lost track in a jungle of promising links and references. I then decided to sort them out by subject and to begin the actual reading, in order to catch up with the latest developments in all those fields.

In the meantime, a dear friend of mine (now deceased) was preparing a website for me on which I planned to collect and disburse in laymans terms the findings of a lifetime of research, for a general public that might be interested in reading them. But as it so happened, one of the first links out of my recently acquired collection that I went into in depth, was the website of cassiopaea.org (the old one) where I found –as much to my astonishment as to my delight– a whole plethora of articles and essays on a variety of subjects with which I had struggled and sparred all my life to get a grasp of and a handle on. Moreover, many of my own findings and tentative conclusions were already on display there as readymades, written in a manner I would not be able to surpass for years to come. So I aborted the plan of doing the same all over on a website of my own and settled for reading and researching the follow ups from over there. Doing so, I subsequently discovered all the other emoluments of Laura’s frantic activities (the blog, SoTT, the forum, the photo albums, the genealogies, the fellowship and so on).

Having not been hampered or derailed by the restrictions of mainstream science and official Academia in choosing my subjects and devising my approaches, I had very much winded down –in my own modest way, of course– along a path fairly similar to that of Laura and I reached many a comparable conclusion on most of those endeavours. Nevertheless, there are a few notable differences.

First of all, Laura has met the C’s –an enviable privilege– and went through a difficult route of deprogramming and opening up, commonly known as the process of awakening. Most of us are still just beginning to do the same or something similar via the hard and sometimes painful Work of the Fourth Way. Laura’s path has shown that this can be done, and as such she not only figures as an example but likewise as an inspiration and a challenge for others. Not many people can do that and remain their humble and amicable selves in the process. But ‘Guru-itis’ is not a disease Laura suffers from as far as I am aware. All the better for all of us who try to accompany her along this Way.

Secondly, Laura’s published writings brought her endeavours to the attention of Andrew Lobaczewski, the author of Political Ponorology — by far the most revealing and intriguing, clarifying and encompassing text about pathology, pathocracy and just plain evil we have come across in ages. Both have profited very much from their encounter, and so have we.

Thirdly, the emphasis on and the scope of her researches and writings on the subject of High-Strangeness and hyperdimensional realities and densities –however tentative they may be– are not only first rate but very inspirational (!). Had it not been for Laura’s work on these matters, most of us (and me in particular) wouldn’t have given a mere thought to this important topic and certainly not the benefit of the doubt to the findings and conclusions in this field. Laura has a way of doing things and presenting her thoughts on these matters that enables all doubters to follow suit regardless of their reservations or even taboos about all of it. This I consider to be a welcome enlargement of my field of vision and I hope others will do too.

Sadly, there are those –few and far between– who run amok when they encounter a free spirit in full flight. Otherwise this website and these testimonials wouldn’t have been necessary to be put up in the first place. I’m not going to spill my energy in fighting the defamation, slander and outright lies here and now. There are other occasions for doing that. I just want to highlight in admiration the grace under fire that Laura and her associates have displayed each and every time during all of those tribulations — without whining, nor withering, nor retracting, nor retreating even an inch. Think about it! Could you have done the same? I wouldn’t have, I’m certain of that. But I’m striving to and learning with every step along that way, in the pleasure of good company. You can take that to the bank (crying all the way and laughing ever after). I’m just so glad to have found all of you that it’s beyond the grasp of words to express to the full.


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