Testimonial by “Seekin Truth”, Film maker, Cassiopaea Forum Member

I first ran into the Cassiopaea website in 2004 after doing an internet search. I began to read the introduction to the site and became very interested in the material presented. The explanation of the Cassiopaea Experiment superluminal communication – “critical, channeling” using a scientific approach with proper controls and a conscious feedback system utilizing a Spirit Board type instrument done with a group of people, as opposed to trance channeling – intrigued me very much.

I proceeded to read the “Adventures with Cassiopaea” series of articles and followed up by reading “The Wave” series. Reading these two series over several weeks, I found the material to be the most profound and interesting presentation of the most pressing questions facing humanity. Many things that I had been interested in for over 15 years were thoroughly researched and explicated in a manner that I had never seen before. It was such an intriguing find by a chance internet search that I could only spend all my spare time reading to see what else the author, Laura Knight-Jadczyk, had uncovered with such meticulous research and connecting so many varied dots into such an intriguing mosaic.

I continued to explore the Cassiopaea and related websites and finding and reading articles that seemed to cover everything under the sun that any intellectually curious person could possibly be interested in. Shortly afterwards, I discovered the Signs of the Times (sott.net) news and analysis site and began reading about all the current events around the world from this source on a daily basis as it turned out to be the best of its kind, after many years of reading alternative news sites; and it had a very unique perspective and approach to analyzing just what is really going on on this planet of ours. I also began reading the old forum (which was much less well-organized than the current incarnation of the forum that was born in January 2006 and has evolved quite a bit over the years).

What I realized over many months of reading and observing the discussions and interactions on the online discussion group and old forum, was that I had stumbled upon a truly unique group of researchers totally dedicated to objective truth and networking together to help each other access more of objective reality – in fact, to achieve, as a group of sincere individuals committed to the truth, as close an approximation to objectivity as humanly possible.

The great thing was that I found everything I’ve ever been interested in researched in-depth on these websites, including things I had meant to look into deeper but had never gotten around to yet, not to say anything of subjects I wasn’t even aware of.  From diet and health, evolutionary biology and genetics, the cutting-edge findings in the neurosciences, history, official and alternative archeology, environmental issues and earth changes, ALL the latest scientific studies, methods of disinformation analysis, to music and movies and much, much more are covered with the scope that only a large global community of sincere, curious researchers can gather and share. This online community is made up of thousands of people from all walks of life with varied experiences and backgrounds, a few hundred of us being VERY active in the online research and search for objective truth.

I guess I could have been turned off by the whole “channeling” business and left without looking into this wealth of information collected on these websites. But I had for a couple of decades been very interested in the work of psychologist Carl Gustav Jung and his theories about archetypes and the collective unconscious. Through Jung’s work and other synchronicities, I had become very interested in the I Ching, the ancient Chinese method of divination also known as the Book of Changes. Having read about the I Ching in Jung’s and his associates’ work (Jung wrote the Foreword to the first modern and most trusted Western translation into German by Richard Wilhelm) I was very intrigued and finally, beginning in January 1999, I began consulting the I Ching on an ongoing basis about many things that I was unable to figure out on my own, with my own conscious mind and intellectual resources, so to speak. My experience was that one could get some really uncanny answers to the questions asked. And having read Jung’s theories and explanations about how it is all connected to his concepts of archetypal patterns and the collective unconscious shared by all of humanity, my skepticism was kept to reasonable proportions and the results were judged without dismissing such strange things out of hand.

In early February, 2007, I joined the newer Cassiopaea forum and began to participate in the discussions. What I’ve learned during this period, including reading the many and varied recommended books, as well as my interactions with this online community, has positively changed my life in so many ways that it is hard to put into words concisely. Laura and Arkadiusz Jadczyk, the administrators of this worldwide online community, are the most sincere and hard working people I’ve ever come across.

Over this period, I also became aware of a vicious and prolonged campaign of defamation and character assassination aimed at Laura, Ark, and the research network and online community that sadly continues to this day. Looking into these unsubstantiated allegations, I was really surprised and shocked at how totally opposite everything being said was to my own observations and experiences. The more I looked into this contrived “controversy” the more I realized that this gang of cyber-stalkers engaging in this heated defamation campaign seemed to me to be made up of a handful of pathological liars that have been thoroughly exposed in their lies by their own dissimulative and deceptive words and actions. I would only like to urge all sincere and open minded people to look at the documented evidence yourself and make up your own mind.

I’ve also been regularly practicing the Éiriú Eolas breathing and meditation program since it was introduced in summer of 2009 and have seen great benefits with my health, energy, handling of stress, processing of old, traumatic emotions (that we all have accumulated as a kind of burdensome baggage that encumbers our freedom in the present), and my ability to concentrate for long periods of time. Having only minor experience with meditation before starting this practice, it has changed my life for the better in yet more indescribable ways than all my previous experiences with the very helpful and useful information put together by Laura and the rest of the core research team, the Quantum Future Group and shared so generously. Although one can purchase the Eiriu Eolas program DVD and audio CD set, it is also available for free online, as are many of Laura’s books.

As a matter of fact “The Wave” and the old “Adventures with Cassiopaea” online series can be purchased as the 7 (soon to be eight) volume Wave books, but the material is still available totally free on the Cassiopaea website. So another very unique aspect of Laura and Ark is that they are not in it for the money but instead to spread knowledge and its benefits to as many as possible while still being remunerated for their hard work, energy and time, by those who choose to pay for the benefits so that they can continue to work for the same goals.

In the Fall of 2010, I had the pleasure of meeting Laura, Ark, and the rest of the people living at the chateau in France after so many years of only knowing and interacting with them online. I can sincerely say that it was the best experience of down to earth, genuine human companionship I’ve had the honor of encountering in my life. I had truly received wonderful benefits from what Laura and Ark had started and I had begun to participate in sharing for many years, but finally meeting these fine folks gave me a new perspective on their generosity and unparalleled hard work ethic.

I think my own background and life experiences lent themselves to the “unity in diversity,” so to speak, and interdisciplinary aspects and approach of this online research community. I had studied in a pre-engineering program with lots of Advanced Placement sciences and maths such as AP Physics and AP Computer Science, as well as AP Calculus and Trigonometry and Advanced Math, etc. As I was very enthusiastic to become a mechanical engineer (although many people kept trying to convince me that electrical engineering would make a better career), a couple of my friends who were several years older than me were studying engineering in college. One friend who completed his undergraduate studies and became an engineer was basically sitting behind a desk and reading magazines. NOT my idea of what I would like to do as an engineer.

So I decided to change course and study filmmaking instead, as music and filmmaking had been a fascination and passion of mine from a pretty young age. Before starting my filmmaking studies, I researched and read the best material on all the aspects of filmmaking and then began my college film program. In my sophomore year, I was invited into an interdisciplinary “Honors Program” and ended up graduating with that program as my major. I’ve never liked being labeled and “pigeon holed” into any rigid categories and never identified with any title or career. I’ve worked in film and then commercial photography and full-service photo / digital imaging / graphic arts / print production. So the interdisciplinary approach and character of Laura and Ark’s research, as well as the entire global online community is very close to my heart.

They strive for True Science and True Mystic Spirituality – two sides of the same coin in the quest for Objective Truth – without any other political, commercial, or personal agendas involved. I’m honored to be associated with this group of people that strive to help develop as many emotionally and intellectually healthy and wholesome individuals as possible, realizing their highest potential and being productive and fulfilled people doing what they love to do: learn, grow, and share what they’ve learned to help others interested in doing the same.


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