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Betsy’s Truthtimonial

My name’s Betsy Ashby and I’ve been an active Guardian in the Pagan Community for 30+ years. I’m the Director of Out of the Dark and we’ve worked over 100 different events, marches and gatherings…so many I’ve lost count. We’ve maintained a list of predators, psychopaths and assorted problematic Pagans since the mid 80’s when one of my Teachers entrusted me with a copy of her list of “dangerous people” in the Pagan Community going back to the 50’s. Of course most of them aren’t still on the list, ’cause they’re dead and there’s no point in keeping an eye out for the ones that are already worm food… but I still have that first little file box full of index cards we used long before computers were generally available. Continue reading


Testimonial of Alan, Cassiopaean Forum Member

I was introduced to Laura’s work when my wife bought me a copy of the
“Secret History of the World” as a Christmas present. Shortly after reading that we ordered the Wave Series and we both read our way through all the books.

We then joined the Cass Forum, following an interest in Castaneda and Gurdjieff, wanting to learn more.  I had never seen a forum or an Internet group before and I was very suspicious of them, but I soon realised that Laura and the Mods hosted a very inclusive, non judgemental environment where one could learn and develop and feel safe doing so. As well as our original interest in the forum we found we were introduced to other interesting topics through books recommended by other forum members. Continue reading


Testimonial of Eduardo, Cassiopaean Forum Member

Hi, my name is Eduardo. I’m 20 years old, from Lima, Peru and I’ve been a member of the Cassiopaean Forum for ten months and it has been an amazing experience to be networking with such a great group of people.

I first came across Laura’s work when I was searching info on ET’s and found  some of her work on a web site, so I searched for Laura herself to ask her if she had in fact written the articles displayed on that page. I found her on Facebook and wrote her a private message asking her about the articles on the web. She very kindly replied and said that those where in fact part of her body of work, and encourage me to join the forum if I had any doubts about her work and other topics. So I did. I joined the forum on May of 2010. Continue reading


Testimonial of E.V., Cass/SOTT Reader

Dear Laura,

I want to thank you deeply for your work. You have provided me with greatly needed knowledge and most importantly with the desire and ability to leap over established beliefs that weren’t serving me nor others. I have found your work last year, at a time most desperately needed. There are no words to describe how I feel about it looking back. I have to confess that your book Secret History of the World made me terribly angry at times and had a very strange effect on me. I followed your links and your thought trails and it was one of the most amazing journeys I took.

All the while, even at the times I was horribly depressed or angered by what I was reading, I couldn’t stay away from it for too long. Later, I found the Cassiopaea forum. I read all the advice given there and my view on supplements and diet changed drastically. I have nothing but good results to speak for it. Continue reading


Svjedočanstvo “Vulcan59”, člana Kasiopejskog foruma

Želio bih početi s pitanjem kakvi su to ljudi kao što su: Vincent Bridges, Jay Weider i druge osobe koje kleveću Lauru i Arka? Ponašaju se na način da ulaze u vaš dom i komentiraju namještaj, vaše slike, hranu koju jedete, vašu djecu i tako dalje, i kad im kažete da prestanu, onda postanu jako uznemireni! Nakon toga vi ih izbacite iz svog doma i gotovo trenutačno… oni vas etiketiraju! Čudaci, zastrašuju, slaboumni, kult… A to se upravo i dogodilo Lauri i Kasiopeji. Ove osobe ne žele vas ostaviti na miru.

Ja sam pilot zrakoplovstva i trener pilotima za međunarodni promet. Bio sam vojni pilot prije nego li sam se prebacio na komercijalni promet. U zrakoplovnoj sam industriji gotovo 33 godine, tj. od svoje 19 godine. Continue reading


Testimonial of Hoang Phung, PhD (Electrical Engineering)

My name is Phùng, Minh Hoàng. I found Laura’s work on the Cassiopaea website in 2005 while looking for information on peak-oil and Earth changes. Ironically, I did so by following a link on one of the numerous disinformation websites designed to trap those seeking outside the mainstream media. And I thank God for that day because it has changed my life profoundly for the better although I didn’t know it at the time.

I know that there are vicious and scandalous allegations against Laura and her group on the Internet. I have read a few of them and it was more than enough for me. Why? Because every single one of them was outrageously false. I reached that conclusion based not only on the abundant evidence that Laura has made available but also on what I have witnessed firsthand in the group throughout the years. What I saw was the furthest thing from a cult I had ever seen anywhere. So I’m not going to write any more about those lies in this statement. Instead, I’m going to write about is the tremendous benefits that I have got from Laura’s work. Continue reading


Vincent Bridges, alias « Dr. Strange » : simple escroc New Age ou membre du COINTELPRO ?

Traduction et résumé : SOTT

Simple escroc New Age, ou membre du Counter Intelligence Programme ?

Le texte que va suivre est le résumé d’un rapport, établi à partir de 2001 et mis à jour jusqu’en 2008, par Laura Knight-Jadczyk au sujet de Vincent Bridges et de leurs relations débutées en 1999. Tout commença par une visite de Bridges à Laura Knight-Jadczyk, au prétexte d’un livre qu’il écrivait sur Fulcanelli, visite qui déboucha sur une relation épistolaire par courriels. Au début, Laura Knight appréciait cette personne, avec laquelle elle partageait la passion des choses « étranges » qui se passent en ce monde. Au fil du temps, cependant, le comportement de Vincent Bridge devint de plus en plus malsain et manipulateur à l’égard de Laura Knight-Jadczyk, au point qu’elle et ses proches en furent mis en danger. Ce sont finalement ces attaques qui permirent à l’équipe de Signs of the Times et de Quantum Future de prendre conscience de la réalité des psychopathes, et des traumatismes sérieux qu’ils font subir à leur entourage. Ce rapport est le fruit d’une enquête approfondie portant sur les prétentions de ce personnage.

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Ist die Cassiopaea-Online-Community wirklich eine Sekte und ist Laura Knight-Jadczyk ein Psychopath?

Im Februar 1995 diskutierte Laura Knight-Jadczyk die Ergebnisse ihres Experiments in superluminaler Kommunikation zum ersten Mal vor einem größeren Publikum, indem sie in Orlando/Florida vor einer UFO-Forschungsgruppe einen Vortrag hielt. Im Publikum war Henry Belk, Bekannter von Senator Claiborne Pell, Andrija Puharich, Prinz Hans Adam II von Liechtenstein und andere, deren Namen all jenen bekannt sein werden, die die Einflüsse des CIA auf die Medien studieren.

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