Testimonial of Neema, Cassiopaean Forum Member

I have been following Laura and Ark’s work since 2002. I have also met them personally. In all the time that I have followed their work they have always been sincere and honest. They have shown themselves to be dedicated researchers with the upmost compassion. In fact they and their humble extended family, are the type of individuals that bring out the best of everyone and everything around them.  In  all the years I have followed their work, despite confirmation after confirmation of their research, they have always constantly and viciously been under attacks. From these attacks the most ridiculous of them all is the accusation of them being a cult. I mean they are so far away from the idea of a cult that the notion of it is outright bizarre.

To me, three things are needed for the notion of a cult. Unquestioning loyalty and obedience (we tell you what to think), financial and labours commitment (we own you and your assets), and last but not least everyone is welcome and no one leaves (freed former cultists always describe prison like conditions).

So let’s see, not only are the good peoples involved with the Cassiopaean experiment relentless in their research for truth and knowledge, they share that information for free continuously. Think about it, hours of work, which is basically “money”, they just give away for the benefit of everyone. Not only can I attest to that benefit personally, but I know many whom have benefited tremendously from the Cassiopaean experiment. Also the very fact that if they were doing this for financial reasons, they would have long time ago sold or commercialised ‘sott.net’ . In my opinion sott.net is priceless but in today’s online economy it would be worth millions in advertising alone. Not only do you not see advertising or annoying Google advertising words, there is no membership fees of any sort. The only thing that is asked is that if you benefit from the Cassiopaean experiment, then donate any amount you would like. On this very reason it is enough to show anyone with the capacity to think that the accusation of cult is just plain wrong. But just in case that is not enough, there is also the fact that they often encourage people not to take their word about their research but for people to do their own research and make up their own mind by providing ample references to follow up on. Cults entrap minds with Nero linguistic programming, the Cassiopaean experiment encourages critical thinking.

On the last note, having had the pleasure of being invited to their home and having experienced their humbling company, I can personally say that nothing was out of the ordinary. They are a compassionate and kind normal group of people, with an above normal thirst for knowledge and truth. Their only goal, to freely share that knowledge and truth for the benefit of all.


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