Testimonial of Nicklebleu, Medical Doctor, Cassiopaean Forum Member

Laura Knight-Jadczyk, her husband Arkadiusz and the team assembled around the Cassiopaean experiment have recently been criticized on the Internet and been called a “cult”.

For starters, this is an old trick, as far as I know first used by Karl Marx to discredit his political adversaries: “Sektierer” (best translated as “member of a sect”, but with a very negative connotation) he slammed everyone who criticized his theories and psychopathic ramblings.

During the 80’s, the same method was used mainly by leftist circles to discredit conservative individuals and groups – and I had first-hand experience with that, which I will explain in further detail later on.

I was born 1961 into a very conservative Swiss family where the father was the dominant figure. He was politically active on community level and very committed to work, so that I didn’t see much of him when I was young. He died on a mountain excursion when I was sixteen.

What followed were very difficult times for all of the rest of the family: my mother and two sisters. Both of my sisters were taking drugs and I was close to be kicked out of school due to poor marks. With a lot of help from school authorities, teachers, friends and psychologists we were able to finally all get away more or less unscathed, with both myself and my middle sister studying medicine and my youngest sister working in a big insurance company.

From my youngest age I was a voracious reader – I didn’t understand the world around me, myself or other people. I was very timid, especially around girls, but always respected for my quick wit and broad “knowledge”. When I was in my first year at medical school I finally sought the help of psychologists to sort out my problems. What followed, was a long and intense psychotherapy, based on the work of Alfred Adler, also known under depth psychology. This opened up new horizons and I thought that I had finally found some tools to understand the functioning of humans at least a little bit.

The group that provided the psychologists was a loose formation that had been founded by a former pupil of Adler by the name of Friedrich Liebling. He died in the early 80’s and left one of the psychologists at the helm of this group. This group underwent a slow transition from open group, where dissent and discussion was not only tolerated, but openly encouraged, to a group with a more and more monolithic belief system. There was an unspoken hierarchy that was managed by this head woman by praise if you did as expected, and scorn and exclusion for those who didn’t follow.

In the early 90’s the group drifted more and more towards the extreme right. It also became active in the anti-drug liberalization and AIDS political campaigns. This was also the time that this group started to be aggressively attacked in the media as being a “cult”, mainly because they went counter to the prevailing leftist agendas. While there were certainly elements that qualified this group as a cult (like the feeling that “we are right, and everyone else is wrong”, the lack of open discussion and a strongly hierarchical structure), there was nonetheless no pressure to stay with the group. I finally left this group towards the end of the 90’s and emigrated to Australia.

In retrospect I must say that I learned a lot from that group: Not only did this open my eyes to all the political machinations and injustice in our world, but it also helped me sort out many personal problems and deficiencies to be able to lead an independent and fulfilling life.

Then happened 9/11, and this was the first time that I thought that I could perceive a hidden power that was shaping our world, that so far I had not perceived before. It was the first time that I got a glimpse of the “Man behind the Curtain”. Now firmly established in the Internet age I scoured the net for more information that often was not available elsewhere – what a treasure trove! But at the same time I also realized, that you had to take all that information with more than just a grain of salt, because clearly a lot of persons were posting news on the net with very differing agendas.

I also started to investigate nutrition – and that’s how I finally found my way to SOTT. I literally “Stumbled Upon” it – with “help” of the Internet engine, which presents you with random websites according to your interests. And I had to stumble upon the same website twice, before I finally clicked that link.

I was instantly mesmerized and read the Wave Series online. I also straightaway ordered the Wave books. What a new world opened up before my eyes! Laura was a fearless searcher for the truth, but also a person with a tremendous amount of knowledge, a knack for cross-linking information – and a great sense of humor.

At first I was a bit skeptical of the fact that she seemed to get some information from “channeled” sources – from the C’s, as she called them. I was firmly entrenched in Newtonian-Cartesian thinking, suspicious of all this New Age world of crystals, homeopathy and “spirituality”, but the depth of the information and also the poetic and humorous nature of the transmissions led me to have a fresh look at the C’s. And their track record WAS quite impressive.

Finding SOTT has truly changed my life – I have been active on the forum community and in the translation group since early 2008. I have learned more about life and our planet, about the functioning of human beings, about spirituality, nutrition, health, psychopathy, history, archaeology, science and our possible futures, than in the 40 odd years before. Not only that – I have come to the realization, that 95% of things that I believed to be true, were in fact lies and propaganda. Laura and her team have truly “opened my eyes and my heart”. While I often despair of all the negativity, the cruelty and the dark clouds accumulating in our world, Laura and the C’s have given me a fresh perspective. Everything that happens does so for a reason: It is a lesson, from which we all can learn and grow. It’s not just the cold and impersonal universe or random misfortunes that befall us human beings. Just this realization has given me scope and hope for our future – as bleak as it might seem to us now.

I am a person who spent over 10 years in a cult-like environment, so I know how that feels. To ascribe “cultish” behaviors or structures to Laura and her team is pure nonsense – in fact I suppose it is directed with the same sick precision of the psychopath towards those forces that might oppose them – exactly the way it happened with that other group I used to be part of.

I can only encourage everyone to look with their own eyes and feel with their own heart. After all – just follow one of Laura’s mottos: “Don’t believe anything – think for yourself!”


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