Testimonial of Nathan – Cassiopaean Forum Member

My name is Nathan and I’m a writer from Australia. In 2001, I came across the Cassiopaea website while in search of information on my father’s psychological condition; information that was noticeably sparse in Western psychiatry literature: psychopathy. At the time, Laura Knight-Jadczyk had experienced several close encounters with such dangerous individuals and had skillfully dug up and pieced together what little data existed of their condition.

For many years I looked on with interest at Laura’s impressive bibliography of work and not to mention the insightful articles on the Cassiopaea and Signs of the Times websites, but it wasn’t until later that I returned to the Wave and the Adventure series with renewed interest (they were and are still available for free). Like many others I soon became a daily reader of the Signs of the Times website (appropriately sub-titled “The world for people who think”) because I wanted to keep up with what was really taking place on this crazy planet of ours.

In 2006, I joined the Cassiopaea forum and found myself in what can only be described as the exact opposite to a cult or religion (which includes New Age religions too). Pathological thinking and blind belief had been exchanged with a collective goal to learn as much as possible about the real world and ourselves by becoming involved in gathering and sharing objective data. I realised that I’d stumbled upon a fellowship of knowledge and growth, the sort of thing you’d see depicted in fantasy or science fiction movies as an ancient civilization, wise beyond its years, kind and helpful yet clever and humble. But this was very real and very human. And I never looked back.

Laura, her family and close associates are renowned for their grappling of controversial and perplexing topics that would overwhelm or unnerve the bravest of journalists and researchers in a heartbeat. It saddens me that this era of human history might pass yet again in bloodshed, unaware that its greatest heroes were fighting the real battle. The one against lies and inhumanity.


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