Testimonial of Incognito, Cassiopaean Forum Member

In 2002 I clicked a link in a email and found a fascinating world that I didn’t know existed. I read Amazing Grace, The Wave and Adventures, along with hundreds of articles. I read for hours every day for many months. Following links, endless trips to the dictionary, reading one paragraph or one sentence that would send me into long contemplations where things would click into place. Didn’t even realize there was a forum for months because there was so much information on the site to focus on.

Having spent so much time trying to understand mankind’s cruelty and being profoundly sad about the state of the world,  it was really a life giver for me to find the site because with some knowledge and understanding I’ve found an inner peace inside  that was never there before and wouldn’t have happened without Laura/Cassiopaea. Thank you so much for that.

The channeling part was secondary to me at that time, I was more interested in the research and teachings as I’d just spent a couple of years reading reams of channeled material and had quit paying much attention to it anymore, but certainly noticed that the Cassiopaeans had a different flavor than other channeled material.

When I finally got to the cult accusations I was really puzzled and didn’t really take it very seriously at first as it was so bizarre and twisted.

The accusations became even more perplexing as time went on.  I’ve never seen anyone trying to ‘sell’ the truth to anyone, convince anyone of anything, or take anyone’s money. In fact, Laura sends people money when they are in need, ships them vitamins, enzymes, health information, free EE/meditation CD’s and whatever else people need, even when she has no extra for herself.

The group always encourages people not to believe anything without researching the facts for themselves.

Interestingly enough, the cult accusations have caused a blowback effect that has greatly benefited the group and perhaps all humanity. It stimulated creativity.  Since more has been learned and researched about manipulation, lying and predatory maneuvers, group members have become better at spotting it and therefore better equipped to deal with psychopathic behavior.  The psychopath is being exposed in every corner of the world.  I’d guess that’s an unintended consequence of the cult accusations. 🙂

The EE program that Laura and Dr. Gaby created has been a very interesting experiment.  It changes you, it relaxes, heals, and helps you respond to people instead of reacting to them.  When I started the program I couldn’t get off the floor without rolling over onto my stomach, getting on my hands and knees and using a table to get up.  I’d had a somewhat serious health issue and major abdominal surgery in April 08.

Within about 8 weeks my energy level was through the roof and was feeling much better. My flexibility returned, the numbness that was left in my left thigh after surgery had vanished. The tightness in my hands also vanished. The doctor told me I would have to learn to live with the numb thigh and the tight sore feeling in my hands.   After following a better diet, sauna and EE program, I feel like a new person.

Laura gives her heart and breath to the world, everyday. Nuff said.


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