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Testimonial of Palinurus, Cassiopaean Forum Member

Who wouldn’t gallop to the rescue of a Dame in distress??!

So when Laura asked for more testimonials to be placed on the countercult website, I mounted my hobbyhorse and started typing. Not being a Don Quickshot, it took me quite a while to complete this diatribe, but nevertheless I reached destination after painstaking detours and disappointing drafts. Continue reading


Testimonial of Luis Felipe Ovando, Cassiopaean Forum Member

I found the Cassiopaea experiment in 2007 while searching for information online about paranormal phenomena, possessions and parasitic entities, subjects that I was very interested in.

A search led me to the Cassiopaean project’s site in Spanish. It was a session with the C’s which addressed the theme of the dimensional faller. Continue reading


Testimonial of Matthew C., Cass/ SOTT Reader

The Fulcanelli article of Laura’s is a masterpiece that I could not stop reading!  It somehow resonates with something inside.  It is definitely one to keep.  It has been amazing being a reader of this site for the past 9 or 10 years to see how information and titbits discovered and alluded to suddenly seem to take on a completely new perspective when another piece of the puzzle falls into place, bringing with it a completely new understandings of what was previously something hazy on the horizon.  I am re-reading the Wave series for about the 4th time, and each time some new aspect seems to jump out at me.  I suppose as one’s knowledge grows, so the perspectives, perception and discernment change which allows the same paragraph to take on whole new meanings at different levels.

Thank you for continuing to fight the good fight for all of us.  My interaction with Cassiopeae has changed my life, and this article has again changed my perspectives.  Everything seems to be indeed “hidden in plain sight” and your continued hammering on the anvil is deeply appreciated.

Matthew C.


Testimonial of Menrva, Cassiopaean Forum Member

I ran across Laura’s work in 2006 while searching for answers to my spiritual questions. In my search for answers to ‘why the world as the way it was’, I found lots of wild speculation. Most of it had no real substance or the facts were misrepresented based on wild speculation. All of it was interesting, but I was never completely satisfied.

The Cassiopaean Experiment was a whole different ball of wax!  I found answers, backed by facts and data about our world. While reading the material, I read the accusations against Laura, Ark, etc. The observations and experiences I have had with the founders and members of the Cassiopaean forum were nothing close to what they were accusing them of. They encourage members to research and learn. To observe themselves and reality the way it was. They are actively concerned about the growth and welfare of the Forum members, as well as the World at large. The Cult accusation just didn’t seem to hold up under scrutiny. In the face of all the lies and filth, Laura, Ark and the rest of the crew stayed the course. To see such courage, gives me courage and hope!

Cult? Nope, but there are plenty of people out there who will continue to manipulate seekers into believing that. If anything, they are mavericks, crusaders and dragon slayers. Sally Forth!


Testimonial of Laurel, Cassiopaean Forum Member

History is replete with instances where those seeking to uncover the truth have been maligned, persecuted, and repeatedly disavowed to maintain the status quo. Take Galileo for example. In his book, Starry Messengers, he set the Church and present day rulers on their ear, so to speak, as they responded fiercely and quickly to bury any information that contradicted the status quo. In a letter to Kepler of August 1610, Galileo complained with  rather well known sarcasm that some of the philosophers who opposed his discoveries had refused even to look through a telescope:

My dear Kepler, I wish that we might laugh at the remarkable stupidity of the common herd. What do you have to say about the principal philosophers of this academy who are filled with the stubbornness of an asp and do not want to look at either the planets, the moon or the telescope, even though I have freely and deliberately offered them the opportunity a thousand times? Truly, just as the asp stops its ears, so do these philosophers shut their eyes to the light of truth.” Continue reading


Testimonial of Alan, Cassiopaean Forum Member

I was introduced to Laura’s work when my wife bought me a copy of the
“Secret History of the World” as a Christmas present. Shortly after reading that we ordered the Wave Series and we both read our way through all the books.

We then joined the Cass Forum, following an interest in Castaneda and Gurdjieff, wanting to learn more.  I had never seen a forum or an Internet group before and I was very suspicious of them, but I soon realised that Laura and the Mods hosted a very inclusive, non judgemental environment where one could learn and develop and feel safe doing so. As well as our original interest in the forum we found we were introduced to other interesting topics through books recommended by other forum members. Continue reading


Testimonial of Eduardo, Cassiopaean Forum Member

Hi, my name is Eduardo. I’m 20 years old, from Lima, Peru and I’ve been a member of the Cassiopaean Forum for ten months and it has been an amazing experience to be networking with such a great group of people.

I first came across Laura’s work when I was searching info on ET’s and found  some of her work on a web site, so I searched for Laura herself to ask her if she had in fact written the articles displayed on that page. I found her on Facebook and wrote her a private message asking her about the articles on the web. She very kindly replied and said that those where in fact part of her body of work, and encourage me to join the forum if I had any doubts about her work and other topics. So I did. I joined the forum on May of 2010. Continue reading


Testimonial of E.V., Cass/SOTT Reader

Dear Laura,

I want to thank you deeply for your work. You have provided me with greatly needed knowledge and most importantly with the desire and ability to leap over established beliefs that weren’t serving me nor others. I have found your work last year, at a time most desperately needed. There are no words to describe how I feel about it looking back. I have to confess that your book Secret History of the World made me terribly angry at times and had a very strange effect on me. I followed your links and your thought trails and it was one of the most amazing journeys I took.

All the while, even at the times I was horribly depressed or angered by what I was reading, I couldn’t stay away from it for too long. Later, I found the Cassiopaea forum. I read all the advice given there and my view on supplements and diet changed drastically. I have nothing but good results to speak for it. Continue reading


Testimonial of Jonathan, Cassiopaean Forum Member

I encountered the work of Laura Knight-Jadczyk in 2007, through a couple people I met who had read her books and were actively discussing her material, as well as that of G.I. Gurdjieff, P.D. Ouspensky, Boris Mouravieff and others.

At the time I was a recovering addict.  Though I was actively finishing University, pursuing professional work and personal development, I still had a LOT of problems with responsibility and right living. Continue reading


Testimonio de Gabriela Segura, M.D.

Encontré el Foro Cassiopaea en 2003 cuando era residente de tercer año en cirugía cardíaca. Aparte de mi interés en cirugía cardíaca, medicina, ciencia, psicología y la condición humana, siempre me ha gustado leer sobre esoterismo. Hace poco me enteré que un compañero me consideraba extraña por leer tanto. ¡Se trataba de una persona  que era doctor en medicina y quien supuestamente había leído varios libros de texto para poder graduarse!

Cuando me encontré con la serie “La búsqueda del Grial y el destino del hombre” de  Laura Knight-Jadczyk (ahora incorporada a La serie Onda) sentí inmediatamente como si hubiera dado en la diana. Como lectora entusiasta sobre el tema, reconocí inmediatamente que Laura era una destacada investigadora, y no solo eso, si no que además ¡ella era en realidad inteligente! Sin ánimo de ofender a nadie, pero tan inofensiva e introvertida como mucha gente me describe, me siento muy desalentada cuando percibo que estoy malgastando mi tiempo. Después de todo, me las arreglé para convertirme en medico y cirujana cardíaca con honores a la edad de 22 y 28 respectivamente. También hablo cuatro idiomas (Español, Inglés, Francés e Italiano) y tengo conocimientos básicos de Ruso también. Además he vivido en 5 países distintos. Sin embargo, siempre sentí que perdí un montón de tiempo. Permítanme que les explique… Continue reading