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Testimonial of Maryjk_99, Cassiopaean Forum Member

I am actually a latecomer to the Cassiopaea group, having only joined about a year ago.  I was simply seeking answers, an understanding and  truth about why our world is in the state that it is in.  I was looking for the origin of evil, the roots from which it sprang.  Thinking that biblical references were somehow encoded in the text, I came across one of Laura’s articles referencing the Garden of Eden.  I saw how truths were interspersed with lies throughout these texts and I am very grateful for the critical and objective histories she has been able to uncover. Continue reading


Témoignage de Don Hunt, membre du forum Cassiopaea

Je m’appelle Don Hunt, et je fais partie du groupe de recherche de Laura Knight-Jadczyk depuis 8 ans. Difficile d’imaginer un groupe plus rationnel, stable et pondéré que celui-ci. J’ai rencontré et ai passé du temps avec Laura et sa famille, et je peux attester de leur humanité, intelligence, humilité et intégrité. Ce sont des gens formidables, tout simplement ! L’idéal illustré dans leur travail est celui de la vérité et du changement positif via l’utilisation de la méthode scientifique et de la recherche interdisciplinaire.

Ma participation au groupe m’a aidé à améliorer au mieux ma santé physique et psychologique. Ce qui m’a amené là en premier lieu, c’est la vision du monde développée par les Cassiopéens et publiée sur le site de Laura et Ark. J’étais en mode « chercheur » depuis le début des années 2000, écumant l’Internet à la recherche d’explications. Les résultats des recherches de toute une vie menées par Laura et Ark me paraissaient authentiques. Mais ce n’était que le début. Au cours des dix dernières années, ils ont développé quelque chose de bien plus important qu’une simple explication du monde et de son Histoire (même si c’est déjà suffisamment impressionnant comme cela !). Ce qui est né, c’est une méthode, influencée entre autres par les idées de la quatrième Voie de Gurdjieff, développée via les épreuves et les succès (et quelques erreurs) d’un réseau, et qui, si elle est suivie, donne la possibilité de développer une âme, ou de fusionner le centre magnétique – pour reprendre les termes de Gurdjieff –, permettant l’intégration des centres supérieurs. Continue reading


Stellungnahme von Alexander Davidis, Filmregisseur, Drehbuchautor, Produzent

Vor sieben Jahren arbeitete ich an Nachforschungen zu einen Science-Fiction Film, an dem ich derzeit arbeitete. Für diese Nachforschungen lass ich einige Bücher über das UFO Phänomen. Was auch schon vielen Forschern vor mir so gegangen ist: Wie ich tiefer und tiefer bohrte wurden mein Fragen immer mehr und nicht weniger. Letztendlich führte mich die Suche zu „alternativen“ Geschichtsbüchern und Autoren.

Vor ungefähr sechs Jahren riet mir ein Freund, der meine Interessen teilte, das „The Cassiopaea Forum“ an zu sehnen, weil dort eine Reihe von sehr belesenen und informierten Leuten ähnliche Themen wie die, die ich untersuchte, diskutierten. Er deutete an, dass jene Leute zu ähnlichen Schlussfolgerungen gelangt waren, wie die, zu denen ich im Rahmen meiner Nachforschungen gelangte. Er legte mir nahe, dass mir ein Gedankenaustausch sicherlich gefalle würde. Continue reading


Testimonial of Laurel, Cassiopaean Forum Member

History is replete with instances where those seeking to uncover the truth have been maligned, persecuted, and repeatedly disavowed to maintain the status quo. Take Galileo for example. In his book, Starry Messengers, he set the Church and present day rulers on their ear, so to speak, as they responded fiercely and quickly to bury any information that contradicted the status quo. In a letter to Kepler of August 1610, Galileo complained with  rather well known sarcasm that some of the philosophers who opposed his discoveries had refused even to look through a telescope:

