Testimonial of Adam B., B.A., History, Knowledge Worker and Cassiopaean Forum Member

By 2003, I had been consciously, spiritually seeking deeper, truer knowledge about our reality for twenty years.  I began this effort during college and worked haphazardly at it into early middle age while building my career as a high-technology knowledge worker.  I made progress slowly as I bounced from source to source that I discovered to be disappointingly shallow, narrow, fleeting, or otherwise sharply bounded — not to mention those that were disinformational or outright fraudulent.  It was at that time, still wrestling with many apparent contradictions in my world-view, that I discovered Laura Knight-Jadczyk’s amazing research and writing, the Cassiopaea material, and the network of like-minded people working with it.  I had seen smaller bodies of work that bore a faint resemblance, but, really nothing like this.

Having been trained in historical method and critical analysis, I firmly believe that after twenty years I had a better sense than most of what constituted honest, sensible research.  Laura and her associates were definitely doing it.  I especially appreciated the “no sacred cows” attitude, and the willingness to discard a hypothesis when proven unworkable.  In all my years of seeking I had never encountered a group so serious and dedicated to honest, objective research.  They were learning, bettering themselves for the good, and actually helping each other address everyday life’s most difficult issues.  The group did all of this while gathering clues, making and testing hypotheses about what makes a good life, and ever considering how best to share ideas with the world.  I willfully joined the group, was welcomed, and gradually increased my efforts to contribute.  For all I have learned from the group, I have been grateful ever since.

Generosity and genuine concern for people everywhere are obvious qualities of Laura, and they are reflected in the whole group.  I have witnessed the network’s hard work and numerous efforts at outreach to the world, the free sharing of important news and other information, and the genuine caring that goes into each of these endeavors.  I have had the opportunity personally to meet Laura, her family, and many of the longest-standing contributors to the Cassiopaea network.  What a great pleasure it has been to meet such outstanding people.  Today I work closely and in-person with several members in my area.  Truly, there are no individuals that I respect and trust more.

The ways of my own personal progress are too numerous to mention.  But, I firmly believe that today I am smarter, wiser, healthier, wealthier, more considerate of others, more productive, and living better than I would have had I not chosen to become active in such an outstanding group of thinkers.  For all of this, thank you very much, Laura, and to all the contributors to this project who keep me thinking and growing every day.

One thing I knew a bit about before the group, and understand a lot more about now, is the risk of attack that is born by those who engage in a really honest, objective look at our world.  Those with opinions of no consequence are simply ignored, but those who are truthful attract the ire of the negative.


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