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Ayant été profondément impressionné par le livre 11 septembre, l’ultime véeité, de Laura Knifght-Jadczyk, j’ai décidé de m’inscrire sur le forum Cassiopaea en 2008. J’ignorais à l’époque que celau aurait un impact aussi énorme et positif sur ma vie. Les bénéfices se sont avérés nombreux :

Having been thoroughly impressed with the book “911-The Ultimate Truth” by Laura Knight-Jadczyk I decided to join the Cassiopaea forum in 2008. Little did I know at the time, that this would  have such a huge and positive impact on my life. The benefits have been many:

Ayant été profondément impressionné par le livre 11 septembre, l’ultime vérité de Laura Knight-Jadczyk, j’ai décidé de rejoindre le forum Cassiopaea

Psychological wellness

Bien-être psychologique
Reading the recommended books and forum threads on psychology, especially narcissism, made me for the first time take a real look at myself and my behavior, and this was quite a shock. It became clear that I had accumulated many faulty functions and attitudes (e.g. so called narcissistic woundings) during my upbringing, and that this was one of the reasons why I was feeling miserable and “unwhole”, and why I had problems communicating with friends and loved ones. Fixing this seemed like a huge and almost impossible task. But with the support and help by Laura and other forum members I finally gathered the courage and will to start dealing with my past. In fact, the forum seems to be full of sensible and emphathetic forum members that provide helpful advice and answers to ones problems at any time – not once have my calls for advice remained unanswered!


Lire les livres et fils de discussion recommandés sur la psychologie, surtout le narcissisme, m’ont permis pour la première fois de me regarder vraiment en face, ainsi que mon comportement, et ce fut un sacré choc. Il est devenu clair que j’avais accumulé nombre de fonctions et attitudes défectueuses (les blessures narcissiques comme on les appelle) durant mon enfance, et c’est l’une des raisons pour lesquelles je me sentais misérable et « incomplet », et que j’avais des problèmes pour communiquer avec mes amis et mes proches. Réparer ça semblait une tâche énorme et quasi impossible. Mais avec le soutien et l’aide de Laura et d’autres membres du forum, j’ai finalement rassemblé courage et volonté pour commencer à affronter mon passé. En fait, le forum semble être rempli de personnes sensées et empathes qui offrent des conseils et des réponses utiles aux problèmes de chacun à tout moment – pas une seule fois mes demandes de conseils ne sont restés sans réponse !

I also started to practise the Éiriú Eolas meditation and breathing program when it was introduced. Having done a lot of breathing exercises and different kinds of body work I didn’t expect anything dramatically new. But it soon became clear to me that the Éiriú Eolas program was superior to anything I’d tried before and that it was highly effective! Practising regularly the EE program has improved my ‘inner being’ dramatically. Éiriú Eolas has given me a combination of true calmness of the mind and improved alertness, and this has made many things possible that I wouldn’t have even imagined achieving before.

J’ai également commencé à pratiquer le programme de méditation et de respiration Éiriú Eolas lorsqu’il est sorti. Ayant pratiqué beaucoup d’exercices de respiration et différentes techniques corporelles je ne m’attendais pas à quelque chose de si radicalement nouveau. Mais il est vite devenu clair à mes yeux que le programme Éiriú Eolas était supérieur à tout ce que j’avais essayé auparavant et qu’il était extrêmement efficace ! Pratiquer régulièrement le programme EE a permis d’améliorer mon « être intérieur » de façon significative. Éiriú Eolas m’a donné un mélange de véritable calme mental et de vigilance améliorée, et cela a rendu beaucoup de choses possibles, que je n’aurais jamais imaginé pouvoir réaliser avant.

Just to give you an example: last year I surprised myself by applying for a job as a teacher at the university. This may not sound that special, but if you had known me a couple of years ago, I would have told you that I have neither the skills nor the courage to apply for this kind of a job. But having my new sense of assurance (without the egotism I had before) and greatly improved communicating skills made the whole applying process quite enjoyable. And yes, I did get the job and have enjoyed being a teacher very much! I also would like to say that the Éiriú Eolas techniques and my new understanding in psychology are great tools when dealing with a multitude of young students and their problems.

Pour vous donner un exemple : l’an dernier, je me suis surpris à poser ma candidature pour un emploi comme professeur à l’université. Cela n’a peut-être pas l’air extraordinaire, mais si vous m’aviez connu il y a encore quelques années, je vous aurais dit que je n’avais ni les compétences ni le courage de postuler à ce type d’emploi. Mais grâce à ce nouveau sentiment d’assurance (sans l’égotisme qui me caractérisait avant) et des capacités relationnelles améliorées, j’ai pu postuler en m’amusant. Et oui, j’ai eu le job et ai beaucoup apprécié d’être professeur ! Je voudrais également dire que les techniques Éiriú Eolas et ma nouvelle compréhension en psychologie sont des outils géniaux lorsqu’on est confronté à une multitude de jeunes étudiants et à leurs problèmes.

