Testimonial of Joe Quinn, BA, MBS

Before beginning this testimonial, I decided to look up the precise definition of the word. Here it is: Testimonial: “a written declaration certifying to a person’s character, conduct, or qualifications”. But I thought to myself: “Is anyone going to believe a declaration, by me, ‘certifying the character, conduct and qualifications’ of a group of people when one of those people is me?!”  So I thought about it a while and eventually came to the conclusion that what most people accept as ‘truth’ in this world, in any domain, is rarely if ever based on cold, hard facts anyway, so I needn’t stress myself over trying to provide ‘irrefutable proof’. For some, no such proof from another is necessary because they can work it out for themselves; for others, no amount of proof would ever suffice to convince them of something that contradicts their beloved prejudices.

The fact is, most people believe or accept as ‘truth’ that which most closely reflects their own personal beliefs. For the most part, people adopt the seeds of such beliefs at a young age when they lack the maturity to discern truth from lies. So they’re really not ‘their own’ beliefs at all.  Long and often stressful experience has taught me that some people simply have a natural ‘taste’ for things that are true, while others have a natural ‘taste’ for lies and illusion. One person’s drink really is another’s poison it seems and we may as well just tell the Truth as we find it and let those with eyes to see and ears to hear do what comes naturally.

But anyway, the ‘cult’ thing; have you ever been on the receiving end of a slanderous accusation? Some slur which, while in no way true, somehow ‘stuck’. Maybe you simply know someone to whom this happened. The thing about liars is, compared to someone who is telling the truth, liars are at a distinct advantage. Think about it; if someone suddenly starts a ‘hate campaign’ against another person, spreading all sorts of malicious and unfounded rumors, some of the lies will likely ‘stick’. The claims of the liar, coming from the position of complete untruth, gain credibility when none is due. The innocent party on the other hand, loses credibility when he or she has done nothing to deserve it. Very often, liars have nothing to lose by telling lies, especially if they are inveterate liars with no apparent conscience.

So what’s my point? Well, the above paragraph describes exactly the situation as regards the ‘cult’ accusations against Laura, Ark, their family, work and friends. Me included. Using entirely manufactured and demonstrably false allegations, certain individuals have waged an almost 10-year defamation campaign against us. The culprits are well known to us. I have, at times, considered that they must suffer from some classic mental illness such as schizophrenia. On the other hand, I am faced with the fact that, while very few in number (counted on one hand) they are possessed of an almost pathological persistence and determination to attack and defame us that is uncharacteristic of any classic or common mental illness. This fact has led me to an alternative speculation on their malaise: they’re not mentally ill in the strict clinical definition of the term, but instead provide the best evidence I have seen for the existence of mind-control.

Whatever the true origin of their particular psychological issues may be, the fact of the matter is that they are, beyond any doubt, inveterate liars. I’ve lived and worked with Laura, Ark and family for close to 8 years. I was there when the accusations started and have seen it all unfold, up close and personal. I know all of the details of how and why Laura, Ark and family came to France (I joined them soon after their arrival). Laura and Ark raffled their house in Florida, a person won the raffle but didn’t have the money to pay the taxes on the win, so she abdicated and the lawyer handling the case did what many lawyers do best, he made a fast buck. That’s the long and the short of it. All other claims by our defamers are malicious lies made up out of thin air.

Every day at the house in France a group of people work hard to manage the many projects Laura and Ark started. There is also a large group of people around the world interested in what we do and they help out in many ways. Funding comes from the sales of books we have written and donations, like many other organisations out there. Again, that is the long and the short of it. All other claims by our defamers are malicious lies made up out of thin air. Laura and Ark and the whole team of helpers around the world are doing all they can to inform people on vitally important topics including diet, health, psychology, social, political and environmental issues. The Eiriu Eolas breathing program, developed by Laura and now being taught by certified teachers around the world, has helped many people deal with stress and emotional issues and to literally change their lives for the better. Perhaps it is in this regard that we can better understand the motivation of those engaged in the long defamation campaign: their aim is to prevent the valuable information we attempt to share from reaching as wide an audience as possible.

Now, I could leave it at that, because that’s the whole truth, there’s really nothing more to tell, but I think it might be useful for anyone reading this to gain a little insight into the background of the deranged people who have been attacking us these past 10 years.

The background of the defamer-in-chief, Vincent Bridges, aka ‘Dr. Strange’, is rather enlightening. Bridges claims to be an ‘Enochian Magician’. ‘Enochian magick’  has its origins in ancient Egypt and the various cults that existed at that time. Many of these ‘Enochian magicians’ see themselves as tasked in some way with triggering the end of the world or ‘cosmos regeneration’ as they call it. ‘Cosmos regeneration’ is to be achieved through ‘magickal workings’ using various ‘ancient’ and ‘sacred’ techniques.

Among the more colourful techniques used by such types we find:  ‘Calling down the cube of space’, aligning the celestial poles’, ‘opening the portals’, ‘celestial mechanics’, ‘sacred science,’ ‘sacred geometry’ and ‘the raising of the djed’.

Ask yourself, are you going to take seriously anything that issues from the mouth (or keyboard) of a person who thinks he is divinely tasked with a mission to ‘call down the cube of space’ in order to usher in the end of the world?? Even more disturbingly, there exist strong links between the ‘Enochian Magick’ that Bridges claims to practice and ‘Satanism’. Anyone can confirm this by doing an internet search using the two terms.

Many of these ‘magicians’ (Bridges included) organise trips for believers to ‘sacred sites’, often in Egypt, where apprentices are bilked of their money in return for the opportunity to listen to the nonsensical ramblings of the ‘great magician’ (sitting atop an unhappy looking camel). On a more humorous note (depending on how you look at it), in regard to the above mentioned ‘raising the djed’ – it seems that anyone involved in this activity immediately becomes a ‘djedi’ and from various sources we find that the time when these ‘djedi’ perform their ‘magickal working’ will be the time of the ‘return of the djedi’.

As is common with many new age grifters like Bridges, the benefits he offers to any adherents he manages to con are grandiose:

“When we experience our own connection between the two (matter and spirit) a resounding “Yessss!” will synaptically ricochet throughout the global brain, the morphogenetic field of the planet, (and the Internet.) Our conscious reconnection with the wisdom of our own origins, and the rediscovery of the archaic celestial/terrestrial technologies, initiates us into “whole” consciousness.”

Or better still:

“Attune yourself to the blissful energetic current of the joyous goddesses as you enter their abundant world of passion, ecstasy and enchantment. Learn how to open yourself to the magical world of the senses, awaken your Kundalini energy, experience the sacred nature of your sexuality and fill yourself with the fertile, life-enhancing nectar of the Sensuous Goddess.”

I’m not making this up, this is precisely the kind of nonsense that our defamers have built their ‘reputations’ on. This is what they claim to believe! So I ask you, should I, or anyone, take anything such people say seriously? Obviously not. They really belong in some new age travelling show, complete with scale models of their ‘cube of space’ and a bearded lady. In a normal world, we wouldn’t even have to bother with the rantings of such types because their pathology and deviant view of the world would be clearly discernible. But we don’t live in a normal world it seems, and due to the aforementioned pathological persistence of our detractors, we are forced to actually take the time and effort to counter their attacks. We do this, not so much to protect ourselves, (because there is nothing such people can do to harm us) but rather to protect the valuable information we have to share and the rights of all to have access to it, free from the threat of being attacked and defamed.


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