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Todistus, Joe Quinn, BA, MBS

Ennen kuin aloitin kirjoittamaan tätä todistusta päätin katsoa sanakirjasta tarkan määritelmän sanalle. Tässä se on: Todistus: “kirjoitettu julistus todistaen henkilön luonteenpiirteestä, käyttäytymisestä tai pätevyydestä.”

Mutta ajattelin itsekseni: ”Uskooko kukaan minun kirjoittamaani julistusta, todistaen erään ryhmän yksilöiden luonteenpiirteistä, käyttäytymisestä ja pätevyydestä, kun yksi tuosta ryhmästä olen minä itse?!” Ajattelin tätä hetken ja päädyin lopulta siihen tulokseen että se mitä ihmiset hyväksyvät ‘totuutena’ maailmassa, missä maassa tahansa, kuitenkin harvoin perustuu kylmiin ja koviin faktoihin, joten minun on turha ylirasittaa itseäni hankkimalla ‘kumoamattomia todisteita’. Toisten tarjoamat todisteet ovat joillekin ihmisille turhia, koska he voivat päätellä asian itse; joillekin mikään määrä todistusaineistoa ei riitä saamaan heidät vakuuttuneeksi jostakin joka on ristiriidassa heidän rakastettujen ennakkoluulojensa kanssa. Continue reading


Testimonial of Jordi Ferran, Senior IT Systems Architect at Hewlett-Packard

A keen reader may notice I write these comments in present time, not in past. I conclude that if time does not exists, why bind oneself to future or past verbal forms? I write in essence, what always has been.

I perceive as a 13 year-old kid that something is not correct, there is a glitch in this reality. I notice that some people mimic other’s behavior. Few people embrace free will. Their choices are made based on external opinions, others are needed in order to support one person’s decisions. Moreover I see then how people seek this support, it is like a requirement to be part of this unit known as society.  At this age I do not understand neither  am I able to construct a theory to explain this mystery (¿why?). I perceive around me that the art of being, of being oneself, is rarely present. I attach then to this idea, of being myself, because if each person is unique, then I cannot search outside what is inside. Continue reading


Testimonial of Joe Quinn, BA, MBS

Before beginning this testimonial, I decided to look up the precise definition of the word. Here it is: Testimonial: “a written declaration certifying to a person’s character, conduct, or qualifications”. But I thought to myself: “Is anyone going to believe a declaration, by me, ‘certifying the character, conduct and qualifications’ of a group of people when one of those people is me?!”  So I thought about it a while and eventually came to the conclusion that what most people accept as ‘truth’ in this world, in any domain, is rarely if ever based on cold, hard facts anyway, so I needn’t stress myself over trying to provide ‘irrefutable proof’. For some, no such proof from another is necessary because they can work it out for themselves; for others, no amount of proof would ever suffice to convince them of something that contradicts their beloved prejudices.

The fact is, most people believe or accept as ‘truth’ that which most closely reflects their own personal beliefs. For the most part, people adopt the seeds of such beliefs at a young age when they lack the maturity to discern truth from lies. So they’re really not ‘their own’ beliefs at all.  Long and often stressful experience has taught me that some people simply have a natural ‘taste’ for things that are true, while others have a natural ‘taste’ for lies and illusion. One person’s drink really is another’s poison it seems and we may as well just tell the Truth as we find it and let those with eyes to see and ears to hear do what comes naturally. Continue reading