Physical wellness

Bien-être physique
It is amazing in how many areas Laura and her team provide beneficial information. One of these areas is diet and health. I used to belong to those people who eat what they like and never think that there’s any connection between the things you put in your mouth and your health. However, by following and participating in the forum discussions about health I soon realized that trying out the recommended diet would probably be a good idea. And once again, I became amazed by the results. Following the diet I got rid of my chronic upper back pain, sneezing, fatigue and skin problems – just to name a few. I would like to point out here that I have never seen or experienced any forcing or imposing of ideas or e.g. diet by Laura or the other senior forum members. The idea is that everyone should do the research and reading by themselves and draw their own conclusions. The forum is a research forum where people exchange information and help others. And nothing is written in stone: if new research provides clear evidence that contradicts the old theories, then the old theory is revised.

C’est incroyable le nombre de domaines dans lesquels Laura et son équipe fournissent des informations bénéfiques. L’un de ces domaines est l’alimentation et la santé. Je faisais partie de ces gens qui mangent ce qu’ils ont envie de manger sans jamais penser qu’il y a un lien entre les choses qu’on met dans sa bouche et sa santé. Toutefois, en suivant et en participant aux discussions sur le forum à propos de la santé j’ai bientôt réalisé que tester les modes d’alimentation recommandés serait probablement une bonne idée. Et une fois encore, j’ai été émerveillé des résultats. Suivre ces conseils m’a permis de me débarrasser d’un mal de dos chronique, d’éternuements, de la fatigue et de problèmes de peau – pour ne nommer que quelques problèmes. J’aimerais souligner ici que je n’ai jamais vu ni été témoin d’une quelconque pression ou imposition d’idées, par Laura ou les autres membres anciens du forum. L’idée est que tout le monde devrait faire les recherches et lire par soi-même et tirer ses propres conclusions. Le forum est un forum de recherche où les gens échangent des informations et s’entraident. Et rien n’est gravé dans la pierre : si de nouvelles recherches fournissent des preuves claires qui contredisent les théories précédentes, alors la théorie précédente est révisée.

World view

Vision du monde

It’s a bit more difficult to describe in detail how my world view has changed since I started to read Laura’s work and joining the forum. My overall impression is that I now can see the things that happen in our world more objectively, getting a glimpse of the ‘man behind the curtain’. And being able to see things a bit more objectively has helped me in making important decisions concerning the well being and future of me and my family. At first, when I started to realize how bad the things are in our world and how the solution is not to ‘bomb’ everyone with love and light, I became depressed. I think this is one of the reasons that some people repel the message and information that Laura Knight-Jadczyk is giving out – at first glance it seems so depressing. And there’s a huge resistance in every one of us to change our world view, especially if the reality is quite the opposite of love and light. We want to keep things the way they are and stay in our comfort zone. But that’s exactly the attitude that helps the malicious manipulators of this world to thrive. In order to understand as much as possible about the world and universe one has to learn about  ‘the dark side’ too, and how it acts against us, that is the only way to try to see the big picture. I soon learned that this depression I had was a completely normal and even necessary phase on the road to greater awareness . It is wonderful how the forum members support each other in moments of such crises. As a matter of fact it would be impossible to try do this kind of ‘work’ on your own, the support, feedback and guiding from others are necessary. And Laura, Ark and the whole chateau crew are the best possible teachers and guides that I can imagine.

Just recently I’ve read the defaming messages quite thoroughly in trying to understand why they say the things they do. What I’ve noticed is that the defaming and slandering voices usually belongs to someone of the following categories:

1) Psychopathological individuals (con-artists, self proclaimed gurus, psychopaths, brainwashed agents).

It is understandable that these people feel threatened by Laura’s work, because one of the main areas of Laura’s research is psychopathology and COINTELPRO. She is trying to raise people’s awareness of these things. So they try to defame and slander Laura and her work in any way they can to protect their own con games.

2) Know-it-all narcissistic individuals

They usually register to the forum in order to teach and impose on others their ‘fantastic’ ideas. When other members then start to ask for any proof, references or research that would back up the claims, they usually get mad or sarcastic – showing their true colors. After they’ve been banned they want revenge and start to write nasty and completely untrue things about Laura and her crew at other places on the internet.

3) Lazy seekers

These individuals are interested in finding the truth but they are not willing to do any work of their own. When they get familiarized with Laura’s work and her teachings they realize (maybe subconsciously) that they are not up to the task. So it’s easier to believe the juicy lies and turn away, and to label and categorize Laura’s writings as crazy or stupid – without having read any of it. These people usually swallow willingly the ‘she’s channeling aliens through an Ouija board’ thing. Why would they trust Laura, she’s channeling aliens (this isn’t actually true) for Gods sake!

4) Love and light ‘workers’

These individuals find the work and message by Laura too depressing and label it as ‘fear mongering’. They believe that you attract negative things by thinking of them – so one shouldn’t do that! Such individuals repeatedly suffer trauma and disappointment, and keep trying to think more nice thoughts, all the while their blindness is what makes them vulnerable.

I hope that anyone who reads this and isn’t familiar with Laura’s work would decide the truthfulness of her message by reading her books and familiarizing with the forum. That’s what I did and I haven’t regretted that for a moment.



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