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Testimonial of Maryjk_99, Cassiopaean Forum Member

I am actually a latecomer to the Cassiopaea group, having only joined about a year ago.  I was simply seeking answers, an understanding and  truth about why our world is in the state that it is in.  I was looking for the origin of evil, the roots from which it sprang.  Thinking that biblical references were somehow encoded in the text, I came across one of Laura’s articles referencing the Garden of Eden.  I saw how truths were interspersed with lies throughout these texts and I am very grateful for the critical and objective histories she has been able to uncover. Continue reading


Testimonial of Luis Felipe Ovando, Cassiopaean Forum Member

I found the Cassiopaea experiment in 2007 while searching for information online about paranormal phenomena, possessions and parasitic entities, subjects that I was very interested in.

A search led me to the Cassiopaean project’s site in Spanish. It was a session with the C’s which addressed the theme of the dimensional faller. Continue reading


Transcribing and Defaming On Godlikeproductions

Additional comments to “Reductio ad absurdum” by Laura added July 2005

It has recently been brought to my attention that there is an “ex-Cass Group” member who is posting rather libelous remarks about us on Internet Discussion boards. A reader sent these comments to me, and there is really only one remark that has any significant bearing on our work, and which I would like to address, the rest is just simply opinion (libelously written, at that) which seems to have developed from the singular problem of perception. Here is what was said:

From: OPie: I was also one of those who transcribed the original sessions. And, yes, when they were published on the website they had been changed. One was changed considerably. She had been charged with this by others before, and until I saw it happen first-hand, I didn’t believe it was true. I figured she changed punctuation or corrected things, but that’s not what happened with the sessions I transcribed. […]

Now the problem with this is that if she changed the two that I transcribed, how many more of the sessions were tampered with? If you find one piece of work that’s bogus, how can you trust the rest? […]

Allow me to give some background context in which to address this accusation. Continue reading


Testimonial by Jerry, Cassiopaea Forum member

I’ve been a member of the Cassiopaean Forum since 2008 and have read everything available of Laura Knight Jadczyk’s work. To say her writing has had a profound effect on me and my life is to put it mildly.  And it is certainly not as an entrainment or indoctrination as one is led to believe from the accusation of her being a cult leader, but the change that comes from the challenge to think clearly about everything, particularly oneself. Continue reading


Testimonial by “Seekin Truth”, Film maker, Cassiopaea Forum Member

I first ran into the Cassiopaea website in 2004 after doing an internet search. I began to read the introduction to the site and became very interested in the material presented. The explanation of the Cassiopaea Experiment superluminal communication – “critical, channeling” using a scientific approach with proper controls and a conscious feedback system utilizing a Spirit Board type instrument done with a group of people, as opposed to trance channeling – intrigued me very much.

I proceeded to read the “Adventures with Cassiopaea” series of articles and followed up by reading “The Wave” series. Reading these two series over several weeks, I found the material to be the most profound and interesting presentation of the most pressing questions facing humanity. Many things that I had been interested in for over 15 years were thoroughly researched and explicated in a manner that I had never seen before. It was such an intriguing find by a chance internet search that I could only spend all my spare time reading to see what else the author, Laura Knight-Jadczyk, had uncovered with such meticulous research and connecting so many varied dots into such an intriguing mosaic. Continue reading


Testimonial of C.M., Cassiopaea Forum Member

I came across Laura Knight Jadczyk’s work in early 2008 through “The Wave” book series. To say that my jaw dropped to the floor is an understatement.  In her books she presented a reality that was so far from what I had, up till then, heard or read about, that it changed my world view in a fundamental way.  Now this didn’t happen overnight, neither did I simply take her word for it. As I began to research on some of the topics she was discussing, lo and behold, a whole new world began to unveil itself right before my eyes.
Today, after much reading and digging, I value the depth of her work more then ever. Many have said here, and I can only reiterate their words, that she has done an incredible job in putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Continue reading


Testimonio de Tom Knight

Laura ha estado trabajando en el proyecto Cassiopaea durante un buen número de años.  Me enteré de esto  poco después que ella comenzara. Estaba muy excitada sobre ello y llevaba a cabo una investigación para corroborar si la información que estaba recopilando era  correcta. Por supuesto no podía confirmarlo todo pero sí ha habido un montón de información que ha podido confirmar. Ella solía enviarme discos de ordenador con transcripciones grabadas y también copia de las transcripciones. Al leerlas y hablar con ella quedé convencido que ella había realmente encontrado algo. La información que ella ha reunido simplemente suena cierta; en muchos casos tiene más sentido que las cosas que nos enseñan en la iglesia, la escuela, libros, y otros oficiales. Continue reading


Testimonial of Iron Francisco de Paula, Brazil

Hello to all that may read this. My name is Iron Francisco de Paula Junior.
I speak from Brazil and I am pursuing my master degree in Biochemistry.
I begin this by announcing my full name, because if there is anything I learned in all those years reading and interacting with Laura, Ark and others, is that a “Lion does not suffer the fate of a mouse”.

So striving to be a Lion, here I stand for the truth.

A little about my history before telling you about how Laura and the Cass guys changed my life. I always think that my spiritual journey began when I was nine years old. I saw a movie on TV portraying suicide, and that image stuck in my head. Days later, when my mother denied me some childhood random desire, I threatened to kill myself with a butter knife. My mother and Father stood powerless, my mother in tears. Seeing my mother like that I dropped the knife, and understood the power that a human being has to make another suffer as a result of one’s actions. I then vowed, to never make my mother or anyone cry again, and to understand this sorrow. Then I began to ask even more questions and seek religions. Nothing gave me satisfactory answers. So, eventualy in my early twenties, I gave up. Continue reading


Statement of “Istina”, Cassiopaea Forum Member

I began my research in esoterica and spirituality in the 1990s. when some members of a sect, religion or whatever it was called, were literally knocking at my door. Usually they gave or sold their magazines, books and brochures which I curiously read. Then I  read the Bible for the first time, even though I was raised in a catholic environment (what in socialist society was not exactly popular either).   All this opened up many new questions in me, especially about how and why there is evil in this world.

At the end of the nineties I began to meditate and practice Reiki. I read all possible newage literature on spirituality, which in the post – communist society in my country, began to spring up like mushrooms after rain. I took some courses and spiritual initiations and met some spiritual teachers, psychics, ascended masters, gurus and shamans, some channelers, a woman who claims to live on prana and heals with music and so on.  Still I was starving to learn, to know more. Everywhere I learned something, but there was always something missing, or I simply did not relate to people. Continue reading


Testimonio de Tom S. BSc, MCITP, MCP, MCTS

¿Por dónde empezar? Descubriendo La Serie Onda, convirtiéndome en un miembro activo del foro en línea Casiopea,un ávido lector de SoTT durante los últimos 4 años, y habiendo practicado el programa de respiración Éiriú Eolas desde su lanzamiento hace casi dos años ¡ha cambiado mi vida!

En 2003 yo estaba sufriendo depresión clínica y a penas funcionaba en mi vida diaria. Encontré algo de consuelo y sanación estudiando libros de psicología y leyendo varia literatura de la Nueva Era. También me convertí en miembro de distintas comunidades en línea (auto ayuda, nueva era, alternativa, auto mejoramiento etc ) a modo de aprender que funcionaba y que no, aplicándolo en mi propia vida. Continue reading