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Testimonial of Andrew B., Cass/SOTT Reader

A week or two ago, after looking up some information in the realms of theoretical physics, I stumbled across the Cassiopaea website and began to read the “Wave” material. I am now up to chapter 30 and am thoroughly enthralled. I am a scientist by training but not working in the industry.  I’ve had 3 years of fulltime study at university majoring in cell and molecular biology, but I became aware fairly early on that I had no desire to work in this area, and have since followed a path which I find much more enjoyable and fulfilling (music production and performance). But enough about me. The primary reason for this email is to say THANK YOU for all the time and effort you have obviously put in to get this material on the web. It has quite honestly changed the way I look at life and the universe as whole.

I have had no personal experience (that I am aware of) with what you refer to as “channeling”, and I must say that I am taking all this information on board “with a grain of salt” so to speak. But that is irrelevant. The concepts alone have been enough to challenge my ideas about everything. There is much more I would like to say and I will most likely write to you again, but in the interest of getting this email sent before it gets “hijacked” again, I will leave it there.

Once more, thank you for the time and effort. At the very least you have given me years worth of material to research and read, just with what’s on the site and the many texts and authors you have referenced.

Kindest regards
Andrew B., UK


Statement of Keit, Cassiopaea Forum Member

We all have questions, about our reality, our place in it, and what it all means. And sometimes we try to look for answers, each using their own way. Mine was making (around year 2000) a small and rudimentary site where I was collecting articles on the topics that interested me. During one of my sweeps on the web I came across Laura’s Cassiopaea site. The format of what then seemed to me as series of interviews (yep, wasn’t yet familiar with the concept of superluminal communications) looked intriguing and I sent Laura an e-mail asking her for permission to use some of her material on my site. Until then, all the site owners that received my request for using their material replied with short answers of either approving or declining (ATS, by the way, declined), so Laura’s long, detailed and attentive reply was a real surprise. I decided to give her work a longer look to learn more about the person that chose to give of herself so much to the random stranger on the internet. Continue reading


Testimonial of ‘Endymion’, Cassiopaea Forum Member

I am a current and actively participating member of the Cassiopaea Forum. I’m writing this testimonial because I value Laura’s work and its fruits very highly indeed. These fruits are so valuable to normal human life that they are worth protecting, and this is one way for me of standing up and drawing a line in the sand. I hope that if you, dear reader, have found your way here while looking for more information on the ‘Cassiopaea Cult’, this testimonial will go some way to showing that these allegations are manufactured out of whole cloth.

I came across Laura’s work and her experiments in superluminal communication about six or seven years ago. My search for meaning in this world had led me to the Rajneesh group in the early to mid eighties, and after I became disillusioned with them, I began to read a large quantity of channeled material. I read the Pleiadeians, the Arcturians, the Hosts of Heaven, Sheldan Nidle, and others, but over time I noticed that this material never really told me anything useful for day to day living. In fact I always felt that they were trying to lull me to sleep with their constantly repeated messages that I was a divine spiritual being in a physical body, and I could create my reality any way I wanted to. Well, comparing that kind of assertion with my day to day reality simply showed that these channelers and their entities were completely out of touch. I tried some of the meditative techniques suggested in these works, but none of them really did anything productive. I actually had quite a strong aversion to most of them. That material just wasn’t satisfying my soul. Continue reading