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Jay Weidner: Film maker, author, Fulcanelli Expert or Sockpuppet Master?

What kind of “film-maker”, author, self-proclaimed expert on Fulcanelli and alchemy, would need to create a whole raft of dummy blogs to promote himself?  The following blogs are all titled as though they were some individual person’s blog, but with domain names that are rather unrelated to the ostensible owner, a veritable busload of sock-puppet inventions by Weidner.

They were all created in December, 2009.

The content is nearly identical on all of them: a series of faux interviews that Jay Weidner either conducted with some other faux expert in the New Age/conspiracy field, or interviews with Jay Weidner.  All of them repeatedly promote Jay Weidner as a film maker, making mention of his “new film” that is “award winning” etc, though, as far as we can determine, nobody has ever heard of it. Continue reading