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Témoignage de Nicklebleu, Docteur en médecine, membre du forum Cassiopaea

Laura Knight-Jadczyk, son mari Arkadiusz et l’équipe réunie autour de l’expérience cassiopéenne ont récemment été critiqués sur Internet et qualifiés de « secte ».

Pour commencer, c’est une vieille méthode, utilisée (pour ce que j’en sais) pour la première fois par Karl Marx pour discréditer ses adversaires politiques : « Sektierer » (qu’on peut traduire par « membre d’une secte » mais avec une connotation très négative). Il cataloguait ainsi tous ceux qui critiquaient ses théories et ses divagations psychopathiques.

Dans les années 80, cette méthode fut utilisée principalement par les cercles gauchistes pour discréditer les individus et groupes conservateurs – j’ai une expérience directe de cela, je la décrirai en détail plus bas.

Je suis né en 1961 dans une famille suisse très conservatrice, où le père était la figure dominante. Mon père était politiquement actif dans la communauté et très dévoué à son travail, alors je ne le voyais beaucoup vu lorsque j’étais petit. Il est mort lors d’une excursion en montagne quand j’avais seize ans. Continue reading


Testimonial of Palinurus, Cassiopaean Forum Member

Who wouldn’t gallop to the rescue of a Dame in distress??!

So when Laura asked for more testimonials to be placed on the countercult website, I mounted my hobbyhorse and started typing. Not being a Don Quickshot, it took me quite a while to complete this diatribe, but nevertheless I reached destination after painstaking detours and disappointing drafts. Continue reading


Testimonial of Menrva, Cassiopaean Forum Member

I ran across Laura’s work in 2006 while searching for answers to my spiritual questions. In my search for answers to ‘why the world as the way it was’, I found lots of wild speculation. Most of it had no real substance or the facts were misrepresented based on wild speculation. All of it was interesting, but I was never completely satisfied.

The Cassiopaean Experiment was a whole different ball of wax!  I found answers, backed by facts and data about our world. While reading the material, I read the accusations against Laura, Ark, etc. The observations and experiences I have had with the founders and members of the Cassiopaean forum were nothing close to what they were accusing them of. They encourage members to research and learn. To observe themselves and reality the way it was. They are actively concerned about the growth and welfare of the Forum members, as well as the World at large. The Cult accusation just didn’t seem to hold up under scrutiny. In the face of all the lies and filth, Laura, Ark and the rest of the crew stayed the course. To see such courage, gives me courage and hope!

Cult? Nope, but there are plenty of people out there who will continue to manipulate seekers into believing that. If anything, they are mavericks, crusaders and dragon slayers. Sally Forth!


Testimonial of Jonathan, Cassiopaean Forum Member

I encountered the work of Laura Knight-Jadczyk in 2007, through a couple people I met who had read her books and were actively discussing her material, as well as that of G.I. Gurdjieff, P.D. Ouspensky, Boris Mouravieff and others.

At the time I was a recovering addict.  Though I was actively finishing University, pursuing professional work and personal development, I still had a LOT of problems with responsibility and right living. Continue reading


Testimonial of “Odyssey”, RN, MSW

I stumbled upon LKJ’s work in 2007 soon after declaring to myself that I wanted to find out the truth about the world and why it works the way that it does.  I was chronically disappointed with life and how people related to one another.  For a few months I bounced around on the net reading about 2012, psychic development, majik, Ramtha, The Secret and a host of other New Age mumbo-jumbo topics.  These topics sparked my curiosity but did nothing to slake my thirst for knowledge and I came to realize that the New Age topics that I’d dipped my toes into were no different than the messages that I was fed throughout my Christian Baptist upbringing.  Give it all up to the Lord (higher power), pray for deliverance (think positive thoughts) and wait for the mothership (Jesus) to save you.  Just check your brain at the door, come on in and feel good!  I was done with all that phony-baloney feel-goodery and mindless worship of a wrathful deity.  I didn’t want to live in some bubble of ignorance based on emotional hooks.  I wanted something real and true.   It wasn’t until I read LKJ’s Wave Series and Secret History of the World that I felt that I’d found the mother lode.  Talk about a revelation. Continue reading


Testimonial from “Tigersoap”, Cass Forum Member

The first time I discovered the ideas of Laura Knight-Jadczyk was around 2004/2005 and  it was through an article which stood out from what I was reading at the time.  But I did not really pay attention at the time.

I was reading as much material as I could find on UFOs, abductions, esoterism, channeling and after a while I started to look back for the name of the author and found the Cassiopaea experiment website.

I started to read the Wave, which is available for free, and suddenly, I felt like I opened up a door to a treasure room where things that weren’t making sense started to fall into place. My head was tingling with all the new information I was reading, I did not grasp immediately all the concepts presented there but it felt already familiar and yet much more interesting than anything I had read previously. Continue reading


Statement of Ken Sciullo, Mechanical Tech., Cassiopaean Forum Member

I was first introduced to Laura Knight-Jadczyk’s website towards the end of 2001 and since that time I have been a member of some of the Quantum Future groups including being a member of the Cassiopaea forum.  Prior to coming across the Cassiopaea website I had been doing a lot of web surfing on the new age stuff but there was just so much nonsense out there in cyberspace especially relating to those subjects that interested me, such as UFO’s, spirit communications, mysticism, channeling, etc., that I didn’t know what to think.

The more I read the more fantastical all of these subjects became until it just came down to what I believed since there was no real scientific basis and objective research being done on what was being said on many of these subjects. Continue reading