Testimonial of David T, Cass/SOTT Reader

It is most important to me that I thank you for all the wonderful research and the tremendous body of work that you have so graciously shared with those of us willing to confront these dark truths.

I have also been on a rather lonely road of trying to sort out the vast panorama of “truth” candies coming in all flavors and from every direction. After having dabbled in the “New Age” movement only to be frustrated at the constant lethargy engendered by such “sweetness and light” as well as the continuous fatalism of waiting to be saved endemic to my own Christian roots I have found your approach like a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stale sea of mental laziness nurtured by a deeply enforced emotional threat aimed at well discerning boat rockers.

It is so good to know that there are others of such discrimination and of such willingness to share such information. My own life has been a grand adventure in the quest of higher truths. I most definitely concur that the path is arduous at best, yet most rewarding in the long run. I have no regrets though plenty of mistakes without which I surely could not have known of a better way.


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