Testimonial of Masamune, Cassiopaean Forum Member

I found the Cassiopaea website in 2002 while searching for answers to questions I had concerning the nature of reality.  I am very thankful that I found it when I did because it is really a jungle out there when it comes to websites dealing with this type of information – and I had been caught up in several before. Some had me blocking out reality with positive thinking from New Age sites or others had me riddled with paranoia from some crazy conspiracies.  The Cassiopaea site set me straight and taught me how to think for myself and to not be so easily tricked by any flashy website out there designed to lure gullible people in.

I have been actively participating in the forum since 2009.  I had never participated in any type of online forum or group before mainly because of the flaming and trolling that is so common on the internet these days.  I did not want to open myself up to those types of attacks and this had seriously limited the potential for me to find like-minded people on the internet from all over the world.  I had been lurking in the forum for a few years and learned what it was about and what I really liked was that the owners of the forum took the issue of creating a safe zone for its members very seriously. In this safe zone members would have the protection to speak about their most personal and sensitive issues in their lives.

It personally was such a relief to find so many people seeking the truth like me and be able to talk to them in a place where normal healthy human interactions were possible.  I was able to share intimate details about my personal and family life and get much needed feedback without any type of judgement or attacks for what I wrote.  The people there can be brutally honest though and don’t have much tolerance for games so it can be rough at the beginning if one is not used to hearing the truth about one’s self.  This type of feedback is crucially important for being able to learn the truth about yourself and to put you in a position to actually do something about your problems.

As for the accusations of being a cult, I think they are ridiculous.  I have searched for any types of behavior that would suggest this but I have not been able to find any.  What is encouraged there is the exact opposite of what a cult would encourage.  At the Cassiopaea forum I was taught how to think for myself and to not believe anyone.  I was taught to always do my own research and seek to know the truth.  If people are not doing this sufficiently the behavior will be pointed out to them and they will be told to think critically, do the research, provide evidence, etc.

If someone doesn’t agree with what is going on in the forum and no longer wants to participate, which often happens, there is absolutely no pressure to stay and no bad words are spoken because of their decision.  The person’s free will is always respected and anyone is always free to leave and never return at any time.  This sounds like the opposite of a cult to me.

Also all of the material is available for free.  One can get the full benefit of all the material, the same as any other member, without having paid a single penny to Laura or anyone else.  This operation is not about making a profit, it has a higher purpose.

I am so grateful to Laura, Ark and all of the members there who have shared all of their work with me over the years and who have provided me with help and support to become a better person.  Before finding the Cassiopaea website my life was not fulfilling to me and I felt that I really had nothing to live for.  I was narcissistic, self-destructive, and all of my relationships were in shambles.  I now feel like I am in a much greater position of stability and have found many of the answers to the questions I had growing up.  I have the opportunity in this group to help many more people than I would have been able to before and to share all of the amazing information I have found.  I feel like I have finally found the place where I belong and through this group have met hundreds of amazing people who have greatly enriched my lives with their knowledge and friendship.  I have also been going through serious health issues over the years and the health information on the forum and Sott.net has been invaluable in helping me to live a much healthier and fulfilling life.

I would suggest to everyone out there to not be fooled by a few pathological individuals who want to hurt Laura and her friends and family by spreading lies but to do your own research about her and her life work and to read the testimonials from those that actually know her or interact with her.  Learn the truth about what she is doing and trying to achieve in order to help humanity, and if you are sincerely seeking the truth, I think you will thankful you did.


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