Testimonial of Mike L, Cassiopaea Forum Member

By mid-2004 I had spent the last year and a half jumping around the world wide web for the truth of many things.  I had lost faith in the religion I grew up with, Catholicism, and I had lost faith in the US government after having some time to research and see the lies in all areas that I explored and was serving as an officer in the military.  I had impacted others lives and I had been lied to to get me to do it.   I wanted to get to the bottom and find the truth of things.

First I found Rense.  Then a friend pushed me toward Alex Jones.  Neither was what I was looking for completely, although I checked them regularly.  Finally I discovered Laura’s and the others involved in the SOTT webpage work in the summer of 2004.  I loved the way the editors of the webpage commented on current articles and flashed back articles so that the reader could see the lies unfold.  The editors also wrote about the ‘Work’ and many aspects of Gurdjieff’s efforts to wake up humanity.  SOTT was collecting the best material, in my opinion giving the best commentary on the internet and giving some of the best advice you’ll hear if you are seeking after truth.  Research and dig for the true and don’t just believe what others have written.  In short I loved SOTT, but hated to see the world as it truly is.

Later I read the material on the Cassiopaean website to include large amounts of material on Vincent Bridges and Laura’s and those around her response and efforts to defend themselves from in my opinion some of the most vile and subjective writing I have ever read.  I’ve never seen a person, Laura, work so hard in my life and I’ve never heard of such defamation and efforts to tear down another person, such as what has been done to her.  She must be hitting a lot of nerves to get so much attention and if you read her books you’ll see why they want her to waste time defending herself.  I wish her and those associated with her work the best of futures.


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