Testimonial of Matthew C., Cass/ SOTT Reader

The Fulcanelli article of Laura’s is a masterpiece that I could not stop reading!  It somehow resonates with something inside.  It is definitely one to keep.  It has been amazing being a reader of this site for the past 9 or 10 years to see how information and titbits discovered and alluded to suddenly seem to take on a completely new perspective when another piece of the puzzle falls into place, bringing with it a completely new understandings of what was previously something hazy on the horizon.  I am re-reading the Wave series for about the 4th time, and each time some new aspect seems to jump out at me.  I suppose as one’s knowledge grows, so the perspectives, perception and discernment change which allows the same paragraph to take on whole new meanings at different levels.

Thank you for continuing to fight the good fight for all of us.  My interaction with Cassiopeae has changed my life, and this article has again changed my perspectives.  Everything seems to be indeed “hidden in plain sight” and your continued hammering on the anvil is deeply appreciated.

Matthew C.


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