Testimonial of Eduardo, Cassiopaean Forum Member

Hi, my name is Eduardo. I’m 20 years old, from Lima, Peru and I’ve been a member of the Cassiopaean Forum for ten months and it has been an amazing experience to be networking with such a great group of people.

I first came across Laura’s work when I was searching info on ET’s and found  some of her work on a web site, so I searched for Laura herself to ask her if she had in fact written the articles displayed on that page. I found her on Facebook and wrote her a private message asking her about the articles on the web. She very kindly replied and said that those where in fact part of her body of work, and encourage me to join the forum if I had any doubts about her work and other topics. So I did. I joined the forum on May of 2010.

At first I hadn’t yet finished reading The Wave or any of Laura’s books, so I has I bit lost in the forum. I remember one of the first things I posted was on the topic about Lady Gaga which got placed in the Baked Noodles part, and I got into a very heated discussion!!  I was happy to have found a forum with intelligent, analytical, objective and kind people. Compared with other forums that are filled with disgusting people, this one seem to good to be true.

Well, after a couple of months of being on the forum, I read The High Strangeness of Dimensions, Densities and the Process of Alien Abduction, then continued my reading with the online version of The Wave that is 100% free and available for everyone with an Internet connection! And then I continued with the information that is on the forum that is really amazing.  You can spend hours a day just searching for any kind of topic you could imagine. It’s really incredible. This forum is a great tool to keep yourself in check and also be informed with the things that are happening in the world.

After a couple of months of being in the forum I started to be a regular reader of the SOTT page. Now I only read news there and I also follow them on Twitter!

I’ve had many issues with myself, like eating disorders, depression and bad habits that where leading me into the wrong path, I was in very bad emotional shape when I first joined the forum and I still was, for a long time. It was only after I started to trust the forum members more with my life that the networking really began for me. I started to post about my problems, not only emotional but health and diet questions as well. The forum members have been amazingly kind and patient with me, especially the administrators and super moderators. A BIG thank you to all of you!!!

I got a lot of replies on the forum, of well intentioned people that just wanted to help me get better, they posted a lot of links to books and reading materials that would help me understand myself and my issues better and give me a more objective view of myself.

It has been better that any kind of therapy I’ve ever been to. Networking has changed my life for the better no doubt about it. Even my friends say I’m more mature and handle things better.

I was a heavy pot smoker too. Almost all of my adolescent years, I was stoned and now, I’m almost 4 months pot free, which is really great for me. I was self destructing my life and going down really quick. I didn’t pay attention to my studies, no attention to my family and no attention to myself. I was masking all my problems by getting stoned on a regular basis. I never discussed my addiction to pot on the forum, until I was almost three months sober. They helped me to realize that smoking pot was not the best thing for me; in fact it was bad, really bad. Even my parents can say that now I’m a more stable person.

So I have to thank a lot, the forum members, the administrators and moderators, Laura and the Cassiopeans, or the C’s, for being there for me when I needed sound advice and to point me to the best direction I could take.

This network has opened my eyes, and I’m now living a different life, I’m more happy with myself, I’m less sad and I’m finally dealing with my problems and programming.

So this is my testimonial, a big hug to every member of the forum with whom I’ve networked! I really appreciate your existence!  🙂



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