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Jay’s Got A Golden Ticket ?

Why have Witless Weidner and the Cyberstalker Factory posted to dozens of blogs and message boards looking for a “victim of the house raffle” if Weidner  “bought six tickets to the house raffle” as he claims?

Jay Weirdner’s Youtube Comment pg #20

XiaDai I bought 6 tickets to the house raffle and no winner was ever declared. You are the one who knows not what they are talking about. Laura admitted that she never declared a winner and sold the house. You can look up the papers where she sold her house. She lies. Get it? If she lies about this than she will lie about anything. Wake up!

weidnerjay 1 year ago

Jay Weirdner’s Youtube Comment pg #23

chuallen you are wrong. Laura has admitted that she sold the house. I have the paperwork with her signature. I was watching the house raffle because I purchased 6 tickets.

weidnerjay 1 year ago


Jay Weidner has posted this statement on his website

If you purchased a ticket in the House Lottery Scam please contact the Pasco County Sheriff:
Jennifer Morton

Weidner has repeatedly stated that he  purchased SIX tickets to the House Raffle, now he is cruising the net looking for “victims?” So why didn’t he file a complaint himself?  Because it’s a crime to file a false statement with the Sheriff, and Weidner knows it. Continue reading