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Testimonial of Don Hunt, Cassiopaea Forum Member

My name is Don Hunt and I have been a part of Laura Knight-Jadczyk’s research group for eight years.  A more sane, stable, and healthy group of people could not be imagined.  I have met and spent time with Laura and her family and can vouch for their humanity, intelligence, humility, and integrity. They are basically great people! The ideal exemplified in their work is that of truth and positive change using the scientific method and  interdisciplinary research.

My involvement with the group has helped me grow healthier and saner than I have ever been. What first brought me into it was the worldview mapped out by the Cassiopaeans and published on Laura and Ark’s website. I had been going through a “searching” phase at the turn of the millennium, scouring the internet for something that explained things. The results of Laura and Ark’s lifetime of searching rang true for me. But that was just the beginning. What was being developed, in the early years of the last decade, was far more significant than an explanation of the world and its history (although that was earth shattering enough!). What came into being was a method, influenced by Gurdjieff’s Fourth Way ideas among other things, developed through the trials and successes (and some errors) of a network, that, if followed, gave the possibility of developing a soul, or fusing the magnetic center, in Gurdjieff’s terms, that would allow the higher centers to seat. Continue reading


Statement of John C. Gonsowski, BSEE, MSCIS

I found the work of Laura and Ark Jadczyk in 2006 through Ark’s Quantum Future site.  The site had been recommended to me by a mathematical physicist who is a friend of both Laura and Ark via Clifford Algebra conferences.   I am very impressed by their work.  I was expecting some good math and physics but what really amazed me was the number of disciplines in which they and their team have done excellent research.

Everything from science to history to politics to health to psychology and much more are examined just as carefully as Ark does his math and science.   Ark recently wrote a paper that detailed misconceptions with the way the math of Roger Penrose has been used in physics.  Penrose’s own initial paper on the topic was unclear and many others used Penrose’s unclear work to say things that were just plain wrong.  Penrose has been knighted in the U.K. for his math and physics, but as Ark showed, even work coming from the best has to be checked. Continue reading