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Statement of Larry Bowers, Electrical Engineer turned Farmer

In the mid-1990’s I began  intense study (and practice) of the deepest aspects of many of the world’s esoteric traditions (including Gurdjieff’s Fourth Way Work).  I followed this up with deep research into the nature of this reality in an attempt to connect the dots into a worldview that reflected the truth of our collective situation on this planet.  Through these efforts I came to be committed to Truth both inward and outward in the external world.  In the mid-2000’s I came by Laura Knight-Jadczyk’s Wave series.  I was amazed to find how much of Laura’s research and conclusions had paralleled my own.  I had never run into this degree of co-linearity among the many authors/books I had read.  I proceeded to read all of her books and on-line material, and passed much of this on to others with similar interests.  In September 2007 I joined Laura’s Cassiopaea forum and have been active ever since. Continue reading