Testimonial of Jordi Ferran, Senior IT Systems Architect at Hewlett-Packard

A keen reader may notice I write these comments in present time, not in past. I conclude that if time does not exists, why bind oneself to future or past verbal forms? I write in essence, what always has been.

I perceive as a 13 year-old kid that something is not correct, there is a glitch in this reality. I notice that some people mimic other’s behavior. Few people embrace free will. Their choices are made based on external opinions, others are needed in order to support one person’s decisions. Moreover I see then how people seek this support, it is like a requirement to be part of this unit known as society.  At this age I do not understand neither  am I able to construct a theory to explain this mystery (¿why?). I perceive around me that the art of being, of being oneself, is rarely present. I attach then to this idea, of being myself, because if each person is unique, then I cannot search outside what is inside.

I do navigate since then for two decades, without a route, without a destiny. Incomprehension leads to depression, a burden I no longer carry. One day when 24 years old, I discover another glitch known as 9/11. Videos, documentaries, articles, readings, I consume a lot of input in order to explore the big alternative. ¿What IF? A big doubt arises because I scientifically need to check all options until I can discard them. I do not want my subconscious mind to discard what is possible and what is not. I want my conscious mind to decide after processing all available input. At this very moment in time I ask to my self: ¿Do I have more IFs to answer? I do consult a palmist another for tarot cards, and finally a medium. They provide me  food for thought. I perceive that something unseen is present.  Then the destiny provides me a gift, the best I remember I ever received, a book named “9/11th The Ultimate Truth” by Laura Knight-Jadczyk and Joe Quinn.

Then I fall in love with the writer, with this style of writing. All is intense, all is valuable information, all is meaningful to me. The next step is to buy 2 more books. I need more and more from the same author, even if the subjects are different. I  read “The Wave – Volume 1”. This is the tip of the iceberg, the point of no return. I realize that ahead of me there is a very long path, a path of learning, of self criticism, a path of exploration and discovery, a path for people who think and wish to be themselves. A great respect arises not only for the writer, also for the other researchers supporting several initiatives. I then discover the web-page Signs Of The Times. I also discover the Cassiopaea Forum which I join as a mere consumer, not as a person to enlighten others.

After 3 years with them, I perceive a growth in my knowledge superior to 6 years of lonely research. After another 6 months with them, I perceive a growth in my knowledge superior to previous 3 years. After another set of 18 months with them … ¿do you guess? ¿Stress? It no longer exists (check Éiriú Eolas). I’m in good health, all allergic symptoms vanished, I lost more than 10Kg. My mind concentrates with ease and is able to face challenging problems (I do not remember this capacity before). I know I’m on the correct route. I know where the lighthouse is.

I do remember the first message I need to write on the Forum of Cassiopaea. It is a private message to Laura: “thanks for existing”.


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