Testimonial of Gonzo – Cassiopaean Forum Member

I am a father, a husband, a federal civil servant and a member of the Cassiopaea forum since October, 2008, although I had been reading the forum and several of Laura Knight Jadczyk’s books for a few years before I officially joined the forum.

I was attracted to the Laura’s work because she was the first person I’ve come across who tried to apply some form of scientific rigor in her attempts to study the unknown side of reality.  I have found her approach to be sincere and honest.  If her critics have actually read her work, I am surprised that they could still hold contempt for her.  I would have assumed they would have noticed the same thing most of us have noticed: that sharing her work to those interested in reading it, is borne from a selfless and honest desire to share her discoveries in the hopes of helping mankind through difficult times.  She is the farthest thing from a self promoter or a guru and yet, like anyone wanting to share their work to a broader audience, has to deal with the uncomfortable reality that one’s work needs to be promoted. And so, if I have ever seen any promoting, it has been the work and not the person, although the two are inseparably linked.

I was attracted to the forum because I saw a group of individuals interested in helping each other become better people as they search for objective truths about our reality, no matter how painful those truths may be.  Through the years I have witnessed many people come and a few leave.  Those who stayed were able to learn to see themselves through the eyes of others and start to heal the wounds that life, especially early life, may inflict.  It is difficult to recognize one’s defensiveness or passive-aggressiveness or the myriad other ways our wounds manifest in how we deal with others and for some, it is unbearable. Those who left, seemed unable to deal with the pain of realizing how others saw them and could not allow themselves to accept the truth, preferring the comfort of self illusion.  Some of them returned later, able to accept the mirror after careful contemplation while others were never heard from again.  And yet a few others were so enraged with what they saw in the mirror that they chose to lash out at the mirror, and continue to do so to this day.

Throughout my few years of participation, I have recognized several things about myself that I am working on.  For example, I have an intense need to be liked and wanted.  This has created all sorts of problems in my life, including coming across as a know-it-all, being overly helpful to others at significant expense to myself and my family, changing my personality to accommodate others, etc.  This is mostly based in a family dynamic of my early childhood and I am making some headway, thanks to the mirroring and suggestions received on the forum, as well as reading several psychology books recommended by forum members.  I also have several other issues too personal to note here, for which I have also received some great insight from the forum.

It is also interesting that, since we cannot separate mental health from physical health, a lot of the research on the forum is dedicated to diet.  This researched has had significant impact on me reducing the amount of nerve pain I experience from a spinal disease and has all but stopped my fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis.  This is no minor thing, since specialists have been able to do little other than exacerbate the problem or feed me ever-increasing amounts of pain medication over the last fifteen years.

As a result, my mental, physical and spiritual health has improved immensely, with direct benefits to my family and wife, who rarely see the frustration, anger, arrogance, exhaustion, pain and selfishness that was once my daily reality.

Ottawa, Canada


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