My dear Kepler, I wish that we might laugh at the remarkable stupidity of the common herd. What do you have to say about the principal philosophers of this academy who are filled with the stubbornness of an asp and do not want to look at either the planets, the moon or the telescope, even though I have freely and deliberately offered them the opportunity a thousand times? Truly, just as the asp stops its ears, so do these philosophers shut their eyes to the light of truth.” Continue reading


Testimonial of Peam, Cassiopaean Forum Member

From a young age I was always drawn to reading about the nature of the universe and the strange and unexplained phenomena reported throughout history and especially the questions of “why are we here.” Mainstream religions didn’t seem to cut the mustard with me. Even as a young boy I could not believe that the God who was supposed to have created this vast universe with billions of galaxies each containing billions of stars and probably billions of planets would give a person ONE chance of life and if you didn’t believe in him he would have you banished to hell for eternity. Dunno about anyone else but that type of biassed choice has always been a bit of a turn off for me to be honest. Continue reading


Testimonial of Masamune, Cassiopaean Forum Member

I found the Cassiopaea website in 2002 while searching for answers to questions I had concerning the nature of reality.  I am very thankful that I found it when I did because it is really a jungle out there when it comes to websites dealing with this type of information – and I had been caught up in several before. Some had me blocking out reality with positive thinking from New Age sites or others had me riddled with paranoia from some crazy conspiracies.  The Cassiopaea site set me straight and taught me how to think for myself and to not be so easily tricked by any flashy website out there designed to lure gullible people in.

I have been actively participating in the forum since 2009.  I had never participated in any type of online forum or group before mainly because of the flaming and trolling that is so common on the internet these days.  I did not want to open myself up to those types of attacks and this had seriously limited the potential for me to find like-minded people on the internet from all over the world.  I had been lurking in the forum for a few years and learned what it was about and what I really liked was that the owners of the forum took the issue of creating a safe zone for its members very seriously. In this safe zone members would have the protection to speak about their most personal and sensitive issues in their lives. Continue reading


Testimonial of Hoang Phung, PhD (Electrical Engineering)

My name is Phùng, Minh Hoàng. I found Laura’s work on the Cassiopaea website in 2005 while looking for information on peak-oil and Earth changes. Ironically, I did so by following a link on one of the numerous disinformation websites designed to trap those seeking outside the mainstream media. And I thank God for that day because it has changed my life profoundly for the better although I didn’t know it at the time.

I know that there are vicious and scandalous allegations against Laura and her group on the Internet. I have read a few of them and it was more than enough for me. Why? Because every single one of them was outrageously false. I reached that conclusion based not only on the abundant evidence that Laura has made available but also on what I have witnessed firsthand in the group throughout the years. What I saw was the furthest thing from a cult I had ever seen anywhere. So I’m not going to write any more about those lies in this statement. Instead, I’m going to write about is the tremendous benefits that I have got from Laura’s work. Continue reading


Testimonial of Mike L, Cassiopaea Forum Member

By mid-2004 I had spent the last year and a half jumping around the world wide web for the truth of many things.  I had lost faith in the religion I grew up with, Catholicism, and I had lost faith in the US government after having some time to research and see the lies in all areas that I explored and was serving as an officer in the military.  I had impacted others lives and I had been lied to to get me to do it.   I wanted to get to the bottom and find the truth of things. Continue reading


Statement of Larry Bowers, Electrical Engineer turned Farmer

In the mid-1990’s I began  intense study (and practice) of the deepest aspects of many of the world’s esoteric traditions (including Gurdjieff’s Fourth Way Work).  I followed this up with deep research into the nature of this reality in an attempt to connect the dots into a worldview that reflected the truth of our collective situation on this planet.  Through these efforts I came to be committed to Truth both inward and outward in the external world.  In the mid-2000’s I came by Laura Knight-Jadczyk’s Wave series.  I was amazed to find how much of Laura’s research and conclusions had paralleled my own.  I had never run into this degree of co-linearity among the many authors/books I had read.  I proceeded to read all of her books and on-line material, and passed much of this on to others with similar interests.  In September 2007 I joined Laura’s Cassiopaea forum and have been active ever since. Continue reading