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Colleen Johnston – Malevolent Alien Sex Cult Leader

Colleen Johnston is an interesting study in terms of COINTELPRO.  As we have repeatedly learned, a person does not have to be a paid agent, or even conscious that they are being used as an agent, to be such.  There are many stories from the 1970s of individuals involved in social justice movements who were co-opted, vectored, and used by clever handlers.  If the reader has seen the movie “Arlington Road,” it is an excellent depiction of how a sincere, well-meaning, but emotionally gullible individual can be cleverly manipulated to do the very thing they are trying to prevent – useful idiots, they are called.  It’s definitely worth watching in terms of considering the case of Colleen Johnston, or any allegedly religious person in general since the religious true-believer type has traditionally been focused on doing good, but invariably, as history shows, end up doing great evil and harm to others.

I really can’t remember when I first became aware of Colleen Johnston and her evil, defamatory, vile and vicious accusations against me.  It was pretty shocking since I didn’t even know who the woman was and she wrote about me with such self-assured certainty.  I’ve been told that her defamation page about me went up sometime in 2004,  but it could have been earlier.  I soon learned that she was a partner with a fellow named Eddie Middleton who had invited me on his NightSearch radio program.  Funny thing, that: you get invited on a program and then one of the involved individuals goes on a rabid, spittle spewing attack!

Anyway, the radio program is still available (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4) and it has been transcribed and is on the Cassiopaea Forum HERE.

Sometime in 2005, a member of Colleen’s discussion list who had been reading the Cass website and had joined the Cass forum, and realized that Colleen was not telling the truth, to put it mildly, sent me a dozen huge files or so of all the messages exchanged on that discussion which amounted to evidence that Colleen was actually running her own Malevolent Alien Sex Cult.  She was claiming to have been raped repeatedly by reptoid aliens and was actually encouraging other women to think the same thing was  happening to them.  This was all based on a host of physical symptoms that all of them were suffering which, in my opinion, could have been easily dealt with by a change in diet, adding supplements, getting brain chemistry balanced, and generally all the things we encourage on our forum as rational solutions to problems that are not being effectively dealt with by most medical doctors in thrall to the pharmaceutical companies.  Colleen’s solution is that everyone should pray to Jesus and invoke his light or whatever.  Not very realistic or likely to be helpful.

I sat on these files for three years trying to decide what to do about this and finally, in June of 2008,  I published many of them on our forum so that people could understand better the truly appalling state of health that Colleen suffered and contributed to her unbalanced state of mind.

So, let’s take a look at what Colleen has posted, keeping the above information in mind.  I’ve made screenshots of her defamatory webpage about me rather than copying and quoting the entire text.  You can click on the images and a new window will open with a larger image file that should be easy enough to read.   I’ve also broken it down into segments since the whole thing would be just too large to load as an image!  This also makes it easier for me to deal with it section at a time.

This is the first segment of the website:

Colleen Johnstons Defamatory MAAR Website

Colleen has added an addenda at the top revealing that she is an ex-cult member.  This was done in 2008 and undoubtedly as a result of the fact that our researchers had already discovered this and it was discussed on our forum.  She had not initially disclosed this which was pretty disingenuous of her.

In any event, she says that this qualifies her to comment on my channeling.   However, she fails to present any of this “other channeled material” for comparison and the only material I’ve been able to find on the web is a complete load of horse-hockey, love-and-light nonsense about Stargates and Archangels and all of that silliness that the Cassiopaeans clearly expose as disinformation.

So, indeed, Colleen woke up to the fact that she was involved in a scam and fled in terror back to her old-time religious roots and ALL channeling became evil.  Funny, that’s the same stance taken by Stewart Swerdlow though, of course, he has his own agenda.  The reader may want to pause for a moment and read a bit about the encounter between Stewart Swerdlow and the Cassiopaeans. since the principles outlined in that article apply as well to this ridiculous claim of Colleen Johnston.

Colleen compares the Cassiopaean saying “Knowledge Protects” to the motto of her former cult which was “Knowledge is Power.”  I would like to point out that there is a very fundamental distinction there and one we never forget: that between protection and power.  In fact, it is protection one needs against those seeking power.

Colleen then tells us that, because of her “extensive knowledge of the trappings that one gets into in such groups” that she sees very “similar revelations.  Unfortunately, once again, she provides no data, just makes a claim that the reader is supposed to accept as true because of her “extensive knowledge.”  She’s already shown that she doesn’t even have the knowledge to distinguish between two very fundamental positions: that of protecting oneself vs those who seek power over others, so how can we trust anything else she says?

She then accuses our group, our experimental work that has been going on for literally 20 years in a scientific way, of being an “unscrupulous fraud” with “potential life-threatening psychosis.”  Then she says that such groups as yours truly’s “pose a real threat to people who are searching for something to explain odd events.”

Now, wait a minute!  This is a woman who explains her health problems by claiming that she has regular sex with reptoid aliens!!!  And she wants other women to believe this too!  I, on the other hand, following the dictum that “knowledge protects,” have done an enormous amount of research on topics relating to health, working closely with physicians, psychologists, and other health personnel, and encourage people to explore the same and get their health back on track via correcting their lifestyles.  If they think they are being raped by reptoids, while I don’t discount that as a possibility, I rather think they should see a psychologist and I say so regularly.

So who is really dangerous here?  Who is really an “unscrupulous fraud”?

The next part of this first section is the original defamatory article written by Colleen that was brought to my attention probably seven years ago.  Basically it is a rant against me and Eddie Middleton about the above mentioned radio interview.  So now, if you haven’t listened or read the transcript, you might want to do so because all her absurdities follow from that.  The radio program is still available (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4) and it has been transcribed and is on the Cassiopaea Forum HERE.

First of all, she claims that I was “making up details as she went along.”  Hmmm… I was pretty much describing things exactly as they occurred and were witnessed by other individuals who can attest to that fact.  But, we notice that, again, she fails to be specific.  That’s the hallmark of the pathological individual: they never discuss the actual issues, it’s all ad hominem attack!

Next, she brings up “anonymous former members” of my “cult.”  I can guess who they are: Vincent Bridges, Linda DeCloedt, Andrew Rowland, that sort.

Then she writes that we live on a “small farm” in France with a “few dedicated followers.”  I would suggest that Ms. Johnston is not only deluded, she is a conscious liar.

So, that’s it for section one.  Sections Two through Eight will be discussed in subsequent articles.  (Otherwise this would be just too long!)

Colleen Johnston – Malevolent Alien Sex Cult Part 2