Testimonial of Hoang Phung, PhD (Electrical Engineering)

My name is Phùng, Minh Hoàng. I found Laura’s work on the Cassiopaea website in 2005 while looking for information on peak-oil and Earth changes. Ironically, I did so by following a link on one of the numerous disinformation websites designed to trap those seeking outside the mainstream media. And I thank God for that day because it has changed my life profoundly for the better although I didn’t know it at the time.

I know that there are vicious and scandalous allegations against Laura and her group on the Internet. I have read a few of them and it was more than enough for me. Why? Because every single one of them was outrageously false. I reached that conclusion based not only on the abundant evidence that Laura has made available but also on what I have witnessed firsthand in the group throughout the years. What I saw was the furthest thing from a cult I had ever seen anywhere. So I’m not going to write any more about those lies in this statement. Instead, I’m going to write about is the tremendous benefits that I have got from Laura’s work.

The first thing I get from participating in Laura’s group is knowledge, and I mean true knowledge, not the kind of knowledge laden with disinformation you get from most books and contemporary “experts”. Since I was small, I have sensed that there must be something more to life than what I was seeing. And I have sought for it, in Buddhist meditation, in books and on the Internet. I can’t tell you how many hours I spent on the web reading and searching for … something. And then I found the Cassiopaea website. Someone wisely said that some people simply have a natural “taste” for things that are true. I have never looked back since then. What I found was explanations and perspectives that made more sense than anything I had known. More importantly, I found a community of people who were helping each other grow and who cared for each other at the soul level.

I also benefit from the health and nutrition research that Laura, Gaby and others in the group have conducted and made freely available. I always thought that I was basically a healthy person. Never mind the constant brain fog, or the sleepiness after each meal, or the struggle to get up in the morning, etc… After all, if you are in the same state all your life, and everyone around you is the same, then you would have to consider it normal. However, the health and nutrition measures that I implemented in the last year or so based on the research in the group have made a world of difference to my health and I can say that I have never felt healthier. My wife, who has suffered all her life from auto-immune conditions due to gluten and dairy, has also seen major improvements in her health.

The last and most important benefit I obtained is the Éiriú Eolas program. It is truly the most effective soul-healing program in the world, bar none. Although it is advertised mainly as a stress-control program, it goes much deeper than that. It heals the soul wounds that every normal people on Earth get just from living in this psychopath-controlled world. On a personal level, I can say without exaggeration that it saved my marriage by transforming me from the narcissist that I was.

The definition of a cult is “a group of followers of an unorthodox, extremist, or false religion or sect who often live outside of conventional society under the direction of a charismatic leader”. However, what I see in Laura’s group is a group that cares for and supports each and every member spiritually, physically and emotionally. If you call that a cult then I’m proud to be part of it. I will stand with Laura and her group and do everything I can to help. As the last words, I wish to say THANK YOU to her for everything she has done and is doing.


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