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Testimonial of Jordi Ferran, Senior IT Systems Architect at Hewlett-Packard

A keen reader may notice I write these comments in present time, not in past. I conclude that if time does not exists, why bind oneself to future or past verbal forms? I write in essence, what always has been.

I perceive as a 13 year-old kid that something is not correct, there is a glitch in this reality. I notice that some people mimic other’s behavior. Few people embrace free will. Their choices are made based on external opinions, others are needed in order to support one person’s decisions. Moreover I see then how people seek this support, it is like a requirement to be part of this unit known as society.  At this age I do not understand neither  am I able to construct a theory to explain this mystery (¿why?). I perceive around me that the art of being, of being oneself, is rarely present. I attach then to this idea, of being myself, because if each person is unique, then I cannot search outside what is inside. Continue reading