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Testimonial of Maryjk_99, Cassiopaean Forum Member

I am actually a latecomer to the Cassiopaea group, having only joined about a year ago.  I was simply seeking answers, an understanding and  truth about why our world is in the state that it is in.  I was looking for the origin of evil, the roots from which it sprang.  Thinking that biblical references were somehow encoded in the text, I came across one of Laura’s articles referencing the Garden of Eden.  I saw how truths were interspersed with lies throughout these texts and I am very grateful for the critical and objective histories she has been able to uncover. Continue reading


Testimonial of Adam B., B.A., History, Knowledge Worker and Cassiopaean Forum Member

By 2003, I had been consciously, spiritually seeking deeper, truer knowledge about our reality for twenty years.  I began this effort during college and worked haphazardly at it into early middle age while building my career as a high-technology knowledge worker.  I made progress slowly as I bounced from source to source that I discovered to be disappointingly shallow, narrow, fleeting, or otherwise sharply bounded — not to mention those that were disinformational or outright fraudulent.  It was at that time, still wrestling with many apparent contradictions in my world-view, that I discovered Laura Knight-Jadczyk’s amazing research and writing, the Cassiopaea material, and the network of like-minded people working with it.  I had seen smaller bodies of work that bore a faint resemblance, but, really nothing like this. Continue reading


Testimonial of David T, Cass/SOTT Reader

It is most important to me that I thank you for all the wonderful research and the tremendous body of work that you have so graciously shared with those of us willing to confront these dark truths.

I have also been on a rather lonely road of trying to sort out the vast panorama of “truth” candies coming in all flavors and from every direction. After having dabbled in the “New Age” movement only to be frustrated at the constant lethargy engendered by such “sweetness and light” as well as the continuous fatalism of waiting to be saved endemic to my own Christian roots I have found your approach like a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stale sea of mental laziness nurtured by a deeply enforced emotional threat aimed at well discerning boat rockers.

It is so good to know that there are others of such discrimination and of such willingness to share such information. My own life has been a grand adventure in the quest of higher truths. I most definitely concur that the path is arduous at best, yet most rewarding in the long run. I have no regrets though plenty of mistakes without which I surely could not have known of a better way.


Testimonial of Incognito, Cassiopaean Forum Member

In 2002 I clicked a link in a email and found a fascinating world that I didn’t know existed. I read Amazing Grace, The Wave and Adventures, along with hundreds of articles. I read for hours every day for many months. Following links, endless trips to the dictionary, reading one paragraph or one sentence that would send me into long contemplations where things would click into place. Didn’t even realize there was a forum for months because there was so much information on the site to focus on.

Having spent so much time trying to understand mankind’s cruelty and being profoundly sad about the state of the world,  it was really a life giver for me to find the site because with some knowledge and understanding I’ve found an inner peace inside  that was never there before and wouldn’t have happened without Laura/Cassiopaea. Thank you so much for that. Continue reading


Testimonial of Andrew B., Cass/SOTT Reader

A week or two ago, after looking up some information in the realms of theoretical physics, I stumbled across the Cassiopaea website and began to read the “Wave” material. I am now up to chapter 30 and am thoroughly enthralled. I am a scientist by training but not working in the industry.  I’ve had 3 years of fulltime study at university majoring in cell and molecular biology, but I became aware fairly early on that I had no desire to work in this area, and have since followed a path which I find much more enjoyable and fulfilling (music production and performance). But enough about me. The primary reason for this email is to say THANK YOU for all the time and effort you have obviously put in to get this material on the web. It has quite honestly changed the way I look at life and the universe as whole.

I have had no personal experience (that I am aware of) with what you refer to as “channeling”, and I must say that I am taking all this information on board “with a grain of salt” so to speak. But that is irrelevant. The concepts alone have been enough to challenge my ideas about everything. There is much more I would like to say and I will most likely write to you again, but in the interest of getting this email sent before it gets “hijacked” again, I will leave it there.

Once more, thank you for the time and effort. At the very least you have given me years worth of material to research and read, just with what’s on the site and the many texts and authors you have referenced.

Kindest regards
Andrew B., UK


Testimonial of Blanca, Cass/SOTT Reader

I just want to tell you that I have been reading your material for a long time and you are the only alternative news/esoteric truths group of people that I fully respect.  I have ordered as many books from you that I can because I do believe that someday, finding your site (or being online) will not be possible.  I just read your editorials, including Laura’s, and felt the urge to write and say thank you for the important work you do.

Best to all,



Testimonial of Neema, Cassiopaean Forum Member

I have been following Laura and Ark’s work since 2002. I have also met them personally. In all the time that I have followed their work they have always been sincere and honest. They have shown themselves to be dedicated researchers with the upmost compassion. In fact they and their humble extended family, are the type of individuals that bring out the best of everyone and everything around them.  In  all the years I have followed their work, despite confirmation after confirmation of their research, they have always constantly and viciously been under attacks. From these attacks the most ridiculous of them all is the accusation of them being a cult. I mean they are so far away from the idea of a cult that the notion of it is outright bizarre.

To me, three things are needed for the notion of a cult. Unquestioning loyalty and obedience (we tell you what to think), financial and labours commitment (we own you and your assets), and last but not least everyone is welcome and no one leaves (freed former cultists always describe prison like conditions). Continue reading


Is Truth Defamatory?

It has come to our attention here at QFG that Vincent Bridges, the subject of an investigative article on this site, in true psychopathic fashion, has announced his intention to sue Perseus Foundation which is totally uninvolved with this research. The research was conducted by a loose group of individuals who banded together to form the Quantum Future School. Actually, his implied intentions are to sue Laura, specifically, assuming and declaring (erroneously, as it happens), that she is the one who did all the research and wrote the article.

In his remarks, Mr. Bridges states, again erroneously, that he can sue for “defamation” because “in defamation actions, the truth or falsehood of the defamation is not the issue.”

As it happens, defamation is a legal term that is the “set” of which libel and slander are the subset. In order for something to be proved defamatory, it must be proven that it is either libel or slander FIRST. And to prove that it is libel or slander, one must first prove that it is untrue.

WHAT IS NOT DEFAMATION The following is where defamation does not occur: Continue reading